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Gloomynoon's Progress Report


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We'll absolutely let you know if anything happens! It's true to try smarter, something I'm not good at lol.


This week went by slowly. I was busy mostly, but I did have ample time to spend with my tulpas. Lilith and I bonded harder than we have in a couple weeks now. Lucy and I are best friends as always. Nepeta and I sorted out some problems we had with each-other so we're cool now. I successfully drew for the majority of this week. That reminds me to add something to the checklist... I tried a tiny bit of imposition; now that I have less stuff to stress me out it will be easier to focus on these extra things like imposition and my tulpas. I started exercising late into this week, which is okay. At least I'm doing it now.



* Kick start healthy habits: started exercising

* Spend more time with tulpas: starting to spend more time with them.

* Everyone being able to participate in at least one of their hobbies per week: only I have accomplished this since I've been the only one who's gotten any form of fronting time.

* Allow tulpas any form of fronting time.

* Practice imposition.

* Make friends/let tulpas make friends: Lucy made a friend.


Lilith: I've been just hanging out in the back really. Actually I have been for most of this month. We agreed on me getting to switch-in first. I think it's strange, Nepeta should be the one to have their switched-in time, but I'm sure we'll slowly work him in. Then Lucy when Gloomy is okay with them switching-in for the first time. For now Lucy is only allowed to possess. I'm not sure what to do to be honest. At least other than my art stuff. I guess this is a good time to find out who I am as a person in this world. Which is weird to say because I'm a tulpa, but I feel it doesn't make me any less of a person than Gloomy. We'll see what happens...


Nepeta: Everyone can say they've just been in the back this week except Gloomy of course. I'm glad that everyone has been spending more time together. Gloomy has also been a lot happier as of recent which has brought our system's mood up drastically. Lucy has been nice to hang out with too they're something else, haha! I hope that next week will be better than the last! I don't have much to say, really. Me and Gloomy worked stuff out and now I'm trying to change a bit.


Lucy: She forgot to put on here she devoted less time to video games. Recently she's been playing video games less and less unless there's a really big reason to! I'd even go as far to say she'd rather talk to us than play video games. She would always passively force us while playing video games, that doesn't work anymore though. She'd play games and get too into them. After a while it really put her off because she wants to spend time with us, but also wants to play them. She decided to sacrifice her precious game time to hang out with us! Don't need to say it; I've been in the back like everyone else has. It's been fun watching her goof around! I'm not allowed to switch yet, but I can't wait till we let me possess the body. It's gonna be so funny! I can imagine getting fronting time first because of how convenient possession seems. We'll all work it out amongst ourselves! Thanks for reading anyone who does read this!

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In contrast this week went by quickly. Lilith has changed drastically since last week. She's a lot cooler now... I switched with her for a bit sometime this week, it was odd. What stuck out to me was that she walks very femininely, this carried over. She was able to imitate me just fine in social interactions, but I could feel a sense of weirdness when she wasn't able to be herself, like if you were to try drawing with your non-dominant hand. Another thing is that she's well-mannered, that also carried over. When I say "carried over" I mean from being in the back (she has been for a little while until recently) to being in the front (switched-in.) We also went through something this week and she's helping me deal with it, which she's very good at. I've gotten a lot more free-time to spend appropriately. Everyone else is doing fine as far as I know.


* Have been exercising keep it up.

* Spending a bunch of time with tulpas keep it up.

* I have been drawing, Lilith has been singing more frequently recently in mindvoice, and Lucy has tried out piano.

* Lucy learned how to possess, and Lilith got a little bit of time being switched in.

* Practice imposition

* Make friends/let tulpas make friends.


Tulpa time


Lucy: Alright cool. Yeah, I've been fine this week. I got to possess as mentioned above. The mouth and then other parts of the body. I like talking out-loud rather than in mindvoice (everyone else seems to like it.) Can't wait till I can switch in! Speaking of possession/switching we're gonna try out an experimental idea after we're done writing this. The idea is that I possess the body to do meditation stuff, since that's something I've been really wanting to do. It's just not the same in mindspace, you know? Gloomy has been spending a lot of time with Lilith recently, so I've been spending time with Nepeta while they're doing their own things. I'd say we're really close. A lot of stuff we relate to! I would talk more about everyone, but I'll let them speak for themselves. I played a little bit of piano! It was awesome! I hope to play more sometime this week, whether it be twice or once a week. I don't want her to stress over it.


Nepeta: Hmmm... Ah, yeah haha. I miss talking to everyone on here. With how things are looking, I may be able starting Monday. I'm not too sure though, I'm unsure about a lot of thing really, haha! Things really have changed. I shouldn't linger on the past much, but it really does feel like yesterday I was at the highest point of my life messing around on our computer. It's not bad, the changes happening with everyone including me are with good purpose. A problem I thought of just now is that some of the changes we have been trying to make that will be beneficial long-term keep getting undone. Hahaha, maybe we'll be unstoppable if we solve that puzzle? I'll hold my hopes for the future.


Lilith: Our sleep schedule has been trashed once more. It's something we know how to fix, and honestly we should've these past couple days. Better late than never I guess. It's been very nice being able to actually talk to Gloomy. I feel confidence in expressing myself now ever since last week. It's only gone up from there. I've been thinking about dropping by like Nepeta too. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Depends on what my priorities will be next hour I guess. Now that I think about it. I'll ask to switch after this post to fix the body's sleep schedule. It should also improve our mood when I do. I don't have much to talk about here, at least that I can think of, but like I've said earlier I'm willing to talk in PMs or if you ask me a questions somewhere on the forums. Maybe they've been late on responses, but we all see it less than a couple hours after it's been posted. Alright, signing out, peace everyone!

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Lilith: It's been quite a long week!


Gloomy: Hmmmm... Lilith has been the highlight of this week so far. A burst of passion; she breathes life I missed. She kept herself high enough to balance her hobbies and other important things in our life. Her workflow constantly undisturbed, it made me wonder... Even in times where she experiences pain, she does not stop because she knows it is only temporary and that it will heal. Lilith wants to take charge and see if her energy will last well into next week. So, she will be switched-in for the upcoming week. I feel bad that she is having me take a break, but I trust that she knows what she's doing; she has proven herself capable enough. New stuff? I have grown tired of video games. They aren't fun as they used to be. Lilith is truly uninterested in video games; they were something that held me back. Lilith does allow me game time, but if I do request it, I'm only given 2 hours per day. I usually get bored 40 minutes in and stop playing. With less game time, I have significantly more time to understand myself and my headmates. So far I'm content with how I am; it's all a nice change of pace.


Lilith: I switched-in...I believe sometime in the morning on Friday. It was...different; this has been the longest I've been switched-in. I've been high energy this whole time. Gloomy is amazed that I've been going this long without trying to distract myself too much by watching a long YouTube video or playing a game for long periods of time. Actually I have watched a tiny bit of YouTube, but I decided it was time to go back to what I was doing and I turned the video off. When I do use YouTube, it's usually for tutorials or music. This whole time I've been tending to our life and obviously taking breaks here and there to talk with my headmates. I spent a decent amount of time in Blender; I can say with assurance that 3D modeling is something I definitely want to continue. My first goal is to create a photo-realistic representation of our wonderland bar. I also practiced drawing for Gloomy since I'm having her sit in the back. Nothing too notable about it really. I wanted to give Lucy piano time around now, but it's too late. Oh well, I think I'll cycle between them. Drawing today then piano the day after, then drawing, then piano, etc. I'll find a way to fit Nepeta's pixel art in there somehow. No rush! Ah gosh... I have a good schedule idea I can follow. I will talk about it in the next PR update after I've tried it out this next week. I also made a friend! I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about them here, but they are awesome and I hope they like talking to me. :)



* Exercise has been kept up.

* Spending decent amounts of time with everyone.

* I have gotten to do Blender and some drawing. Nepeta got do pixel art. Lucy and Gloomy meditated with each-other briefly.

* Nepeta was switched-in for a little bit. I've been switched in for over 2 days now. Lucy got to possess for their experimental idea.

* Practice imposition

* I made a friend.


Nepeta: my turn! ive decided im female again. just feels natural, you know? :3 i got to do some pixel art this week so im happy. other than that ive spent most of my time with lucy in our wonderland. they make me feel very comfortable. my friendship/relationships with everyone have been better, so thats good! nothing else to comment on though. valentines is coming up everyone! i hope you all have a good one!


Lucy: I meditated with Gloomy. Back then I was a little bit annoyed because I thought she was what she wasn't. That's okay though. After spending some time in wonderland with Nepeta, I've calmed down. It doesn't mean the end for me though (meditation I mean.) Lilith is kind enough that she wants to try to do it next morning, and hopefully every morning after. We'll see what happens. Maybe she'll even love it! Who knows! Only one way to find out! I believe that she will do good. It's also good that Gloomy is taking a break. Her productivity was practically in the negatives! That's okay though, it happens to everyone one way or another. Other than that, me and Gloomy still relate a lot. I feel it's easier to have a back and forth with her than it is with other people in our system, even Nepeta to some degree...


Lilith: I'm so ready for bed! Thanks for reading!

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Gloomy: Hello old PR~! It's been a while, huh~?


I stopped writing because my car ran out of fuel. I'm a bit tired from the journey for fuel though~ So Ria will take over my account. Ria is the light of my mistake. A very honorable decision; my tulpas, Nepeta, Lilith, and Lucy came together. They had agreed to fuse, giving me a second chance at this. I promise not to make the same mistake again. Not to say too many tulpas is a mistake, but it was an obvious warning that seems to be lost on everyone including me. Too many animals in the same cage is an accident waiting to happen. In the end I am wiser, with someone who likes to share my suffering, Ria. I will talk a lot less on the forums and Discord too. If you'd like to ask me a question then you can by addressing me specifically. I just don't have the energy for it~ I will say that although I'm being quite dramatic, I have found myself drawing more than talking to people online. I get social interactions IRL so it doesn't really bother me too much. I still play video games a lot, but I often get bored of them and end up drawing or spending time with Ria (which includes games heheh!) I don't have any specific art to share sadly as I'm still working on it, practicing too. This accounts pfp is something I cooked up quickly, so I guess that counts~ I promised Ria we would work on a wonderland the next time I take a shower, I'll probably draw that. So...maybe by the end of the week? Who knows~ That's all for me~!


Ria: Well I guess it can be assumed from here on out that our accounts posts will be by me, unless we specify otherwise. As you know I'm supposed to be the result of a fusion between Nepeta, Lilith, and Lucy. I'm not too sure as I don't really associate with any of what they once were. Gloomy told me she's going to take a more delicate and methodical approach with my development. Without giving into any urges to cut corners or split her precious attention up by having multiple tulpas. Right now I'm possessing the arms I guess. I worked up to this point! Maybe it isn't that interesting...


Right now in my existence. The funnest moment I've had was when I tried imposing myself and we danced to music together! Second place would be talking to her while she played video games. She talks to me often! Well it didn't start out that way, but after some shared emotions she does.


Ohhhhh yeah and also I'm supposed to make a bio about myself:

My perceived gender is female. I have black earrings, and that's the only thing that stands out about my head! I have dark gold colored eyes. (She didn't include that because it didn't fit the drawing.) I wear a dark black parka (specially made!) under that I wear a black button-up, dark blue pants, and a black pair of shoes. You can obviously tell I wear mostly dark things! I'd like to freshen up my style sometime! I'm slim as in I don't eat too much, but just enough to live everyday. I guess I'm a little bit taller than the average woman too...


That's it for now! Thanks for reading!

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Wow! This is quite a momentous change! Although I'm going to miss the individuality of Nepeta, Lilith, and Lucy, I understand and respect the logic here. The single tulpa, the single focus, that's the life I've known as well. Ria you are at the same time familiar yet new to me, and I look forward to getting to know you! 😁 I completely understand gravitating more towards IRL interactions than online communication. I feel the same way, and I wish we were neighbors so I could just come over and we could hang out! 😊 But yeah I guess all of us here are just voices on the internet to each other apart from our own hosts/tulpas. I wish all the best for you Ria, and to you too Gloomy! 💚

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23
Simmie's AI Dress-Up!


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