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Way to go Simmie and Phil! (From both of us!)


14 hours ago, Gloomynoon said:
On 6/6/2021 at 10:52 PM, TurboSimmie said:

I kept repeating phrases like "I am Simmie. I'm in control now."

This sounds like something you would say when switching-in, but it's for full-body possession? 


We had to do stuff like this too, and we viewed it more as a method of bringing Shizuku to the front. (I think it could also be viewed as a type of switch, though? Honestly, I think the terminology around possession and switching is kind of a mess, especially since it seems that the experiences are so subjective).


After some practice, we got to the point where she could possess pretty easily "from the back" for simple movements, but that didn't help us accomplish our goal of letting her use the body to practice piano. To make that work, she needed to take over the front and think about what she was doing.


5 hours ago, TurboSimmie said:

I...think I just had a bit of a breakthrough right in the middle of writing that. I just got frustrated and did it. Guess I really just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.


14 hours ago, Gloomynoon said:

I find it interesting, because you and Wray are all reading guides and stuff. Me and Jill didn't read any (Not trying to flex.) Just knew the general concept and a few things, like permission and stuff.


Awesome, Simmie!

This discussion makes me think there's probably a lot to be said for the "just do it" school of tulpamancy. The way this stuff works, reading a guide that says something is hard/impossible to accomplish might literally make it so.


Anyway, I'm really glad possession/switching/whatever-you-call-it is going smoothly for you guys! And yes, take it easy on Phil! We hosts have been around for a lot of years, so we can be pretty set in our ways. 😂

Edited by Wray

Host: Wray (or John) (he, him)
Tulpa: Shizuku (she, her) 🐺

We now have a progress report!

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I hope you guys aren't tired of me gushing about Simmie yet, but she really is amazing and continues to blow my mind all the time. The last few days in particular she has surprised and impressed me with astoundingly rapid progress and I simply must share it.


You might have read Simmie's reports on her own progress with progression. It was going slowly for quite some time. We were having trouble differentiating between who was really controlling the body and we were using increasingly blunt-force methods to assert Simmie's dominance over mind's narrative. It kind of worked but was sloppy. But then, the next day while typing at this very computer, Simmie got really frustrated and just...did it. Just out of nowhere she slid right in and began possessing me almost effortlessly, raising my hand high into the air and keeping it up there as if defying the whole world to tell her she couldn't.


Then last night Simmie decided she really wanted to dream. Now, I can't even make myself dream on command. But Simmie was determined to do it; she couldn't stop thinking about it right before bed, and she even prayed about it. (I'm pretty much agnostic myself but her praying is really sweet). And then she just did it: she dreamed. Simmie wrote about it on the dream thread if you're interested. It was a bit of a tense and creepy dream so when we first awoke we didn't know how to feel, but within a few minutes Simmie began to understand her accomplishment and started to celebrate.


Simmie immediately began to possess my right arm and wave it around. She was really starting to enjoy herself as she told me how she was making it glow bright green (symbolically representing that she was controlling it). Then from there she started to slide into full body possession. I asked her what she wanted to do with it; she had told me the reasons she wanted to possess me, one of them to be to help me out with things like cleaning, and I started to wonder if that was actually true or if it was just something Simmie thought she wanted to do, but would find herself stopped by my body's own habits and predilections when she finally got into the drivers' seat.


Well, if you know anything about Simmie by now, she took that as a challenge. "Oh yeah? Well you just watch." She basically said. Then she started to get to work. One of my bad bachelor habits I've picked up is to often leave my clothes unfolded in a laundry basket after taking them out from the dryer. Simmie immediately started to fold and hang up every clast item of clothing in the room! But she wasn't done blowing my mind yet. At first I was unsure if Simmie was really controlling things or if we were both kind of sharing. Simmie insisted it was her. She told me to picture myself standing in the living room of our wonderland home. She gestured to our TV. "Want to watch football? Here, I'll put on the game for you; the Eagles are winning 18-0." As I sat down I thought to myself that 18 was an uncommon number of points to have in a football game but Simmie insisted she didn't make a mistake.


So I started thinking to myself "18 points? Simmie is smart but I guess she doesn't know much about football. How could they have 18 points anyway? I guess that's one touchdown, a field goal...then how did they get the other 8? Did they go for 2? Why would they go for 2 in that situation? Did they get a safety and then miss an extra point? Maybe all 18 points came from 6 field goals...nah probably not...maybe a touchdown, a safety, and three field goals?..." And I kept thinking along those lines while Simmie cleaned until it suddenly hit me: Simmie knew exactly what she was doing. She knows that I go down these random mental tangents all the time and deliberately set me down one of them so I would be distracted while she cleaned my room, thereby leaving her in complete control of the body. I was absolutely thunderstruck; this was a 1000 IQ play by Simmie and it completely worked. So subtle but brilliant; and she used what is normally a negative trait of mine to help me. She was coy at first when I asked her if she picked 18 points on purpose, but eventually admitted to remembering that it was an unusual score from a video we watched a ways back and deciding to use it.


Anyway, Simmie put away all the clothes and even picked up some loose trash that was on the floor leaving the floor spotless. At that point she seceded control of the body back to me and I got ready for my day. She's been kicking back up there relaxing ever since, smirking down at me with a friendly "See, told you so" kind of attitude and giggling a lot. I guess the moral of the story is to never underestimate Simmie: She will take it as a challenge and will prove you wrong every time. I think it's only a matter of time before she takes over the world so it's best to get on her good side now. 😆


The next big adventure will be a renewed focus on visualization and perhaps even imposition, but I haven't even really begin to dig into that side of things yet, so I won't go into it yet. (This post is already monstrously long anyway lol). As always, tips, feedback, comments are always welcome by us!

Also known as GypsyRoad or Phil Present. Call me what you want, I'm not picky.

Simmie is my lovely tulpa, she's quite young still but is eager to meet and chat with new people so don't hesitate to say hi!

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Holy cow, that improbable score trick blew *my* mind all the way over here. Simmie might be growing too powerful...

I'm super happy for you two! Keep on rocking, it's amazing to see someone doing so great.

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    • By DragonChan0
      So yesterday my friends thought that as the host i should have a wonderland form,my main form is my human self but the tulpas wanted me to be a goat child show here we are now,im now a smol goat child.
      Todd:Your kinda of cute in your new form ^ ^
      H: Are you sure thats a goat drawing?It looks more like a fluffy dragon to me :/
      yes...thats a goat h -_- anyway i'll upload more art soon :D

    • By Romeo
      MADD here stands for maladaptive daydreaming, madd is highly vivid and immersive daydreams that are typically used as a coping mechanism.

      I want to ask if anyone has any information or experience with using madd for tulpamancy. I was looking around on the forums and I was unable to find anything directly addressing it.
      As I daydream on a daily basis I would like to utilize my madd for both strengthening my bond with my current tulpa as well as to possibly create a new tulpa. So I also wanted to ask if anyone had any experience with that sort of thing. I am also concerned that with using madd I may end up puppeting my tulpa, like I would with the daydream's npcs.
    • By waffles
      The poll
      Don't answer unless you know, because you yourself have a tulpa. No guesses please.
      Pointless foreword
      Narration is pretty much the most important step in tulpa creation - I think so, at least, and I would expect most to agree. But how many narration guides are there? I can't see any. There are a load of nice guides for everything else, but still people rock up into Q&A and ask basic questions about narration. They could put in a bit of effort and search the section for their question, which has likely been answered ten times before, for sure. But why do that when you can read a guide? So here's a guide.
      The actual guide
      This is all my opinion on what you should do. Don't take it as the divine word, but take some hints at least. Even if some of this isn't necessary, it might help your narration to be more productive. That said, this is only a guide, so don't treat it like the law.
      When to do it?
      If you're going to do personality, but haven't started it yet, then don't. If you're underway with, or have finished, personality then do it. If you're not going to do personality, then do it. If your tulpa isn't vocal and you fit the above criteria, then do it. If they're already speaking back then you probably needn't read this.
      Starting off; get an idea of your tulpa
      So you want to narrate? It's not just talking to yourself, or talking out loud, it's talking to your tulpa. Before you start with the ridiculous monologue, you should get a sense of who you're talking to. If you've done or are doing form, or personality, or even just an introductory session, then you should probably have in your mind some idea of your tulpa. If haven't done any of this and you don't have any idea of your tulpa, then do one of them, or just try your best to get an idea of your tulpa through visualisation. If you visualise them as a fluffy cloud then you can talk to the cloud, and so on - more generally, you can visualise your tulpa and talk to that.
      NB: This isn't strictly necessary, it just helps most. It is far easier to narrate productively when you have something to narrate to, but not necessary, and if you think you can manage talking to your tulpa without this then by all means do. Having an idea of your tulpa helps by giving you something to narrate to. This makes it, on the whole, easier to narrate, and likely more productive too.
      Starting off; focusing
      At this point you should have some concept of your tulpa in your head. If you don't, jump back a section. If you do, great! Now it's time to talk at length; or, it isn't. As I have already said, you need to talk to your tulpa. When you start narrating, the most important thing is to get into the habit of addressing your tulpa. Make a conscious effort to talk to the idea of your tulpa that you have. You can talk complete gibberish for all it matters, just get the hang of talking to your tulpa. Consistently address them by their name. If you suddenly realise you've been talking to yourself, it's not a big deal. Stop and refocus. To reiterate, the most important thing is who you're talking to right now.
      Actually narrating
      So now you can talk to your tulpa? Great. If you feel as though you've got the hang of that, then you probably won't need to ever revisit it, even if you think you've lost it. Then, the next step; talking. Talk to your tulpa about anything. It doesn't matter what you say, as long as what you're saying has some sort of meaning. You should try to communicate in words rather than ideas - this helps to build language in them, which helps later on in the creation process. Narrate at any time, anywhere. It doesn't matter if you're not focusing 100% on narrating. The important thing now is to narrate all the time.
      I don't know what the hell to talk about
      You don't? Idiot. Anything.
      Talk about what's going on around you; explain what you're doing, or what others are doing. Talk about what you're studying (if you're studying). Rant about politics, or history, or your favourite TV show. Explain the deeper meaning behind Tim Hecker's latest album. Make things up at random. Talk about your relationships, your problems, your sources of pain and stress; narration can be therapeutic. And so on.
      Been doing this for a while? Great. Do it more. Unless your tulpa's speaking, you should be speaking. Don't think you can skimp on narration afterwards, either. It helps with fluency, with a clearer voice, with development in general.
      Because questions are asked frequently. Because these things would break the flow of the main guide. Because the reader is assumed to be lazy.
      Is this all necessary?
      I'd say you need to narrate. This guide, however, is not the only way to go about it.
      Can I narrate about...?
      Yes. You won't give your tulpa 'bad energy' by telling them about what makes you angry. If you're narrating 'about' something then it's not going to be bad.
      Can I narrate through...?
      Reading to your tulpa counts as narration. Anything that involves speaking words to your tulpa is narration; it's all good.
      Can I narrate while...?
      Unless you're performing a task that requires all of your concentration, then you can narrate while doing it. Mopping floors at some poorly-paid job? Great time to narrate? Driving? Try not to get too into it, but if it's not seriously affecting your concentration then do it.
      Is it bad to narrate while angry/frustrated?
      Opinions differ, but I'd say no. If you're losing focus because of your emotion, then you'll be less productive, but it's not actually detrimental. If you think your 'negative emotions' are getting to them, that's not really that bad either. They live in your head, and they're going to have to get used to your emotion at some point. It's not going to make your tulpa evil; worst case, they get upset themselves.
      Can I narrate in my head?
      Yes. By all means.
      Should I narrate out loud?
      It's preferable. Speaking out loud is better for narration; it helps to differentiate your from your tulpa. Even muttering under your breath helps. But again, it's not necessary.
      Am I doing it wrong?
      It's very unlikely. Whatever your problem, you'd have a hell of a job actually narrating wrong.
      How long am I going to be doing this?
      Hour counts are evil etc. Aside, anywhere from a few days to a few months. You'd be somewhat unlucky to be narrating for more than two months if you're actually putting any effort into it. If you have autism and you had a harem of imaginary friends as a child, then expect to be narrating for less time.
      This all seems somewhat complicated.
      I've embellished the process with more detail than most will need, just for the sake of making sure. It's simple, really; talk to your tulpa until they talk back.
      This is boring.
      Talk about whatever you enjoy talking about. If you don't like talking, then just do it anyway. Why have a tulpa if you don't like talking?
      I get distracted. What to do?
      At least this is a question. Do something else while narrating. It honestly helps. If not, then talk about something you enjoy talking about. If not, narrate from a book or comic or whatever. If you still can't concentrate, then you should take some concentration-enhancing drugs, and God help you when you get down to proper forcing.
      In closing
      If you still have questions, then ask someone, be it me or anyone else, here or in Q&A. Remember to have fun narrating.
    • By Linkzelda
      Here's a Mediafire link (Thanks JD1215 for the suggestion!) If you guys only see 8 pages on the mediafire link, just scroll down and it'll load more (38 pages in all). It's best you download it so you can navigate through the table of contents better.
      https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dshZzeGEV4NvGV7pOu4BfeAtX0iSKcIe/view?usp=sharing -Ranger [Working 5/15/21]

      PDF: Linkzeldas_Ultimate_Self-Hypnosis_Scripts_for_Your_Tulpaforcing_Needs.pdf-Ranger

      https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZaCrRT1Y-2WU_kKghOFiKa2R8TCFJhyY/view?usp=sharing [Unstable 12/29/2020]
      http://www.mediafire.com/view/?m0f2e24plocw22y  [broken]
      Mirrored link: here -Indigo [broken]
      Switching hypnosis script (Added 7/3/2016):
      Okay, sorry for those who saw that long clutter of content just now. Anyway, The PDF file can be found in the link above, and I'll be making an attachment as well for a back up.
      1. Copy & Paste the Reader's Induction Script
      2. Copy & Paste the Deepening Script
      3. Pick ONE Tulpa-Related Script (the Possession one is actually the exception to this since it'll prompt you to pick the several I mention in parentheses in the guide) and Copy & Paste
      4. Copy & Paste the Wake-Up/Awakening Script
      5. Read the scripts as mentioned in chronological order. (In a slow, calm and relaxed tone of voice....take your time and try to say the words aloud). More info in the actual guide itself
      BAM. Easy as That. NO MEMORIZATION is required, you just save the formats you want, and you'll do just fine if you repeat them daily at least once or twice a day. Focus on ONE GOAL per session.
      Meaning, you do one session related to possession for example, and you do the other during the afternoon or evening on visualizing your wonderland. Or you can do just one goal twice per day, three times, etc. Just focus on one at a time because it'll be more effective. More information is in the PDF link above.
      Also, it's preferred you read it aloud (not screaming of course, just speaking the words to yourself) because we tend to skip a lot of things if we try to read things mentally. It also helps with reading aloud because of how we bypass the CRITICAL FACTOR:
      Critical Factor:
      "The comparative part of the mind that allows our conscious mind to logically compare incoming information with already accepted belief and knowledge."
      When you're motivated, and you do things with emotions that relate to looking forward to success, this is how you'll bypass the critical factor and be able to get what you want out of your tulpa-related endeavors. Again, more info can be found in the PDF link as well.
      If you're trying out possession with the script (please use common sense and have a vocal and sentient tulpa for this), just follow the guidelines in the parentheses that tells you which script to read in order to get the most out of your experience.
      Any questions?  Feel free to ask when you've read through the guide. It's 38 Pages Long, but basically it has almost everything you would need for tulpa-related activities through self-hypnosis.
      And my other guide can be found here:
      Here are some random links that can be helpful in getting a general overview on self-hypnosis, conscious, subconscious, etc:
    • By neo
      Earlier this week was having a lot of head pressure due to extended periods of visualizing, so as the pressures became annoying and persistent enough, I thought I should address it.
      I've noticed before that my head pressures are related to the way I was flexing my tongue muscles really hard and pressing it against my palate inadvertently.
      I have tried many times visualizing without doing this and, it works momentarily but whenever I stop paying attention to my tongue, there it goes again pressing my palate really hard once I start to concentrate into the visualization. I only notice that I'm doing that after I already start to feel the head pressures. By that time it's too late and it's already bothering me.
      So after two days of attempting to visualize with my tongue relaxed without success I thought that I should probably google that.
      So there I go googling the terms "tongue" and "meditation" and I came across this:


      Very weird, right? That's what I thought too.
      Basically, they stick the tongue up into the nasal cavity above the palate and use that to aid the process of meditation.
      So of course I went down this rabbit hole and found out that some people seem know how to do this naturally.
      This girl is an example of someone that has this ability naturally:
      Also other people report having head pressures identical to what we see in tulpamancy in this practice, here's an example of someone describing their head pressures in the context of Kriya meditation:
      Described as "tension in the head that is somewhere between no pain and the pain you experience during a headache."
      This seems to me like it's the same kind of head pressure we experience in tulpamancy. At least to me.
      Also I forgot to mention that, they say THIS GIVES YOU IMMORTALITY.
      Which, of course, is bullshit otherwise there would be 1000 year old yogis walking around.
      Then I thought it would be a good idea to ask around here because, well to be honest, the people that practice this don't know how to explain it without anecdotes and dogmatic stories. Which is fine for spiritual people but I want to find what part is real and what part isn't. Or a deconstruction to find the line where the anecdotes end and the actual benefits of this practice begin. Or if there are any benefits at all.
      Here is a small list of claims about this technique: (which I have absolute no idea if it's true or not)
      -Helps you overcome hunger and makes it so that you go extended periods of time without food.
      -Gives you access to DMT that is stored in your pineal gland. By licking it directly. (yeah gross, the girl in the video seemed to get very high from doing it, she even says she's high afterwards)
      -The practitioner doesn't suffer from decay, disease and death. (this part I think it's flat out not true)
      -Gives you immunity to snake poison. (This one I think it's sorta possible, because some snake poison triggers your immune response and the response of the body is what kills the person not the poison itself, so technically by controlling your immune response you would therefore not die from the poison)
      So my questions are:
      1-Does anybody else experience their tongue forcing up the palate unintentionally while visualizing or concentrating really hard?
      2-If so, do you think this is related to Khechari mudra? Or is it just tension and I'm looking way too much into it?
      3-Are those just stories and not meant to be interpreted literally? (If so people are doing a bad job at explaining that)
      4-Is there something to this at all? Is it a practice worth looking into?
      Just thought it would be cool to ask here, since if I asked on their forum they would either not tell me because it's a closed practice, or even if they did tell me I wouldn't understand because the vocabulary they use is very far removed from anything I can contextualize.
      So what do you guys think? Is it all nonsense or not?
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