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Where to go now?

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So I've had a tulpa for maybe four months now. I remember seeing a cool Youtibe video on tulpamancy and looking into it, which is how I sparked interest. I still have my first tulpa, Rain, but I've had a run-in with a rather nasty one too. There was a point in which I thought I was too busy for tulpa and almost abandoned her, but I decided to try again and here I am.

I honestly don't communicate much with Rain, only when I remember she's there (is she a tulpa at all?) and I feel bad. I really want to have somebody as a passenger in life and share experiences with, but I don't know if I'm ready. I'm 14, so still relatively young, and don't know if it's too early.

I'm just going through a kinda rough time now. I'm more anxious than usual as I try to hide the fact that I'm trans-masc and all the other things burdening me. If she can help me, great, but I don't expect her to. She's a bit different than me, but in essence she's shaped around my own personality. I'm thinking about making another tulpa, though I'm not 100% sure how. I'm also very interested in possession. I can visualize her in the real world and talk to her in my head, but that's about it. Any suggestions on how to grow at all from here? Tha ks for reading, I appreciate it. ^^

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as far as where you should go from here, since all you have said about your goals is that you want to learn possession and that you are thinking about making another tulpa, all I can give you is the pretty unhelpful advice of "try to learn possession" and the more helpful advice of "if you are struggling with keeping your one tulpa active, don't add another, especially since you are 14 and therefore your tulpa is probably young (probably not older than a year) and you are also probably fairly immature".

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


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7 hours ago, Pebble said:

I really want to have somebody as a passenger in life and share experiences with

You may be interested in trying to achieve what I call a "24 hour tulpa". All you do is work on associating certain parts of your environment with her to remind you to wake her up and practice presence imposition to make it feel like she is there in real life with you.

One way you can do this is every time you pull your phone out, you have a symbol or image on your home screen or a pop socket on the back that reminds you of Rain. Then, once awake, you can exchange hellos and if she's curious she can ask about what you're doing.

Presence imposition is the practice of making it feel like your tulpa is standing near you in real life and you can judge how close they are. This is not the same as visual imposition and you may only see Rain in your mind's eye, but you would feel as if someone was sitting next to you after enough practice.


7 hours ago, Pebble said:

I'm thinking about making another tulpa, though I'm not 100% sure how.

You probably don't need another one right now, especially if you are worried about not giving Rain enough time. Two tulpas living together often find themselves competing for time.

7 hours ago, Pebble said:

I'm also very interested in possession.

As long as Rain is comfortable with this as well, I see no problem with practicing this.

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