Fast question: do tulpas sleep?

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In QB's case it's when he's bored.


There's no reason for them to sleep except ones they make up for themselves, after all... I wonder how many have a humanesque diurnal sleep schedule just because they want to be normal.




"Because I thought I was supposed to...I do get kinda tired though.."


Name: Elyse (Elly)

Birthday: 29th May, 2012

Physical description: 5"8 thin human girl. self-identified age 18. ~1ft, vivid red hair sometimes in a ponytail. light-skinned. green eyes.

Progress: entirely vocal, speaks often, but only 1 hallucination; her saying "Hiiii". Great at possession.

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It would appear that maybe its influenced by whether or not you think they sleep.


Though I never thought Glass would eat anything, and she does all the time.



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I believe they do. Because, think about it: now, correct me if i'm wrong, but most times both hosts And Tulpae report that being active, and forcing, possession, etc... takes energy out of them, dep. on the host, tulpa, and activity, so the only way to get that "Stay active, Stay alert" energy back is by sleeping!


Also I think it's a good way to keep one's sanity as well!



I took interest in ponies because humans are stupid.

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Alex sleeps... Alex sleeps a lot actually x.x if I let him he sleeps most of the day away. Of course I go to bed real late and wake up late too so maybe that affects him in some way.


Alex: Even though I don't got a body, that don't mean my mind don't get tired from bein' active.

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... You guys realize you necro'd a thread from 4 years ago?


(Also, my tulpas do sleep. Figured I'd add that because I don't want to be de-railing the thread. Even if it is from 2012.)

I have migrated accounts because I started using a new username for tulpa-related stuff.


New Account: NateAndTheTulpaTrio

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Within his original story universe, Jamie frequently goes without sleep, and typically gets two hours or less on nights that he does actually lie down and close his eyes.


Outside of that universe, he doesn't feel any need for sleep, so he doesn't.

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