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Should I force from my tulpa’s perspective?

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In addition to forcing sessions where I picture my planned tulpa sitting in front of me, should I attempt sessions where I’m forcing from inside her imagined body?


I’m thinking I’d imagine inhabiting her body and walking around through the wonderland. I would feel up any appendages she had that humans don’t and imagine the sensation as if I had phantom limbs. I would look at “myself” (her) in front of a wonderland mirror and study myself posing and stretching my limbs out. I’d say things throughout like “This is your body” and “This is what it feels like for you to walk around.”


I might also try personality-forcing to a degree by imagining being her. For example, if I wanted to instil traits of level-headedness into her, I could imagine being her in a situation where she calmly resolves a conflict.

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I think it sounds like an alright idea. Just be wary about not getting too used with it, like parroting. I would imagine your strategy being quite effective depending on mindset, or it might just make things a bit weird. But if you've thought about it and feel it's a safe route, then sure, go for it

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I didn't do that, but that by no means means that you shouldn't/ 

Like Matsuri said, be careful it doesn't become parroting. I feel like grabbing their wrist and bringing them with you, might be good. 

I hope this helped. 

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