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Hello everyone! I'm Renée and I'm from the UK. I found out about tulpas on Tuesday 2nd November and since then have been reading a lot about tulpamancy and creation. 

The past two days have been my journey to forming my tulpa named Marla. I've been narrating to her and trying to visualise her in my wonderland. Most of it has been passive forcing as I haven't had much time to sit down and solely focus on her. (I really want to though.) 

Last night (4th Nov) I wrote down 10 personality traits and about 3-4 likes and dislikes. However I know these may change overtime. 

It's a little difficult for me to visualise her while narrating as I can't focus on both at once. I struggle to visualise her when passive forcing too, however I'm hoping this will get better over time. 

I've been visualising her and sometimes I see her tilt her head slightly or make very faint, slight facial expressions. I even heard a little "hm" from her. At first I was a little apprehensive at thinking it was her but I'm going to believe it's her. I also thought I heard a little "night" before I went to sleep when visualising us in our wonderland. 

Im going to keep working on forcing and develop her form and personality. I'll keep you updated! >:) 

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Thursday, 5th November 2020

I passively forced this morning while getting ready for an exam. I visualised both me and her in our wonderland, getting ready for the day. She sat on the edge of the bathtub while I flipped my head over the bath to wash my hair and she looked out of the window and the trees and the cliff edge that lingers in the distance.

While waiting to enter the exam, I sat on a bench and imagined her sitting inside the shed with a book, (gothic literature.) I'm still struggling with visualising and narrating at the same time.

I can see her figure and slight features but it's hard for me to see her face properly. I think the problem is me trying to visualise on the back of my eyelids? and not in my minds eye? I really need to work on my visualisation. I'm hoping to find some time today to actively force, narrate and look through more guides. I'm worried that I'm not moving forward with developing my tulpa but I also know that it takes time and that I need to find time to focus more solely on her instead of always passive forcing.

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5th Nov - second update

Last night I tried active forcing but couldn't visualise properly. I'm still not able to see with my minds eye. I can't help but try to see the image on the back of my eyelids, if that makes sense? I don't know how to switch and hold the image in my mind. It was very hard to get the image I wanted in my head as well as trying to visualise in 1st person. I was going to attempt to talk to my tulpa in a white room and give her a megaphone to indicate that "I will hear my tulpa." I wanted to encourage her to speak. I may need to work on my general visualisation before I work on that.


When I had a shower, I tried to follow a guide called the Wonderland Immersion Method:


When following it, I first try to close my eyes and change my surroundings to imagine I was in my wonderland in 1st person. I struggled with doing this and it felt like I was straining to actually visualise what I wanted to. I think I find it easier to visualise in the dark because the light is a distraction for me. I think that I have to keep working on my visualisation. The more I work on it, the more progress I'll make.

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I also had/have problems visualizing. It just takes regular practice.


On 11/6/2020 at 9:57 AM, Simply Goblin said:

I think I find it easier to visualise in the dark because the light is a distraction for me. I think that I have to keep working on my visualisation.



I do a lot better with darkness, as well. Using a blackout mask helps me enter my wonderland. I use these.


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I just started getting serious about imposition. I can't see her in real space, but if I imagine her briefly in imagination, I can get her to "flicker" into real space for a second.


I like to imagine my tulpa in real space, but I have created a segment of my wonderland. It is a hotel room. Maybe a smaller space is easier to focus on.


I wish you luck 🙂

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