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Khomyak's journey

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English is not my native language and my grammar is pretty bad.


I think I should introduce myself first. I am Khomyak, a Russian teenage girl. I am not lonely or pony obsessed person and the only reason I want to make tulpa is my curiosity. I am sceptical and I want to understand this phenomenon, does it exists or you are just mentally ill and too imaginative.

It is my first day trying to make tulpa. She is human female, about sixteen years old. I have created her appearance and personality already.
She is calm and empathetic but not naive or weak. She is also very curious and like to analyze everything.
She is of average height and very graceful.


Very quick sketch.



I talked a little bit and read some things from internet with her today. That's all.

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Hi Khomyak: You will get a lot of pushback for claiming that tulpas are a result of mental illness, and I am not sure what "too imaginative" might mean. Imagination is not, in my opinion, a fixed quantity. We can use it, or not, and we can develop our capacity for it my using it by using it (like exercise builds muscles). Hope you persist and have fun doing it. Dr. Bob

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