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Progress of Alanna and River

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Hello! This is my personal progress that I will be posting for myself and others, including some conversations I want to track in the name of progress.


Introduction to my brain: I have had extensive visualization training in the past, along with dissociative issues, so making a tulpa was not *as* difficult as it could have been otherwise, I think.

I started my tulpa, River, on Sunday August 16th. 

His form has thus far changed a bit, such as hair color, facial structure, clothing etc. 

Slow to vocalize, though bits and pieces coming through within a day. 

I read that it was easier to type out responses while you hear them, so I tried this yesterday and it greatly fast-tracked the forming of River as a person. 

It was interesting to go from "I thiiiink he said 'yes'?" to this (my questions are not present):



Trying to sift out what is parroting and what is genuine. 


I noticed a lot of times River answers my questions before I finish the sentence. 


In the above dialogue, he attributes it to knowing what I'm going to ask. 


What are your thoughts?

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That is pretty normal, we did that too in the beginning. Tulpas can read your thoughts so yeah.

Hello, I'm Miichu, and I'm the main fronter of this system.

The others are Miri, who's the original host and co-fronts with me.

Progress Report and my Art Thread


Waka Waka x3

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