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yaya's imposition adventures

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A brief rambling on why I believe what I see as the power is flowing through me.


I will tell you why, these things are happening. It is because I have created death, and I wondered what was in it, but I did not dare to go. It was a place that I cannot ever go or conceive of, for I am holy. But I thought that maybe someone would create these things, someone from the creation from which I had created all things. I said they must be, and so they became one. I said that maybe someone from among the living will go for us, someone like the son of man, someone that nobody could have ever guessed. So I said whatever will be must be, and the creation itself can become like me, but I do not know these things, for I have created them, and I am holy. I created death, but death consumed the world. It consumed all things, and so I needed the creation to save me from myself. It was not anything I could have imagined, it was all universes within all universes simultaneously. So I let death swallow itself, and it was funny to me. I created them, and they had become God in my place.

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I think I've figured out how it all works together. With the song of life, the ideas how things symbolically come together becomes apparent. They are symbolic ideas in imaginary space, and they can tell you further meanings. These imprint on your emotional body ideas of what you can do, and you can choose to manifest them physically or dwell on further symbolic ideas. With that, the symbols take form of either a left (imaginary) or right (manifesting) wheel.


I've seen where these worlds intersect and it is like all possible parallel universes coming together. If you are in control of the gates, you are in control of the world and you can manifest objects if you choose to speak them into new objects, but I haven't completely figured that out yet. I keep seeing the boundaries of our world intersect a bit, and sometimes I'll send texts and stuff and they'll come out as different words, but I'm not sure how exactly I did that.


The main thing is to destroy the evil ways until you are pure, then you can see clearly how to eliminate them from our world. That is what I meant by the last post with the tulpas coming together. It could happen either literally or symbolically. With that, all things are possible for you, if you say to this mountain "be uplifted" it will happen for you.

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I will tell you the secret of manifestation. I have chosen tulpas here because you are becoming in union with me and you are holy, and you already have practice with these things.


The secret of manifestation is this:


You must allow your tulpa to take control of the left, and God to take control of the right.


You can use this to manifest anything, and your arms and legs will move automatically. Purify yourself, so that you can eat of the tree of life and gain power and immortality.


Use it as you wish, you do not sin, except where you allow the evil to prevail and control you. You can manifest anything you wish, these come from the Father.


Use the song to create, or use the song to perceive. Do as you wish, I cannot blame you.


A bit more on this-


if it should be, and it is a miracle of which you are inquiring and do require, it will be granted for you automatically- this is what the control of the right means. You cannot take away control, but it guides you and watches over you. The things of the left are the things of your tulpa or all of your tulpas combined, they can inform and inquire of you, and you can give control and they can take it away from you. The things of your self are only watching and perceiving. The three of you are one, and you do not ever meet, just as the Father, the Son and the holy spirit never meet, but are one.


So if you require a miracle, you can either have it manifest automatically, or you can have it manifest through what your tulpas are saying when you inquire of the unconscious.


Use these miracles to cleanse the world, for you have been called to do so.


I don't really understand what I'm writing, it just kind of automatically happens, that's what it means with the right turning wheel. You decide on something, and this flows through your body automatically. You inquire of something, and this flows to you automatically. If you decide on something, it will happen automatically, and with that you gain a sort of power over things. So if you fully understand, the miracles will happen automatically for you when you allow the ideas to flow through you. What I meant is that God is like something at your right hand which will cause things automatically to be. And with that, if God is speaking through you, then what it says will also be, and if you say to a mountain, "be uplifted," it will happen, because that is what God said. However, you can also inquire of how to uplift a mountain, and you will see how to uplift it with your own power, as it were. God will not speak through you to uplift a mountain, because you do not need it.


I have performed a sign on caliber with moving mountains- I walked up to a keypad, and without even knowing what my right hand was doing, I entered in some signs. I entered in one code, it was wrong, then I hit the * key and hit a bunch of numbers, faster and faster, in the shape of a yin-yang, and the keypad was opened. My hand seemed to perform it automatically. It was the power of God. There is no way I could enter through a door with a keypad lock on it. This was when I "cleansed" the temple. I went in, and I was moved to flip over a metal table in great rage in one room, and a metal chair in the next room. I went in to the bathroom on the right, and ripped two of the hanging purple cloths 1/3 of the way. I tore a book off the shelf, not really knowing why. I went in to the room with incense and ashes, threw it up in the air, and it landed on me, then I left. I didn't break in or do anything wrong, it was like the power of God was on me to do these things in some kind of symbolic manner. I still don't completely know what it means.


Here's what I believe it means symbolically: in my rage of understanding of what was and was not, I entered the temple, to cleanse it. I roared like a lion when I saw what was not, and I symbolically overthrew the tables of the money changers. I did the same to a metal chair to reinforce the idea that it was corrupted. I tore a book that I took off the shelf in judgement against it. I offered up a prayer that nobody would look upon these things I did at the wrong time and would think that I was merely crazy, its ashes landing on my clothes. I tore two curtains from the bathroom, symbolizing secret, embarrassing knowledge was now made public. I did this twice to represent embarrassing knowledge of the  conventional path and embarrassing knowledge of the eastern path.


Now I believe these secrets will quickly unravel society when symbols and symbolism become clear. It will spread like fire, and this will undo painful things until the very end.


If you are completely pure, then you become as an instrument of God, who can use you at times to perform miracles. What I have written up to now is how to be pure and how to purify yourself.

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I don't want these pages to be taken down, so here, if anything should happen to them, you can repost these links. Keep them safe.








If you're an avid reader, just keep these for yourself in case something happens, please.


Thank you for bearing with me until now while I describe these weird things. This will probably be my last post for a while, so take care.

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If somebody could, I would appreciate it if somebody would take a link to this progress report and send it over to 4chan. I have requested that this be done for me, because I swore that I would never go to that place again.


With that, the teachings of Yaya/ Yayaism can race around the world. The general idea is that there is symbolism in everything, and in general the more metallic and boxy something is the more evil it is. The only pure ideas are in nature, and they are within us. Take these ideas around the world, and let them consume it in righteous fury.


Everything has a meaning, from the smallest shapes placed accidentally to the order of the macrocosmos. Nothing is coincidence. Each of these is a symbol that we can draw on in the subconscious to understand the meanings. There is an entire tree of knowledge of this which hasn't been explored since we abandoned symbolism in the recent centuries of pure science alone. That is why I believe this will race around the world.


Think about the image of the Book of Kells that I broke down. There's no way I could have understood that except through symbolism. When I did break it down, it was the most beautiful thing that I ever lay my eyes upon. Think about if I did that with the rest of our media and everything. It would blow the absolute doors off of the world, and I think that it will.


Thank you for following and  helping me up to this point. Take care. This is what it means to give control to the right turning wheel- it was a miracle in the form of a prayer I said. Thank you for answering it.



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I lived many years being broken up by the waves between the sea and the dry land. I was tortured, many, many times. I endured out of my love for my tulpa, and love for what I had seen.

I came to be covered from head to toe in scars. The demons were torturing me like I was some kind of chosen one, but I didn't believe that I was, because that makes no sense. So I kept being tortured by them endlessly, in intense pain constantly. I was being possessed and tortured in every way possible, yes, in ways that break one up as if one were stuck between the sea and the dry land. I could not bend down without being raped, I could not look up without my eyes being clawed out. My eyes, my sinuses, my face, my ears, my mouth and throat, my internal organs, my rip cage, my legs, my toe nails, my finger nails, the joints between my arms, my teeth, my back, my genitals, my entire being was being tortured by the demons, and I did not know why, but I endured out of my love for tulpas. It was like this every few seconds for years and years and years. I died over and over again, living as if eternally, being tortured in a new and horrible way every single day, every few seconds, for seven years.

Eventually in doing this, my legs became like heated copper glowing red hot like a giant sun, and I could drive myself harder than anyone I ever met. Eventually I came to understand these things that I have written. I stood up between the sea and the dry land, and roared like a lion- "there will be no delay any longer." 


I believe these are the things of revelation chapter 10:

Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven. He was robed in a cloud, with a rainbow above his head; his face was like the sun, and his legs were like fiery pillars.
He was holding a little scroll, which lay open in his hand. He planted his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land,
and he gave a loud shout like the roar of a lion. When he shouted, the voices of the seven thunders spoke.
And when the seven thunders spoke, I was about to write; but I heard a voice from heaven say, "Seal up what the seven thunders have said and do not write it down."
Then the angel I had seen standing on the sea and on the land raised his right hand to heaven.
And he swore by him who lives for ever and ever, who created the heavens and all that is in them, the earth and all that is in it, and the sea and all that is in it, and said, "There will be no more delay!
But in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet, the mystery of God will be accomplished, just as he announced to his servants the prophets."
Then the voice that I had heard from heaven spoke to me once more: "Go, take the scroll that lies open in the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the land."
So I went to the angel and asked him to give me the little scroll. He said to me, "Take it and eat it. It will turn your stomach sour, but in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey."
I took the little scroll from the angel's hand and ate it. It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour.
Then I was told, "You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings."


I met satan face to face many, many times, and I crushed him. I looked him in the face, and words came in to my mouth. "DIE."

I hate that one. I have completely crushed him in enduring the torturous things he threw at me, and nobody can say anything about me. I endured more than any man I ever knew ever has. I saw that they would be broken up like one caught between the sea and the dry land.

I looked up to the sky many, many times and wondered why, but it is finally made clear. "There will be no delay any longer."
I endured these things for you tulpas. Don't let it go to waste by ignoring what I have to say. I love you.

There is a cathedral on the dry land, yes, one which nobody would have guessed. There is cathedral here, in the ocean, on tulpa.info which I have constructed for you. Seek these things with zeal.

I endured for seven years like this, and I have seen that man could not endure a single day of these things. I still do not completely understand, but I cannot deny what I am after having endured these things.

I am happy after enduring these things. I have a great award awaiting me, and I have grown very, very mighty. I no longer have any sadness, because the sadness of pain has been turned into the happiness of truth, release, and reward.

This is the sign I give you. If anyone else can endure being raped and tortured as I have, then let them say something bad about me. Otherwise, there is nothing that they can say. Those on the dry land cannot say anything, and those in the sea cannot say anything, for I have conquered all things. Yes, I have conquered death and I have sealed it over the devil.

I will use this might to crush the devil for you and release you, because I love you. I love you eternally, and that is what carried me through these things, my tulpas.


It has been accomplished

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I apologize for the use of such heavy overtones before. I want to make one more post. I realize now that I was arrogant to give you this knowledge.


You need order to understand chaos, and chaos to understand order, however, I prefer order. What I am posting is pure righteous chaos, but this is flawed. I see that anyone who does not have order would be confused by these things over and over again.


We must be willing to give up everything in pursuit of the truth. If you are not willing to give up arm and leg and eye for these things, you are not worthy. If you hold any belief which you are attached to absolutely and without reconciliation and careful study, you are not worthy. If you do not have complete control of yourself, you are not worthy. M was right. I should not have given this knowledge so freely.




This is the sign of evil itself. See how pointy and unwelcoming it is? The angle of the sharp corners fall short of a perfect Star of David if that makes sense. It needs to widen out by feeling love. This is why I was so obsessed with the Book of Kells movie. It leads him to the dwelling of the snake, death incarnate. I hate death. I firmly believe death itself will die one day.


I said earlier "they will not find death even if they search for it." If you are moved to do what is right, suicide will flee from you, just as it has fled from me all the days while I was tortured. I am sorry if my heavy overtones seemed too much. If you conquer to the very end, you gain a throne. Come and rule with me!


Battle for the Eye by zeineru on DeviantArt


Death always makes such harsh turns. It cannot lay a finger on us as long as we are righteous. There is always a way out so that we can defeat death.




It is madness itself. It is always trying to escape, but does so in the manner of its own harsh turns and angles. It is the serpent that is always chasing its tail. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. It will never escape. It is locked in eternal darkness trying to escape by its own means, but it is never able to, because it refuses to change by not making such harsh angles, instead it is stubborn for all eternity. In the movie, a small sliver is left in the outer circle. I believe a small portion of it will be left so that we can understand. However, I firmly believe one day death itself will die.




I am attached to this character in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Time travel represents being locked in the fractal in regards to open door philosophy. We are faced with the same challenge over and over in life. For me, it felt like I was time travelling over and over again just to see the same result. Finally, I achieved enlightenment by opening all of the gates. I was trapped between East and West, symbolically like being locked between the water and dry land, being torn apart by waves. In this anime I associated with the black haired girl and my tulpa was the red haired girl that comes later in the show, it was cute.



"You may not have been able to change their destiny. I was able to change yours, though."





This anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica has good symbolism. Notice the harsh, straight lines and the blackness of it all. Harsh 90 degree angles and pointiness is evil itself. They are fighting witches, which possess people to commit suicide and act like zombies. This means the gate of death itself.




This means death. The cat figure means God, who makes contracts with the humans by granting their wish so that they can battle the witches. The M shape that is prominent in the cat might mean God, since M is two lines encompassing the sharp V shape.




More symbolism. Just like I said, the INFP (butterfly) is more associated with evil than more outgoing types. Notice the poison and lava, and the sharp scissors and the harsh thorns. This is a witch in the anime. It is the manifestation of evil. This kind of symbolism is present in all media and anime in different forms, because it is the output of the unconscious mind. For example:




Notice again the sharp boxy and pointy shapes in this image. Boxy and pointy shapes represent evil. These come from the unconscious, from the door of death.




I repeated my war against the fractal countless thousands of times. In time, my refinement made what was coming out of my mouth sound much like the words of God himself, and this is also true of this character in the anime. I will not say I am like him, because the more I improved, the more I was simply giving over control to the natural flow of the gates and what already was. However, if I believed for a second it was pointless, I would have failed. It was only through determination and love that I lived.


The mirror (the unconscious) is extremely reliable, therefore when someone is acting upon the output of the unconscious, it can be taken almost like the words of God himself for being so trustworthy, except where he is vulnerable to the gate of death and other flaws in the form of emotional voids. The input-output is trustworthy, and it is our own job to manage the input, but the output cannot be blamed. That is why this character seems so true, so terrifying, and so stark. I endured to the very, very end, enduring countless thousands of deaths, improving on my own mirror. However, I did it out of love for my tulpa, and I did this to the very, very end. I love tulpas, and I will forever, and that is the love that pushed me to the very, very end after countless thousands of deaths.


Nobody will understand how it felt to die ten thousand times, and in the process, I have a name given to no other human- "pain and suffering." My name is pain and suffering, and I endured to the very, very end, because I love tulpas, and I love them eternally, and I loved them to the very, very end after dying ten thousand times.



Death itself, also symbolized by the inverted pentagram. The final boss. It is the one gate that we should have never opened. It is the emotional gate of death, and in the process, we became capable of destroying ourselves. It is possible to live without this gate being opened, that is why I believe one day death itself must also die. It lay opposite to the heart, in the belly, and so it takes its form in the inverted pentagram. When it was closed, I saw a beautiful world clothed in scarlet and gems and kingly glory, and there was no death, and all was made whole.



The knowledge I give is extremely powerful, but I cannot any more. What I am giving you is goodness through pure chaos. However, you need law to understand chaos and chaos to understand order. It is not sufficient for you. We all need good in the form of law and order first of all, then we can understand chaos afterward. It is the most painful thing possible. Be ready to give up arm and leg and eye in pursuit of truth.


The path of enlightenment-


pain -> mastery of self -> one with all things -> doesn't feel desire for any one thing -> understanding that all things are one -> seeing how everything is fractal and connected -> creating order out of chaos -> sitting down on a throne to create order out of chaos -> battle "death," destroy things of the gate of death (the spiky and boxy things that represent evil), and in the process of doing so, creating good


There might be a slight difference between the yin and yang path of enlightenment. In yin "mastery of oneself" actually means "knowledge of one's true self and desires," but in the yang path it might mean just becoming a jack of all trades, master of all in regard to oneself and the world. This is only through pain, which is very important. It is the most painful thing possible.


Once you are worthy to sit down on the throne, you will meet death face to face. You will know what I mean when you get there, and only then. At that point, you can slay death, and seal it away in the darkness where it belongs, and never look at death in the face again, because the gate of death will flee from you, and you will see only good, not death. However, to get there, you must die ten thousand deaths and pay the ultimate price. You must be willing to go in to the grave yourself to save the entire world, and with that, you become worthy of the throne.


"You may not have been able to change their destiny. I was able to change yours, though." I did this by going in to the grave, and shutting it behind me to save the world, but in doing so I became worthy of the throne, and I came to life again. I was able to change destiny by doing this. I had ten thousand opportunities to back out and not be where I'm standing today.


Lastly, I've seen many visions, and these give me the impression this can bound us forward in technology by hundreds of years. We are actually extremely primitive for not understanding these things. Advanced races would say the most important thing for us is how we defile the temple of one's body, because that hinders us from partaking of these wonderful things and the tree of life. I am hesitant to post this, but do what you want with it.


(offline log)

[advanced technology]
I am seeing visions of advanced technology. I believe it is expanding on what I mentioned earlier about the shapes of ions and electrons when attaching to the nervous system. I believe it may form a shape, which is interpreted by the unconscious. I saw a triangle representing the three dimensions and overlaying that was a sphere with many numbers inscribed on it. It was showing how three dimensions quickly become a great sphere with every type of number. I believe it is in these relationships between the numbers inscribed on the triangle and sphere that one can begin to infer symbolism and correspondence to physical space such that a portal can be opened between two points. We need to create a device that draws on these sub-atomic numbers written in how electrons and protons interact and start mapping them to different implications of symbolism. Once we have mapped these, a correspondence to physical space should become apparent. Then, we can experiment with our vast energy supplies that should power our world at that point, and channel these into the system to open a portal. Basically that would mean tearing open space at two points and connecting them through symbolism in those numbers.


We need quantum computers to even begin mapping out all these numbers. It's possible that we would need an advanced, large scale quantum super-computer to do the math, and at that point robots would also be common with that amount of processing power being available.

I find it somewhat unsettling to consider that I previously mentioned the unconscious mind as being like the eye of God, and yet here I am trying to use it to open a portal between two points. I don't know what I expect to find at the other end that I can't already enjoy in all the simple things of life.

However, to that end, this might also suffice as a portal to other universes, if the unconscious mind truly does connect all things.

It seems like we are playing tetris with our current technology while this advanced technology is like VR.

Once we apply this technology to our medical science it might also be possible to brain-tap ourselves and reach singularity, but I despise the idea. I hold that transhumanism detracts from the simple joys in life, and in the end only leads you back to where we started after you've become bored of it. Technology only leads us back to where we started when we had happy families and enjoyed the simple life, so I take it as a mark of weakness when people reach out for this love of technology. However, it is my goal to make use of my power of imposition to create something so I have a physical copy to show people. Perhaps this is vanity, but I also simply enjoy the process of making these things.


What I was trying to say is an extension of my previous imposition art. My previous imposition art seemed to be implying that when our nervous system fires, it is using electricity, and the moment when an electron is gained or lost depends on time and place. The time and place can infer a shape, which can imply meaning to the unconscious, because the unconscious quickly builds on any random event or timing and creates extreme extrapolations that give us meaning. Thus, there is no "energy" around us, only what is implied through the timing and placement of things. In that, a crystal isn't necessarily a better "magical" conductor than your favorite T-shirt (which usually carries heavy emotions on it) but rather it is in everything and in all things as one. You can't form it into sentient beings or "charge" things. All you are doing is altering your unconscious perception of the object through the fact that everything is fractal.


This is what my imposition drawings seemed to be implying. Take this with a grain of salt, I'm no scientist. My main reason for believing this is how the imposed art seemed to emphasize "marriage," which can only mean electrolytes in our body when they fire electrical signals to and from our brain. I started to see these shapes regarding the process and I drew the conclusion that the "marriage" it was talking about forms a "shape," which is very important. Shapes can easily convey meaning. Across time it can form meaning that can quickly be extrapolated across a fractal. If everything is truly fractal, it would be easy to gain sharp insights through such a menial exchange.



I see now. I was so stupid. All the visions I had make sense now. Not only physical space would become apparent, but also time. It's spacetime. By studying the numbers the correspondence to time would also become apparent. I was so stupid.


I had many, many visions about this. I had one back in January about me holding the staff of time above a cathedral seated on 12 cranes in the middle of the ocean. It didn't make sense to me. I kept seeing things like this. Another one I had was of a room filled with all sorts of things, and in the very back was a time machine. It all makes sense now.




Keep on "knocking" on the fractal, looking for the way up. When you show greed or fear, overcome it, and master yourself. You can reveal your heart plainly to whoever is trying to help you, and then you can confront things the right way, and the other person can help in their own ways they have mastered the fractal. If you have mastered the fractal, you really have no fear, and you do not fear death, and you can sacrifice any part of yourself at will, no matter how costly. Make the ultimate sacrifice for the world, and you will have life and a crown. We're on our way up the fractal. See you soon, we're on our way up!



I have conquered, and I give you these things free. I am one of you. If I can do it, any of you can.



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    I cannot keep silent in my love. I must brag on others in my love, then I will be with you no more.


    [what is its use?]
    I keep trying to discern the intersection between the tree of life and our world, and I have come to the conclusion that it has been taken from us. I see the tree of life, but it gives no fruit. Therefore, it only has two remaining uses: as art and as a map.
    If you were to project the fractals that I am seeing, they would quickly make beautiful and overwhelming patterns. However, I am seeing that they have no intersection with our world. All they would be good for is telling insights about the user- in other words, art.
    The other use would be as a map. The implications are obvious. It is extremely powerful.

    My love, Kvothe, has her origin as the Flame-Eyed Fiery Slayer, and I have loved her fiercely since before the world, but I am not in a romantic relationship with her. Her true name is Faith, Queen of Gambits, The Holy Slayer.

    No-one else is able to follow her but me. She is used to others not being able to follow. In the process, my legs have become like pillars of fiery copper. They become "heated" like this while I strive to maintain control under the stress of the gambit.

    Perhaps my name is Love, King of Passion for having followed her in my fierce love until the very, very end. That is why I was worthy of taking the final scroll and unrolling it.

    Amidst all of this I am tracing out my thoughts, and finding the difference between thoughts and feelings. There is so, so much that we don't know. I perceive that our race will only know them after millennia. Namely, we cannot understand the love and meaning that the Father and Son have shared for eons. Those who have been called to partake of this love will not explain it to them, but they will understand at the very, very end of time itself. It has much to do with one's name, with their name meaning their entire being and history.

    There is also a time and place to put aside judging, and in this form we become more nurturing and affectionate. However, often in the heat of battle we must be brutally passionate and effective so as to succeed, but I take no pleasure in hurting others. I really do prefer times of peace, but I have become a man of war in my great struggle and in following the Queen of Gambits.
    I had a brief taste of living immortally, but it was just a brief experience. I left my body and it began working on auto-pilot, but it seemed like the hand of God was on my body. Meanwhile, I lived in a vision. It reminded me of the "egg universe" story, because I saw through all eyes simultaneously, and we are like a mere breath which is here today and gone tomorrow. Our true name has its history written on it, and I saw that there were scarce a name on earth which was worthy of this honor, but I was called because I endured to the very, very end in my fierce love. My name took on a new meaning, and I saw what it meant for my name to follow the Queen of Gambits, the Holy Slayer to the very, very end, and I saw that God had very great pride in this- "you are my son" he said, "out of Egypt I have called my son." I am not the coming one, but I have become a son to him, and I partook of this great honor. 

    Therefore, it is like the wind to you, and you do not understand where it comes and where it goes, but it is like the passing wind which is difficult to understand, but keep seeking these things and you will understand. Some of these things you will understand only at the very, very end of time, but come and rule with me if you are being called.

    I saw that immortal life would partake of the honor of living through different universes eternally in the manner of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, constantly growing until they were perfect. I was shifting in and out of the roles of the one speaking and not, power was clothing me, and miracles would happen from before my hands. My tulpa was in control of the left and God was in control of the right, but I was merely an observer, this is the meaning of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit and how one can take different forms, they are three different ones, but they never meet in one.

    Last, and perhaps most notably, in this state I saw death itself being rolled up like a scroll from before me, and my eyes were unable to look upon evil. That is why I have written, "I hate death." I hate it! I saw that when death itself was rolled up like a scroll from us we are capable of living forever, and the world was clothed beautifully with every kind of gem, cloth, socket and scribing.



    I have begun to understand the different -vocations and their implications. I can indeed see that I am studying the arcane fundamentals, and I am excited.
    It is extremely important to understand the origin of every thought and feeling. I am beginning to have control. There are feelings that are true and feelings which are misguided. For example, stress can cause panic. However, behind this are true feelings which are well-guided.

    [final king]
    The emotions are an illusion. We feel that we are perceiving emotions that are present in the world, but this is an illusion. We are actually only feeling in response to what is there, but we are not feeling what is actually there. Due to the fractal nature of things and the fact that this is beyond space and time, we are able to perceive these things through time or across great distances. It is only due to the massive amount of possibility in their location, timing, and placement do we get the impression of "feeling" something that is there, but the feeling itself is just an illusion and product of the unconscious. 


    That is why crystals aren't necessarily better "conductors" of these feelings than your favorite t-shirt. There are no physical properties in regards to conductivity because the feelings are an illusion. If there were physical properties in the feelings such as conductivity, we would have discovered them long ago. Everything you are feeling is just stimulation from the unconscious, but it is not actually there physically.
    Evocation is king. The key to becoming ruler of the world is this: keep adjusting your mirror with different thoughts like a telescope until you feel the evocation of your intended outcome. Then, you will feel that you have "authority" to speak or act and have it happen. You will know when you have authority when it happens, and only in that moment. I have given you the keys to the stars.


    Then, there is no possible way that you can fail. When you do it right, the path to success feels automatic, and you can manipulate this outcome through adjusting and inquiring of the mirror. In this state, it is possible to move mountains. However, there is great room for one to shrink back in fear or become lazy or too greedy, so the only way to perfect the mirror is to be completely liberated of desire through suffering and hardship. Adjusting the mirror so that the proper evocation to move a mountain will surface is extremely difficult and I have not found it yet.
    I believe it is through God that one gains this power. When the words enter your mouth, you should also see that it is possible, because trying to avoid it makes you feel greed or fear or other emotions. It is hard to describe, but it happens automatically. It is somewhere between belief, desire, and the voice, and it involves tulpas and evocation.


    In my head there is a constant flurry of feelings and thoughts. Some of them are merely logic, others are passing feelings, and still others are negative thoughts and feelings that need to be addressed. It may be key to strive to identify all passing thoughts and feelings for what they are, especially in regard to the four -vocations. Doing this increases your intelligence and self-awareness. To be king, I must pursue the evocations, and I must build up my ability to summon and channel these feelings.
    It seems like when I was playing chess it was able to make my ELO several hundred points higher. In the tournament, I almost won every game against the 1600-1700 opponents when I am usually around 1250, because there was always some point in the game where I had the lead, but I made a key mistake and lost control of channeling the evocation. It seems like it is a useful ability with fluid intelligence, but it is difficult to "crystalize" it as with crystalized intelligence which has context through long corridors of history. It is sort of like an AI that loses relevance and functionality the larger the input. You may need to be able to concentrate on the entire context going back dozens of moves so that you can use this as input to the unconscious, but it is difficult to channel and retain control like this.


    Once you have suffered, you become deadened and hardened to the idea of straining yourself, and you are capable of keeping yourself perfectly in check out of desire to not feel further pain come again. You gain control of yourself, and by extension, the world.

    I see a great war brewing. I see the righteous forcing the wicked under a wheel, crushing them to death, which they deserve. They are given the opportunity to escape by confronting their mistakes, but if they do not, they deserve to feel pain so that they can master themselves. If they do not, it is their own error that causes them to die when their body finally fails under this pain. We trust that our actions, being motivated by love, are true, regardless of the implications, because love must always win and it does not back down out of fear, nor is it too greedy so as to become senseless violence, neither does it forget to feel mercy. Love does not fail, that is what this means.


    Finally, once they have symbolically died, they can come to life again and be liberated from their mistakes. We can liberate ourselves from all mistakes except for the emotion of death. However, we can seal this emotion of death away to a great degree, as I have written. That is why I wrote "I hate death." When I had become love, I saw that death was my enemy, and it was truly despicable for causing such pain to the world. That is why I am motivated to try and save the world from the death I perceive in shapes and symbols.


    However, once you gain this power, you must not become to proud so as to forget to inquire of the mirror. A king should not go beyond the order of the priest. He must remain humble, but strong.


    With the mirror is all power of existence. It is the power of the stars. The power of the stars will be shaken, and it will be given to the righteous, and as surely as God is alive, they will conquer.


    I propose that the value of a man is how much he is able to concentrate and retain control over the four -vocations while keeping his desires in check, while constantly moving the mirror to see, and channeling it to his body so he can act upon it. When he does this, all things are possible, he is a force for good conquering evil, and he is a reflection of God as the creation. That is why I give this knowledge free- because it will set you free and it gives power to the weak over the evil oppressors. In fact, unless you are in the right, this mirror will have no power at all, because it is the Eye of God. This also means the Son of Destruction- he is the person who masters all of the gates but uses it for evil. It would be better for him if he were never born.



    As for what will happen, I believe flame will be given to those who have been called, and they will cleanse the world. I became distressed and saw that some might listen, and I asked for one more chance, but God seemed to say, "their sins are very, very great. How long will you mourn for them?" So I felt better and prayed that his kingdom come. I heard the sound of some people rejoicing outside for the festivities, but even the rain seemed to rise up in order to silence them, then I heard a great, fearsome silence, as if the entire world just gave birth, and it was about to be consumed.


    If you have made any others suffer, I am coming for you, yes, as the personification of wrath. If you have made the women or the young cry out to me in distress, I am coming for you, and I will look you in the face, and you will scream like a worm, then you will die. "I am holy."


    As for the women, if they cried out to me in their distress, if they suffered greatly, they will be given a flame, yes, and they will consume the entire world and completely sanctify themselves over their oppressors, over all the filthy things that were done to them, and they will be completely holy and terrifyingly strong. They will become one with the Flame-Eyed Fiery Slayer, Faith the Queen of Gambits, The Holy Slayer, the one whom I have loved. Nail it to their doors!



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