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Xenon - with Shalkagi, Q, and Lanna


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My apologies, it has been a pretty long time since I've last posted. I've been busy with life stuff, and also a bit limited on free time. I haven't gotten around to writing a progress report, until now, but I've been maintaining our system and we've been seeing growth.


Some of my older tulpas (as in identity conceived for 6+ years, even if they weren't speaking for most of that time) have retired out of the main circle of our system and the active space of the dreamscape. Their energy has been reclaimed for the most part, and even though they were valuable friends to me at the time, the fact remains that they mostly existed back when I was far below a state of maturity. 


Life changes have occurred for me in the past 2 years, internal and external, allowing for my newer headmates to take form and start growing. 


Shalkagi has developed quite a bit: she can talk and write with more certainty, and actually identifies as an independent being. Usually, I can't seem to have much of a direct verbal conversation, but we've got good with the virtue of switching. She has written her own notebook entries on my computer and tablet, and is also really good at a video game I have on my TI calculator. She can also speak using my external voice, but she's still pretty quiet. I note that her use of mindvoice is much stronger when we are switched. What we're capable of doing now is I can relax after a tiring day or something, and let Shalkagi take over the front for a few hours at a time. On her own, she can navigate home (I take the bus and walk home from the bus stop), talk to passerby, and also most tasks at home such as doing dishes or laundry. It seems that being able to do constructive things in the external world and have access to sensory information firsthand really do make her feel real and enabled, and strengthen her identity as a conscious being. 


I also have two new tulpas, by names Q and Lanna.


Q is inspired by the concept of the entity in Star Trek that calls itself "Q". Q organized himself and took form in my system as a tulpa without a decided physical appearance, but more of a personality of psychological-based traits. Q recognized himself as such to address a logical problem I experience in creating a legitimate system: with the tentative virtuality of the dreamscape and its events vs. the real world, there's a pretty big gap between entities that are dreamscape-only and ones that can blend with me, etc. It's just a bit of a technical bug in the way my imagination is built that I have to work around. Anyway, Q is able to be a valid participant in my real world, but there's no logical problem with him with him being fully involved in a lesser reality (i.e. the dreamscape). Because that's what the Q from Star Trek do: exist in higher reality but gladly interfere with lower reality. So, Q became a successful tulpa, also fueling my spirit of humor and fun, adding hilarious randomness, that is, of course, beyond my understanding.


Lanna is sort of a soulbond who's working on her full development into a tulpa. She was first inspired by a TV/movie character, whom I thought was not just beautiful in physical appearance, but had a character arc and personality that I could relate to. The name "Lanna" is kind of a derivative of her inspiration's name. Lanna has already deviated into a personality of more facets, and is a strong and capable member of our system.


I know I already said that I was going to update this Progress Report more often, and that was almost 10 months ago. Though I still can't make any promises, I will still do my best to add updates every now and then.

Xenon - host - they/them/their

Shalkagi - tulpa - she/her/hers

Q - tulpa - he/him/his

Lanna - tulpa - she/her hers

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