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My planned personality blueprint

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Here's the blueprint I'm going to use for my tulpa.


First, I have several broad and important traits I want my tulpa to have, including Loyal, Respectful, Selfless, and Courageous. I'm writing each one as such: "You are Loyal."

Next, I have more traits that stem from the broader traits. I'll list these underneath the trait they stem from in this form: "Because you are courageous, you are adventuresome."

Additionally, some behaviors based on these traits will be added on, like this: "Because you are selfless, you are eager to help others. Because you are eager to help others, you often offer your opinions and advice."

Further more, some behaviors and specific traits have will be tied together as such: "Because you are respectful, you expect to be shown respect by others. But because you are selfless, you are not demanding of it."


Intelligence is very broad, so I'm using Phi's guide on multiple intelligence and breaking it down in a similar way to the other broad traits.


Finally hobbies, interests, and tastes will be added and given reasoning related to traits, behaviors, and types of intelligence. For instance: "Your musical intelligence and open-mindedness mean you have a wide taste in music."


I'm writing in a conversational manner (you, you're) instead of a descriptive one because several people have said that it's good to treat a tulpa as sentient before sentience is achieved.

This is nowhere near finished; I plan to spend several more days to a week to finish this, but of course it will be done when it's done.


I'd greatly appreciate feedback on my blueprint, and suggestions on improvement. Thank you for reading!

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It works.

Really the only way it couldn't work is it you threw together a bunch of crazy contradictory stuff.

Trust me, this is fantastic.

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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