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Hi! So, we're The Dummy System. Might change it a little later on. Here's our progress so far:



Speech & Communication

Our first communication was yesterday, and she's already doing very well. Valentine responds almost all the time, apart from when we had a small fight over the kind of music I listen to. 



Val is about as mature as other girls my age, so we get along pretty well.



We're pretty chill with each other at this point, I try to talk to her all day and she responds. I can tell we're going to be good friends ^^. Valentine does feel some frustration with me for listening to depressing songs, but only because she doesn't want me to relapse into depression.



We've been practicing on my hand as a start, and so far she can curl the hand in a fist, but she can't hold it like that long. 



She hates my favorite youtuber, so I think that says something nvgfkn (MacDoesIt is awesome)



Just some glitches in wonderspace ("wonderland"), along with unintentional repetition of words. 



This is Valentine! v



You're my reason to keep on going, Valentine. Thank you.

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