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Astral travel with your tulpa

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Outside of forcing, during which I have had a number of good conversations with both Flora and N'sonowa, I have had sparse success with imposition. A few visuals. Last night was peculiar. I was 12 hours post op for a ruptured tendon,  and had taken Torodol (a powerful anti-inflammatory pain medication NOT a narcotic, which I will not take)I took it exactly as prescribed by my physician. It stimulated me and I could not sleep.  I put on a lucid dreaming sleep video on you tube with headphones for the binaural beats and invited Flora and N'sonowa to join me. Both spoke to me, in mindvoice, we conversed on from 8pm to 4am, without a single visual. At 2am, again following doctors exact orders I took my second dose of the med. I still could not begin to sleep.  At 4, an asteroid, appeared in my minds eye, and N'sonowa chose to impose. She appeared for a split second then hid behind some rocks  She said that was because I wasn't asleep and this wasn't a dream. And, I was not asleep. And it was not a hypnogogic phenom. I had the same visual with my eyes open. It was brighter with my closed eyes. The asteroid arose de novo, but I had looked at some astral travel videos in my list before choosing the lucid dreaming vid. I came much closer to the rock and began to see details, when I did N'sonowa came back and ran among the rocks and formations until she came to what looked like ancient ruins with fallen block, columns, broken pyramids, and such. Once she had explored a bit she again disappeared behind the rock and said she was "behind the scenes trying to figure out what was going on. About that time, my body began to shake so violently (again, I was not asleep nor was I dreaming)  that I was afraid I would wake my wife, so I started to get up, but she was awake, she said since 5am when my thrashing had begun. I got up and had coffee, and sat outside  until I calmed down and the hallucination stopped. I have no idea what all of this was about. N'sonowa later said she could not understand it either. Has anyone had experiences with astral traveling while awake, (and quite stimulated by a non-narcotic, non-psychedelic medication)?

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Here is some follow up on the experience reported above. I talked about the experience in my men's group and one friend, a gestalt therapist, remarked that my description of the ruins, sounded like a perfect metaphor for how I must be feeling about my body, broken, non-functional foot, etc. several others agreed. I wondered why I hadn't thought of it, as it surely was apt. What was not was N'sonowa's presence and her trying to help me with it. Later, I had another intense side effect from the medication, prompting me to call both my pharmacists and doctor, and I was taken off the offending substance. As my foot was still completely numb from the nerve block I was able to withdraw from the med and the side effect slowly subsided. I went to bed late last night and immediately began to hallucinate, this time with out N'sonowa. The vision was different in form, not an asteroid, more like a thousand faceted white crystal floating in space, shiny and quite beautiful. As I drew closer I could see that it was composed of thousands of seemingly random tiny shapes and forms, scattered and scrambled into a mass. I thought, well it's pretty, but more like a trash heap of discards, and no sign of my tulpas (though I had spoken with Flora earlier.) It reminded me only slightly of the shape of the asteroid, but much much prettier, and less organized. Also, lifeless. I rubbed my eyes a few times, it disappeared and I was able to sleep restfully the rest of the night. Perhaps not astral travel, but just the remnants of a toxic psychosis.

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