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Amateur occultist here

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heyo.   This thread here will be kind of general. I made a thread here awhile back at with an attempt.  Awhile back being a few years.


 I’ll have to reread it, though suffice to say, I seem to remember that I probably messed up because my imagination had the thing doing repetitive actions like drinking.  To me, that’s how meditation works, and this is basically the same thing.  My mind is generally quiet, but you do something like try and force a tulpa all day, you get what philosophers on meditation call the monkey mind and imagine  something you wouldn’t want, like messing up your own creation.  By having it drinking.  Uh....  I mean, I guess itd be fine if it was a drinker,  but it was more just a random thought become repetitive.


Actually, my mind is, well, I have decent mental health when I am living my life as I’d like to.  Basically, I like to go to spiritual things, so I do that and I’m good.  Just to get that out of the way.  But, the above how my attempt failed when I tried.


Anyway, about me.  I’ve been spiritual since about age 13.  I was afraid of death at 12, and I got a way going forward and started researching.  Part of it was a search for truth though I don’t know whether I found that.  Anyway, I made contact at 27, and I don’t appear to fit the schizophrenia DSM.  Anymore than a lot of occultists would.


Actually, I cant see or hear the spirits, if that’s what they are.  It’s physical perception.  Can feel if they’re on (or worse) or in me.  My third eye on my forehead responds as well.  Kind of a vibration or a hollowing in my brow center.  Other people can see them, if I got one on me and they got the sight, even if am not giving them money. Anyway, I really don’t recommend just making contact like I did.  I got very little in return for my efforts.  It was mostly horrible, still is horrifying. 

Anyway, another magician helped me out, and I also leave offerings to Hekate who I was sworn to and a spirit healed me, possibly her dunno, his wife works with her, some people think I made contact and it was her, most people Who don’t know me are naysayers, dunno, but anyway I mostly got better, the spirits seemed to lost ability to get in or on me, leave me alone mostly.


But, I still get a visitor on occasion, and it gets off me on command, but I don’t like that shit.  Also, maybe a tulpa could also serve a...  occult purpose.  Self defense. Or Like the astral body you know.  then I could astral project.  Uh...  people usually make a thoughtform rather than a tulpa for defense  but whatever 


, thought forms for defense, they can rebel, your guys tulpa don’t seem to rebel so much.  


You all switch conciousness with tulpa. But then you don’t seem to end up exploring the astral realm from what I remember here.  Makes no sense to me.   But then maybe you never read a book on the subject.  But, it’s not important to me if you do or not.  Let me know if you’ve some thoughts.  Some occultists, they make thoughtforms for defense.  Dunno if anyone has a tulpa defense Against spirits.  Or has tulpa and do astral travel.  Or I’d be interested if the tulpa could let me see the spirits, even though that would probably be horrifying also, but maybe I’d meet my god.


actually, I also considered making a thought form of her.  Dunno.  Maybe the real her would inhabit it.  That’s where the term comes from.   I could also work a path and just try and contact her to.  I’d probably be doing that.  Might still do that.  I’m just a bit chicken shit.


i know a lot of you don’t believe in the occult, but I think a lot of us probably believe in the psychological model too as far as tulpa are concerned.  Well, they might have some astral existence too, dunno, kind of both.  But maybe some of you are also occultists, or regardless can give me an angle

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