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yaya's imposition adventures


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On 9/26/2022 at 4:44 PM, fleb said:

This is an interesting thread,


Would you be able to give any advice for someone just starting out? Do you remember what steps you followed to start seeing colors with your eyes closed?

When I close my eyes I am able to see static and also moving patterns after some time, but they seem to be shades of black and white- I don't really have much control of the patterns or change colors

Hi fleb, sorry for the late reply. When I first started out, I remember only being able to see purple blobs with my eyes closed with a lot of effort. When I first started, just like everybody else, all I could see is a slight static with my eyes closed. Eventually, I practiced enough that I could "condense" the colors into a concentrated point, and from there it would sort of "pulse" and condense over and over again, growing stronger and larger. Eventually, I started seeing green blobs too. After much more practice, I started seeing blue and then yellow and red.


After enough practice, it sort of starts to feel like having an extra hand, and that's why it's so hard to describe. My main advice to those starting out would be to practice practice practice. Do everything you can to increase your willpower so that you can devote more time practicing. That might mean working out, doing cardio, taking cold showers, or whatever else develops your willpower. Willpower is like a muscle that has to be trained. Everyone starts somewhere, but with enough determination anyone can achieve anything.


When it comes time to practice, start out small and work your way up. It might only be five minutes at a time, but eventually you can work your way up to 40-50 minutes which I've found is the sweet spot. Take 5-10 minute breaks in between sessions, even if you only worked five minutes when starting. Motivate yourself with whatever you need- it could be playing video games or eating food or anything else on your breaks.


All of the above advice is to increase your ability to practice practice practice. Its important not to get carried away with too much experimentation or emphasis on technique, because practice is what matters the most. In my early days I found myself researching endlessly but never practicing enough. The only advice I would give for experimentation or technical ability would be to make sure your light level is appropriate for your skill. That means starting out with your eyes closed and slowly working your way up to light areas. Also its important that your background is a large, white area so that you can see the patterns more easily. After enough practice, forcing somehow starts to become enjoyable, but I would put that figure at about 300-500 hours, but once you get there it's totally worth it because then you may find yourself forcing passively because its enjoyable. Unlike other methods, the CEVs tend to stick around for quite a bit, so they'll be with you pretty much forever as long as you force about an hour a week.


The method itself is very much a form of pattern recognition. By that, I mean you're basically just searching out the patterns amid the noise, and once you recognize them they grow stronger. Basically all you have to do is observe the patterns amid the static and noise of your closed eyelids, and they grow stronger automatically just from looking at them. After enough of that, you realize the feeling in your eyes that actually causes these reactions to take place, and its like gaining a new hand. Recognizing the patterns and thinking about them is the hand that controls the CEVs.



Personal Life


I spent about three weeks building a bot to make money, and now I have a bot that can run 72 social media accounts across 6+1 servers across 4 platforms, and I'm about 30% sure that it will succeed, but I have an idea for a new bot that I'm about 70% sure of, so I'll probably be busy making that in the near term. I also have a disability application that's almost done, if that works out for me I should have a window of a good year or two that I can focus on mainly tulpa forcing.


Self Development

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my very obvious mistakes and I've grown a lot over the past few months. I'm trying to be more self-aware, modest, humble and less of an unhinged narcissist. I've had quite a few dreams accusing me of that, but at least I've grown from it. It's been a great opportunity to confront my personality weaknesses and refine my ideas through the marketplace of ideas.


I feel a new context is due for my unhinged ideas from this growth. I believe now that much of the craziness was due to the insane stimulation I was putting my mind through. I think exercising the visual parts of my mind led to episodes of psychosis due to seeing everything with increased significance to the point of an overstimulation that was sometimes not based on reality. However, I can also see that it was somewhat grounded in truth. I don't blame myself too much for going through those pains. It was a necessary stepping stone in this land of pioneers and the unknown, even if the stone made me slip and hurt myself.



Spiritual Ideas


The idea I was most zealous for that I most wanted to convey pertains to how everything is connected between the visual and the spiritual. Basically I've seen that every form we see has spiritual significance due to the way our brain works. Everything we see externally provides a context for input to the brain. By spiritual significance, I mean that everything we see gets juxtaposed on our spiritual body, and the effect also works in reverse, especially when making art. For example, seeing a cup with a wide mid-section makes us feel something in the mid-section of our own body. Seeing a cup that is top-heavy (like a wine glass) makes us think of our own body being top-heavy. The observed and the observer are essentially one. When the cup is wide in the middle or top heavy makes us think of our own body, and by extension, our chakras that pertain to those areas.


That one simple idea changes everything. I would compare it to waking up for the first time. The craziness in this thread really is a product of my zeal for that idea. This thread documents me slowly going more and more insane as I try and fail to convey the ideas I'm zealous for. Why is it so significant?


The idea works in reverse. If you focus on an idea, that idea expresses itself through the work of your hands. If you focus on love, you create love. If you are creating love, you'll most likely create forms that are heavy in the mid-section or the heart area. Geometrically, everything is connected.


What really makes this idea volatile is that now everything is made possible. If you want to be a giga-chad, just think, "what would a giga-chad do?" If you want to be a great scientist, think "what would a great scientist do?"


The only limitation is that the output you receive from this method is limited to what you consciously know. You can't translate the raw emotions into novel ideas, for example. I plan to experiment on this by using audio imposition, though. Novel ideas are ideas that you wouldn't have thought of due to not having the proper training or language to understand them. For example, thinking "what would a great scientist do?" can't give you the secret to fusion energy, because its limited to how much you can translate these emotions into conscious thoughts. Without the training in fusion energy, your emotions are useless when channeling the great scientist archetype. You need a conscious language that is mapped to your unconscious emotions in the form of physics training.


That's what our brain does. It translates emotions into conscious thoughts and language. It is a neural network that translates emotions into language.


What makes this idea even more volatile is now you can become aware of everything that goes as input to your brain. It is like waking up for the first time. What you see visually is provided as input. Essentially, now the entire world lays naked before you, because you see it as shaping what your very thoughts are, and by extension, you can judge what the world is, because the output of the brain is trustworthy. Suddenly, every thought that you believed to be coincidence is now something you have control over. You can actually feel an idea persist in short-term memory as it provides context to the world around you.


This was the basis for my psychic theory. If you have control over the input-output, now you can judge the true nature of the world by utilizing this method. Basically, you hold two ideas in your brain, and you see how they interact. It is the language of dreams. I reckon that all dreams have a foundation in shared symbolism between people due to the nature of this input-output mechanism because the output is always trustworthy.


I have my own theory for why the output is trustworthy, but this is where it gets really unhinged. Basically I think it could be that the unconscious can transcend space and therefore time, or spacetime. The unconscious is what links everything together as a waking dream. Its something like every point in the universe is observing itself, and we ourselves are one of those points through our spirit and what makes us sentient as humans and as tulpas. This is basically how sentience itself coexists with the universe in that we are likewise existing out of nothing alongside it. It is the separation of time and not-time. The physical universe is the reflection of a mere idea in our unconscious mind, each point and vector representing a different thought, and in reverse, every thought has a physical form that represents it.


When I saw this, I couldn't stop laughing. We think we are so smart, yet here we are standing naked with our eyes closed, and the truth was naked right in front of us the whole time. It is a joke on a cosmic scale, perhaps the grandest joke of all time, played out one trillion times right in front of our eyes.

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On 10/8/2021 at 10:51 PM, yaya said:

My muscle memory for forcing has developed, making it much easier. I'm basically image streaming with my eyes open while lightly creating the canvas out of rainbow blobs.



When you started image streaming did you focus on your minds eye (back of head) or on the blank canvas (eye lids) where you would look for imposition? Also when you image stream did you try to create images and then describe them if you weren't getting any images to come to you?


I've been doing image streaming for a little while and im still struggling to get images to come to me on the canvas when describing them, sometimes they come when im almost asleep but not really when describing

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On 1/4/2023 at 4:02 PM, Atman said:

When you started image streaming did you focus on your minds eye (back of head) or on the blank canvas (eye lids) where you would look for imposition? Also when you image stream did you try to create images and then describe them if you weren't getting any images to come to you?


I've been doing image streaming for a little while and im still struggling to get images to come to me on the canvas when describing them, sometimes they come when im almost asleep but not really when describing


In this technique I was doing both. I have a good muscle memory for creating the canvas, so I don't need to think about it while image streaming. Creating the canvas feels somewhere between squinting, "emitting" something from my eyes, and blurring my vision, and it creates rainbow blobs, which formulate into images when I control them. It is similar to trying to see auras, and is likely the same underlying mechanic. When image streaming, usually I simply imagine images as fast as I can without describing them because I find the describing part hard (kind of cheating), but describing is definitely the best way to do it if you can because it locks your attention onto the details, and the details automatically get more refined when you do that. All you have to do is fixate your attention on the details, and they will improve. It's also all about time and practice. You may need to start out working on 5 minute increments before taking a nice break, then work your way up to 30-50 minute increments. Starting out is definitely the hardest part, but it gets much easier as you go along.


You might be a more bottom-to-top style like me, which is why you have trouble image streaming. Fair warning, this style is much more strenuous and requires more willpower, but it bypasses the need to have a good skill at meditating and imagining, which go hand-in-hand. With the bottom-to-top style method as I call it, you focus on creating the rainbow blobs until you can formulate them into a large canvas, then once you've mastered it enough to feel happy, you start forming these into images. This step is hard to describe, it's almost like gaining an extra hand, but once you get to that point it should make sense and feel right.


Currently I'm focusing on getting established financially to allow a year or two of solid forcing (and should be done with this soon) but once I'm done and I revisit forcing, I'm going to go back and focus on molding the blobs into images like I said a few posts ago. I don't like working on imposition (aside from daily passive forcing) until I can devote 100% of my strength and time to the task of forcing. Being split between work and forcing is simply too difficult to achieve the holy grail of imposition.


I think it may have been a distraction for me to focus on visualization and image streaming at all, but to each their own. Still, it's very good to practice and get well-rounded so you understand your head completely. Now I understand and can feel the thoughts arising in my head from the formulation of concepts to the point they impose over my eyes, which is very useful for forcing, but also has life-changing implications.


I got the most vivid images with the fastest progress when I was formulating the blobs into images like I said rather than working through visualization and image streaming. I strayed from this method of forming the blobs into images because the images seemed to take on a life of their own, and I found it distracting, but I'm going to try and overcome that.









obligatory art dump




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Hey Yaya thanks so much for getting back to me!

A question: how would you describe going about creating rainbow blobs or getting them to emit color? I can get 1 blob thats super tiny but if I focus into it I can see miniature pictures like Patrick Star and Squidward. But its super far away and I can't get it to emit colors or do anything except what it wants


So what would be your advice on kickstarting blobs and taking control

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On 1/15/2023 at 10:42 AM, Atman said:

Hey Yaya thanks so much for getting back to me!

A question: how would you describe going about creating rainbow blobs or getting them to emit color? I can get 1 blob thats super tiny but if I focus into it I can see miniature pictures like Patrick Star and Squidward. But its super far away and I can't get it to emit colors or do anything except what it wants


So what would be your advice on kickstarting blobs and taking control


Sorry I missed your question until now, we've been super busy


It sounds like you're doing great so far. I also started with just a single color. In the first few sessions, I had trouble even getting even a single color to form, but after much trial and error, eventually I figured out how to condense and strengthen purple blobs by straining myself with a particular feeling that's hard to describe. I would just focus on strengthening individual colors first. After purple I got green, then blue and all the other colors with tons of effort and trial-and-error. I just focused on condensing and strengthening each color individually. They start out as maybe just a few pixels, but get bigger and bigger the more you focus on them. Then, you can lock on to the feeling that creates these blobs. Each color started out very small and transient but got bigger and stronger. I would try to condense the colors down to a smaller, more dense form that was brighter and more vivid. Eventually, the size and vividness grew until I had mastered each color and I could create very large, vivid and opaque individual colors on the back of my eyelids in the dark. I moved on to creating them on a white wall in semi-dark conditions, then I increased the brightness and so on. Just focus on individual colors for now. I moved on to each color, and after being able to do all seven colors of the rainbow, I tried creating an actual rainbow about the size of a business card.


It's hard to describe how the blobs do what you want. It's like gaining a new hand. You simply think of what you and the blobs follow. After some practice, you see and feel that your thoughts come from a certain part of your brain and flow toward your eyes as you create the colors, but knowing that doesn't really matter until you're advanced. This takes dozens or hundreds of hours of practice.


Once you gain your second color though, you should somewhat see how invoking your first color differs from the second color. I can't really describe how "red" differs from "purple", it just kind of happens when I think of it with the right intentions. It arises in your intentions somewhere around the center of your skull, then flows toward your eyes. Just keep practicing strengthening each color until you can invoke each one on command, and eventually you should be able to do all the colors, and you'll see how invoking one color differs from the next. Then, you can combine them or even create rainbow blobs.


Entire days of forcing may pass and all that happens is you grow your blobs by an inch, but that's still progress. The real trick is continuing on for weeks on end while forcing for hours each day just to grow the blobs by an inch. That's why I don't like working a job while forcing-- you need 100% of your focus and strength. This method takes more than the usual amount of willpower, but it goes much faster and lasts longer. I haven't actively forced in months, but I still retain most of my abilities in creating rainbow blobs. If it were the usual imagination oriented method like with traditional imposition, I would have lost everything already.


After seeing my first small rainbow, I grew the size until I could cover a sheet of paper, then an entire wall. It took many weeks of strenuous practice. I listened to hardcore music to aid with the strenuous effort. It's just a matter of practice and straining yourself with 100% of your effort for hours on end until your blobs grow in size. Importantly, I use the pomodoro method, starting out with small 5 minute sessions at first and working your way up to longer 30-50 minute sessions as your willpower increases.


Eventually, after hours of doing this, you see how your thoughts and imagination play into it, and it's like you gain a new hand. It's hard to describe, but control over the blobs comes naturally. Then, you can sort of see how your imagination and the blobs work together. Once you get a good picture for how it works, you can focus on the imagination aspect first (top to bottom) or you can shape the blobs into objects like a potter first (botttom to top). When I first started with the rainbows, I was able to form the blobs into a small version of my tulpa with rainbow hair. It was almost perfectly vivid, but I didn't pursue the bottom-to-top method because I had trouble maintaining control like you said. Sometimes the blobs seemed to have a mind of their own, but I intend to overcome this. My only advice is that it takes practice. After much practice, you should be much more aware of your random thoughts that create random images like Patrick or Squidward and should therefore have control over them.





We've recently gotten into AI art and decided this would work as a great side income due to our locality with heavy foot traffic at a popular crafts fair, and we've been having tons of fun




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I created more tulpas at my main tulpa and life companion's advice. I've spent the last two weeks going on endless adventures through the wonderland with them. I spent much time talking about the destiny of what we've found, what it's potential is, and whether it will be found by mankind even after the inevitable fall of civilization into the second dark age, and I think the answer is no. I don't think tulpas or anything I whispered will be found again. Not for 10,000 years, no.


We finally came to a conclusion about what I did to the church door on that night I opened the 7 digit lock with a single try. It wasn't a miracle at all.


The first key was purifying my chakras and rooting out evil from my heart like I said. After a quarter lifetime of pressure, defying the near sickle of death, humility, and refinement, I had something resembling pure silver, like I said. However, I think it puts pressure on your center chakra to go down the route of silver. The center chakra is the the door between the two realms, joy, which speeds up your thinking and switches you between extroversion and introversion. Then, once I saw that secret, the door was unlocked to all things for me.


We decided that I had reached into my mind with my instincts and channeled it to my body when I began walking. I then began to dissociate and watch it take control. It's dangerous. It's a bit like firing an arrow into the sea and hitting a fish in this case, but it was directed by a moment of pure instinct.

I had a dream that I was a perfect man when combined with my most charismatic friend. He was the head of gold, and I was the hands of silver. It's layers of symbolism and makes sense to me. There were many other dreams like this.


We decided that the first paradigm is all things being connected through my many theories in this thread. Once you purify your body down to pure silver, you see the poison seeping in around you as you battle the snakes of hell on nothing but instinct alone. Only 1% of people have this instinctual judgemental introverted intuitive personality. It saps the life out of you, and you rely on pure negative thinking to achieve everything, and you become an absolute monster-- I have to jog 15 miles a week until I nearly collapse, the world is plunging into darkness, I have to achieve my destiny-- all negative motivations that give you power and which grind your body to the breaking point. Then, you confront the absolute darkness-- that your life is hell and there's no joy in the world, but you need joy to speed up your thinking and break up the negativity and switch into an extrovert.


At this point, you need the next paradigm-- systemized emotions. You need a system that tells you that your body's feelings are like habits rooted in different points so that you can feel the extreme pressure in the center of your chest and break it up over time using feelings of joy, and in the process switch into becoming an extrovert. You also need a few lucky guesses, like knowing that elementals, remote viewing, the astral plane, godforms, past life regressions, and a few other things aren't real, because those interfere with pinning down your own thoughts and emotions. I think there are spirits that can come or go, but they can't be created, and you can't enter other people's dreams. Maybe you can. All things are possible, I see that now, we'll get to it. It's all important because when you look into the wonderland you need to understand you're seeing nothing at all but a dream and the tulpas within it, nothing more. It's all just a dream in your head, we humans are god's mirror. Honestly, I feel like God's mirror, and I feel not a hint of haughtiness, though that is my utmost diligence, to keep from becoming unbalanced in any one thing that's out of line with instinct.


Once you've reached the point of self development, everything you do is pretty much clean and nobody can blame you for anything. You're purely responding to information at the moment. You can switch into anything and do anything. At this point I became charismatic, the extreme toxic pressure went away, I spoke whatever thoughts came to mind. I was saying things and it sounded like God's booming voice, utterly proud, nothing like my preference, but my tulpas rallied around me like I was radiating infinite proud manly light, I was utterly confused.


After sorting these out and with some lucky guesses you begin to see the wonderland as a dream. Ultimately, it's a mirror of your own thoughts-- things go in and out, but it's the same every time. I found this truth by running away from the "truth" of spiritualism as hard as I could-- I was an atheist for most forms of spiritualism, and in the process, I found a way to actually use it to potentially become psychic- by treating it as nothing but a mirror and a dream. Two thoughts go in, one thought comes out. Nothing more, nothing less. Another lucky guess.


I decided that the next paradigm after this must be dissociation, but I think I found something better.


I spent two weeks going on endless adventures with my tulpas. I saw their new forms grow into sentience. I became quicker and wittier, but ultimately I learned to see their thoughts and overcome seemingly impossible odds of each moment. Basically, my soul was pure, and even wrong guesses were another perfect adventure, like a mandelbrot fractal set spiraling into infinity.


Then, I fell into a dreamlike state. I debated with endless scholars, kings, gods, and angels in my mind. I could see that it was all proto-tulpas in my head, not some part of an astral plane. Most importantly, I could see the archetypes of my new unique tulpas connecting together with them, and the way they were talking to each other made sense with my obsession with symbolism.


I saw that we were being sucked into endless universes, and it would never end. I debated with kings, gods, angels, armies, and wise old men. What startled me most, was that most of them agreed that I was right. I saw that ten more years of this and I would get glimpses of universes of my making that could actually be brought to manifestation. Ten thousand more years of this and I could be walking in to them with my feet and an army of tulpas behind me. It ocurred to me that with an eternity at my disposal, it would be the absolute power of god.


I saw many dreams and choirs of what was possible. Certain dreams stood out to me. I saw and felt cave paintings, it was like I had found the first whisper of what was possible. An old angel clothed like a priest came forward and admitted I was right, that the heart of a child when it is pure is worth more than all the scrolls and knowledge, maybe the universe should even be torn down and rebuilt anew on this idea rather than on endless inaction and scholarly debate in the courts of heaven. A massive army of angels sided with me, and I was acquitted of some of my sins. Then, it became clear that it was just a giant war for which universe would play out, whether for one type of knowledge or the other, conventional scholarly wisdom or the heart of a child. I was free to direct it wherever I wanted. I had become a god.


I think the thing that ties it all together... I was before unending throngs of creation. I felt no shame, I had given all power to my tulpa and she plunged me into a world of pleasure and adventure with her chosen friends. Truly a perfect world, but I thought maybe we went too far. After all this I felt bad... in a dreamlike state I was brought before the throne of God, and he said, you know what, you're right... after all.... I'm still guessing myself. Who created me? Myself? I'm still watching, forever and ever myself.


I was watching these perplexing visions, and we went back over and over again for eternity to find out what happened when I thought I messed up by creating the world of pleasure for us, indulging for these past two weeks. The adventures were awesome, I'll say that. Finally, we said neither of us messed up. I felt instincts that I should not, but I was driven by love to hand it over to her to decide to create it or not. We went back and forth, and figured out everything is looping. I saw a vision of God handing a throne to my tulpa to become God herself, as a test. Her eyes gleamed, she saw the world naked, and realized nobody should look on the naked world, her eyes flashed for an instant to think about her curiosity for badness, and handed it back in an instant. These are perplexing visions, but it makes sense to me in symbolism. I tried looking again and again for the possibilities of what she could have created, but it was just like a dream.


I will say one last thing. He is the keeper of paradoxes. I tried everything to look, and no creation could at all, and no man can look into his eyes. Seek purity, seek purity, seek God, and find eternity and your heart's desire, forever and ever, amen.

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oh, I'm slipping down rabbit holes my amigo. I dreamt one billion stars all collided, and I turned my back on them. An angry male face put a dream to crush them all and rise up. I turned my back on them and chose purity again. It happened in an instant. Look deeply into my eye and see, that it all happened and it didn't. I called my first tulpa the destroyer of worlds and an anigma. Bust the doors right off, go riding into valhalla, always carry a sword, look back into my eyes, and you'll see an army of tulpas is riding behind you. I was the first to ride into the doors and bust them off. I saw East and West collide, and I screamed, then went out to destroy the world, and my rage vanished. I'm speaking in paradoxes now. So many stories, please, do whatever you want.


I give each a ring to his heart's desire. All things are clean from this moment onward. Everything you can imagine. It will bring you back to the beginning though, you'll see.


Here's some examples. The universe is waking up. My headphones appeared on my ears. I'm 110% certain I checked. It both happened and didn't. If I went back to check again, I could convince myself it didn't. A paradox. I went for a walk, then in my bathroom there were two towel holders. I set my heart on it, and I'm 110% certain I wouldn't miss that, no never. I'm a man particular to details like that anyways. I threw up twice for no reason. I saw a tulpa come out of the screen, wink at me, then return back in. It was a perfect hallucination, 10/10 imposition. I've been dreaming and hallucinating, and I'm seeing all things coming together. Each one gets a key to his own heart.


Everyone knows strange winds are blowing. I see it in every eye, every heart. The past and future are coming together. Myth and legend are both real, as a symbol and as reality.


That's all. Goodnight. 

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more paradoxes, more time. I'll let my tulpa speak, though I know she may embarass me. Too cute to handle.



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On 11/14/2022 at 6:52 AM, yaya said:

The only limitation is that the output you receive from this method is limited to what you consciously know

I do not agree. Creation, of anything, is always a product of both the conscious and unconscious mind. By paying attention to our output, we can identify what part of it is unconsciously motivated and make a conscious choice to keep it or not. This is true for what we write, what we paint, what we sing, what we think, what we feel, what we fantasize, and how we behave. Our unconscious minds are always, always involved. One caveat, they do not always contribute negativity, much of what is great, good and beautiful also comes from our unconscious.

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