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HighlyVHS Adventurous Leisure Time With Tulpa.


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So far, I've been doing passive forcing, and endure the slightly painful head pressures. But I do enjoy when I get them. They remind me that my Tulpa is listening. Have written down somewhat on a daily basis on the processes for about 2/3 months on a old composition book, look forward to looking back at my notes with my Tulpa, and getting hit with nostalgia!


One of the first things I worked on was the form. I did some doodles, till I got something that I enjoyed. Next I spent some time finding a name for her. Preferably, I would like her to name herself. But I've been using Tulpa as a placeholder, later in life, caller her Petunia.


Have been spending time with her, mostly narrating on games, music, and general day to day stuff. And on the rare occasion, active force her sitting on a recliner chair. The most comfy thing a wonderland can have. Wonderland is a pretty simple place, just a yellow room, lamp, an old fashioned TV, and a green recliner chair. Pretty comfy.


Picture is of Petunia's form, and how it evolved.






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