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Does Drug use influence Tulpas?

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Oh god I have no idea what you guys are talking about... I'm just the fag that is gonna take nutmeg because I all the medicine I have has like three ingredients


To be fair, access and experience with drugs is largely dependent on age (and to a lesser extent, disposable income)

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Anyone have experience with salvia or peyote?


On salvia I was too out of it to remember my tupper even existed.

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Oh goody, another 2c-i user. It really is a shame they banned it here, I loved that stuff. Well, my first time was pretty amazing, the second time on a stronger dose I was not in a good setting or frame of mind, and had a horribly bad trip. But the knots in the wood floor were scurrying around the apartment like mice and I built some intense alien cityscapes during closed eye, so it was interesting nonetheless.



Nice haha, I've never really had a bad trip on it but I have felt the anxiety and fear at certain moments. I seriously had no idea what I was getting myself into as a first hallucinogen. Seriously, being shown so many things changes a person for life. One of the amazing things was seeing a bunch of fleur de lis patterns scrolling across my phone diagonally, I've read about certain people having the same visuals as well. I love how things flow like water, and how trees and plants create their own flow. I seriously wish I could experience the first time I took it all over again.

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Yes, but its argued consumed whole fresh nutmeg works better. If you're young and living with your parents it might be a little noticeable - some people get the shits shakes and puking depdening on themselves and way consumed.

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Thanks, I could only find the ground type, I have about sixty grams at the moment. Gonna take 15-20 grams tomorrow. Convinced my mum that it has an ingredient that releases endorphins ahaha. My brother knows I'm doing it but swore to secrecy, he will be my trip watcher or he might join. Got it at a good time, going to a caravan park with people that irritate me for two days, at the beach though. Might get some cool forcing sessions in. People will wonder why I'm so nice though, I'm usually pretty fucking weird anyway. I'm very aggressive-assertive, and I'm gonna go alone for a whole to force

or cry and throw up

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Guest Anonymous

Yes, but its argued consumed whole fresh nutmeg works better. If you're young and living with your parents it might be a little noticeable - some people get the shits shakes and puking depdening on themselves and way consumed.


In both my and multiple acquaintance's experience, only fresh ground or whole nutmeg works. I'd assume it's because bottled (especially generic brand) nutmeg uses other parts of the nutmeg fruit that do not contain myricistin. But it could be that myricistin breaks down very quickly, and loses it's psychoactive components by excessive heating while in processing, or simply aging.


Regardless, you need fresh nutmeg. The best place to find it is in health or "alternative" food stores.

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Nope, I tend to stay away from anything addictive or that I could potentially overdose on. Not to say I haven't ever tried anything like that, but I try to steer clear of it.



Btw, I stopped taking Noopept. Didn't really notice any benefit to taking it, unless I mega dosed (100+ mg) and when I did that my short term memory went straight down the toilet, and I kept forgetting about April.

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I've taken 800mg of Diphenhydramine and 800mg of Delsym.


Not both at the same time obviously, but i never felt anything other than sort of tired and shitty, and i didnt get tired until 8 or so hours after i took it.


Never felt high, never had any hallucinations, CEV or anything, basically a total waste of time. I was walking around on the Delsym fine like i hadnt even taken anything.


Maybe i have some abnormal brain, but i never get any effects even remotely close to any of the things i read on bluelight or erowid as far as those are concerned, and those doses are above the extreme high dose they have listed too.


As far as i figure, if i cant get any effects off doses that high, then im not going to get anything at all, because im not going any higher than that.


As far as tulpaforcing, i was thinking the other day, that taking something like shrooms or lsd would probably be great for it, because of all the intense amount of imagination you seem to have on it.


I wish i would have known about this when i had 2c-i, because i got really relaxed on it and had trippy visuals when i stared at things and CEV's when i closed my eyes.

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