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yaya's imposition adventures

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(edit) it seems they changed the forum background, so now you can't see the white numbers on the below images unless you click on the pictures.



The last 2 days I continued to improve the strength and detail in messy scenes with my off colors in 100% light.


The outer corners (4 5 6) of my eyes have grown in strength and now almost feel about as strong as the "marble behind your eyebrow" feeling, maybe about 70% there. The bottom corners (8 9 10) are starting to feel more like a vein or muscle rather than a small twitch/itch.


The first day I entirely spent one eye open at a time, improving the strength of the sensation and the strength of the vision simultaneously as I described, although this time I actually focused on "spreading" the strength starting at the strongest point (1 2 3) and going around to the weakest (8 9 10). I focused on imposing the outside corners and the bottom of my vision which relies on the 6-13 part. I'm slowly increasing the amount of muscles I use at a single time, building up to using all 1-16 muscles.


I should also note that 14-16 is technically the rightmost part of your left eye, and the leftmost part of your right eye. 14-16 seems to be somewhat shared between both of them, an to that extent it isn't really used by either of them. The true center of your vision actually seems to use muscles 1 & 2, since you don't use the inner extremities of your eyes to look at an object directly, generally your eyes both "point" at an object when you're looking at it and there's a small area of overlap that your mind simply ignores, and I think this area uses the 14-16 muscles.


After one eye imposing started to feel plateaued/less of a challenge today (although only about 70% done) I switched to trying both eyes open. This was met with some initial difficulties so I turned off the lights so I could focus better. I forced like this for about another 4 hours, and the visions started to experience an interesting vividness. The best way I can describe it is it felt like my chakras/third eye was "supercharged" and the visions took on a bright, almost blinding shininess/vividness. This only lasted about 15 minutes, but I'm trying to recreate it and increase the duration.


I started testing my visualization briefly in about 15% light (streaks of daylight in a dark room) and noticed I could impose my tulpa's old pony form with almost perfect opacity. The vision was brighter than anything else in my room, although still shadowy and only about 80% complete in details. It was also a bit unstable, but this is by far the most vivid vision of my tulpa I've ever had. It was bright enough to appear uncanny in the dark room, but still not perfect 100% cartoony brightness, probably about 80% there.



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The last few days I've been continuing to increase the strength and duration of my open eyed imposition in 0-15% light. I can lightly impose pretty reliably now, the only challenge is consistency/ duration.


Plateau/Difficulty Challenges


This entire time I've been leaning rather hard into the difficulty curve, that is to say I've been mainly focusing on unlocking what I can't do rather than increasing the strength of what I can do. Doing this has greatly benefited my engagement and let me see "newbie gains" through almost the entire process. When I practice, I generally use the upper most bounds of my ability in regards to background and strength, but as I near the end game the list of what I cannot do is getting shorter and shorter. It seems like I may have briefly stalled in progress while trying to figure out how to challenge myself. 


Today, in order to address these challenges, I tapped in to some inner "nitro" to push past these boundaries and force at 120% percent. At the same time, I tried to explore what physical feelings and aptitudes I had not yet focused on.


New Chakra Muscle Groups

In the process of doing this, I noticed I was straining my middle forehead quite a bit, and focusing more on this seemed to make the visions respond favorably. The area is not necessarily the third eye, but basically all around it, and the areas down to the corners of the eyebrows. Working on this basically means straining your entire face at once, but the visions responded extremely well to this, and it seems like this may be the trick to creating the "supercharged chakra" effect I mentioned in the last post. 


I should note that it's important to not just strain the physical muscles (although this seems to have a soft correlation), but the sensation is extremely similar. Like prior sessions, I take the most opaque sensation I can (usually the magenta D20) and "spread" this feeling to other areas like my forehead in this case. This feeling is now stronger all around my eyes and my forehead. A good way to describe it might be like going from finger muscles to wrist muscles to bicep on a scale of strength, and my entire eyebrow and a little below it is at bicep strength.


After around 4 hours of this, I also noticed feelings emerging from the center of my head, straight back about an inch or two behind my eyes. This feeling is actually rather invasive, and I realized I was actually shying away from this feeling when creating images. The feeling is like your eye stalks are itching/twitching, and as humans we generally shy away from feelings that provoke discomfort around our eyes. It took some mental effort to embrace it at first.


Focusing in on this feeling around the eye stalks felt like creating images in a new way I never had before, and the images were almost perfectly opaque, bright, and vivid. It's hard to tell where the 1-16 chakras end and where this one begins, or how and where they interact with each other. There also seems to be a similar relationship with the third eye, which led to me creating this image map of the chakras:




Focusing on the 31-60 areas and the new 20 (third eye) area seems to make the visions respond extremely favorably, and this is what I'll be focusing on the next few days. It seems to bring the images to the next level of "blinding opaqueness" and I hope to expand this to my entire field of vision. I'm not entirely sure what to put in the center of the cone between 5-9 but extrapolation in this area from the surrounding lines is implied.

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I continued increasing the strength of the chakra groups in 0-15% light with both eyes open, this time attempting to focus on the 31-60 areas. My main goal was achieving more regularity in the "supercharged" state where everything appears blindingly opaque, but it's remained somewhat elusive through these sessions. I've been labeling it the "supercharged state" because it seemed to only last a few minutes, unlike the regular hallucinations, and after it's over it has been fairly difficult to bring it back despite my best efforts, but not impossible.


New Milestones


I managed to completely blind myself with yellow color (or any color for that matter) for the first time over about 90% of my vision. This has been a goal I've been pushing for a long time, so it feels good to get some tangible results. I also had my first 100% perfect hallucination while I was dosing off. I saw a stack of tabletop game boxes in extremely high detail and resolution, and afterwards I saw the signature "bleeding out" effect after you hallucinate an opaque vision where the images return to normal vision underneath. The image itself was perfect and I can't think of anything I would add to it.


The Supercharged State


Because the "supercharged state" has remained somewhat elusive despite my cataloging and pursuit of these new muscle groups, I started to suspect I still had not learned how to control these muscles. This might be because they (the 31-60 groups) are deeper into the physical head and therefore have less muscular and nervous control. I also believe I might have labeled this state "the supercharged state" in an unconscious effort to distance myself from it because of an invasive eye/head feeling.


To overcome this, I attempted to visualize a "tornado" over the entire 31-60 area and use this to cause the supercharged state. I made it a fire tornado for flair, actually. This seemed to work, and I was confronted with some invasive head/eye feelings around my eye stalks area again when the blindingly opaque images started to appear, and I took this as  a soft confirmation of my theories.


I seem to be gaining stronger and stronger control over it using the fire tornado and the supercharged state, and my hallucinations are becoming stronger and more frequent. I'll continue strengthening the tornado and hopefully achieve perfect hallucination levels soon. Tomorrow marks 6 weeks since I initially began seeing the first small card sized rainbow. This seems to be an unprecedented speed of progress among tulpamancers and it's very encouraging that my method in general seems to be working.

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Another two days of working toward the "supercharged state" and I'm beginning to cement my intuitions and understandings. The visions are still getting stronger and the state is becoming more regular and I'm becoming aware of the muscle memories associated with it, but it is still on occasion rather elusive. Today it still took about 45 minutes before I entered it for the first time.


Notes On Supercharged State & Muscles 31-60


It seems like my intuition and deductions about the fire tornado were a step in the right direction. The state is definitely caused by some group of muscles behind, above or within the original 1-16 groups. I think the most correct observation I've stated so far is that it feels like imposing in a way I'm not currently used to, and it causes an invasive feeling to the area around my eye stalks, behind the eyeballs. This is definitely the right idea, and I've had major breakthroughs when focusing in on the invasive feeling itself.


The feeling that causes the supercharged state seems to actually be within the eyes themselves, somewhere around the top of the eyeballs. I think it had felt like a new way of imposing to me because I had been focusing on the areas around the eyes instead. The invasive feeling also causes an extremely blurry, glaucoma-ish feeling like clouds are swimming around in my eyeballs as well as actual opaque clouds that correspond to these feelings. I'm 100% certain that zeroing in on this feeling is a step in the right direction.


That being said, my deductions about the 31-60 groups themselves were both helpful and distracting. The most fitting way of describing these areas seems to actually be as a support-core relationship to groups 1-16. It's sort of like how your core/ab muscles can make you a better runner by supporting your legs and posture. However, they (groups 31-60) don't seem to be as important as I originally thought and don't directly cause the supercharged state as I had hoped. It seems better to view them as a stepping stone to finding the uncomfortable eye stalk feeling that causes the blurry glaucoma-ish feeling. The fire tornado was extremely helpful for discovering this.


It's almost like I was focusing on the area all around my eye stalks while still avoiding the invasive feeling itself when I was strengthening groups 31-60. Once I discovered this habit, I began focusing on any feeling that made my eye stalks uncomfortable, and immediately I started to have the glaucoma feeling with clouds swimming around in my eyeballs. I began experimenting with these feelings and it became clear that increasing my muscle memory over this area allowed me to manipulate the clouds that I was hallucinating themselves to a greater degree.


That isn't to say groups 31-60 were not helpful. Strengthening these areas seems to have strengthened my control and vividness in general, but it wasn't enough to cause the supercharged state.


The glaucoma feeling is like a true canvas that blocks out absolutely everything. I'm certain that learning to invoke and control it is the way forward. Once I can control it and block out 100% of my vision pretty reliably, then I'll move on to working in 100% light and messy scenes. I'm starting to feel like I should be passively forcing this. I'm at the point where if I put just a little work in to my actual visualization then I'll have almost perfect imposition already, but I'm more interested in securing full-vision VR imposition before I start that.


I was initially a little concerned about what I'm actually doing to my eyes, but I don't think I would be able to control it to the degree that I am if it were actually harmful, because I can control the size color and duration perfectly, and still reserve the choice to make my vision clear at any time. It feels like I can impose and even induce the glaucoma feeling using only little or no effort, which I don't think would be the case if I was physically compressing my eyes in any way.

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I continued to work on the same thing today and eventually got to the point where it felt like further progress was somewhat meaningless with the muscle groups I've been working on. The invasive eye feeling ended up creating a pretty reliable grey background from an area somewhere in my upper eyelid area. It feels pretty strong now and my muscle memory over it is pretty good. Using it feels like my eyelids are turning inside out or some cloud is floating around in my eyes, it's a really weird feeling. I can transition the grey to different colors and the two might be linked, but I'm not completely sure how. If you use it in combination with 1-16 it seems like you can reliably block out any part of the vision.


Important Milestone


I'm at the point where attempting to block out parts of my vision and make opaque color seems mostly plateaued, even in bright messy scenes. It seems like I still have to squint my eyes and blur them a little in order to create the opaque hallucinations, so I can't really hard impose them 24/7, but it feels like I should switch my focus.


It feels like the natural transition at this point is to go to open eyed image streaming. Basically this means creating mental images as fast as possible and/or describing them in detail in order to retain focus. After about an hour of this my hallucinations started to look like this (these aren't my actual feet):




Where the actual colors are mostly opaque and there is detail but it's not colorful and vivid, it's mostly one or two tones. I can see details and environments but it's limited in size and color. I can shift the colors around and block different parts of my vision, if I really strain myself I can cover 90% of it opaquely but to imagine objects out of it is actually a different skill. I'm starting to get maybe like 30% opaque hallucinations of my tulpa's human form and occasionally I'll see a scene which is really vivid, but it's limited in size and duration.


New Focus

From here on I'll be focusing on using my open eyed imagination. I think I've gone as far as I can go down the forced hallucination tree without losing efficiency. I've already seen some pretty quick gains in the imagination tree which I think is the power of this method. I'll probably keep alternating between whatever light levels and setting feels the most natural like usual. I usually like to put a small twist on everything to keep it in line with my style and personality, so I'm trying out using speed as a focus when image streaming, like creating 2-3 images a second rather than focusing on specific details.

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I've put in about another 12 hours of forcing in the past day and a half because I wanted to hit the ground running with this new focus. I get the impression I have many complexes and mental barriers to work out and the only way I can get through this is to be "carried" by my hour input.




The first day I didn't actually see that much progress, but afterward the images had a bit more texture and a few more colors rather than the single tone I was seing before. I started to see wooden doors and some metal in their target colors, maybe about 60% perfect. I saw a brief flash of a red model convertible car, and for a split second I thought I was actually looking at a red model car in my room, even though I don't have one (the image was 100% perfect). My forced hallucinations got a lot better and now seem to be in the supercharged state most of the time. I can manage a pretty good strobe effect between different colors with blinding brightness. Today I'm starting to see a lot better progress, and the images are about 20% perfect with a bit more color than before, and in my minds eye I grasp the underlying images are now perfectly colored, just vague.


Notes On Image Streaming


I found it useful to use familiar art/settings and even GUI from video games as a target because it has a bright, cartoony style and is easy to recall. When you make original scenes and objects from scratch sometimes you fail to grasp mentally that the underlying colors should be perfectly bright and you get distracted by what you're seeing physically. Thus, you artificially cap yourself to see only purple and black rather than the actual colors, for example.


I strongly get the impression that it's better to work on detail and quality than speed, but in experimenting with this so far it seems it's not personally worth the tradeoffs of having my mind wander and having myself unconsciously put in less effort. In regards to light level I get the impression that it's better off to start with my eyes closed ( I also experimented with having them only 90% closed) but when I do this it also seems easier for my mind to wander so I've been sticking to open eyed. It seems better to focus on narrating about the images rather than trying to make them appear as fast as possible, and I also get the impression that a meditative state would be extremely beneficial for this.


These points seem to indicate that the imagination skill tree is an entirely different beast itself.


Notes On The Imagination


I very carefully tried to map out what was actually happening when I invoke the imagination (as opposed to the forced hallucinations). I keep gravitating back to the third eye area, and the correlation to this area seems to be much more spot on than I would have originally thought. This is contrary to the hallucinations (which don't specifically use the third eye area as much) which themselves actually work from some chakra or muscle around and within the actual eyes. It seems like the imagination is better described as your neurons firing and as an entirely mental exercise as opposed to the forced hallucinations. The imagination seems to generally spark feelings in these areas:




But that being said it doesn't seem as useful to understand and apply this it were with the hallucination muscles. At best all it seems useful for is to give these areas a little extra gas/nitro when you're imagining things as you would ordinarily. In other words, put in effort to use the imagination but do so without explicitly straining these muscles as you would with the forced hallucinations, but after the images appear maybe just give it a bit more gas in these areas.


Mental Barriers


Part of the reason I had faster progress today was because I made an explicit effort to address my mental barriers. Immersive imposition can be somewhat intimidating to enter for the first time and I realized I was holding back a bit and letting parts of the visions remain blurry. Success will require a high degree of self awareness and maturity. There are many opportunities to be held up by personal issues and complexes. It seems almost any issue that may cause chakra or emotional blockage could arise and hinder progress. In this regard it seems somewhat backwards to treat tulpamancy and self-development/well-being as separate topics but I understand holding off discussion in the community can be necessary at times. Once you start seeing the visions you are definitely confronted by these feelings, but it is critical to move past any fears/doubts/concerns regarding yourself and others otherwise it's much easier to find yourself constantly distracted.


I also realize that I have a mentally stout disposition that is detrimental to forcing, and I think this is attached to being an INxx MBTI type. I'm more heavily invested in my thoughts and mental composure than I should be and this sometimes causes me to chase after spurious mental tangents and intuitions rather than allow myself to be controlled by visual imposition as it were. Feeling mentally threatened/discomforted by the visions has hindered my progress a bit, so I'll have to continue addressing this explicitly by letting go a bit more and embracing the visions.


I'm going to continue image streaming and hopefully I'll start to see more of the perfect images. I may hold off updating for a few days until I see significant progress because this thread is starting to get a bit text-heavy.

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The last 36 hours have been a rollercoaster and I need to post about it because I'm losing track.


Image Streaming Breakthroughs


After posting the last update I continued image streaming and within an hour I saw some gigantic breakthroughs. I briefly noticed that I was able to hold an image in my mind without actually straining myself, and there was a physical sensation around the center of my brain that was responsible for holding it. This was actually separate from the overall quality of what I was seeing, that is to say there was a slight disconnect between the "signal" and the clarity of the image.


It seems that the imagination lies somewhere around the center of the brain and the forced hallucinations are like a "receiver" that are responsible for their own amplitude. In other words, the imagination is the TV signal and the forced hallucinations are the TV. This inspired me to do something I haven't done in a while: forcing in a meditative, relaxed mood without straining myself like a maniac.


Things progressed quickly from here on out and I spent the remainder of the time meditating and gently trying to strengthen the relationship between these two groups.


New Focus


Basically, I would focus on creating a perfect "signal" in my mind and then hold it there. This is an exercise of learning so a meditative state accelerates it and straining yourself too hard can hinder it. That being said, knowledge of what sensations occur and where they are located is extremely powerful, and helps you to hold the images and their associated sensations in your mind.

After I felt like I had perfected holding the perfect "signal" in my mind, I was able to see a slight disconnect between the signal and my hallucinations. The process of hooking them together seems to happen automatically so long as you are concentrating on both at the same time. It manifests itself as a feeling of "jacking in" or "hooking up" somewhere in your third eye or physical eye areas.


This began a rollercoaster of invasive sensations like which I have never felt before. I felt the signal coming through to my third eye area, and from there it almost felt as though it were penetrating my physical mind. It did the same thing with an area somewhere in my physical eyes, and again it felt like it was penetrating through to where sensations meet my raw incorporeal being or soul. For a brief while I could feel this area in what I can only describe as a scathing and invasive level of detail. It is the area where the raw signals of the eyes meet the soul, but when the sensations flooded and overpowered it I felt and realized I had control over them.


From then on, it felt like the detail, size and duration of what I was imposing was directly correlated with my ability to accept these feelings into the area of my mind and soul and allow them to take over my eyes. But after this I'm starting to get images more like this:




This is just one example, but I've been using the GUI from the game WoW which I used to play a lot since the imagery is burned into my brain quite well. This is one reason I was able to hone in on the "perfect signal" from my brain to my eyes so easily. It's also useful since I can zoom in on the icons which are quite vivid and exchange the character in the center for my tulpa or whatever else.


This is starting to feel quite opaque and finished but I realize there's still a long way to go in terms of scale and duration and the images are still strongly overpowered by magenta and other source canvas colors. Imposing my tulpa with this level of detail felt sentimental, like a first contact of sorts.


I'm going to continue with this meditative focus, trying to bring the two skill trees together while accepting the images into my weird brain area.

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Notes on the New Imagination Focus


TL;DR I broke through a lot of mental barriers


Progress seems to be going much faster with this new focus, and a couple notable moments happened over the past 2 days.


I'm starting to see a lot more perfect visions and a lot more visions in general, but many of the larger scenes and objects still suffer from the "one to two tones only" issue mentioned before. It feels like much of the time is spent searching out and addressing mental barriers in different parts of my physical head and eye areas. Basically, I hold the "signal" of an image in my head while experimenting with making it physically appear more perfect. I'm able to narrow down feelings and mechanics that make it brighter and more perfect. Imposition is starting to feel more like a single process rather than the combination of the two skill trees as I described.


I'm now extremely confident that the imagination starts in the physical brain area. I'm able to narrow down the physical feeling of holding an image mentally and knowing this has been extremely helpful. It seems to be anywhere in the back of the head, crown, center, or front, but generally seems to be centered horizontally between the two brain "lobes." It appears to travel to the third eye area, then the physical eyes, and from there it goes from the eyes and enters some area where your incorporeal soul receives all of the senses directly. It doesn't seem like you manipulate it from the physical eyes onward, once it gets to the last step it seems like this may be the extent of your physical control.


I overcame a blockage in my third eye area, and the thought attached seemed to be that I was "hesitant to know the visions." This may seem like it's phrased funny, but that's the raw thought that seemed to be attached to the emotion. To address this, I made a magical vow to know the visions and to pursue them with all of my strength. After that, I felt a blockage in my physical eyes. I did a number of different things, like attempting to dissociate and play around with the visions like kid in a sandbox (while also addressing any failure as a result of a lack of desire to play).


Every so often I seem to enter what I call the "second supercharged state" where everything seems to be overwhelmingly vivid. Then my eyes feel like they have a shiny film in them and I feel overwhelmed with an almost invasive level of detail as I start getting flooded with VR images. These are becoming more and more frequent, but I noticed after I entered one of these I began seeing more yellow based images and not just purple. The physical objects I was looking at were a gold crown and other jewelry and they came through almost perfectly.


From here, I decided to make a stronger attempt to control the underlying forced hallucinations, or in other words to go "bottom to top" rather than "top to bottom." I hold that this is best done strenuously, so forcing with that focus I started to seem to get through some barriers. After a while, I got a feeling almost like sucking a milkshake through a tiny straw in my third eye area. I also noticed I kept gravitating toward a movement that (I know this sounds weird) made my mouth go in a gentle wewewewewewewewe motion.


A while later, I tried to see rainbow objects like my tulpa wearing a rainbow outfit. This made my physical eyes start to twitch extremely fast like a muscle spasm. Up until now, these twitches have been an extremely reliable sign of breaking through barriers and I usually reach the next level after them. I think this particular case was due to trying to see in more granular detail of hallucination color, since up until now the visions have been more of a two tone color blob. I think the eyes may be responsible for more granular detail, while the 1-16 muscles are responsible for the larger blobs.


I'm going to keep chipping away at these vividness and mental issues while doing the "perfect signal" method I described earlier or whatever else works.

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The last week has had some interesting developments as I experimented with a focus on the imagination tree.




I'm now able to consistently impose small objects which I know by heart (especially video game objects) at an almost perfect level of detail. Occasionally I'll have one that really makes me double take because it looks completely real. Most of the time it still suffers a minor blending issue with lighting and spatial issues. However, imposing larger objects like my tulpa still presents a challenge, but I'm working up to that level.


I briefly tried some forced hallucinations again, and now I can reliably create gaps/holes in the opacity, pretty much as large as I want.


Notes On Imagination


I continued working on the "perfect signal" method and confronted many different mental barriers. It seems like the silver bullet is a combination of holding the signal, trying to increase the strength somewhere in your third eye area, and using vivid references images to seed the process.


With open eyed visualization (and closed eyed too for that matter) I seem to be consistently stuck at a "near perfect" level, that is to say I can briefly enter perfectly vivid detail for a few moments after hours of work but it's difficult to enter and maintain. A few details of the images usually come through unusually bright, but the rest of the image is still somewhat restrained by one or two colors.


Working in this skill tree seems to have improved my ability to concentrate and has given me a few insights into how all the mechanics work together. Unfortunately, some personal issues came up and I immediately threw up some mental barriers due to being upset. It was extremely hard to work around, but after a few days I moved through it. I think this is why Tibetan monks isolated themselves in caves for weeks on end while pursuing these methods.


There is absolutely no room for any mental barrier of any kind. You cannot have any mental barrier due to what others may think. Your environment, associates, and context have to be completely accepting of 24/7 hallucinations of any kind, and if they aren't, I realize now you must absolutely move past this. On top of that, it is probably beneficial to set aside 9-12 months where constant work on imposition is acceptable. I think these may be the highest hurdles to overcome for most.


This is another point for how forced hallucinations can be a more optimal focus. They don't really suffer from mental barrier issues because the method is less of a mental task itself and you aren't confronted by what you are seeing as much.


On that note, starting yesterday I tried to backtrack and experiment with the forced hallucinations again and discovered some interesting details.


Putting it All Together


Over the past week I was hesitant to go back to forced hallucinations because I noticed they still mostly remained opaque. The muscles still felt like they were at full strength, almost like I had to put in no effort to make opaque colors. However, my skills in forced hallucination started to become limited in size and seemed somewhat murky, although opaque.


Thankfully, it took only a matter of hours to get back to where I was at peak, and I think this is the most useful perk of this method. With visualization, it would have been like starting from scratch, and might have taken weeks. 


However, when I started the process of regaining my strength I noted the sensation was different. It wasn't like straining my muscles any more, but more like I was "emitting" something from my eyes. "Inquiring" might be another good word.


I believe the process must go something like this:


Your mind creates a visual "signal" of something in your imagination somewhere in your center-to-front brain area. For perfect hallucinations, the signal has to be perfect. Then, the chakras surrounding the eyes create the concept that something is there spatially (muscle groups 1-16). This is more comparable to a muscle than the rest of the process. Then, in an effort that is somewhere between conscious ant automatic, your mind "inquires" of what color everything is. I would describe this as a skill rather than a muscle. It seems I've been doing it automatically with the forced hallucinations, and it's probably better not to focus on it explicitly. You have complete control over this and it's mostly dependent on how well you "know" the image. Lastly, if you're not mentally open to what you are seeing in any part of the process, then the image will be blocked, but if not, it is received directly into your soul with the rest of your senses on top of everything else.


Path Forward


That being said, I see several possible paths forward:


1.) Keep focusing on the imagination explicitly.


I may have some more mental barriers to get past, and it seems like I'm close to getting to perfect visualization.


2.) Focus on the imagination, but always do it while VR imposing the forced hallucinations.


I like this a bit better, because I sense there's a bit of a gap between me and 24/7 hallucinations that mere focus on the imagination won't be able to close. There still remains a bit of a spatial and blending issue, and with this I could even branch off to try and make "donut" shapes, "tunnel vision," or "50% vision" imposition.


3.) Focus on the forced hallucinations alone and hope I can somehow magically transition back to imagination.


This actually isn't as stupid as it sounds, since I discovered some methods that could bring me to a higher ceiling. Basically I would try to impose tighter and tighter rainbows to try and increase the amount of resolution I can control. Then, I might start creating "crosshair" rainbows and work upwards until I can form a grid. Working in hallucinations again felt nice, it might be my natural climate. It seems like the random perfect hallucinations are more frequent when I'm working in this skill tree as well.


4.) Work on 24/7 imposition


This is definitely the most reliable if I can get it to work, and I need to start doing it at some point. However, I still struggle to impose without squinting whatsoever, so I would probably start with that. As long as I can force 6 hours a day or so though I don't see much of a need to switch over prematurely, especially if I'm close to reaching a breakthrough.


I like 2 and 3 the most, I'll probably just keep switching back and forth between them to get past mental barriers so long as I'm seeing progress. I'm already getting perfect images through, I might just need more practice to increase the uptime and size.


Lastly, there's some notes on ESP I should mention.


ESP Experiments


The images seem especially well suited for receiving extra-sensory intuitions. There seems to be much overlap between them and actual dreams. I absolutely love to inquire after my intuitions for hours on end (INFJ) and doing this with images seems several fold easier and more rewarding. For example, it's one thing to try and read somebody's mood with your intuition, another to actually see their body language and gather intuitions from that.


I kept seeing an eye inside a triangle within an upside-down palm (as if reaching out to you) and the image seemed to be inviting, congratulatory almost. It gave me the impression that I had achieved some level of initiation in connection with my success with imposition, but I am hesitant to pursue the idea. It seems like the triangle meant a portal or connection to receiving something, and this makes sense in logical terms because the triangle is the least of all the shapes in terms of vertices.


I also attempted to read my own "personal crest." I saw two axes crossed, both facing right (wielder's left). The axes represent my berserker spirit and the direction represents the intuition. It was on a background of white and red, representing purity and courage. I realize this is super edgy but it was a fun experiment and it taught me about my values.


I hesitate to pursue them further in fear of being controlled by the the images rather than the other way around, but I'll continue to experiment with it and see what turns up.

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Developing Habits


I'm starting to notice that it feels very much like developing a habit. There's some kind of complex in the front of the brain. When I develop the habit of thinking in it, everything is vivid, but otherwise it's mostly 2 tone. It's actually rather invasive, and it feels like a lot of movement and information. It really helped to consciously try to use the entire brain and using the 20-60 groups rather than leaning on the 1-16 muscle groups. It feels like it's not that I can't make a perfect image, it's just that I need to develop the habit of doing so.


Once they become perfect it feels as though the feelings in the front of the brain take on a "mind of their own" just because of how strong and invasive it is. In other words, (importantly), it's immersive.


When visualizing, it feels easy to be satisficed with around 80-90% perfection. I think what it's missing is the last level of lighting and context. I will experiment with trying to impose in real space rather than visualizing with open eyes like a "window" to the wonderland, as I have been.




New Process


Focusing on the imagination alone is definitely missing something. I think it's probably best to force in this specific process from here on out:


1.) create the signal for the perfect image

2.) focus on the brain and eye feelings that make it  appear vividly

3.) slowly bring it into imposed space


if you skip the first step you can find yourself working with imperfect images a lot. If you don't focus on the frontal brain feelings then you may fail to produce the habit required to constantly have it vivid and perfect. Lastly, you need spatial context in order to hone in on the last 10% of detail.


Experimenting with this, I actually found it might be more beneficial to merely alternate between open eyed visualizing and imposing. This is because what you're doing when visualizing and imposing is especially arcane, and it's easy to lose track of what you're doing in terms of mechanics. For example, several hours might pass before you realize you've been working with near-blank images while nothing is coming to mind. This happened to me today. I think it's because I wasn't working in the habit of visualizing as a baseline before I attempted to impose at 100% detail.


You could kind of think of it like snowboarding or skateboarding while switching between regular and goofy footings in order to increase your overall skill. It's kind of like typing, where if you don't specifically develop your technique you'll find yourself using your pointer fingers for everything. Briefly visualizing first without worrying about imposing allows you to bring the images forth for the first 90% in the best way you know how. If you work with an image you know especially well already (in my case, the WoW GUI and environments) you form a baseline for the underlying mechanics that you can then use as a stepping stone to impose with 100% perfection.

So now I have a folder with a bunch of WoW environments and screenshots as well as anime pictures, and I'll just scroll through them and visualize or impose each one. I visualize the WoW environments with open eyes and impose the anime pictures in real space. The wow environments and GUI I know extremely well so the signal comes through perfect and clean, but with the anime pictures it's like I have to understand and know female clothing a bit better otherwise it comes out blurry. In that case, it's like I'm physically focusing on increasing the level of detail of what's already there rather than just letting the pure signal through as in the case of the WoW images. Imposition will always be somewhere between these two extremes, and alternating between them seems like a good way to ensure I don't get hung up on the underlying mechanics.


Lastly, I start every day with warming up with my forced hallucinations. I try to enter the supercharged state where most of my vision starts getting blocked out just to ensure I upkeep this skill and the underlying muscles.




The WoW images come through around 80% perfect most of the time, the anime pictures are just now starting to be multi-colored, probably around 50% perfect. Small objects that I know extremely well still come through perfectly if it doesn't take a few minutes of warming up first.


I'm going to keep working in the process I described, and hopefully achieve more perfect anime imposition, and from there I can leapfrog to higher goals.

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