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Picrews of Wildhome

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We made some more Picrews 

I used this one: https://picrew.me/image_maker/597356 

597356_XP8BnnNn.png.b7c59b8342d127b6f0b39b9344c1d08d.pngthis one is of me. While it did have one of my outfits, and my color palette, it didn't have my hair style. 597356_QTuma4uz.png.7602f277a09feebf62fda8ca7df44150.pngIt had basically everything perfect for Sadie, it didn't have the option for one eye blue, and one eye green. (and again, hair kind of weird. ) 597356_JzaBE32w.png.782fc3fea6de7ccff1a80b37fd429bff.pngEthel in her full glory, the black hair is kind of too blue for my liking, and none of the eyes suited them, but I still like it. 

Overall I give this picrew a 6/10 (my hair is VERY important to me, and it did make us all look pretty young.) Good clothes with some color options too. 

Host of @SadieShores 

R8/Adelia any/he

Sadie (I use varying shades of pink) she.her

Luna! She/her/bug/bugs 

Clover They/It/She

"*various inappropriate music* ɨ ʍɛǟռ աɦǟȶ ƈǟռ ɨ ֆǟʏ,
քʀɛȶȶʏ ɮǟɮɨɛֆ ɨռ ȶɦɛ ɮǟƈӄֆɛǟȶ ֆɨռɢɨռ' ȶօ ʏօʊ,`


check this out: Progress report 


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