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🤘Max and Eto development🤘

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      Hello, I'm new here, from Russia, so, if something written weird or wrong don't judge harshly, don't want to sneak in the Google translator every time.

     Being lonely 20 years old boy (still is, only 22) I created my tulpa around 2 years ago, appearance and name borrowed from Eto Yoshimura (Tokyo Ghoul manga), but absolutely different personality (kind, feminine, positive, sociable, curious, caring, wise, witty). Told her that she is free to change whatever she want and do whatever she want. Then after 1 month of active forcing I started to burn out and do it less and less until after half a year they took me in the army. There I did not have time to force at all for a 1 year. So after my return to home, with upgraded mindset and all the time in the world, I began forcing again for already 5 months. Still didn't reach normal dialogue, only hear some quiet words frome time to time, but don't know for sure where it's me and where her. Feel head pressures every time when talk to her.

     Been reading threads here for a while, now decided to make my own to survey our progress, maybe talk with some other tulpamancers and all that good stuff. Don't know how often I'll post here, I guess only if something interesting will happen or if I'll feel like it.

     Okay, bye, for now👋

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It was a long time not much happened. Still can't talk with Eto but today something amazing happened. We practiced possession for some time now, she was able only slightly twitch big thumb before. Today, after a few days of a break, we tried again and she can freely move our truss (palm, hand whatever). Don't even want to stop still playing with it:D We tried to write something with pen but it didn't work. So I gave her phone and with some work she managed to type "Hello Max". I'm so happy:D

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