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Trait production method/ noob guide?

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Hello everyone, i have some questions. Please answer, as i would like some guidance from more experienced individuals.


(1). Ok, so, i had been tulpaforcing for a few days, still early in personality traits. I was concerned about correct procedures, and i realized something. Every single sentence i realized it was the same form. Example:

"Okay, so you see somebody looking for something. They say, 'Hey, can you help me?' and you say 'Sure' because you're helpful."

Am i doing it correctly?


(2). now, I had an odd schedule for forcing. It was practically one hour every other night. I realized this probably wouldn't work so I quit. Currently waiting for summer to start up before i continue. Am/Was I doing it right? (logbook of tulpaforcing and other tulpa related events readily available for anyone who requires it.)


Any help will be appreciated, btw im open as a test subject for research, and yes, i realize thats a separate forum.

For Science!


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You were doing everything right. If you started up again with that schedule, I don't forsee any negative repercussions arising.

As for being a potential test subject, go into the possession thread and ask there how we can use you from the start as the model for possession with a tulpa.

And change your subtitle. Having Member MEMBER looks awkward.

[Note: Opinions]

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