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Dead guides and links

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I noticed some concern in the reddit and I thought I would link it over to the forum here. I can't copy-paste it over for the life of me for some reason, but the first non-bot comment is a list of broken links. 



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I know that there are quite a few things in submissions that did not get approved that have gone dead, but I don't know of anything that was approved that is dead or defunct. it would be a real pain to check them all, since there are so many approved guides


the tulpa.info link that the person said was dead is nothing to worry about, the link that they used just no longer works because of the forum migration

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We can host a project where we can go through the list of guides and make sure they're all there. We can divide it out so people have to check X number of links in 2 weeks or something like that, and if there's a ton of links we can stretch it out over a month or 6 weeks.


I actually stumbled across a guide and saved a back-up of it once. Digging it back up, it was Teryakywind’s “Tulpas for Dummies”. I backed it up March 4th, 2019.


I guess the important question is if it's ethical to hold onto and republish the guide, given that they intended to delete it.

Edit: I responded to the post with the new list of guides link.

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