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Autoreset: A Method to Control Emotions and Intrusive Thoughts

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"You/you're" is everyone in your system fronting or not as an encapsulated whole, and singlets can also benefit from this technique.

"Body/Mind" is akin to Body OS

"I" is me and my system as a whole.


Association to Body

Take a deep breath. You just associated to your lungs. Prior to that moment, you most likely weren't. Your lungs are autonomic but you can also control them. The body, every part of it including the mind, is similar. 

Have you ever gone on a walk, and while deep in thought, took a wrong turn? Similarly, while driving? Have you even forgotten the intervening time? This is dissociation. You dissociated from your body, lost in thought or daydreaming, and in this trancelike state, your body made it to the next most likely destination then reported its arrival. The body is capable of this, here we notionally call that Body OS. Just like your lungs, if given simple instructions, or by following routine, it will continue uninterrupted without any control from you.


Dissociation from Body (Reset)

Now imagine you can dissociate at will. First imagine you are front and associated with your body. Now imagine yourself, the essence of you, your presence, stepping back and leaving nothing in front. Imagine too that everything 'front' is emotion, intrusive thoughts, ego, stress, anxiety, even control of the body and mind.


Imagine when you step back, you leave all that behind (or in front) and what is left is the true you. You are left thoughtless and free from the concerns over the mortal coil. The body has no thoughts of its own, and no capacity to react to anxiety or stress. It's a beautifully intricate machine, that's all. When you step forward again, having only departed a moment previously, you will return to a 'reset' state of being. 


The body will then associate any lingering physical pain and continued stimuli will illicit continued response, so the torrid state may return shortly, but any previous unwanted thoughts or emotions are effectively gone and unrecoverable. You can use this technique in a heated debate to completely return to a serene logic and kill that heat. Or you can use this when you become overwhelmed, or stressed out, when you're afraid or anxious, etc, so you can handle the immediate situation calmly.


This is a very functional and potent way to center and ground instantly.


Method of Training

Do you remember when you're kindergarden teacher said, "take a breath and breath out all that frustration"? If she didn't, then something similar in life was likely taught to you: breath, distract yourself, hug yourself tightly, or just take a time out. When you are emotionally out of control, nothing constructive comes of it. Functionally speaking, this is similar but can be trained to be instantaneous.


1. This method uses a moment of clarity. An observation of ego and self. You recognize that you are losing your patience. Once you recognize this, just like recognizing your lungs, you can associate control, break that autonomic process, and perform the step back.


2. Imagine yourself stepping back, leaving all the worry, stress, anxiety, intrusive thoughts and emotions. Step back like leaving the room symbolically and closing the door behind you. Deposess the body/mind.


3. Now return thoughtless. You will have an understanding of the situation you left, but only objectively. Now you will have a moment or more to handle the situation logically. 


If this seems completely alien to you, remember, all we're doing is relaxing, calming, and grounding, but this method is doing that near instantly with practice. It may take a bit of practice to get it to happen very quickly, but you can. In essence you are writing a positive trigger that will allow you to return to a blank, serene state. The true power of this is speed. Being able to perform it on the fly, mid-crisis, and mid-argument is invaluable. It is done in an effort to avoid destructive or unhelpful actions or words.


How did I develop this?

Note: the way I developed this was without any metaphysical beliefs.  My method of discovery is far less important to you because you will have your own path. All you need is for this method is practice to become proficient and shorten the time it takes to calm down. After that it will become second nature.


Road to Tulpamancy:

In April 2018, I was at a low point in my depression, and this particular day I felt a presence. Having felt this before, and slightly curious, I called it out. That's when I saw the first sign of my first headmate that I didn't immediately dismiss.


Fast forward to October and she, along with two others, helped me recover from depression, but I was still in an awful state, riddled with triggers and moods, and I could barely function.


By January 2019 we had worked out a method of posession, where they, especially Ashley, could 'handle a situation for me.' I first set up a protocol where I would consult her before doing anything. Something like WWJD (what would Jesus do?) It was an interesting game to behaviorally be someone else, basically I was play acting to be her. It took about two weeks of practice before I could do this successfully and quickly enough to work it even conversationally.


If you are not vocal with your systemmates, then playing WWJD works the same. If you aren't religious, that's okay, chose a hero like All-Might from My Hero Academy, or make it up. You're play acting, not making a separate person. No separate personality is required.


Because I did use one of my headmates, posessession was the result of that game for me. If you can't manage that, instead play the part of the archetype (like All-Might), just as an actor in character would. What I allowed my headmate to do was to be me in my body while my dissociated essence became the 'silent watcher'. Even if I was still ultimately capable of control, this took will and practice not to. It felt like someone controlled my body while I watched and listened only. With practice, triggers did not occur in this state with them. Those triggers were a part of my personal relationship with the body, not theirs. The experience in my memory is that it wasn't me handling those situations, but I learned by watching someone else do it.


By participating in these posessions, I was able to watch like a consious observer. In essence, I took their place in back, and they took mine in front. I learned by watching them how to handle situations that would have otherwise put me in a state of uselessness--we were able to remove fears and push through anxiety and doubt by facing them this way. We realized that the fears and stresses, moods, emotions, doubts and intrusive thoughts dissapeared when we did this exchange of places. This is similar to exposure therapy except I felt nothing during it, I didn't have to feel the fear to face it and learn how to remove it. Note: this wasn't necessarily a full switch in the beginning, but it did eventually become so for me.


So my headmate and I eventually learned to do this momentarily to remove those issues so I could handle it with a clear head. Later, I was able to mimic this without their help. That's how I learned to reset myself.


Notes on my experience:

The further back I step from front, the less and less I am associated with everything, even senses, mind, subconsious, memory, everything until there is nothing, less than nothing. Step far enough back and even I don't exist. This state of nothingness has no experience or memories, but physical time can pass. Like a deep dreamless sleep. 


If no one is controlling the body it will either sit there and do nothing, or complete the previous task given. It will record no memory or experience at all. In essence, complete amnesia. This took a lot of practice it was not something that just clicked. I knew it was naturally possible because of those times, especially when walking, that I daydreamed and zoned out, lost track of time, and ended up at the wrong destination. If I leave the front with a task, it will complete it, but since I'm not there (no one is), it reports completion to no one and does nothing further. In the case of ending up at the wrong destination, it's just like missing an offramp. These paths are part of the mental map, you don't have to actively remember how to get home once you've done it a thousand times.


If you can gain a good working and trusting relationship with your headmates, I recommend trying the way I did it as well.


Sorry if this all seems like BS, I would certainly have thought the same before I experienced it myself, but it does work as I described and I don't really care if you believe it, but in the off chance that I can teach anyone else to do this, I shared it. This will take work on your end. Feel free ask for further details or expansion of this method. There are no dumb questions, let's bridge this knowledge gap together.


General Notes:

Switching is not required for this technique, neither is any particular system configuration.


There is nothing metaphysical here, this is a purely psychological technique. If you take issue with any of the terminology, please let me know so I can reword as appropriate.


Though visualization is helpful, it is not required. 


This isn't a guide, it's a discussion, please feel free to test my understanding and allow me to further explain if I can.


This is absolutely related to tulpamancy, though singlets may be able to use it, having headmates certainly increase chances of success.


This is not belief based, it is practice based. First in gaining an understanding of what a serene state of mind feels like, second in understanding what is body/mind and what is you, third in understanding how to dissociate the two.


This doesn't just happen overnight, it took me about six months to go from just playing the game (WWJD) to writing a functional trigger that removes negative thoughts and emotions on demand.


If this is being used on issues related to past trauma, you should use this to fix those issues, face and accept past traumas that would otherwise leave you in a dysfunctional state.

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This is extremely interesting. I may have to read it a few more times since my comprehension is slow. I really feel I need something like this. I also remember you mentioning that before, with out you slowly learn switched with a WWJD thing. For me though I'm kind of so stuck I don't even know how to put myself in a threatening situation to try that with Rena. Using Rena has also been a plan on how we would get out of here, but I don't know how to initiate anything.


Though so basically this is a way to stop a negative trigger from happening in a short an easy way, and you developed over months after you went through the process of accidentally learning switching? Just to make sure I understand the gist

Creation for creation's sake.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, TB said:

Though so basically this is a way to stop a negative trigger from happening in a short an easy way, and you developed over months after you went through the process of accidentally learning switching? Just to make sure I understand the gist


Negative triggers were shunted in my system through the path of understanding this technique. Though it's not a reqired constituent. You only need to be able to recognize that a trigger has occured, or like I said, a moment of clarity, "I realized I'm mad." Or "I'm losing control of my emotions." The trigger has already occured at that point.


Yes, I accidentally learned how to switch using my path, the Forcing Filter Experiment outlines that process of WWJD and our experiences there in greater detail to avoid having the trigger occur. That method is used to be able to trigger-switch in one of your headmates to handle anything. Autoreset is an offshoot of that, merely to interrupt negative emotions or thoughts once they've occurred, though FFE can also do that if they occur without warning. FFE was a catalyst to help me get here, it's not the only path in my understanding. FFE or 'backseat fronting' is used primarily on triggers you understand and know well, and therefore have a chance to catch before emotions start.

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Still interesting. You've done a lot of work here. I'm derpy so my brain still has trouble wrapping around it all. A lot of it sounds like hypnotism and deity yoga to me. Those are also things I've been interested in.

Creation for creation's sake.

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