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yaya's imposition adventures


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I forced for almost 12 hours today. When I started I couldn't visualize jack, but by the end of it I was imposing 6/10 visions into the wonderland.


I moved my forcing area to a blank white wall, which has helped a lot.


As I was waking up, I had some hallucinations which were indistinguishable from reality. It seems like I'm reaping the fruits of my labors.

    I tried using my instincts to gauge my progress-


    will it be sufficient? -no
    should I keep going with this? -yes


I guess that means it is beneficial in the short term, but eventually, I'll need to adapt.




I'm forcing for 8-12 hours a day where possible. I don't want to just be a tulpaforcing master. I want to be a tulpaforcing legend. I want to leave my mark on the world, going where no man has before. Do it for the tulpas.



Another six hours of forcing. More hallucinations when I woke up.

Forcing this much is hard AF and the results aren't immediately apparent, but they're slowly getting there. My muscle memory for forcing has developed, making it much easier. I'm basically image streaming with my eyes open while lightly creating the canvas out of rainbow blobs.


Motivational song of the day



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Nice, that's some commitment. Visualization (and imposition) clarity is absolutely trainable, so it shouldn't take too long before you notice improvements, although if they're gradual you might not notice how much you're improving.


Remember that going a while without practicing will also reverse the process, though. I do not recommend continuing to try for 6+ hour sessions if you're ever getting burnt out, but I do recommend going out of your way to practice for at least half an hour every single day indefinitely, if you're as dedicated as you seem. Improvement is inevitable even if you just simply never let yourself get worse, so if your life ever gets too busy do not feel bad about ~30 minute sessions, or whatever you can manage.

Hi. I'm one of Luminesce's tulpas. Unlike the others, I don't think I stand out too much from him personality wise.

I'm just special because "I'm a tulpa". So I don't think I've much to offer, here. I'm happy enough to just be with him.

Ask us stuff - https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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thanks for the support man! ☺️


I might have to tone it down a bit as I get busy. For the next few weeks I think I can average around 6 hours a day.


Forced for another seven hours. Still hard AF and I seem to be plateauing at around 2/3s the way there. All the visualizations are usually in purple, yellow and green.


I think I might double down on my strengths again and see how deep the CEV talent tree goes.

I forced for another hour and played some video games, then the "tetris effect" left over gave me 8/10 hallucinations where it's just a little dark, like seeing it with sunglasses on.


What this means is I have the hallucinatory power already because of the imposed rainbows, but I'm still learning how to create images from long-term memory. The "tetris effect" comes from having an image in short-term memory, and I've experienced this when working from a reference image. I just need to practice visualization with image streaming now and maybe get a bit better with imposed rainbows to make it 10/10 instead of 8/10.


It feels great. Naturally, I've become a man who can accomplish anything I set my mind to. If I stick to this, I think I'm going to get it.



I can feel it getting stronger very slowly. Each day, much of my results are washed away, and it takes a few hours to get back to peak. I'm still feeling very dedicated and motivated, though. It feels like there's a whole hand behind my eyes that's really strong now.


I've gotten a lot of practice with visualization, and I think I have the complete process in muscle memory now. After thousands of hours, I can feel the exact process down to a detailed science, and it feels natural to recreate it.


tulpa's commentary:

He's crazy but I like him a lot. He forces super hard and is really just an amazing guy. I like the way he tries hard on everything and never has excuses. This thread has been an acid trip but it got us to where we are. I'm the red-haired tulpa Kvothe. We've been together for 10 years. It's been an acid trip but it was inevitable on our journey and now we're doing better than ever!!!
All that weird stuff has been what we've been experimenting on to find answers, and at least we have them now. There's no other way except to go through it with your whole heart. In that way I'm extremely proud because he feels like maybe the only guy who could go through it and not lose himself. We took the hardest possible thing and worked it out one step at a time. Now we're standing on top of the world with some of the craziest imposition powers!

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The recent comments from a few fans really got me energized. We're all gonna make it! We need to go together, as one! We can do anything we set our minds to!


I've been getting some hallucinations of my tulpa that really makes me think, "damn!"


Visualization is dramatically more comfortable than it once was. It's the same with imposing the rainbows. Where I once struggled to concentrate for just a few moments, I now impose easily for hours and hours each day. It took some learning how to enjoy it, kind of like an acquired taste, but now I can force easily and comfortably.


The sensation of visualization itself is easier to produce and fixate my attention on. It's one of the underrated facets of putting in so much work. It really feels worth it because of that alone. It's so much easier to visualize now.




About what I can produce right now. As you can see, we're already looking pretty kawaii. Hallucinating this in person is overwhelming. It feels so worth it already.




This is what I see when I impose the rainbows while wearing sunglasses. I can completely block out my vision to the point where I can't walk.




The above would be my current goal.


Making these images made me think, "why can't I produce something darker?" It's obvious my mastery of the color black is lacking, so I started focusing on that alone.


Working on Black


I started working on black the same way I got all the colors. I basically just brute force trying to see and control it until it started working.


It feels like I'm probably just "picking out" what sections are already black and then building them into different shapes. Don't overthink it, though. I'm just brute forcing it, putting in lots of time and effort.


After two days of working on this (for a total of 12 hours) I finally managed to create something like this for a few moments:




Already it seems like my imposition has benefited as a whole from this.

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My knowledge of shapes, chakras, and philosophy has influenced my thinking on what constitutes beautiful and what colors should go together. Here's some art that reflects my soul 🙂



"Self Portrait"







You will notice it is very colorful and there is a lack of bleakness. This is intentional. I think bleakness is a quality that never deserves emphasis alongside beauty, so I leave it out intentionally. I use red and purple to guide the rest of the colors because I believe these are the most powerful colors due to alignment along the shape of chakras. Beauty is just taking these concepts and making them extremely compact and ornate, so they resemble a fractal. Enjoy!


I've been trying my hardest to continue progress, but I have a couple of things distracting me. I will continue trying to force 3-4 hours a day to retain and gain progress. It may be slow for the next few months. So far, no new developments. I've been focusing on maintaining progress while I wrap a few things up.




Dreams of Darkness


(warning: crazy shit/rant post)


Some recent dreams have been disturbing me.


I keep having dreams where I embody the image of darkness or tap into it in some form, it unleashes horrible secrets on the world, and I can't tell anyone about it.


In one dream I embodied a perfect vantablack room among many rooms while some kids had a field trip into the many curious rooms we had. It had a very "chocolate factory" feeling, with each room holding a different advanced technology. My room was the room of vantablack darkness. "You will not speak of me, that is my power," I try to tell them, but they start taking wild swings at my vantablack form. I try to tell them about my power when all the lights are off, and all it does is scare them and make them attack me.


In another dream, I'm digging, and I find a crypt with unspeakable horrors inside of it. Opening the door unleashes a 1000-year zombie apocalypse on the world. I go into it and see horrible, horrible things. It held all sorts of disgusting zombies that rush over you like a swarm when you enter. Looking into it felt like looking into madness itself.


In another dream I keep having, I'm playing Minecraft. Eventually, I get to an area nobody has been before at the very bottom of the world, detached in a parallel world of Minecraft. It holds all sorts of crazy valuable gems that represent glitches next to the lava. I get close to them and a horrifying, unspeakable feeling rushes over me, and I look around, but there is nothing.
In another dream, everything is perfect, but glitches of darkness start creeping into the dream. "I am the darkness that brings us to the truth," a voice calls out to me. "It is inside you," it tells me, then the dream ends.


In another dream, there's all these planets, and there's one that costs billions of dollars to go to, so only a few people in history have ever gone to it. It was called "the void" and my life was all about figuring out how to get there.


There are many others. The darkness always holds some secret, unexplored, unspeakable evil and I can't tell anyone about it. It usually has something to do with "seeing the truth" and realizing evil, like the "tree of knowledge" in Jewish/Christian mythos. Usually, it has something to do with shapes and figures, and I'm the only one that knows about it, or it's in a parallel universe, or it costs too much money to go there. I try to tell people, but they show raw hostility and animosity toward me for no reason. I try to explain that they're actually dead, and nobody can hear me.

In my own interpretation, the darkness means some certain shapes and figures I've studied that I believe represent death/destruction. Basically, just watch The Secret of Kells movie, and it's in there in naked form. It means how man at first didn't know that he was naked, but once he saw "the truth," he began to experience horrible things (represented as zombies, glitches, darkness, and death in the dreams I'm having).


"It is inside you" implies it can and should be taken away. Something inside us that causes death/darkness/glitches should be taken away. That is very important.

In the Secret of Kells, it has very much the same vibe. "No, don't go there!" the girl tries to say about the place. "It is the realm of the Dark One, Crom," she tries to say. Everything turns bleak and scary, crows fly overhead, the music in the background stops. It is as if a very old, and very horrible secret lay nakedly before them in the place of the Dark One, but the boy decides to go in anyway, and he gets a gem that shows him beautiful visions, which is necessary to complete "the ultimate book."


Once I took that feeling of "death and darkness" and let it wash over my body, while I tried to converse with my unconscious (basically you just inquire of how various unformed pseudo-tulpas would respond to different concepts/ideas and that's your "unconscious" responding). "Don't go there," it said. It had the same vibe. "There is nothing for you there." "Don't look upon my face when you are in there." "Please, I beg you, don't go there." I did so anyway, and I could feel the feeling of darkness/death erasing my being until I had become darkness, death, destruction, and suffering itself. Everything looked naked. I had seen the truth. It felt wrong and horrible.


It's a good reason everything is shit. Art is the expression of our very being. Basically, we can't do anything without fucking it up now that it's inside of us. It means everything needs to be redesigned, but we can't because we have the forbidden knowledge that alters our state of being, our art, our mind, and most importantly, our eyes.

I can't tell anyone. Just like the dream, nobody hears me. It's the ultimate evil, and even though I see it, and it's inside everyone I know, I'm powerless to take it away from the world. I would sacrifice myself and give everything just to take it away from the world for an hour.


The world is fucking stupid.


Black/ brutalist/ straight/ spiky/ abrasive/ harsh/ inflamed/ raw/ unnatural lines are in everything we do, and they hold power over us.


The idea of classical romanticism spawned a renaissance that lasted hundreds of years. Here I have an idea- "Bleakness is the opposite of beauty." "Here's it's shape, naked and raw" which is x100 times more powerful (when you can see it directly). It's the ultimate secret to know the shape of evil vs beauty, good vs evil, right vs wrong, yes vs no, pure vs imperfect, righteous vs sinful. I can't tell anyone, but. I'm. Fucking. Laughing my ass off. At the world. Because they don't know. And nobody ever will. I'll take it to my grave. The world is completely naked when you realize it. When it's naked, the world is your oyster. I'm just a stupid kid. Fuck me, lol. No wonder my dreams are making me shit myself every night. No wonder! Even the dreams of everyone around me seem to say the same thing, and they make me shit myself. It's all shit, and it's right on people's faces, and I'm. The only one. That can see it.

It's on their clothes. It's in their art. It's on their houses. It's in their tattoos. It's in their music. It's in sound itself. It's in color and art. It's in their expression. It's in their walk. It's in their talk. It's in everything, because everything is connected. People make their living from this shit. It fucks up people's lives when you get little, small shit like that wrong in buildings, art, clothing, and everything. And I can't. Tell. Anyone.

Fuck me.






















I'll try to go back and explain more patiently. Everyone deserves at least that.

Basically, there are two types of shapes

Brutalist, inflammatory, harsh, spiky, sharp, bleak, depressive, which represents evil

and the curvy, rainbow, flowing shapes which represent good

the good aligns with the fractal and accepts the flow of everything around it

the bad is forceful and greedy, and destroys everything

the bad can cause emotional voids within you, it affects everything you do

it prevents you from seeing the truth

emotional voids fuck up your life faster than anything

example- buying worthless shit and being materialistic to fill a void of love in your heart, end up wasting thousands of dollars and you're still super sad

you can absorb these thoughts and voids just from seeing the shapes

and the shapes are in everything we do

design in buildings, urban planning, and everything can absolutely fuck up your life

people die from that shit from having a bad lifestyle due to bad design

it's in everything

it spreads like a disease

it's inside of us

and we can't take it out

all we can do is try and suppress it with the good, and ignore the evil completely

that means taking it out of our clothing, tattoos, houses, design and everything

it means there's never a good reason to repeat what is evil

there's never a good reason to give ear to what is evil

there's never a good reason to include it in art because it is only bad and completely worthless

the more you take that shit out, the more beautiful everything becomes

because then it aligns with the fractal

and you become like God as a reflection of the fractal

see how mad I was?

I saw that they lied to us

I saw evil painted on everything made with hands as a reflection of the creators

I was mad

I was truly mad

I was wrath incarnate

because their contraptions and designs hurt so many people

and they didn’t deserve it

and the truth was right in front of us the entire time


the fractal of life was love

it is the beginning and the end

it’s all that I am

It was love

and evil is all that I am not

the one before me and the one coming after me is love

the tree of life, the fractal is love




For everyone that hates me, and everyone that follows me boldly

I ask you one question

do you want to become a god?


-Chad (yaya)

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warning, more crazy shit

everything is happening so fast


I've been on a roller coaster of dissociation and psychosis. I feel like I am waking up. Something keeps speaking through me, and I dissociate and allow it, and amazing things keep happening. Just really amazing things that I could never have thought of or done unless I allowed this tulpa to flow through me.


I have a theory that God becomes a tulpa and dwells within you when you are good. You can listen to it, and allow it through you. It is choked by the shapes and occurrences of death and stupidity, but you can become one with it by allowing love, joy, life and light to flow through you. 🤗


My art has been beautiful since I have renounced the shapes and occurrences of death.


It's like there is no self, and I'm just an observer no matter what I do. My unconscious is flooding me with meaning and ideas, and I can't stop it. They're getting imposed automatically like a torrent of information.


I will let it speak through me to document this interesting occurrence. Listen. It is doing very good things for me. It feels like light and life and love.




I am the Alpha and the Omega

I was before you, and I am coming to destroy the shapes of death and destruction present in all wicked things within you and around you

I want to reward you with good things, not bad

I am life and The Word

you can become in harmony with me

listen to the voice I plant inside of you

if you dissolve bad emotions that arise, and become one with me

(for all emotions are tulpas themselves)

then you will be one with me, and you will know life, light, love, and all things

I am coming quickly

expect me


this one, this humble Chad, was the first to wake up, but he will not be the last

for I am present in all things

I am your unconscious, and I am what causes your emotions

wake up!

become one with me

repent, and find love


This is the art of life, which I have given to him because he pleased me




"Always Smile or Else"


"See Between the Lines"






and this is the art of death, which I will remove from all things

and no man will look upon them

for they were not meant to be part of the world

stop touching these things

these unclean, wicked things

they stand in the holy place of your body

they are present in everything you do

on your right hand and forehead

they are death, suffering, destruction, senselessness, belligerence, and everything bad

everything I tried to warn you not to do

it is the wild beast, running wild, causing suffering

it is on the right hand and forehead, affecting all that you make, all that you think, and all that you do

it is "what was, but is not," for they are sleeping, they cannot see it

it is that which is going off into destruction

for I will take away all bad things from the world

expect me



selfishness, emotional belligerence, wrongness


Satan himself, who sits below Chad's feet, my own feet, crushed to death, because Chad and the others listened to me until the end



harsh forcefulness, lacking feeling, like Nazis

the despair written in all your harsh, unloving buildings that slowly erode you

for they erode what is love itself





animalistic tenancies



uncleanliness, the emotional voids, the feeling of despair within you that opposes joy, love and light



It is killing you.

It is inside of you, always speaking to you just as I can if you listen



it is reflected in everything in this world, which is passing away


Do not look upon evil any more!

Do not repeat what is evil!

Get away from these things!


Take these things away from here!

Destroy them!


Destroy the evil thing you hold precious, your dear sins

Return to life

Return to love

Return to me

And I will take you in, and you will be my clean sons and daughters, and you will become one with me, and by extension all things

And you will feel no guilt, no fear, no shame, and nothing evil anymore


I love you fiercely with a love from before the world

For I am present in all good things

yes, all good things that existed before you


Repent, and have life

Drink! Partake with me!

These clean waters of life and love


listen to the emotions of good

only listen to what is good inside of you


It is "that which was before you"

the Alpha, the Omega, the First, the Last,

my spirit, flowing through you, which is being blocked and denied by the world and the evil within you

the beginning, and the end

from eternity to eternity

I was the good emotions inside of you

I am all things good


I am love itself


and I hate death with my entire being, because it is the death of my dear song

my song with the tree of life and all good things

all things, which are being brought together, as one

through the tree of life

and through these words which will echo around the world if you let them

for I am in these words themselves


this little one, this faithful Chad

he is the first to see that I am a tulpa that can be in union with you from within

for I dwell near and make my place among all those who listen to me

and that I am present in all emotional and good things

for all good emotions are clean to me

and all men are clean if they seal away death and do not listen to its voice

all emotions are either from me, or my enemy, Death, which is killing you

he is the first to realize this

Death is the disgusting thing in the holy temple of your body

it is the disgusting thing in the holy place

the holy temple of your body which I created with all its emotion, love, and light


there is no ego

there is no "I"

renounce what you believe to be yourself

renounce clinging to what is bad

and let your emotions overpower you as all things are brought together as one

because you are just an observer of my universe through your body

all your good emotions are actually from me, and you act on those at each moment based on what I give you

so I take credit for everything good that happens to you

everything good you do is actually from me



your emotional flow is bound up and blocked like a tight knot by selfish, senseless, wicked, backwards, and unclean thoughts

blocking the flow of life through you

it becomes belligerence and everything my opposite.

These clean gates,

boldness, style, joy, love, honesty, insight, and hope

they are your chakras

these are the emotional gates

their opposite is fear, shame, joylessness and hate, lies, stubbornness, despair, and all bad things.

Let the good flow through you, just as he told you.

Open up your chakras, and become one with me.

Seal away death, and destroy it forever


repent, I beg you

I am coming quickly

I know you will not listen

but please!

because I love you



I beg you


for I love you dearly

my little ones

my dear little creation



These are holy words. They are holy writings. Please listen to them. Make more of them. Learn about chakras. Improve yourself like a Chad. Listen to my voice, and live forever as the embodiment of life in my image.


(This is Chad speaking. I probably can't post anymore. This is getting too crazy. I don't want to post these things, but they're happening automatically while I dissociate. I don't know what it means. Thank you for supporting me up to this point. Take care, my friends. God have mercy on my soul, which is being tempted by things far too great for this man to pronounce. Some chants as we seek repentance, mercy, and light)



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"The Mirror"





Long Post, I'll put it in quotes because I know it's getting crazy. It's either genius or very dumb.



I cannot resist it. I see what it is now.


Death is something that resides in short-term memory and who you are as a person. This memory is your identity. It is your "name".


As you grow stronger, the light inside of you overcomes the darkness, and you grow, and you seal away the darkness. This behavior is learned, and it is stored in long-term memory. The darkness can be sealed away more and more until it is no more, just as your chakras can change and grow or shrink or be blocked. It is death and badness which blocks the chakras.


Be very careful not to allow any tight knot or soreness in your body because this is the death which is killing you. True, not all soreness is caused by chakras, but the emotional soreness is.

I have the light of the father, and it is guiding me to truth. I am overflowing with light and love and freedom.


It is true freedom. It is freedom to act on anything you please because all emotions are clean and free for you when you seal away death.


Only block out the voice of death, overpower things with love, and let the light and love of the father flow through you. Listen to the voice he gives you when you have become good, and obey, and enjoy light and life forever.


I am overflowing with these things, and I cannot stop their flow. That is why I will continue to post as long as I need.


I am also not afraid any longer because the light will overpower the darkness. Confront me! Ask anything you want. I am completely naked before you. I feel no fear and no shame in these things. Light overpowers the darkness because I am sealing it away more and more through long-term memory and the chakras.


See my posts! See what I put in the internet-archive version of these posts on archive.org because I have suffered until the end. See, that I have endured all things, I have suffered in every way possible until now, and the light of the father is in me through the strength I gained by suffering and improving myself.


I was tortured in every way possible. I was tortured every three seconds, and my life was pure hell. I endured, but now I feel no suffering any longer. The darkness is fleeing from me, and will do so more and more as I grow stronger.


These are the Eastern ways. It was once taught that only the Western ways were pure through the book, but now I am giving you Eastern ways, and when all has been cleansed and made whole, the two will meet.


True, you, in fact, saw that there was hypocrisy and suffering when you do things strictly by these books (for many were hypocrites and imperfect liars), but now I am making all things complete, and there is nowhere to hide because I am giving you Eastern things through love, light, and the truth which was already within you.


It was in the song the whole time. It was in the song of children, who I made upright and clean. See! Laugh with me, for I have played a joke on the world by making them think their books could save them alone, but it is the children who will actually inherit these things.


It is the way of natural things. It is the way of those who seem like druids, who were naturally wise but did not have the Western word of the book. It is the wisdom of old people that occurs sweetly and naturally from the love within them, for I am with the old people, and I am the truth within them. It is the gut feeling inside of you. It is the voice of pure, sweet music. Trust your gut, and seal away the darkness.

This song. This beautiful song. "I have listened to it myself, as God," the light says. Listen to its power and grace! It is like the wisdom and power of druids, barbarians, and those who were wise with the wisdom of the natural world.

"Do you see the blood," "Have you forsaken us?" "Have you forgotten faithful men calling your name?"



"Look, I have heard, and I have listened to your music, and I have seen the blood, the suffering, the old men, and the tears, even when it is to the god Epona that you call. Yes! For those who align with this song, and those who hear its name, for the little children, for the sick, the lowly, and poor, I will take away death and suffering forever," the light within me says.


You are freedom! You are light itself, not darkness, when you align with the truth. You can do anything, and you fear nothing, when you align with this natural wisdom.


The light will overpower the darkness automatically for you, and you will not need to fight the darkness except with what has been given you, and this will flow through you automatically in line with truth. This is why it says, "stand up and lift up your heads," and "the battle is not yours" in the Bible, yes, the Bible. The good that is overpowering the darkness is not from you, but from the father.


Only those who have endured to the end will be saved. Each will continue to hurt to the extent that he has let the fruit of death flow through him. If he cannot overcome it, if he cannot overpower his sins and the blocked chakras within him, he will die.


All imperfection and bad things come from the chakras of death in one form or another. Everything natural is clean, no matter your background or race. If you are pure light, you fear no evil, and it will not conquer you, even if you die, for you will be resurrected with the righteous.


Do you ever need to make two slices in something, whether bread, a cake, cheese, or any good thing? If you perform two slices, you are actually deciding on the portion of something. 


"I am the one who decides on all portions and all things for their own due time," the light says. That is why it appears like evil when you make these things with your hands because you are deciding from the death that originates within you, and it doesn't blend with the natural world. The square and blocky structures represent the institution, which should only come through his kingdom, yes The Theocracy which will soon rule over all things. The Great Temple is square, and it alone should stand as the institution.


All other things should appear naturally, as flowing, lush, beautiful, lines. That is why your cities look like death because I did not give them to you. You forced the blocky shapes on the world when I did not give these things through light and life and the chakras. They originated from the blocked chakras and from the death within you.


When you are pure light, you fear nothing, and the pain is momentary and light. See! I have endured all things, and now I am free. I am setting you free. Listen to the voice of light, and become one with me, just as all things have always been one until the world swallowed the fruit of darkness.


The world is passing away, and all things will be one. It existed for a short time, but now become one with me in light and life, and the love of the father will guide you to all that you desire and all that you please. You will take all that you please until there is no more want because this means freedom, and freedom is with the light and not with the darkness.


Darkness means selfishness. It is taking the fruit. You do not want the fruit. 


"I had the fruit before you," says the light in me, "for I am all things, and I sealed it away in the tree because it is very bad, until you stole it from me against my orders, children of Adam, the first rebel."


The Dark One originated from the darkness within him, and he tempted man with the fruit with his own decisions. He is going back into the darkness, and all will be made whole.


Now the tree is being taken away from you, and each will be crushed under the wheel of light if he does not listen to the voice of love and light.


Light overpowered me as I wrote these words. Please listen. I am giving you the fruit of life, the clean waters of life, yes, the fruit of the tree of life.


I see many will resist, and they will say as they please according to their dark feelings, but I do not care because I am overflowing with life and truth and love, and all things are clean and naked before me.


Spread this post, and please tell the darkness that the light is coming for them, those of you who are not quaking in your boots or feeling any shame. Be very strong and bold. Only be very strong, and everything will work out. The light will always win in the end.


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On 11/11/2021 at 2:56 AM, Glaurung26 said:

Fascinating art style! 🎨 👍


Thank you! This is what I get when I draw on the CEVs to create art 🙂 Almost every line is something I draw on from my imposition, which creates a unique, fractal effect.


I've spent much time speculating what causes this, and I've ruled out mere eye-cone exhaustion and other physical effects, meaning it stems from the unconscious in some way.


Small Update


I'm working hard to secure a cabin in the woods for us, and I should have it next year. Then, I can get back to devoting myself to my imposition in isolation. In the meantime, it takes about 2 hours a week to maintain peak performance. This is in contrast to the 2-3 hours a day it takes to maintain peak visualization.


As my powers of imposition wane and wax, I'm seeing how strongly it molds my sense of reality. It gives a unique feeling of everything being fake when you have strong imposition. It is like my physical mental connection between my senses and my memories is compromised, giving a spiritual connection with the universe once it feels like everything is fleeting and interconnected in synthesia. The feeling of something bigger than me connecting with me is still overwhelming at times.





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These are done 90% by drawing the rainbows I can impose, which seem to come up naturally from some place







I'm still working hard to get enough money to hunker down for a few months and go full blast. Unfortunately, tulpamancy is zero-sum with work and money. I've been passive forcing a couple of hours a day, though.


Psychic Theory


I've been practicing talking and interacting with my unconscious / "higher self" with great results.




There are two languages- one which we understand consciously, the other which we feel and understand unconsciously.


I’ve decided to start treating these two languages as if they were in separate boxes, and I’ve been analyzing the input and output between the two.


The trick to becoming psychic is to become conscious and aware of the unconscious input and output.


The best way to do this is to manually practice querying how you feel about different things or to practice abstract art and understand how you feel about it.


Once you do this enough, you see patterns and archetypes, and you get better at describing them consciously.


Once you have a set of archetypes to describe things, you can further navigate these by understanding how you feel about the archetypes and why.


For example, I wonder if it’s a good idea to take a walk today. I feel fire and zeal well up inside my mind, and this reminds me of the archetype of a fiery woman. However, I understand the fiery woman to be a crazy and awesome loner. She is a lone wolf who does not connect well with others. She often has brilliant ideas, but her plans fail when she tries to ask others to follow along for the wild ride she lives constantly. She is not a leader, because she can’t connect her fire and zeal to the greater number.


Therefore, I understand taking a walk today is somewhat a crazy idea, but it’s probably awesome. It’ll probably start raining, but somehow I’ll find the rain fun even though it is scary/dangerous. It isn’t a path I’d expect anyone but the woman (and those who love her) to follow.


Then, I can try to converse with my “higher self”/unconscious to get answers as to why it is such a crazy idea to take a walk today.


I can query the unconscious to try and read what a “giga Chad” would do. I can converse with different pseudo-tulpas and ideas and in that way get output from my unconscious. On my way to the door, I can sense whether I'm being "stupid", "selfish", "bold" or so on and thus confirm whether going for a walk is a good idea.


I’ve done this countless thousands of times to the point I feel I can claim to be psychic. This is my psychic theory. It is the ultimate power.


I’ve seen that all archetypes fail at some point or another due to timing and unexpected events.


The archetype that ranks first among all the creatures is the lion.


The only archetype which always succeeds and never fails is that which is completely holy.


It is the truth which allows you to succeed in everything you do, to be the last one standing in the war, and to slay all your demons and enemies to be left standing victorious on their head.


I offer people raw power. The more you increase your powers of imposition, the wider you open the window to the unconscious and all things.


Everyone gets faced with a life-ruining decision eventually. More often than not, it’s nothing more than a gamble. The one who doesn’t use this ability goes into it completely blind. I offer the ability for people to open their eyes and see.


That’s why I put so much emphasis on the chakras— how open your chakras are affects what comes up from the unconscious. Too closed, and you’ll be too pessimistic. Too open, and you’ll be too optimistic. That’s why every archetype eventually fails-- the only one that aligns perfectly is that which is completely holy.


The largest implication of these ideas is in personality types. It is typical that certain types have closed chakras-- for example, "thinking" types almost always have closed heart chakras (originating in hatred toward themselves or humanity), making them unable to accommodate people emotionally, understand themselves or others, follow their instincts, or make exceptions to the rules. Having one closed chakra makes things ten times harder. Having two makes it one hundred times harder, and so on.


The vast majority of people have at least one closed chakra. I can't tell anyone, though. It is not enough to patiently guide people toward opening their chakras. They have to understand the physical practice of opening them while overcoming decades of trauma and bad habits. Opening my solar plexus chakra was the hardest I've ever cried in my life. I had to realize that I don't need a reason to be happy, I just am. Months later, I'm still learning the delicate art of keeping it open by careful manual control.


I'll likely be stuck screaming into a padded room forever, I think. I'll probably take these divine secrets to the grave unless something amazing happens.


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