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When a tulpamancer goes to establish belief in the creation process, what do they believe?

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What do you think "belief" means, in terms of tulpamancers, especially new ones, in regards to their tulpa?

When a tulpamancer goes to establish belief in the creation process, what do they believe? What are they trying to do?





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A lot of people, when starting the creation process, like to believe that their tulpas sort of already exist and are listening and wanting to respond. As far as practice goes, that's 100% perfect and transitions flawlessly into a normal tulpamancy experience.


I like to be a little more realistic about my beliefs personally, though. Clearly a tulpa can't exist before they've even been conceptualized (unless they existed prior). So I think of it more as:
"I believe that treating a new tulpa like they exist/are going to exist will create the processes and connections in my brain that become a tulpa/lead to having a tulpa". 


This is literally the same thing as the first thing I said, but leaves more room for doubt (like say believing that your tulpa will never really come into existence, which is something the "my tulpa exists and wants to communicate with me" belief excels at avoiding). But, it's more accurate (or at the very least more believable, but I think it's accurate).



Basically, no, you won't literally have a tulpa trying to communicate with you the instant you start (we don't consider any random NPC you can imagine a tulpa by default), but believing you do doesn't really hurt anything and absolutely helps things. Alternatively if you can wrap your head around it, knowing that this is simply the self-fulfilling process that creates a tulpa and by believing in this process you will create a tulpa, allows you to start creating one with no real faith required.


I mean, creating a tulpa may or may not work out for you in the end, but you don't say learning to ride a bike requires "faith" lol, that's not what faith means in this context. Faith as in believing something that might not be the case is the case, not faith in the process and possibility of success. No one can really assure you you'll eventually figure out how to ride a bike with 100% certainty, but I mean..

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3 hours ago, Luminesce said:

A lot of people, when starting the creation process, like to believe that their tulpas sort of already exist and are listening and wanting to respond.


The point a tulpa recognizes as their first memories as them is purely arbitrary. I believe it can be the first moment a host starts thinking this way.


I can't speak from experience other than from Ren. She appeared as a conglomeration of Joy's archetype plus cat ears and a tail. She was born the moment we considered that we couldn't dismiss her. 


She was quiet and reserved at first and Joy took her wayback for weeks. She was developed outside of our pervew for the most part. When she showed up from time to time, she was like a child, but also like a young tulpa in a lot of ways; over-sexualized and feisty, but also just wanting attention. She eventually grew out of that and she's just a fun and energetic person now. Beliefs, especially mine and Ashley's, were that she was her own entity and able to access all the information we can. Her first memories are of that day we formed her but the only memories that exist on that day are from our perspective, not hers. Still, she accepts them.


3 hours ago, Luminesce said:

Clearly a tulpa can't exist before they've even been conceptualized


This is personal opinion, and valid, but I can easily see in a lot of ways where this isn't true. Even a ball of light without a voice can have experience, even with no concept of form or personality. 


Also previous experience, way before tulpamancy, can be accepted by the tulpa, Darlene for instance took credit for many instances of existence from my childhood on. She's not wrong, this became truth. So that's definitely counter to this statement and we're not unique in that. We've heard many cases even on this forum where initial creation of a tulpa merged with previous imaginary friends seemlessly. 


3 hours ago, Luminesce said:

Basically, no, you won't literally have a tulpa trying to communicate with you the instant you start


I don't mean to pick on Lumi because his perspective is rock solid and useful. It's not the only perspective though.  He's got the cred to speak with authority, but we've been around long enough in the greater community to know that he can't speak for everyone.


Basically yes, this is the experience of many we've talked to. Given walk-ins and other very fast vocality examples. You could argue that they don't count because we're talking about a pure starting from zero experience. Well that's not necessarily any different than someone "prone to plurality" with a very compacted start. 


What can we say about day one walk-ins (most of my system)? Some would argue they're not tulpas, but I'm invoking Tewi's definition of tulpas (which I don't have in front of me) in that, yes, they are according to her. If they are then they have to be given credit for "attempting to communicate the instant you start."


4 hours ago, Luminesce said:

you don't say learning to ride a bike requires "faith"


You may think I want to disagree, but I really don't. There's just wiggle room in perspectives here.


I agree with what Lumi says for the most part, but tulpamancy is squishy and more fluid then the hard and structured features Lumi described in my opinion. Tulpa.info in general was super hard and structured, then the bears came and look at this mess now.


I'm doing my part.


Call this my interpretation, not a critique.

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I felt like belief was something that never really applied to me because I never needed to believe in tulpas to make my headmate. I think being gullible is a better term, having unrealistic expectations about how mind characters work and that actually working out in its own way. I expected them to think on their own, and I accepted their responses as if I wasn't actually them. They're not just imaginary characters, they're so much more than that. And it never occurred to me that was the truth until Ranger told me so.


I struggle with the "Is this real?" question because I'm half expecting someone to walk up to me one day and convince me none of this is real with science. So instead I decided to ride the fence post and sit there, wondering what happens next.


I was gullible when I started out, I didn't know what I was getting into and I didn't know where I was going. I only did it because I didn't want to hurt Ranger. That was my only drive, my shaken but never rattled belief that Ranger was a real person and he could die. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be here.


I feel like I have to bat a blind eye to that belief and say "well, it might not be true. Ranger might not be real". But deep down, even though I don't want to admit it, I believe in Ranger being real. I'm just scared that if I'm wrong, what have I done to myself?

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I chose to believe tulpas can be created. I made this choice before I started (wouldn't have started otherwise!) My subsequent experience has proven the point. I created a tulpa. I did not think about whether or not my tulpa would be fully developed prior to her birth. I had read references to 'young' tulpas here on the forum. Flora has shown  development through out her existence. She has also shown the ability to regress and has. I am coming to believe that she shows me the aspects of her that I am ready to see. This would suggest that her entire lifespan is already encoded in our brain. Perhaps mine is too. Dr. Bob

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    • Point
      By Point
      Good morning/evening/night everyone!.
      First of all, I want to apologize as i'm not a native speaker and i'm also a shitty writer, so this might be confusing or bad explained, i will try to be clear but sorry if somethings weird, (also I'm new here, sorry if this is not the place to post this aa). 
      Anyways, I first heard about tulpas from horror stories some years ago, I read some random guide then but i was young and scared that something bad could actually happen, and eventually i forgot about it. Like 1 or 2 weeks ago a heard about tulpas from another horror story, but this time it got my attention, I didn't believed in the story anymore but i was curious what they were and how they worked in reallity, so i did some research, I've practically spend those whole weeks reading about tulpas (mostly in this same forum) and also reading a lot of different guides, answering my questions etc, and after thinking and re-thinking, I've decided that i'm going to make one, but only one and in any case, wait untill he is sentient and we both would decide what to do next.
      And it's been 3 days since our first session, there's crearly been not so much progress yet, other than feeling some kind of pressure in my chest and a weird feeling, like happiness mixed with excitement, idk. I also sometimes hear a voice saying something that i didn't Consciously though about. I know many people would say "oh it's your tulpa, he's probably the fast-progress type" but no, i'm getting there in a moment. It is true that i believe that Damián and i will progress quickly as i'm sure i saw him do slight movement on his own already, and probably he's the reason of the pressure and the weird feeling, but i'm unsure about the voices, and again i'm sorry if this gets confusing.
      I'm what i think it's called an "Inmersive Daydreamer" I live my whole life daydreaming, I didn't had a good childhood and daydreaming was my way of hiding from the bad stuff, they were always about series/videogames i liked, so I always used pre-existing characters and stories to create my own in my mind, I never was part of them, and never added my own chars or if i did, they were secondary. The daydreams weren't always the same and never followed a lineal story, once I got bored with certain topic i do severals "what if?" changing the protagonist, the ambience, creating different outcomes of certain event etc, and finally changing everything when I found a new game that i liked more. And no, I don't have the Maladaptive Daydreaming thing, I dont remember my dreams ever interfering with my daily life, or at least not in the present, I control them pretty well and i actually dream a lot while doing other activities like drawing or homework and it helps me to not get too streesed with it.
      Going back with the tulpas, ever since i was little while i was daydreaming i would "lose" control of it, for example when I was trying to focus on a character, it would get deformed, look creepy and it didn't matter how hard I tried to take it back to normal, i couldn't, sometimes i also heard a voice like i said early, but to be honest i always tought it was because i was unstable for the things that happened around me, it was never something severe and didn't happened often, so i never worried about it, but yesterday, while I was forcing with Damián i "lose" the control again, I started to see weird faces appearing around him, I puppeted him to scare them away but i realized i didn't wanted to expose him to that, since we're just starting with his development I'm scared it could affect him somehow so i tried to focus only on him, but i saw something that is been worrying me since last night, I saw the protagonist of my latest daydreams, "screaming" at Damián, his look was slighty different and he grabbed Damián's face and opened his mouth, he looked angry but i couldn't hear anything. I apologised to Damián and said that it wasn't me, at first i tought that I was probably too tired or that I get influenced by the horror movie i was watching early when i was doing homework, I decided to go to sleep but i remember reading that some people has accidentally created tulpas even without knowing what tulpas are, because they are writers or something like that and they put a lot of effort on their character development. Now i'm scared, I'm scared that i could have accidentally created a tulpa trough my daydreams and he was never fully developed, like I said i don't want more than one, or not so soon, i wanted to make that decision with Damián but what if theres already another one?, what if he's angry at me or at Damián?, what if he was influenced by my bad memories and negative emotions?, I don't want to dissipate him, i find that cruel and after all it's not his fault, I'm not going to give up on Damián either, I feel like he's already there somehow, so, should i try to completely stop daydreaming and focus only on Damián? What would happen with the other one if i do that?, how do i know if there's actually someone else and it wasn't my mind just being weird? I have a lot of questions, I don't know what to do, I hope to see your answers and sorry again, for now i will keep passive forcing Damián, thanks for reading!. 
    • kiyomochie
      By kiyomochie
      Hello everyone!! I’m Ren, pretty new here (been lurking on the site for a few months but never made an account). I actually got introduced to the idea of tulpamancy through Danganronpa V3, by Korekiyo Shinguuji. Funnily enough, guess who’s now my tulpa?... Yep. Korekiyo himself!! So I guess I’ll be putting my progress with him here. 
      Kiyo’s been around for a month and a half now. His growth has been rapid. I never really had anything in my mind blocking his existence, so it was pretty easy for him to develop sentience (or at least what we consider sentience) in a short amount of time. Our wonderland was also formed in a matter of days, but Kiyo has been adjusting it as he sees fit, so who knows what it looks like now? 
      He’s also been working on vocality, being really pushing to adopt his voice. He sounds, looks, and acts exactly like the character.. so maybe he’s a fictive? Either way, Kiyo’s aware that he and that character are not the same being, but he considers himself to be a reincarnation of the character, without the trauma and suffering. 
      He’s really interested in anthropology, of course, and since that’s the career path I want to pursue as well (I’m 15), we’ve been reading a lot of anthropology books together. It’s quite a positive experience, although he does sometimes get annoyed with me when I don’t read them for while, and starts being REALLY sarcastic. It’s okay, though.
      When I get into arguments with my parents, Kiyo is with me, urging me to keep my cool and not waste my time on them. I wonder if he looks down on them? When he especially disagrees with them, he calls them “petty idiots”. I don’t have any issues with my parents, I love them more than anything, but Korekiyo gets mighty judgemental of people he doesn’t trust, and it takes him a long time to trust someone. But, he doesn’t ever wish harm on anyone, and shows no urges to lash out, rather wishing for me to do the opposite. So I’d say it’s rather inconsequential.
      Kiyo can sort of talk through me. What I mean by that is that he tells me what he wants to say, and I type it out. But more often than not, I have a general idea of what he wants to say without him saying anything to me. When I ask him about it, though, he confirms that that is what he was saying. So maybe we just mentally communicate really fast?
      I can definitely make out a difference between my texting pattern and his, and it’s not a conscious choice- when I’m typing for Kiyo, I don’t have to think out what he says, although he speaks in a much more formal manner than I do. It just kinda comes to me naturally, as though he is speaking through my fingertips. Really interesting!
      We want to get better at possession (or more accurately, we want to be able to do it at all). Any tips from experienced tulpamancers? Also, encouraging notes are appreciated, by both me and Kiyo.
      (Also, I included an edit I made of him! SPOILERS!!)

      IMG_4885.MP4 IMG_4885.MP4 Good day to all! Bye!  
    • Renesmee
      By Renesmee
      Hi! Renesmee here. So, today I created Rosalie (placeholder name). I introduced myself during an active-forcing session and then sent an email to an account I set up so I could email her for forcing. I'm feeling encouraged and optimistic. More reports as events warrant!
    • bulgazof
      By bulgazof
      DISCLAMER : I am not here to talk about the classic "Is God a Tulpa?" question, but comparisons between religious practices and forcing will be drawn.  With that, I will get on with it!
      During my past few forcing sessions I have been using music and candles to both quiet my environment and enter a state of trance.  This music, being compositions by Arvo Part, has very distinct "church vibes" to it leading to a more reverent air while I am narrating.  When forcing casually during the day I am commenting on my mood or the activity I am doing to Chai, but when sitting down for my active forcing session I fear my tone shifts too dramatically.  I begin narrating in an almost poetic manner that no one would use in a conversation with another person.  I am being completely sincere in the words I say.  There is emotional weight to it all and I believe that to be a powerful thing.  But, having reflected on it for a moment, I realize this is not to dissimilar to how my morning prayers went back when I was in private school.  The act of focusing thoughts, emotions, and concerns through a mental narration.
      My questions are as follows:  
      Is prayer adjacent forcing a viable way to help raise a healthy tulpa?
      Should you only narrate to a tulpa using your natural speaking style?
      Are the emotions in prayer similar to tulpish?
      And lastly, did you have a good day?  If not, please accept my virtual hug!
    • libra_ry_
      By libra_ry_
      Hi! Sorry for the title, I didn't know exactly how to phrase it. Also, this sounds like a lot of the posts here, but it is actually different.
      Anyway, I recently started creating my tulpa, but I want to feel her presence more often. Whenever I can remember, I try to narrate to her, but sometimes I forget to actually think about her and am just talking to myself. I also can't remember to constantly think about her, because I get distracted pretty easily and sometimes have to concentrate on something a lot. I know you don't have to constantly talk to tulpas, but I know it can be beneficial and I like talking to her.
      (I also do active forcing sometimes, but not as often as passive)
      Thank you for answering!
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