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Caitlyn's Progress Report!

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6th November 2020


I feel like death, riding back from 10k bike ride!


Anyway update time! so Today Caitlyn was more active with me today, We went to a sushi train, I do not have tastebuds nor think about the foods I devour so I thought, maybe I can just transfer my senses to Caitlyn and she can help me out abit more. This worked surprisingly well and got abit of detailed results on how this expensive sushi tasted like. Next after I had a mint lamb pie, I didn't mind eating it as it just tasted like Lamb and Mint, so I thought, maybe Caitlyn can help me out with this taste...

She did not like this pie haha. Anyway I think this has been quite a progressive day, other than that, in the past few days she's been helping me cope with doing stuff that I wouldn't do alone. Pressuring me to ask questions and go on "solo" trips, its a nice time to have someone to talk to whilst doing solo things.


I think I figured out how our thoughts are structured, not all thoughts are mine and not all thoughts are Caitlyn but we know which one are ours, all I gotta do is just ask her if it is hers, and get used to figuring out whos thought is whos.


Thanks for reading~ feel free to leave feedback if you have any.


Note - (need to get re-involved into the Tulpa community discords)

Edited by Scentefy

~An Old-New Tulpamancer~




Scentefy - Host

Caitlyn - 23rd April 2015 - Vocal and Sentient!


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