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yaya's imposition adventures


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I've been posting on the official discord for a few weeks about beginning imposition (using my own method, completely new territory), and decided to start this progress report since interest was shown in the developments.




We're nearly a decade old system,  we've been forcing since the first astral projection threads on /mlp/, but never really had the time or lifestyle to commit to visual imposition. We consist of a primary host, a primary and secondary tulpa, and about a dozen or so others in the main circle of friends. My visualization has always been rather poor in comparison to the others, and we've struggled with guided meditation. Recent developments have shown me to be a strong fire type, and I decided to double down on my strengths rather than my weaknesses. A few minor developments in our very basic imposition ability lead us to pursue an unusual and unexplored avenue of imposition.


Imposition History

My first attempts at imposition were met with visual success. Back then (and is still the case today) the idea is pretty much to closed eye visualize, then open eyed visualize until it becomes real. Again, my visualization skills are rather poor, and I find myself constantly distracted by the images that appear.


About this time I attempted to pursue aura seeing, and was met with some great success. The actual method is extremely similar to this

this crosspost guide here

The first color I could see was purple, then green, then blue, then the other colors of the rainbow. I couldn't think of much to do with this ability, it basically just looks like a bright flame over the person's head, so I didn't really pursue it much. However, when trying imposition, I noticed I could produce brief flashes of my tulpa every few hours on the purple open eyed background. It was extremely strenuous, and I couldn't manage a way to continue this path. Purple was still the only color I could create larger than a few inches or so. My intuition told me this was somewhat different than what I should be expecting, so I struggled between several different forcing methods, each with mixed results, many of which played on my weaknesses rather than my strengths.


A couple of years went by and a few months ago I had the lifestyle which could support long hours of imposition once again. I came back to this site, and read the crosspost guide I linked. Since this sounded extremely similar to my own experiences, I decided to double down on this method.


Early Success


I began trying to again create the rainbows. At first, I could only create some rainbow blobs on the back of my eyelids. A couple of days of this, and I could manage to flood my eyes with each color individually.


Great. How does this relate to imposition? It seemed to be the same "canvas" which causes brief flashes every hour or so with mixed results. Nonetheless, spurned by initial success, I continued resolutely down this path.


After another few days, I could create a rainbow the size of a business card on a dark background. A few days later, I could create a rainbow stripe a foot or so wide. A few days later, I could create one across the whole wall. Then, I began doing it in the light. After that, I could create multiple rainbows at the same time. Then, I could cover an entire blank wall in the light from floor to ceiling with rainbows and colors.


Around this point, I began having some pretty vivid imposition skills. After another day or so of open eyed visualization (not focusing on the rainbows/individual colors, but rather the details), I could hallucinate a small, colorful object like a pokeball for a brief moment, and it wasn't extremely vivid.




The images weren't extremely stable. It felt like an entirely different skill to turn the rainbows into actual objects. The rainbows at this point were omnipresent and required no effort to create on a variety of surfaces, but they also failed to penetrate to the underlying physical objects themselves. They were transparent.


Furthermore, pumping all the effort into turning the rainbows into objects seemed to fade rather quickly. Where the rainbows could retain their full strength and vividness for about 16 hours, the objects I created would only last a few hours before I needed to pump in more effort. I kept getting distracted by the images, and my progress briefly suffered for a few days. It felt like I was playing on my weaknesses again. 




In order to further my progress, I began turning to the forums, however there is not much information on imposition here. The most I could manage were a few conversations from the amazingly talented user "breloomancer." By sheer luck, she noticed my reports and the brief mention of her name in the discord, and decided to chime in. I described my efforts and failings to her.


She didn't understand what I meant. She never had any such difficulties.


In our conversations I eventually came to the conclusion that our methods are linked together, but different. The best I could describe it is that I am doing it "bottom to top," she is doing it "top to bottom."  Apparently, I had several different methods of imposition, each with unique properties, whereas she focused on a single method. I've therefore broken imposition skills into 3 different categories:


Mind's Eye


This may very well be the same as the imagination, but I refer to it as this because it has a slightly different context. This is where you go when you imagine your wonderland, specifically in a context that you can feel it and it "automatically generates." You can spin around and you'll keep seeing more and more, and your mind will fill in the blanks. If you continue to focus on it, you may enter a dreamlike state. This can be done with eyes open or eyes closed.


Forced Hallucinations (my rainbows)


I'm directly creating these hallucinations on the back of my eyelids and with open eyes. It is like exercising a muscle in my eyes/ third eye. It looks a bit like this:



I eventually developed the skill to produce all of the colors, and even neatly rendered rainbows. However, this skill generally doesn't have any "details" or "line art" on its own. It is not well suited for imposition over messy scenes with dozens of objects, because you will be distracted by the scene. It will also be brighter on light backgrounds and less vivid on dark backgrounds. You are doing it "bottom to top" instead of "top to bottom."




This is similar to the mind's eye, except it is more suited for a single object. I believe if you use this to see the wonderland like the mind's eye, it will instead start out as just a "window." These two are extremely similar, and I'm not sure how they differ besides this context, the underlying mechanics may be the same. If you exert this at the same time as creating the forced hallucinations, the hallucinates themselves will form into colorful images.


Therefore, the imagination exerts the forced hallucinations but the forced hallucinations don't exert the imagination necessarily. The way breloomancer and others achieved visual imposition has been to focus on this skill alone and I believe they start increasing their forced hallucination muscles without realizing it.


The more you focus on twisting/turning/moving the hallucinations, the more you will invoke the imagination. If you try to form the rainbows into patterns like checkerboards or stripes this also invokes the imagination. The more you do this, the more vivid the images will become. However, I believe it will always be hard capped by your underlying ability to forcibly hallucinate.


Recent Progress


With a new understanding on the mechanics, I've set out on a journey to link these two. I began attempting to create the black/grey color which I've neglected all this time. It is 10x more difficult than the rest of the colors, but seems to have the best results on imposed details. After a few days of this, I could sweep a grey wave across my vision and create a moderate vignette. After this, I wasn't really sure what do in this forced hallucination skill tree to make it more immersive. I began focusing on the imagination again, and achieved somewhere around 70% opacity with perfect vividness on a hyper-realistic pokeball. However, I faced the same problems as before, and I really struggle to continue concentrating on these images.


I began condensing the hallucinations down to a point to make them more vivid. This created a purple vortex on an extremely dark opaque black background. I was extremely surprised at the opacity and immersion, so I will be attempting to double down on this until I can fill my entire vision.


At that point, I hope it will become more colorful, more immersive and more omnipresent to the point where I can just sit and stare into it for hours, even in a bright room. I expect after a couple days or weeks of trying to increase this vividness with my imagination working at full blast to direct/manipulate/form these hallucinations at the same time, I will achieve visual imposition. Basically, I want to increase the strength of my hallucinations to the point where I create a perfect VR canvas of them. Then, I will stare into them for hours while working on my imagination at the same time.


The entire time from the first card sized rainbow until now has been about 4 weeks. As far as I know, this is unprecedented as far as visual imposition goes, and I hope this becomes a method to fast track imposition progress or otherwise find an alternate route for those with poor visualization skills such as myself.


Details on the Method


Basically, you start out trying to hallucinate one color on the back of your eyelids, and slowly work your way up to creating rainbows or whatever you think is pretty. Then, once this becomes strong enough to completely overwhelm your visual sense, you start forming it into images. You can break away and start forming the images whenever you feel comfortable with switching to the imagination, but personally I'm choosing to strengthen them to the end first of all.


When I am doing this, I actually exert myself quite hard, but that is just my style. It keeps me focused and ensures I'm working at 120%. You can certainly do this with guided meditation to slowly strengthen these muscles, but I suppose that is more suited to water/air types.


It is difficult to do this strenuously while passive forcing until you reach an extremely high degree of mastery. Only in the past few days have I felt like I may be able to increase the brightness of the rainbows without working hard, but that may again be my flaw in forcing style. However, when I am resting, the rainbows are still omnipresent and extremely vivid. Any surface I look at is extremely trippy and colorful with rainbows washing over them over and over again.


The muscles are somewhere between the eyes and the third eye. I have also noted that responds well to invoke the back of the head and the crown, but this may be limited to the higher levels. To feel your third eye, you can raise your eyebrows, then scrunch your nose over and over again. You should feel a tingling or warmness.


I also noted that there seems to be some communication between the third eye area, the center of the brain, and the eyes. After trying hard to increase the vividness, I felt something in my eyes going to the center of my head like an electric jolt. I consciously focused on "allowing" this feeling and the images responded well to it.


You can also describe it as a trickle of water from the eyes or third eye area. You can and should adapt to your specific personality and forcing style.


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Small Progress


In today's session I began increasing the strength of the rainbows and immersive tangent which I mentioned earlier. The rainbows began to get extremely vivid like I have never seen them before, with magenta, green, yellow, and blue washing over my entire vision like clouds. I began trying to immerse myself in it and found that I have a habit of "mentally committing" to the physical eyes which drowns out the visions. Dissociating from this is somewhat jarring, and you lose track of which eye you're seeing out of, and there is also a spatial aspect which is hard to describe. I try to imagine it like seeing in the 4th dimension in a way that overlaps the 3 dimensions so that I can switch between the two at will.


I'm making slow progress in the strength and immersion. It is slowly beginning to be less like a vapor over the specific wall I'm staring at and more like a cloud that covers my entire area and vision. I didn't realize having this strength and depth was possible, and it's like coming over a peak to see the path to the next one ahead.


I also find myself straining my eyes less and less. I have recently naturally gravitated toward straining my mind instead, especially when I do both eyes open as I have been. However, I can definitely still feel myself subconsciously pressing on the third eye, and I'm beginning to do this more and more in substitute for straining myself. It's still seems a somewhat useful trick when you're trying to increase the strength out of only one eye however.


Deluded Ramblings


I had an experience with auto-imaginative imposition while I lay awake staring at a black ceiling. I began to have many visions based on my current state of mind, and frankly, the aesthetic of them was grotesque and unsettling. At the time I was grappling with tiredness and mental pain, and in these moments I sometimes gravitate toward the Lovecraftian. Once I woke up, though, everything was back to normal.


I've seen warnings that the visions can get out of control. I have to grapple with the fact that I may be facing these more and more, however I still retain a high degree of control over them, especially in regard to my state of mind. Something useful came out of this, however, and I realized the visions gravitate toward shadowy figures merely because I lack the ability to hallucinate white. I should be able to turn a black ceiling into a white one, so I'll work on this in the future. Perhaps one reason we don't have more imposition guides is that those with this power struggle with moral quandaries and hesitate to project their possible vision-associated social dysphoria on others. Thankfully, I find the rainbows I hallucinate constantly extremely soothing.

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3 hours ago, hydrix said:

Dissociating from this is somewhat jarring, and you lose track of which eye you're seeing out of, and there is also a spatial aspect which is hard to describe. I try to imagine it like seeing in the 4th dimension in a way that overlaps the 3 dimensions so that I can switch between the two at will.


This is fixed with practice, lots and lots of practice.


3 hours ago, hydrix said:

I have recently naturally gravitated toward straining my mind


More practice will strengthen the mind's eye muscles 

3 hours ago, hydrix said:

I've seen warnings that the visions can get out of control.


Less practice. Unfortunately this has threatened to happen to me especially after hearing really bad news or horror-like scenes and it becomes a mini-nightmare as my mind explores it. We had to dial back the amount of visualization we actually do because it was getting "too real". This isn't unusual though, it affects people with hyperphantasia sometimes. Idk if it can get serious, I've always been able to shake it off, but intrusive thoughts can stick in memory like a bad nightmare.


3 hours ago, hydrix said:

Perhaps one reason we don't have more imposition guides is that those with this power struggle with moral quandaries and hesitate to project their possible vision-associated social dysphoria on others. 


Unlikely. Most people can't do it without so much practice that it gets tedious to the point of boredom.


For us, it's not hallucinations, but rather memory alteration that gives us great imposition. The events are sometimes indiscernible from real memories and they have the associated 'good feels' of good memories. (I don't impose bad ones.)

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Thanks for the replies! Thankfully no more disturbing visions,  but I'm trying to work on my vibe and overall aesthetic to prevent them from happening again by vibing super hard with my tulpas and being positive. I'm trying to open my solar plexus and be an overall more positive person.

18 hours ago, Bear said:

Unlikely. Most people can't do it without so much practice that it gets tedious to the point of boredom.

Yeah, after giving it some more thought this felt like a vain conclusion on my part! It wasn't until I finally got my arse in gear, quit video games almost completely and started working out and jogging super hard was I able to manage the level of commitment and concentration on a daily basis. Strong body, strong mind is what I've learned. It takes at least 4 hours a day of really concentrated work knowing exactly what feeling I'm invoking while straining myself 120% the entire time just to manage tangible progress.


I'll probably have to work really hard on the spatial aspect at some point, currently it's my weakest skill. While I've been able to upgrade the strength super fast by focusing it, it seems like this method has the drawback of depriving you of spatial control and context until the very end. I'm hoping that the vividness itself will offset my spatial skills at some point.


Better Vividness


Today I really got the sense of how far I am from perfect imposition. I had assumed that I was most of the way there because I was hallucinating vivid rainbows, but after strengthening them today they were about twice as vivid as normal for a while.


I turned off the lights and forced in a dark room since I was having a brief plateau and managed to upgrade my white color to fill my entire vision with a dark white (grey) to the point I couldn't see anything in my dark room. It was somewhat jarring, almost like going blind for a second. My mind kind of latched on to the spatial feeling, and for a second I thought the whiteness was the presence of my tulpa, or that something was inside my eyes. I started to work on the general vividness of the rest of the colors, and noticed that my red color was opaque enough to offset the blackness completely, almost perfectly opaque.


I turned on the lights and hallucinated a magenta D20 for a while and it was pretty stable. It was also the most vivid object I've ever had so far, probably about 90-95% opaque, but with a fuzzy CRT TV effect and the black color was mostly missing.


I feel pretty foolish for trying to work on anything but the vividness of my colors up to this point. I wasn't trying to create any object or increase the detail of the D20, but the vividness of my magenta color alone was enough to give me an almost perfect hallucination. I had been going up to this point thinking that I had near perfect vividness already, but I had no idea they could be as powerful as to make my vision an opaque solid color without specific visualization of an object. I'm guessing my vividness is actually about 20-30% of the way there because of my poor black and white color abilities. It also needs to be bright enough to consistently block out messy, bright scenes, and I need to be able to consistently fill my entire vision with opaque color.

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21 hours ago, Bear said:

For us, it's not hallucinations, but rather memory alteration that gives us great imposition. The events are sometimes indiscernible from real memories and they have the associated 'good feels' of good memories. (I don't impose bad ones.)


I was thinking about this more, so you alter the memory after the fact or during? Seems like a potential skill tree worth investigating further. There may be some powerful implications in self-improvement. I could see you using this to move past personal issues and complexes in many different ways. You could also visually explore hypothetical outcomes in hindsight if your intuition was good enough.


21 hours ago, Bear said:


This is fixed with practice, lots and lots of practice.



How long did it take you to go from hallucinating objects perfectly to imposing them realistically? This remains the most intimidating hurdle, since I'm still only just perfecting my ability to even impose an object on a blank surface, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.


Also, what would you suggest I work on at this phase? :D

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4 hours ago, hydrix said:

so you alter the memory after the fact or during?


During, it's automatic anyway.


4 hours ago, hydrix said:

How long did it take you to go from hallucinating objects perfectly to imposing them realistically?


I never worked on hallucinations or imposition. It's all mindscape and immersion into mindspace. That started out ok say 40% realistic, but exceeds realism at times now 2 and a half years later. I say on average I spent 30 minutes a day on it. Wonderlanding and picturing them. It became second nature and wonderland stayed on 100% after a while.


I don't hallucinate, I have had some experiences, but they're always sporadic, unexpected and mimic exactly what's going on in mindspace, completely ignoring 'material space'.


Others have gone the imposition road, but my mindspace is my happy place, I work in an industrial building and rarely see nature outside of a few contrived trees. Wonderland is beautiful and vast, it's exciting and colorful with a living ecosystem.

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Sorry for the late reply, I'm trying to keep the progress reports meaningful and it's been somewhat slow the past 3 days. 


On 11/29/2020 at 10:25 AM, Bear said:

I never worked on hallucinations or imposition. It's all mindscape and immersion into mindspace. That started out ok say 40% realistic, but exceeds realism at times now


That's awesome, I'm glad to see people that achieve alternate forms of imposition and glad it can be done from visualization alone. I'm glad it has such a good benefit to you. It seems like there are many perks and some we haven't completely understood yet.


Vividness Work

The past few days of forcing has basically been switching between 0%, 5%, 10%, 25% and 100% trying to get past plateaus and working in new settings with different colors. White is better for dark settings, and alternating between light/dark is useful for going from bright to super bright.


I'm constantly trying to hone in on what strenuous feeling I need to exert. I keep gravitating back to impulses sent to the third eye without consciously realizing it. It also feels like when I try to imagine something I am doing basically the same mechanic.


I need to evolve and adapt my strenuous forcing be more mental and less physical. I try to look at it like the combination of fire and water, and briefly meditate on this to ensure I exert my entire strength. Water means the mind, and fire means the body to me. I view earth as my ability to commit.


I may have made a mistake in completely viewing it as a mental game, because physically straining myself still remains a somewhat useful crutch. This caused me to stop trying to concentrate it down to a point, because it seemed too physical. Because I viewed it as a mental game entirely, I had also stopped working with one eye closed, which helps get around plateaus rather usefully. I had also somewhat developed a fear of "squashing" or damaging my third eye, but I don't think this possible, and I'm finding that it's better to go all out and ensure you're giving it 100% by any means. I had also grown a small fear of using the back of the head, but the more I allow myself to strain my entire head the better. Even when I'm just honing in on a mental electrical signal I feel, it's still useful to faux nod my head or twist my trunk like I'm really giving it my all for hours.


My eyes can start to feel pretty watery and tired after hours of open eyed forcing. I've found that antihistamine (allergy relief) is pretty good for this when taken every so often for safety and to prevent tolerance buildup, and has a somewhat useful drowsiness side effect that "numbs" your brain and helps forcing in a useful way, without making you actually sleepy. I usually drink coffee at the same time for focus.




My white color was somewhat hit and miss before and never brighter than a dark grey, but I managed to sustainably cover my entire vision with a soft grey color, which caused me to start visualizing white sheet ghosts. It took a few days, at first I could only see grey blobs or waves. White is pretty easy to confuse with just weird lighting issues or eye cone tiredness, but I managed to hone in on the feeling. At the same time, it made me realize that visualizing red makes my forehead feel warmer than the other colors. It also seems like bright colors in general are jarring when they fill your entire vision. It's hard to describe the feeling of "eye uselessness" when it's just all one bright color despite moving your head around.


I was able to completely block out my vision in 5% light with generic colors after the first day, and 10% on the second day. Today, I managed to completely blink out my LED keyboard's light in around 10% light. My eyes weren't moving. It was pretty interesting to see it blink like that even though I was completely still.


My control over the different colors still isn't very strong. At first it was hard to prevent purple from completely dominating my vision even when working on the other colors, but while working on my green color I managed to get some more control over them. I managed to make half my vision red, half my vision purple. Red and purple by far remain the most vivid, with almost perfect opacity, even in light. However, I can only make it opaque in about a 1ft sq space.



I'll probably keep alternating between different settings, colors while experimenting with optimal head feelings like this for quite a while until every color is 100% opaque.

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Unusual Breakthrough


Today's session began with mixed results and frustrations as I attempted to worked on my white color in the dark and then on my rainbow colors in the light. I'm starting to see glimpses of true white (rather than grey) with every few streaks of it that I attempt to conjure. I attempted to strain myself harder and in different ways to increase the vividness of my green color while in 100% light.


Increasing the bright colors was met with limited success, so I tried to create my opaque magenta D20 and then "transfer" it to another color, in this case yellow. I noticed that creating the D20 caused a headache feeling behind the center corner of my eyebrow depending on which eye I created it out of. I decided to double down on this feeling and was met with a gigantic breakthrough. Nearly every color I created while focusing on this area (behind the corner of the eyebrow) was just about as vivid as my magenta and red colors. 


I think I had been focusing too much on the center of the forehead in a single point. The third eye might actually be two distinct points behind the corner of the eyebrows, or there may be 3 points linked together or something, or maybe even an additional 2  (for a total of 5) behind the eyes themselves. In any case, my other colors are now reliably more vivid but not quite perfectly opaque.


My black color still remains rather elusive, and I can't seem to immediately transfer this breakthrough with the concentration point to invoking it. It seems like white responds better. Maybe black is an entirely different skill unto itself due to it's nature as the pure lack of color itself, but thinking of it as such seems to be counter productive to actually invoking it.


Crackpot INFJ Ramblings


While I was experimenting with straining in different ways I began twisting my trunk while forcing mentally. I randomly noticed the same "electrical signal" in my base chakra that I had felt earlier when I was trying to strain my third eye. It's like an electrical impulse heading to a different area of the body (in this case, up the spine) awaiting you to notice and accept it. With the third eye I felt it going from my eye to the center of my forehead, and "accepting" it made the visions respond favorably. I think this is how you awaken the Kundalini and it has increased my faith that it exists. Basically, you do the same exertions and straining that I am doing except you apply it to the base chakra (actually two points slightly above it I believe). It's clear now to me that physical activity stimulates the chakras, but this leaves many questions as to how intertwined, interchangeable, or convertible these different concepts are. I think this has far grander consequences than as initially appears, but in lack of concrete evidence or observation there's not much to be discussed unfortunately.

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Today's session yielded a surprising amount of progress, the sensations behind the corner of the eye that I discovered earlier were a great target to zero in on, and I increased the brightness of my alternate colors (green, yellow, blue, etc) by quite a bit. For a while they seemed to have about the same level of opaqueness as my magenta/red color. It yet again feels like I could branch off to work on visualization at this point and would probably start seeing fully opaque images, but I'm most likely going to keep on focusing on the canvas until the end.


I began forcing on a black background while in full light, which is something that I initially doubted was possible. This is generally the metric I use for opacity now. The magenta or red D20 I can create is opaque enough to look real on this background, but it's missing the white or black color where the numbers are. I would create the magenta D20, and try to "transfer" it to a different color while zeroing in on the headache feeling behind the corner of my eyebrow while trying to increase the strength of both the color and the sensation. I started to fill up about 30% of my vision with a bright, 70% opaque green. I started to get a strong sensation of the headache "spreading" toward the outside, then circle around my eyes and connect with them. I tried even harder, and for a brief moment it seemed like half my face was all working toward my eyes, almost like some extremely vascular network of chakra. I'm not sure if I should focus on this spreading feeling, but for now I'm just letting it happen naturally. The stronger, more opaque visions consistently invoke about a 1 inch "nerve" above my eyes rather than just the corners now.


For the next few days, I'll keep on trying to increase the opacity until I can achieve 100% vision and opacity with every color.


My tulpa has really been enjoying the opportunity to explore new looks and outfits with the increased vividness and strength. I always struggled with visualization, so this has been extremely rewarding for both of us. We probably made about 20 different looks and outfits in the past few weeks, and she's starting to branch out to different forms a little more.


Music has been extremely helpful. I mostly listen to hardcore or orchestral music that feels motivating while I'm straining myself.

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This update covers the last 3 days. I've put in almost 30 hours of forcing in this period. Progress has been extremely rapid, and I'm motivated by the returns I'm seeing.


I began increasing the opacity on the dark surface in 100% light in my off colors (green, yellow, orange, blue). By the end of the first day I could completely fill the black surface with green opacity.


At this point, I noticed I could lightly impose on messy surfaces. I originally thought this was impossible, but it seems like you need to achieve decent opacity first due to the complexity of light in messy scenes. It's useful to have some degree of visual feedback to know what you're creating, and clean backgrounds are best for that. You need to understand what eye/chakra muscle you're physically using to prevent getting distracted by the underlying objects. Even though I could already impose something like the vividness of a rainbow CD reflection on a simple surface (like a wall) after the first 2-3 weeks, it seems like it simply wasn't dense and bright enough to completely block out objects and to give the necessary visual feedback.


All three days I was working on only one eye at a time. This seems to make it 100% easier due to the decrease in visual surface area and the increased focus that comes from targeting only a specific muscle group. It's almost like doing wrist or bicep curls with dumbbells in a gym. You can definitely do both at a time, but you get more out of it to do one arm at a time.


I also noted that it seems better to work slowly at 100% rather than doing your entire vision starting from 0%. In other words, you fill your vision like a water in a pipe rather than filling a pool. I would create the magenta dice which are 100% opaque, then focus on increasing the strength and size of the vision and the underlying sensation, then "transfer" this to a weaker color like yellow. While I would do this, I kept my mind on the physical sensation the entire time. I would create it in the center of my vision, which would invoke the feeling behind my eyebrow, then increase the strength gradually outward. This allowed me to make a rough map of what areas around my eyes controlled what parts of the physical vision.


I described earlier how I felt the sensations working from the corner of my eye to the outside, then wrapped around. The sensation in the corner feels about as strong as a marble behind my eyebrow. It extends outward toward the outer edge, this part feels about as strong as a mix between a "vein" and a muscle. In the bottom outside corner of my eye, it is about as strong as a twitchy sensation. Finally, it runs along an area above the cheekbone and meets back at the nose, like this:




I think most people could probably weakly recreate this sensation if they tried. Basically, you just try to imagine a small red ball on one of the numbers on the bottom part of the picture, then you should feel a slight itch/tingling/warmth on the top part of the picture.


I've been focusing too much on the third eye, it's clear to me now that there's actually a large area on the face that controls the vision when you're imposing. I think this is why I struggle to fill the bottom 10% of my vision.


Today, I continued to increase these muscles as I imposed on a messy, 100% bright background. It feels like my first experience with true imposition, because now I can create opacity anywhere. I managed to impose an opaque yellow glass "pane" over about a 1 foot area. I started to hallucinate anime eyes and my tulpa's face, and some tropical fish. I can now reliably impose about 50% opacity over my entire vision.


Hell Yes


Honestly, I'm poppin off pretty hard about it. I've stolen fire from the gods. Now I'm content to move to an isolated cabin somewhere without electricity and spelunk the possibilities of imposition. It's extremely entertaining, the visions are beautiful. It seems to work well as a canvas for drawing intuitive deductions as well, and I'm curious how much this overlaps with ESP. It feels like the quark booster from MHA for INFJs. You can also keep track of visual puzzles and solve them easier.


Next Target


I need to gradually work on imposing with both eyes open, getting them to work together at the same time. I need to work on the duration and size in this state until I can impose 100% of my vision with both eyes open. At this point, I can start visualizing with it. Using this for visualization is fairly straightforward, it basically forms automatically going "top down" rather than bottom to top. After this, there's a small degree of realism to work out so that it mixes with the environment like in JD's guide, but this is fairly straightforward.


Thanks to everybody for providing feedback, inquiries and guidance, it's been a massive help!

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