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19/16/20, Rep0

Call it day zero. Several days of research and have officially decided and committed to creating a Tulpa. I have a personality and form framework in mind, wonderland is greatly lacking.

Overall goal is to make a Tulpa and meet some new friendly folk while going through it.


9/16/20, Rep1

Official day beginning. I’ve heard a voice that’s different from my own mindvoice, although I still think it’s still just me in the end- but seems to be slightly different from my own usual thought patterns?? Form has more structure, as well as a possible names, like Zozi or Akali.


9/17/20, Rep2

Quick update, I figured out putting everything in one is less annoying and more efficient. Neat. Right now the name Zozi Anekai seems right, and I’ve started to understand how their head looks- probably going to work on upper torso tomorrow.  I attempted the impose thing today, and the figment acted in ways that I did not expect, and they said something that surprised me. Surprise is the key word, because for certain my mind didn’t consciously make that happen. Really cool, and really freaky.


9/18/20, Rep3

I, have not gotten anything done for today. I’ve finished a ton of work, and dealt with some personal issues, and haven’t had a lot of time for Zozi with everything else going on. Sorry Zozi-

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Just something I couldn't figure out how to delete, so i might edit it into something else later.

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