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In short, yes people ignoring progress report questions is a thing

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Yes it csn happen but there is only bullshit and metashit on 


Fuck these neckbeards.

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mostly just a misunderstanding about how Progress Reports tend to work, he's basically upset as he saw people ignoring his questions in his PR while actively talking in LOTPW, but hopefully I sorted things out

(thread was probably meant for "Forum Questions & Comments" to complain about that)

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I personally do not keep up with progress reports. It's something I'm working on, but as of now I rarely respond to them.


It mostly boiled down to I fell behind and became anxious because I'm behind, so I started avoiding PRs all together. I also feel like I spend a lot of time scolding various new tulpamancers to not make too many tulpas, and I found that emotionally draining and guilty that it probably just made new users uncomfortable.


Since I do not respond in PRs, I almost always respond to question and answer threads. However, I'm not going to promise I will respond quickly nor promise I will post there if someone else gave a good answer though.


If you have questions in the future, please PM me and I will get to you as soon as I can. Personally I prefer PMs or DMs and if there's context I need to read in your PR, let me know and I will catch up on it.

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