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Hello everyone! I'm Renée and I'm from the UK. I found out about tulpas on Tuesday 2nd November and since then have been reading a lot about tulpamancy and creation. 

The past two days have been my journey to forming my tulpa named Marla. I've been narrating to her and trying to visualise her in my wonderland. Most of it has been passive forcing as I haven't had much time to sit down and solely focus on her. (I really want to though.) 

Last night (4th Nov) I wrote down 10 personality traits and about 3-4 likes and dislikes. However I know these may change overtime. 

It's a little difficult for me to visualise her while narrating as I can't focus on both at once. I struggle to visualise her when passive forcing too, however I'm hoping this will get better over time. 

I've been visualising her and sometimes I see her tilt her head slightly or make very faint, slight facial expressions. I even heard a little "hm" from her. At first I was a little apprehensive at thinking it was her but I'm going to believe it's her. I also thought I heard a little "night" before I went to sleep when visualising us in our wonderland. 

Im going to keep working on forcing and develop her form and personality. I'll keep you updated! >:) 

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Thursday, 5th November 2020

I passively forced this morning while getting ready for an exam. I visualised both me and her in our wonderland, getting ready for the day. She sat on the edge of the bathtub while I flipped my head over the bath to wash my hair and she looked out of the window and the trees and the cliff edge that lingers in the distance.

While waiting to enter the exam, I sat on a bench and imagined her sitting inside the shed with a book, (gothic literature.) I'm still struggling with visualising and narrating at the same time.

I can see her figure and slight features but it's hard for me to see her face properly. I think the problem is me trying to visualise on the back of my eyelids? and not in my minds eye? I really need to work on my visualisation. I'm hoping to find some time today to actively force, narrate and look through more guides. I'm worried that I'm not moving forward with developing my tulpa but I also know that it takes time and that I need to find time to focus more solely on her instead of always passive forcing.

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5th Nov - second update

Last night I tried active forcing but couldn't visualise properly. I'm still not able to see with my minds eye. I can't help but try to see the image on the back of my eyelids, if that makes sense? I don't know how to switch and hold the image in my mind. It was very hard to get the image I wanted in my head as well as trying to visualise in 1st person. I was going to attempt to talk to my tulpa in a white room and give her a megaphone to indicate that "I will hear my tulpa." I wanted to encourage her to speak. I may need to work on my general visualisation before I work on that.


When I had a shower, I tried to follow a guide called the Wonderland Immersion Method:


When following it, I first try to close my eyes and change my surroundings to imagine I was in my wonderland in 1st person. I struggled with doing this and it felt like I was straining to actually visualise what I wanted to. I think I find it easier to visualise in the dark because the light is a distraction for me. I think that I have to keep working on my visualisation. The more I work on it, the more progress I'll make.

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I also had/have problems visualizing. It just takes regular practice.


On 11/6/2020 at 9:57 AM, Simply Goblin said:

I think I find it easier to visualise in the dark because the light is a distraction for me. I think that I have to keep working on my visualisation.



I do a lot better with darkness, as well. Using a blackout mask helps me enter my wonderland. I use these.


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I just started getting serious about imposition. I can't see her in real space, but if I imagine her briefly in imagination, I can get her to "flicker" into real space for a second.


I like to imagine my tulpa in real space, but I have created a segment of my wonderland. It is a hotel room. Maybe a smaller space is easier to focus on.


I wish you luck 🙂

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Stone [conceived 2001] Host

Betty [conceived 2020] Tulpa

Cloud [conceived 2020] Tulpa


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    • By neo
      I have been practicing both visualization and imposition for a long time now and so far I have only used photo-realistic references. While I can visualize realistically, it has not become easy or comfortable enough to just have it there. I've seen people say they got to full on imposition quicker than me and I was wondering if the reason for this is the anime/cartoon style characters that may be way less taxing on the mind to keep consistent.
      So I was wondering if by switching to visualizing in anime style I would be able to make it more consistent or lighter to visualize? Or would it be a better strategy to just increase the number of details so it increases my tolerance overall?
      I would prefer it to have it be realistic in the long run but I'm tired of it being a struggle and I wanna just impose and chill a bit for now if it's going to take a while to archive full on photo-realistic imposition like I originally intended. The weird thing it's that I can impose realistically but it still feels like I'm trying to juggle and do math at the same time.
      Any advice is appreciated.
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      This is not about Bear System, so this is not a lounge topic. This discusses a rarely used device in plural systems to manage large numbers of headmates.
      We've previously discussed SheShe as our lock-merge and how she's not like typical merges. It's been over a year since her formation and we have had time to experience that and understand it better.
      Previously we assumed SheShe was like a hub and her constituents were aspects of her that she could express, split off, or represent at her will. It's subtlety but profoundly different from that.
      Joy is a part of SheShe now, and has been for over a year of course, but what has become very clear recently is that anything Joy says or does is also taken as if Joy is the lock-merge and SheShe is one of *her* independent constituents. In other words, they're all interchangeable. SheShe is just a part, not the hub of a five constituent merge. Furthermore, whoever is being expressed is also co-conscious with everyone else. So they're experiencing life as a collective of individuals that dispite being uniquely different from one another, maintain their uniqueness even if one in particular is expressed for long periods; No bleeding, bleaching, or blending is happening at all as far as we can tell.
      In contrast to Risha, who we've been spending time with; where neither Misha nor Ren identify with what Risha says and does, is treated like she's just someone they know and observe what she does as a separate individual.
      SheShe, Ren, Joy, Darlene and Gwen combine to indentify as one person and experience it as themselves playing the part of whoever's expressed.
      I found this a remarkable and significant. It means, systemmates can be combined using Lock-Merge without a hub. They can be assembled and can co-exist and co-experience as themselves even if only one is ever expressed.
      For example:
      My original model was:
      A+B=C; where C can express A or B or C.
      Now I see that:
      A+B=A and A+B=B are both valid expressions.
      Using this device (Lock-Merge) any number of headmates can coexist and live full and active lives vicariously? *no actually*, through one constituent. 
      Having a small system is preferred over a large system in my experience with both, and this is a brilliant way to achieve that without leaving others to stay dormant or have to parce valuable time together.
    • By Renesmee
      Hello. I'm currently on four antidepressants, an antipsychotic, and an anticonvulsant for depression and anxiety. I don't believe I need them anymore. I've recently begun my tulpamancy journey and I'm worried that my meds will hinder my progress. Would you advise reducing or stopping my meds altogether?
    • By Renesmee
      Hi! Gabriela here. So, today I created Rosalie (placeholder name). I introduced myself during an active-forcing session and then sent an email to an account I set up so I could email her for forcing. I'm feeling encouraged and optimistic. More reports as events warrant!
    • By Xenon
      Hello! This is our sketchbook gallery. Here you will find pictures from my system, including drawings of me, tulpas, other headmates, and the dreamscape. I draw some things myself, other projects may be collaborations between me and Matt, Clu, or Shalkagi. I'm not quite into the switching phase yet. Usually, they talk to me as I do the drawing.
      Here's our first entry! It's also on the ITT: We Draw Our Tulpas thread.
      This is my first full visualization of Shalkagi. She started as an original character idea and began to form as a legit tulpa. I drew her face and body so I'd have an image to recall when narrating or forcing. 

      Shalkagi (who also spells her name as Sal'qagI) is a Klingon female. She's pretty tough and belligerent, as Klingons are. I consider this drawing here one of my best works so far. This drawing was done by me as the host, while working on the visualization process.
      Notes on details:
      On the hair on her left side, there appears to be a light spot. There, is a streak dyed neon purple. I didn't include the purple in this black-and-white drawing. The weapon she's holding is a traditional Klingon bat'leth. But she uses other weapons, including just fists and feet. The light metallic armor is just one of many things she wears. Pictures of other outfits will come later. The quote on top is written in tlhIngan Hol. She is saying: "My name is Shalkagi. I am a Klingon!" And this is the very first Klingon I've ever drawn!  
      I had lots of fun with this. Follow me for more!
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