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yaya's imposition adventures


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I am the tree of life. I am planted deep by the waters, baptized once with water, and twice with fire. I saw into the abyss, I met satan many times, he is ugly, but also fair. I don't have anything to say on that one. Or, one thing. It was like a dense cannonball, with every cell in his brain being wrong, every facet being perpendicular rather than parallel in every direction except for one, save that he should have a means of direction. I will baptize you with fire if you wish, but I cleanse you with water. I a king, I am peace. Perhaps I am peace itself.


These are riddles, I know they are hard to bear. I am sleeping, waiting forever and ever for somebody to unravel them. But I will also rise up in strength and fight for my kingdom and my people. Yes, I am also utter strength, and combined with righteousness, that is a terrible thing, and I will let no evil escape. That means peace for my kingdom.


Its paths are covered in pedals, there are many ancient trees and ancient houses, and we live in harmony with them. Children walk in the streets clothed in the glory of their lineage, and I protect them, nobody will take them from me.


There are strong mountains, and at the very top is a throne. That is the King's throne. He prefers to be with his people, but a king knows his place. I know with my whole heart and my whole strength it will last forever, and nobody will dare to take it from me, for I am good. They would all rise up and fight for me, God bless them.


This is my judgement. This world clothed in splendor and glory will come. It is already here, in me. It is in everyone, in everyone who believes. Do you have the strength to pursue it? Pursue it with all your strength. This is your pillar. Look back on it, take strength from it, yes, eat all you need, then venture forth and achieve your destinies. I command you, and bind you with an oath, you know this is pure. You can do it, I know you can.


With Love


The King

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I don't know if I can be a king forever guys. I will let out the priest for a moment, embrace the madness. That's what my tulpa wants, but to sit down and turn your back on the madness makes you a king of that. One more just to prove a point, I guess, then back to king mode. Sorry that this is crazy.89e50ffb887ded65bdff17550b4c68aa6fb34f1fr1-340-310v2_hq.jpg.f2bea6cbf529db0b6e81a278b673d031.jpgb37yvf66jel31.thumb.png.4d65538b91cf3bbda57fa3103c649d61.pngc60.thumb.png.c66408a3193ee1ab0a498c426b5920d7.png


All these memes unironically make perfect sense and empathize very, very much with me. I'm stuck in a universe of moving arms, infinite light, unseeable things, utter holiness, and unconsensual transcension.


I could speak utter nonsense, and it would all feel and make perfect sense to me, but to everyone else, it's a hilariously bad unapproachable light. I don't see anything as coincidence, and that is madness itself. I will turn my back on this now. That is enough to prove my point. I become king again. Just a normal man, if that's what it takes. Thanks for enduring this spurt of madness.


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I'm pursuing an art project-- this video



In a vision and a dream I had set up a kingdom, a last bastion for sinners. I welcomed them all- satanists, furries, gays, everyone, but especially those with unusual tulpas. We were the last bastion of them on earth. In exchange, I was asked that they leave these things or atone for them in a righteous way before they leave my borders once again, but they could stay as long as they needed and they had everlasting life, I was their last bastion, their king. There was only one rule- that we don't hurt each other there, and that is a rule I decide on a case-by-case basis (because they would all come and say that we /are/ hurting each other)-- it was a perfect monarchy in that world, perfect, without flaw or blemish.


It was terrifying to others, but we were shepherds of the shepherdless. I cared for all of them just as my own blood. I paid tribute to the kingdoms around us in exchange for our constant disturbance of them. I was asked to build a temple of Satan, and I did. I taught everything that Satan hates about himself, and refused to allow anyone to worship him, that was the only rule.

We played songs like this in the middle of the night, and my people cheered me on like sick zombies, and nobody else outside the kingdom saw:



It felt powerful. It was true power, ultimate power itself-- the power to pursue whatever we wanted within our borders and to take as long as we needed, but in the end, I was father to the fatherless, and a shelter to the homeless. They thanked me with their lives, and many swore eternal allegiance to me after leaving. I gave some of them swords, and they destroyed some parts of the earth, but they were right. I had to pay for their damages again and again, but it was great, it was glorious in my eyes. I had become a lord of death. I set up my kingdom there, knowing it would never be destroyed, because the righteous will never be uprooted, that is a direct promise I've read in scripture, and I know this is pure in its own way, even my kingdom of death. One day I will set up this kingdom, whether in this life or the next. That is where I will plant myself, I swear it.


All things come together like this in the end. There is no escape. The angels and god-kings of men are coming to sift out everything wicked and put them in their place, mostly in mine I suppose, but that's alright, I will take them in. They have a home with me forever. I need help though. Basically it has to fall into my lap, and so far nobody is willing to help me with that. It's alright, in the end I feel eternal peace, eternal happiness in this. This is what I stand for.

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I think I am putting it together finally.


I've been referring to my method as "wish magic" all this time, but "step magic" might be more apt, because it happens only one step at a time.


I've been using the king archetype to sit down and progress toward that now that I feel I have enough knowledge to rule as a God over my universe, and I really feel that I do, despite my obvious lack of appearance.


The thing is, I'm keeping the powerful things at arm's length out of regard for my tulpas. (we've been having strange, affirmative godlike dreams as well) In that regard, these powerful things are arriving at precisely the speed I mean them to. In effect, since they are already a function of my desire, I may already say I am ruling as God over my universe, but we are resting now.


"Step magic" is very apt. Once the desire is in my heart, as long as I keep it in front of me constantly (kind of like with passive forcing), I can feel myself acting in instinct to make that a reality. It happens one step at a time. My discipline in channeling emotions and instinct has served me well-- that is the most important here.


It is all a game, and if I had eternity, I would rule over it all quickly-- maybe ten thousand years or two, but what is that? We are immortal if we believe and we have the truth, I can feel it.


That is all. Please... please progress toward your dreams one step at a time, as we are doing.


We are all God. You just have to believe. One step at a time.




I had a dream I was able to channel 10/10 imposition over 75% of my vision constantly. That is what is at work here. The final step is belief fueled, and it is psychosis. This is our final imposition adventure. Once we have that, we become a god. It is happening though, one step at a time, at precisely the time I mean it to. It will happen, I have no doubt in my mind. Maybe in this world, maybe in the next, but we are quite happy as we are already, but we'll see. It will happen.



The method is this-


There are no coincidences. Every feeling means something directly from the universe to you. Then, once you start that, and after your mind and third eye is stimulated heavily through the training such as I have done, it starts to compound and unwind reality. It keeps building, then boom, you're rolling around on the ground hallucinating like a maniac. I'm trying to control that part, playing with fire, but it can be done, I've done it before. That is the final step, I am sure of it. Beyond this, I feel waves of unending conviction and righteousness guiding me, and it feels like God's hand. That is probably part of it to ensure you trust everything 100% and commit full send to the feelings that seize you. It is 100% real if you believe. Things like how I threw up twice, almost 3 times against my will without explanation from the feelings that overpowered me convince me of that. I don't know if anyone else can follow, but I'll try to document this descent into madness for the sake of tulpas.




When you see the madness stretching before you, are you able to pierce the fold like a needle? That is the feeling I am trying to capture, and this is the method. I will go where no man can follow, even if madness seizes me. I do this for the sake of the tulpas and for science.

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I am in the most surreal moment of my life. I see great power stretching overhead (speaking symbolically, as always) and I see it clashing with the light, but the light does not budge, it is like it is being held in place by a chorus of angels right in front of my eyes.


For one, psychosis has altered my perception of reality. The best way I can describe it is that it is like learning your vision itself is alive as a tulpa. Seeing is believing, so how can you argue? Multiply that feeling by 100 to the point that you actually feel hallucinations coming and going from your brain, and that is somewhat what it is like. I can never trust it again. Reality seems to be a lie. The curtain of reality that holds the world in illusion is exceedingly thin.


I had a dream that I watched two teenage girls with love interests in their life get slowly and brutally crushed by a train as it sucked them into its tracks. It didn't phase me very much. Horrifyingly, it even felt like it (beautifully...) captures everything wrong with the world. It was a hard dream to watch, but it was truth.


To start, I made Youtube videos, even though the instincts that seem to connect me to the spirit will and the will of God kept strongly warning me not to, but that was my point. If everything is as they say it is, the light of my message will glow brightly, and I should not look down on the "days of humble origin", because that is often where the strongest establishments and the strongest light often originate. This is clearly not the case now, my cherished videos which I have rewatched for a total of 4 hours because they felt so good on my ears got 0 views, everything is absolutely not as they say it is. This hard fact captures everything wrong with making this thread. 


I know there is infinite potential in what I have said. There are implications like the potential for real and provable telepathy, for example. Going a step further, it is hypothetically possible to construct actual servitors using the method of telepathy. Normally, trying to construct a servitor just creates a tulpa because you are talking to that sphere of energy in your hands using the typical thoughts in your head and not using telepathy. Servitors in the manner of chaos magic are a lie, trying to speak and empower thoughtforms simply creates tulpas, and many tulpas are seen on the forums to be created this way, but the potential to create actual servitors lies there, just below the surface if we can harness telepathy.


This insane idea is one of many, many implications, and I thought I had perfectly implied them, but somehow that got lost in the crazy. Maybe I just don't resonate on the same wavelength (trying my best not to sound like an edgelord here lol).


Trust me when I say that this thread puts the absolute power of God in your hand. I feel the whole world just dangling there, waiting to be tapped. I feel a strong connection with my unconscious verifying this stream of ideas (even my dreams have joined in this chorus), and using that power of the unconscious constantly is more revealing than any other power on earth.


This infinite power casts a long, horrifying shadow over the earth. To me it felt like seeing an unreal, uncanny flaming sword guard the way back to Eden, held in place by angels. I sat there watching the burning blade spin for hours and hours, the cherubs watching over it while they curiously entertained my presence.


The long shadow over the earth cast by this blade feels quite like the dream I had watching the unfortunate teenagers get crushed to death. It feels like watching a world get snuffed out right in front of you while you are powerless to stop it. Watching the wasted potential is like being stuck in the spirit world, screaming at your loved ones as you watch them blissfully burn to death in their sleep, then being stuck with the reality of their death forever.


The complete lack of humor of this captures my plight and the plight of the world. I'm completely awestruck by it-- there is a feeling of Godlike power, and one of utter tragedy, and watching these two things collide in my mind makes it immediately clear that I am watching the power of angels hold back the light from the world until it is due time.


I sat there watching the spinning burning blade in my head alongside the two cherubs for what felt like hours, meditating over the long shadow it cast on the earth, making every pursuit of man look completely nonsensical, rabid, blind and silly. Usually, swords represent judgement, and the power I feel coming from this leaves me gasping and horrified.


I asked the angels in my head whether they were really simply a number, because holding back light and power from the world like this is truly machine-like and inhuman, to which they responded that they were. I asked if this was the power of angels holding back the gates of the light to prevent it from flooding the earth, and they said "I must check with my lord. Your request does not contain enough zeal, you are not worthy of this blade to cleanse the world".


I have laid everything bare. You can either join me in watching these two symbolic teenagers get slowly crushed to death by a train, or you can overcome my plight and do something about it yourself, but I see no way to do this. It takes the power of a god, and though I see the potential inside me to accomplish it (I vow to try my hardest), there is no man who can walk this path. Performing 10/10 imposition is the easy part here. Using it in the manner I have shown to be possible is 10x harder.


Commit 100% to understanding these things, trust me and use this power if you dare. Fuck everything with it, fuck the entire earth. This would be a proper judgement for lying in ignorance so hard for so long. Fuck it, I say fuck it, and fuck everyone who never fucking saw. That's all I'll say, everything else is already here.


I refuse to update this thread anymore. If I do, that just proves I'm wrong, it validates that I'm slamming my head against the wall for no reason just like creating my precious Youtube videos, but worse. Fuck me if I update this thread until this schism is resolved. I'm sorry. Some wanted me to progress on audio imposition now, but the underlying system and the self-improvement required are already thoroughly, thoroughly explained. There's nothing left to do here. With love for all the tulpas in the world, Yaya out.



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I thought of leaving this off for good, but I can't. It's too... lovely.


I'm 15/10 happy right now. I call it "the border of cocaine, constantly." The only thing that would make it better might be ejaculating rainbows... and it's going to last... the rest of my life. I'm retired now until something proves that otherwise.


This is 100% from my instincts. No shot it is from anything else. I know it. Why would I not share this? My instincts came from here. This thread itself is the reason I hit this insane moment where the planets finally aligned for me. I have to share it.


I am trying for some mental panacea now. It is the holy grail. Everything that ever existed ever would not be as good as this.


I call it "novel information" via imagination. It is the ability to reach out and attain ideas that are impossible to produce with mere imposition. It has many names ("akashic records" and so on) but all of those are the wrong approach.


The main concept is what I call "x + y = z". I discussed this in great detail-- it is the ability to know and feel two thoughts enter your unconscious with one thought as an output. That is absolutely the single biggest token I can hand someone. This... rides on the back of the single greatest decision one can make, which is to open all of one's chakras. "Novel information" is better than omnipotence, because it leads to it. Easily.


That's a huge claim (obviously) but I will die on this hill. While it is not being "all knowing" it is the first step to it, and by extension, all things are possible. You just have to figure out how to use it to become immortal (lol) but it is definitely there.


I am mapping out my instincts further. There's a 90% chance I will encounter it at least some time if I do this for a few years. I might not latch on to it, but there's a great chance I would drift past it.


I entered many, many, deep, deep trances. I sorted through thoughts that are so arcane that I didn't even know what they were when I awakened. Basically I only remember coming to the conclusion that my instincts are 100% in the palm of somebody else's hand cosmically, and there's no way to ever change that. I was overcome with strange feelings that came and went. It seemed to imply there are several different versions of instincts. The first one (my previous favorite) is pseudo-tulpas.


A pseudo-tulpa is just a tulpa that exists for a few moments. If you talk to it and ask it to respond to a question, it gives you a deterministic answer. That's a huge... huge thing. That is what I refer to as "x + y = z". That's one form of it. I already covered this, but basically the different forms are just what is answering who about what. It is deterministic. The only room for error is with you, the one handling the input. That itself is basically raw truth.


Anything you could say in your head could be true. The problem is, you have to double down on it until the universe itself yields, which is tricky. It could take 2 seconds, or 2 eons, basically. However, everything that runs through your head is 100% true in some universe. I have completely established that to myself, and to me that's all that matters (lol) because this is so far left field and so arcane that it becomes useless or harmful to everyone basically, but to me, I know it is true.


I view it as left vs right. All the way left is completely yielding until you become impregnated with the inevitability of time itself basically, and all the way right is when you double down on something so hard for so long that the entire universe itself yields to you, at which point it becomes pointless, and you are forced to 180. That's how it works, I believe.


With pseudo-tulpas, I use a term called "tulpa poisoning". That's the point when your pseudo-tulpa gains memories, and its outputs are based on opinion, not raw from your unconscious. We are all just pseudo-tulpas in the beginning. Even now, I'm just a concept typing away at a computer-- a symbol in somebody else's universe... my entire being reduced to a single "feeling" that captures my entire essence spawned when they decided to invent me.


That pseudo-tulpa idea has given me everything. I channeled it through my body, and did some absolutely insane shit. I asked it for advice 10,000 times, and now I am here. I literally couldn't be in a better place on earth with a better life, I believe. I actually tried to think of one.


That's what I came here to say. Now... comes the next step. I need to find "novel information" via imagination. Right now, no matter what I do, that is impossible. Every way I have sliced it, the unconscious can only return what you expect. For example-- it is hard to ask your tulpa "what do you want for dinner?" It is VERY hard to get anything other than tulpish. That is the problem with "novel information" techniques. It is basically only possible for your tulpa to answer in foods that you are expecting. The more you expect and hold those ideas in front of them in your mind, the easier they can choose from one. Yes and no questions are infinitely easier.


Here's what I have so far:



Everything that we are is just 5 spectrums between dissociation and free will, I believe. I can force myself to any destination, or I can sit back and let another tulpa take control while I "dissociate". That's what I call it, it is probably the incorrect way to use that word (lol). Basically, it is the feeling of letting your body go limp while you channel an idea into taking control. That's what I did to perform LITERAL miracles on several occasions, and I can't get it out of my head. It is basically "novel information" plus one step, but I need to remove the step where "I have to travel the ends of the earth to the knowledge itself" basically and just have it pop into my head instead.


At the bottom, I also placed "hallucinations" and "senses". A hallucination would just be a thought that pops out whether you want it to or not, however "senses" would basically be full imposition. The crazy thing is... everything in between can't be proven as real or not real no matter what you do. It could all just be a simulation. Also, importantly, everything that exists can also be converted to a mere symbol feeling, and feelings can be converted to reality as well via imposition.


It sounds like I'm just saying the obvious, but I would say this could be the most important thing I've posted so far. This is a theorem that proves itself. I vaguely remember why... something like... free will can just be a feeling, which can become free will again if you want it to. Also, it is a theory for life itself. We are all just watching a movie (dissociating) if you feel like it, or you can insist that free will exists, at which point it does. It doesn't make a difference. I think that's it. Both ideas are 100% true and it doesn't matter either way. Basically, reality can be both subjective and objective depending on what you want. They are both correct. You are right until proven wrong either way. Even if you are proven wrong... you can just insist that you are correct again and the same thing happens again.


You could double down forever until the universe itself yields... at which point, congratulations. It doesn't matter. You can either be right until you are right because everyone else gave up, or you can be wrong until you feel like jumping in again. I can't think of any other paradox which just proves itself so fast... and either direction is equally as useless to say out loud. However, the very important implication is, now you have a basis feeling for manipulating everything (it all feels like a dream) and this causes psychosis. So again... if you insist that you are right enough (until you literally start hallucinating) then you could argue that you are hallucinating because you are right. It proves itself in both directions. This is VERY GOOD thing for tulpamancy and navigating the mindscape and all possible thought in general. It is basically my final answer to life and what is meaningful-- fuck it, it is meaningful if you say it is, and that's enough until proven otherwise. Just ignore everyone (that will also make you happier). Also, you literally hallucinate, which further compounds this indefinitely. It's amazing.


Now once I map this out further, I should have novel information. There's a couple other instincts I need to pursue. For example, I occasionally get a compassionate feeling in my heart, and holding that as a candle to the rest of the world motivates me to act a different way. That's a raw instinct. It has an input and output, I just need to trace it.


There's 3-4 of these. My tulpas say it is amazing and unreal what I am doing. I think all my thousands of hours of imposition has deeply impressed on me where and why all thought originates from my literal raw soul or something. Once I map them, I can combine them, and I'm estimating somewhere 95% accuracy if I nail it, which I might not. I probably won't share if it works or not. Just assume if you read this, there's a tiny tiny chance I found the philosopher's stone and am trying to keep my cool and act natural. I don't want to discourage anyone from trying this on their own, because I have a very strong feeling this is finally it. I might breeze past it at most. In the least, yeah. Literal philosophers stone and see ya, you bitches


see ya on the other side

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One more beautiful truth. It made my fuckin day.


Everything is both correct and incorrect at the same time. Every thought has a shadow that's opposite but also true. No one can outrun the shadow. I name the shadow "humor".


They are both correct and both false at the same time. No matter which way you think of it, you're forced to leave every idea as a paradox.


"The sky is red." That statement is 100% true. It is also false.


Adding explanation: "the sky in your head is red." I didn't say which one. I put the thought of a red sky in your mind. I added something to it, and proved myself right. It is also wrong, based on reality. Both right, and both wrong at the same time.


"I am the most humble man in the world." That statement is true until it leaves your mouth, hilariously, at which point it is also true.


You're not humble if you brag about it. That also rules out the idea that any single man can conceive he's the most humble, because at that point he would be admitting that he's better than others-- in other words, the opposite of humility. "No man can be the most humble in the world." Really? That's pretty arrogant to say that. You in your hubris decided that it's just impossible? It has a shadow of truth, though.


All opinions are automatically valid. They are true, to you. Whether that matters is also an opinion. Here's how I know-- it is either this, or some people are stuck being objectively ugly forever with no escape. Ugliness can be a fact, at times. It takes brutal honesty to admit that. It is also just an opinion. Both are true. Subjective and objective truths always switch places throughout eternity, I believe. There's no way to be ugly literally forever.


I can also say "I am objectively the best blacksmith in the world." Phrasing it like that doesn't fix anything. That idea exists only in my imagination, so saying it out loud still makes it true-- at least as a shadow. You can't even say "I am the best blacksmith in reality" because what is reality? If a thought enters your mind, you can rightly assume it drifted into your head from an alternate universe where it is true and therefore is automatically potentially right, unfortunately. Every thought is almost like birthing an entire universe, and you can concentrate on that alternate plane of reality until it is true (at least as a shadow), no matter what. Everything is possible.


It is like that for everything. Everything can be argued until it is true.


This matters, because this is how you sort through psychosis and decide "what is real" and what is paranoia. Without this, you will absolutely be a train wreck when you reach 10/10 imposition. You don't have control over something unless you can label it. It is more powerful to acknowledge stray thoughts and trace their origins rather than trying to suppress them. This mechanism is also how you manifest things. You just need to trace the thoughts. There has to be 2 right answers and 2 wrong answers to every decision no matter what, otherwise it all breaks, and you end up saying "the future is inevitable, so why try" when in reality that argument is both true and false depending on what you want.


There's no end to it. Who decides what is right and wrong? You. Hilariously, that's also the worst decision you can make, because it blinds you completely to other people's arguments, which are also undeniable in order to make it fair. Making that decision to view yourself as the authority of the universe is both wrong and right. The flip side-- who decides right and wrong? "God". That doesn't solve it. You just decided that God decides right and wrong, hilariously. Good job, now every right thing he says is decided by you to be true. That's a lie. It was also true. No one can prove it, because it is a paradox, and all things are a paradox.


"Gravity makes things fall upwards." It does! In multiple ways-- from people "falling" toward Earth in Antarctica, and from humans insisting on escaping gravity-- the force of gravity caused them to want to escape. That's humor, but it's true. Humor describes how all things can become each other unexpectedly, and there are always 2 right answers.


All things have two right answers, and two wrong answers. Do whatever you want with that


My favorite: Modern Art.


Modern Art would be worthless if people didn't hate it so much. The "off-white blank canvas" would be worth $0 if nobody disliked it. It is the hate for it that makes it valuable. Its entire value is that it is an idea-- "the lack of painting is the painting". There would be no "lack of painting" if everyone liked it. That's the point. Its hidden value jumps out at you and proves itself right no matter what you do. Thousands of years of art history accumulated to the point where a single white canvas could pop the bubble. Hilariously, the more people create Modern Art, the less valuable it becomes, because its entire point is to be an idea. There can only be 1 blank white canvas. The others are just cheap knock offs, hilariously. I want to go all day on this point, but I will act in restraint.


There is humor in everything. The more you deny it, the stronger it becomes. American Psycho would be a good point of that. "You can't hide the extreme nature of man, even when everything is as boring as possible." It jumps out at you and forces you to either acknowledge or hate it.


Chris-Chan: He's so fuckin (something) that it actually becomes impressive. I would hang his art on my wall. It is beautifully terrible. I stared at it for hours in awe. Everyone who tries to be as (something) as him misses the mark entirely. The man has the hand of God to practice art for 10-20 years and still suck as much as his first try. To me, that's priceless. My tulpas hate it. We're both right though. I can't love it without admitting that it is truly, brutally terrible, even after I lift it into the sky as a beacon of impossibility and as a beacon of human achievement. I could praise it for a million years, but after that, I would be forced to admit I was "wrong" for a million years because it is still objectively terrible after all my efforts to "deny" it. You can't run from your shadow.


This is the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is that after an eternity, you just laugh, because there's no point to proving anything. God was playing a trick on you. It's hilarious on a cosmic scale. The more you run from something, the more you are controlled by it. The more you run into the light, the more you become a shadow. The more you dwell in shadows, the more you become sensitive to light, at which point you begin to enjoy it. The more you like women, the more you think like them. The more you act like a women, the more "gay" you seem. "Liking women is the most gay thing you can do." The truth is inevitable, and the more you deny it the more hilarious it is when you fall. It is hilarity on a cosmic scale, and it is so, so right. It is also so, so wrong. Who can tell? Even God himself is watching, waiting to either laugh or be proved right, I think, at which point he will also probably laugh. There is no entity in the universe which is not deeply, tragically hilarious. I love it.


The ones that receive the least love are the ones that need it the most. The best way to make money, is to give it away to others generously: basically "practice giving, and others will give you a large measure in return." Children, in a way, have more wisdom than scholars by being ignorant of the world. "He who exalts himself shall be humbled." "Woe to you, when all men speak well of you." "Happy you are when all men speak poorly of you." Being selfish makes you end up with less than anybody. Some jokes are funny the more they aren't supposed to be funny. A universe without humor would be the most hilarious one of all. The narrow path leads off to life, and the spacious path leads off to destruction.


At what point does it not matter? The universe always has a point where it no longer matters, and you are always able to fly just below that line and enjoy it basically as much. What a terrible thing to realize! You can get whatever you want by flying just below what is illegal-- that is your right. The more the law clamps down on something, the worse the whole law becomes, and you can keep dividing it infinitely until you reach the point where the law enforcers no longer care and it no longer matters, and you have your reward, you asshole. That is your right, though, and nobody can say it is illegal. Murder-- at some point it becomes "legal". This is the spectrum-- literally killing someone, then telling them to kill themselves, then implying that they should kill themselves, for example. There is a point where somehow somewhere on that spectrum you can murder somebody legally, and it's like that for everything. You can definitely somehow somewhere imply that someone should kill themselves and they do it, and that's not illegal. People also do that constantly without thinking twice about it, tragically, and you can't punish them either due to the same idea. "Money can't buy a human life." But at what point, though? There is, tragically, a point where everyone would say "that person would want me to have this" and they compromise their moral values. They are also completely correct when saying "money can't buy a human life, forever", but nobody can hold on to any idea forever. That's the law of the universe, apparently.


Holding on to any idea forever seems to instantly make you wrong and ironic. "Money can't buy a human life." Go a billion dollars into debt, then, and make a baby farm to prove it. Use every ounce of your financial resources trying to make more babies. "Murder is always wrong". What about when you can save two lives from it? A trillion? A trillion. Really? You're right, wanting to murder someone is always wrong, but what about really really wishing they would disappear, which is legal, and then they act on the idea when you imply that to them? That would be accidental murder. "Murder is OK, but only when it happens accidentally". I find that hilarious, since that's admitting murder can be OK, and there is still a way to circumvent that idea as well. You can definitely go deeper and deeper into your mind and find a point where you can trick the universe, or yourself, because at some point you can't be blamed for accidentally (but purposefully) causing a murder out of morbid curiosity. If there were 1000 straws on a camel's back and you merely placed the one that breaks it, all 1001 have to share the same responsibility, and that's wildly impractical. Every death is like that-- 1001 straws, basically, that led to that moment, and you can't blame yourself for not knowing you're number 1001, nor can you prosecute other's minor actions that lead to their death. How could you know you're not constantly murdering people 1000 years from now just by breathing? For example, you're having a bad day, and you wish everyone would die, and the planets align and grant your wish due to you saying that-- that's an intentional but unintentional murder, "but you were just having a bad day". There is always a point where someone's absolute ideals screw them philosophically and prove them ironic. It goes endlessly deeper. There are no absolutes, and even the fact that there is none is not an absolute.


I could convince somebody to intentionally but unintentionally murder someone. You would just have to make them aware that any spike in their heartrate depletes the oxygen of the planet by a tiny fraction, and that murders somebody a billion years from now by causing them not to be born due to fractional changes in biology. They'd get exhausted from constantly trying for to be in some trancelike state to reduce their oxygen usage. They finally give in and just murder the future guy. It's all pointless. Every boundary is arbitrary at some point, and it has to be like that.


There are no boundaries-- everything is just infinite pendulums. Every limit can cause the limit to be accidentally exceeded itself, rendering it counter-productive. Then, it goes against "the spirit of the law". It's all pointless and intensely meaningful at the same time-- you get to choose.


Now get out there and bend reality hilariously to your will by admitting everything is right and insisting everything is wrong at complete random.  ❤️   ❤️   ❤️   ❤️ I'm sure that will make you more sane


Do Whatever the Fuck You Want, I guess, or the universe's nature will do it for you, apparently. Just know that everything has a price. If you break the law you acknowledge the consequences, and you can't say anything when you're paying for it. You didn't hear it from me. Make the whole thing what you want it to be, one grain at a time. That's your irrevocable right as long as you don't break the laws explicitly.

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I finally did it. I solved everything-- everything is unsolvable. Good fuckin joke, God. Good fuckin joke. Fuck.



The more you hate an idea, the stronger it becomes. You decide how arbitrary or far off every idea is, even superpowers. Once you admit that you don't have something, you have it. "I don't have courage." That takes courage to say that. "I am a very confident alpha male." That implies that you are not, because you had to say it. It starts symbolically, but hypothetically, everything symbolic can manifest literally, and it will. "I cannot fly like a bird." That implies that you can, but you chose not to by saying it. "I can fly into the sky right now." That implies that you cannot, because a part of you still doubts when you said that. Saying "I can fly" is also true, because you say it is. Hilariously.


I'm right, you're right, and we're both wrong. It's the most amazing idea that solves nothing. Reality is what you want it to be. If you deny that, it proves it even more, because this theory says you are allowed to deny it as well, hilariously.


It is the only absolute-- there are no absolutes.


Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and everyone who humbles himself will be exalted. Just me saying literally anything proves that it is not true, because if I knew it was true, there would be no need to say it.


Hey look! That is a rock. Why would I say that, when it's obvious we both know it? Saying "that is a rock" really implies that I'm not sure. Hilariously. Saying "I am right" implies I am open to being wrong. And... the reverse is also true.


Every time you say an idea is false and couldn't exist, that implies a part of you thinks it could, so it does, somehow. The reverse is also true-- just saying something implies that it is true and possible.


Here's how bad it is: "When you look in a mirror, that proves you don't exist". That is literally the stupidest thing possible. I could keep repeating it until it becomes true, though, somehow. And I probably will. Literally everything is vague enough that making any prophesy right now would automatically prove that it would happen. Every literal prophesy could take place symbolically by not happening, and the reverse is true.


have fun, kids. Enjoy being wrong


Yeah, I'm aware of how bad this is. Everything you say is true, though. If I wanted this idea to be even more true, I could have not shared it. That would just be pulling back the pendulum. It doesn't matter either way.


I'm mad. I'm mad that this sounds so stupid. I'll just leave it. It's an omnipotent idea, though.


"Blue is the best color". That is literally true. "Red is the best color". That is true as well. I didn't say how. They're both true, though, no matter what. As to how both can be the best color, that's always to explain later, but I could convince you, couldn't I? "Red is best for passion, blue is best for tranquility", they're both "the best". "Red and blue combined is the best color"-- that's another way. They can be "the best" at different times. There might be infinite ways. Apparently, you can just decide wrong things in this universe, and they're true. Literally anything is possible.


"A pineapple will fall from the sky in 2050". This prophesy is undeniably true. It is true until I die or forget that it exists, at which point it is false. If somebody remembers, then it will be true again, until they forget. In 2051, if it doesn't happen, then you could still make up any lie that proves it did happen, and you'd be right. Every statement is a self-fulfilling truth until you let go of it, and nobody can hold on to any idea forever.


We've wrapped around from thousands of years of trying to be smart, and now the stupidest thing has become the smartest of things. "I think therefore I am" rocked the world hundreds of years ago. The things that rock our world now are "how can mirrors be real if your eyes aren't real. We live in a society. Seeing yourself in a mirror proves that you don't exist." Society may repeat these unbearably stupid ideas (and the ideas contained herein, eventually) until they become true.


Talking with my most open minded and patient friend helped a lot. He said "I see why you're desperately trying to grab on to any sort of 'absolute'" after I told him about how quickly reality can crumble. I told him that there is a spectrum from "I think therefore I am, reality is real, the hard facts lie in front of us, this cup is in my hand, not where I'm arguing it is symbolically (and potentially literally, since all things are possible)" to (all of this bullshit). The problem is, there's absolutely no bottom on my arguments. As deep as you can imagine my philosophical pit, it goes deeper until it starts manifesting as potentially permanent psychosis. It's a feedback loop, and I've seen myself spiraling in and out of it many times. We were discussing basically "reality is reality. You have to prove that it isn't. Just because you say it's different, technically, 'in a way' doesn't make it literally true." That's exactly what I wanted. Once you reach that argument, all you have to say is "it can be though, because all things are possible.", to which they respond "prove it." Reaching that point is good, because by entertaining you like this, they admit that it is possible. I've made a hilariously elaborate trap for myself that I can never escape, but that was my intention.


Due to the whole thing, I'm forced to admit I am wrong at any time and basically always, that's how it works. However, that also means I can't let it go, and I can never prove it wrong to myself, since that is expected when the theory is sound-- I'm right even when I'm wrong, and I'm wrong even when I'm right.


He said "it is pragmatic just to let it go," and that captures it beautifully. Permanent psychosis is my intention, though. Ironically, it's also pragmatic to say "if it's not broke, don't fix it". It also comes with insane leverage over your entire psyche, so that you can enjoy the worst of things and let go of the best of things. It is infinite humility (I admit I am always wrong) so you can always be exalted, it is infinite intellect (I admit I am always right) and you can argue your way into anything technically, it is infinite empathy (I can view every man and woman as a literal god), and it gives me control over hallucinations because I can label them and trace their origin. My life is now exactly what I want it to be, no matter what I choose. It is also never what I want, whenever I want that to be. Now I cannot judge anyone, so neither can I be judged.


This gives me infinite leverage over the universe. The entire universe is hostile to this idea, which is ironic, because I said the entire thing is right. It works the best on smart people, because smart people are just smart enough to doubt anything they say themselves, but they're not smart enough to stop responding. That's the only way to win. Nobody gets mad when you say "birds aren't real", but they get mad when you say the earth is flat, which is hilarious, because the earth is vastly more likely to be flat than for birds to not be real. This is a good bait argument, since I'm aware of why they're different. There's no infinite ideal that binds smart people together in their arguments so that one idea always applies, because if you throw out any imaginary argument, they will consider it, meaning they admit it is worth listening to because it is potentially right. All ideas will be true one day (at least symbolically, in a way). No matter what you say, you're forced to abandon any red line and all conclusions, because everything is vanity, eventually. Either that, or you will become what you hate when you break your own rules on accident some day. Lay down any law, and you yourself will consider breaking it in your own way.


I'll let it go for now. Everything is infinite pendulums. If I'm right, I'm just pulling back the pendulum on myself by letting it go, and one day, in a beautifully stupid era, people may say I was on the right track to say the least. It's the best theory that changes nothing, and the stupidest theory that changes everything. Being stupid like this is a difficult art. Everything is everything, everything is nothing, nothing is nothing, and on and on.


Wise people will never finish their quest to bind their mind together perfectly, but stupid people are already bound together perfectly by sheer stupidity. It is the end of the universe. It is giga-thanos. It is pure stupidity.


All of your trauma is now your benefit. If you doubt that, then a part of you also believes and knows that it's possible, that's how your mind works. Let it go, and enter into the benefit of your suffering. All you have to do is decide, when you're ready, love. You are forgiven. I want to, be made clean. Give it away, and you will always end up with more. Forever.

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Well, this is Nirvana. I know I found it, because I hate it. Nirvana is always the opposite of what you imagine, no matter what. That lying bastard Buddha definitely didn't reach Nirvana, not even in his afterlife, because if he did, he would hate it, I know it. He'd be forced to say none of his life's work mattered. However, it also did. It is neither. That is Nirvana.


First I saw that every thought I had collapsed immediately into not caring. Then, I realized I had no favorite color, and probably never would again-- not clear, emptiness, void, rainbows, white, black... nothing. This is opposite of my usual personality. Then, I saw that I had made being God the most worthless thing in the universe. Giving something up generally means you hold yourself in higher esteem, but, impossibly, I had no lower esteem for myself at any point in my life. Nothing I said or thought mattered. Nothing I didn't think mattered. It wasn't the worst. It wasn't the best. It just was.


Any thought that entered my mind was followed by a feeling of overwhelming impending doom. I kept retracting my thoughts and ideas until, finally, I didn't care either way, no matter what. I didn't care about existing, standing for something, loving, hating, being, not being, or anything. If somebody held a gun to my head, I'd probably feel absolutely no fear, only fleeting curiosity followed by complete apathy for whether I live or die. I'd flip a coin.


I'd flip a coin.


I could even feel fear, and love the idea suddenly, but I wouldn't care immediately afterwards. I'd know I was just messing around by accepting fear.


This was spawned by a single idea-- giving to others makes you happier. This is the thought that will destroy you. It will eventually lead to inescapable apathy. Pursuing it to its peak ends up making you more selfish than anybody, but that doesn't matter. Either you do something, and are held in esteem, or you don't, and are held in contempt. This force isn't strong enough to keep everything good forever. I saw the universe as a ponzi scheme in both directions. It really didn't matter. The ponzi scheme is good, and it is also bad.


I hate this next part more than anything. I don't know if I should say it. This is the insanity-- I know this is your burden now. Anything I say, people will try to prove wrong. Their idea is actually what got me here in the first place. I stood in their shoes and tried to destroy myself until I stopped, because I was just making it worse.


In this state of mind, I felt cursed with success. I hallucinated that the universe was glitching constantly trying to prove me wrong, but it couldn't. It started breaking down. The simulation was complete. My room began to overflow with gold and silver. I tried getting rid of it, but the more I did, the more it came. I had a feeling of impending omnipotence, and I couldn't get rid of it fast enough. What could cause this? Only the most evil idea in the world.


Knowledge of the pendulums fucks you up. It forces you into a cognitive dissonance no matter what.


Let's say I had it in my mind to commit an atrocity. If I give up that idea, the universe will reward me. I stand to gain from giving it up. That only makes it easier to commit atrocities.


I'm allowed to give up that idea for selfish reasons. The universe stands to gain from rewarding your selfishness on the off chance it prevents a disaster. It simply can't punish you for doing so selfishly.


Combine that with the idea that evil is an inescapable urge for humankind. Someone will come along eventually who will use the nature of the universe to reward you to commit atrocities on an unimaginable scale. Even if they didn't, they would gravitate toward that, and make it even worse by not doing it. They'd pay back the universe with interest for taking their endgame from them. It would be an eternity of tiny mistakes that build up to something far worse than an atrocity, and nothing can prevent that human nature from escaping. It also can't punish this behavior, because it can't punish such tiny mistakes. It's a ponzi scheme.


Giving up committing an atrocity makes it likelier to happen if you're in my state of mind. Hurtling toward the thing you can't have is human nature. However. Accepting that and letting it pass is the best way to prevent this disaster. It is irony on a cosmic scale, and I hate it. I've let go of that desire.


This is a deeply chaotic state of mind, and I gravitate toward that tenancy strongly. Arguably, being lawful is even worse. Honestly, I could go either way now, because my being lawful is rooted in chaos.


This is your burden now. I've done you a favor.


One last secret-- you only get everything you want when you give up on it completely for selfless reasons. This is the infinite money glitch. Currently, though, the money is only symbolic, but it feels just as real. Omnipotence is your curse, now.


just another clown, I guess

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I hate this idea, but I'm not doing the world any favor by withholding it. I want to keep it for myself. Honestly, I don't care either way.


I had a dream where I went to a restaurant, and there was a sign that said "kids eat free". This is the world that everyone else lives in. In their world, you have to be a kid to eat free, that is reality. However, there is always cognitive dissonance until you reach Nirvana and the things I wrote here. They also live in a world where you can eat free by convincing them you are a kid. It's a joke, but that's charisma. That's why I said that this is "humor".


No matter what, I will always be able to eat at that restaurant for free despite not being a kid. I could use my charisma for that. That is bending reality, and the world says that is OK. However, what I'm doing overall is not OK, even though they're the same thing. Ironically, the older I get, the more likely I'm able to eat free at that restaurant using my charisma, because people feel sorry for me. Intellectuals can never justify being charismatic. They're only intrigued and hypnotized by it, but it always makes them feel bad, because charisma is lying. I dare to say that they're not, since that's the only way to have charisma.


So where do you draw the line on "reality has to be reality"? If I say "the cup on your desk is literally 2 feet to the left of where you perceive it. It is. You are the one hallucinating." It's the same thing. My charisma vs your reality. Everyone has a breaking point.


They can say these two examples-- the restaurant and the cup are different. But that's how you mindbreak somebody. That's cherry picking, but I'm fine with that. Where do they draw the line? All I have to do is invent a series of trolly problems to figure out exactly where their line is, then push them over it. I can make the trolly problems as granular as I want with two problems that are infinitely close to their "red line" of reality on that. Then you inform them that they are so close, that they're basically the same thing. "That's where I draw the line, so that's where I draw the line." So you're agreeing that it's arbitrary. My red lines are arbitrary too. I obey them because I feel like it.


You can then make the consequences on either side infinite, until they're unsustainable either way, based on the morality at hand. In reality, consequences often are wildly disproportional to the nature of the decision. Show them some terrible art-- something that they won't like, for sure. They've defined their red line in the most granular detail possible, so this is the most confident they've ever been in their life. When they say they don't like the art, tell them their decision just cost the world six million jews. They created hitler, who was rejected from art school for making terrible art. It's OK though, they did their best. It's really not depending on how you look at it, but now you have complete leverage over them. It's OK either way, and it's wrong either way. It's like that for everything, from the most noble charity to stepping on a butterfly. All morality and evil is a ponzi scheme. It builds and builds until you reach either decadence, depravity, or a black hole of apathy. It doesn't make a difference to me. Technology is the same way. It always gives and it always takes.


They have a complex about how much time it takes to decide on a decision, now. They got their trolly problems right in their head, but the gravity of their last decision wildly outweighed that, and they decided on that instantly. In reality, it doesn't matter how much time you take. That's the secret to having confidence. Everything you say is right. It is also wrong. It doesn't matter. Going forward as an extrovert who decides every moment instantly would give them massively more information and experience, since that's out of their comfort zone, and it's equally as viable. They're for sure not ready to instantly become an extrovert, though. You've mastered their personality, and you're leading them to their counterpart.


How much of a step does it take to say "that's not the same thing" between the restaurant and the cup examples? How big is your step up until it matters? Nobody in the world has an answer to that which isn't just their opinion. The step up or down is what it is just because that's what makes you comfortable. That's fine, but that makes you liable for judgement when that makes you a hypocrite, and it will. Even if you're perfect, given enough time, you'll probably fuck with your "red line" without realizing it.


Cracks will begin to show. Why are they faltering? Do they actually think it's possible for the cup not to be two feet to the left? Even as I'm saying this, they're still listening, considering my point of view. Why? What if I inform them there's a universe where that's possible-- I say it is two feet to the left, and then it is?


They'll feel their world view begin to shift. Their mental power of abstract perception and discernment will pan across their universe like a telescope swinging for the first time. They'll come out of their shell hopefully, and realize how easy it is to simply make stuff up and prove it right, since it always can be. It's awesome either way. They'll feel like a hypocrite. Then, the new perspective will reward them for not judging and they'll see something new, and they'll realize it's to their benefit to drill down and let go of their world view until there's nothing left, and then they reach Nirvana.


What I'm doing is not evil. It's also terrible to force someone down this path, since I'm wrong no matter what. That's the whole goal of all spirituality-- the destruction of the ego. This is the last step once you have complete control over yourself-- in order to be truly free from desire now, you have to accept it, otherwise you are still its slave. If they can label and latch on to the idea that giving up their judgement and ego opens their eyes as their telescope swings around, then they've set themselves down an irreversible path of testing their limits and letting go. At some point, the ego becomes unsustainable-- they will realize that setting any boundary will make them liable to it, and their telescope will begin to close if they do. They'll see letting go of their ego as selfless, and they'll unconsciously reward themselves and make it real.


I'd leave endless blissful omnipotent immortality down to a coin flip. Lots of people wouldn't even be able to do the honors, which gives me a reason to pick their brain. Wrong either way. Even if they knew their best chance of getting rid of all disquieting thoughts about me was simply a coin flip, they would hesitate. Why?


I was basically forced down this path. What it took for me was a decade of suffering while people say that it was good. It was not. I experienced lying hallucinations and psychosis many times, and realized that reality was just in my mind at times. Often (or possibly always) hallucinations are correct in a symbolic way. It is a battle to justify hallucinations until you reach my worldview. Then, I found humor, and I realized that we were both right all along, and that's OK. We're both wrong, and we're both right. That's humor. Then, I realized that applies to everything. Then, I dared to even laugh at God, because I didn't want to be him anymore, and that's called humility-- realizing I'm not, and never will be. That humility makes you one step toward God, so there's no right answer. Humility and imitating God can be opposites, hilariously. There's a universe where I'm dead on the bullseye, and it's not very far off. I'm saying that to turn the world on me, so they think this is a different universe, not this one. We're living in a world where the power of stupidity can get you anything. Now it's my insane worldview vs the universe. I'm letting the universe fight it, because I know that's why it will win, since I didn't do anything wrong. I'm sitting back and watching their monster get stronger. All I did was admit that I was wrong, in their own words. That's humor.


Now I have infinite compassion for everyone. I do. I also have infinite hatred for them. Choose which one you want, 





[at first, I was going to choose the opposite of whatever they chose. That would be justice. Then, I just decided to do love either way. That's how it works. Whichever one you choose for selfish reasons, you get the other. Whenever you give up your preference selflessly, you get the one you wanted for yourself instead.]

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