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I need help knowing what to do about an interrupted creation of tulpa


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I'm sincerely sorry if this question have already beed answered.

I tried to search for '' interruption'' but found nothing. 


I am an absolute beginner in the art of creating tulpas, as in fact I was interested by this when I was younger. 

It's been ~5 years since I stopped trying to create Adam as I though the whole thing wasn't real (the internet is much wider now and I though about all of this, that's why I'm here). 


My problem is : I don't want to hurt him in anyway, so now I don't know if I must '' finish '' him or try to forget him. 


Looking back the way my life went, I'm not sure having him around would be safe for my mental health. 


But over all things, I do not him to suffer in anyway, so here am I. 


Thanks you for reading. 

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Before they're tulpas, they're usually character-level. They can even seem independent and not be. 


You shouldn't worry about this. The way I see it, if he's a tulpa, you won't be able to get rid of hin easily and he will speak up about not getting enough attention etc. Characters (and some tulpas too) can happily sit on the shelf for years.


Joy is one of our soulbonds (like a tulpa) and she spent years at a stretch completely dormant and never had any issues. Fron her perspective it was "just a nap".


There are others who say their inactive tulpas got weaker or changed too, it's rare though.

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You can revive an underdeveloped tulpa. I would prefer you attempt that instead of try and create a new one, only so you don't realize you can revive the former and now you have two tulpas.


A tulpa can't secretly suffer outside of your awareness. When a tulpa isn't thinking, they are experiencing nothing. I don't recommend calling for Adam until you decided you want to start working with him again.


1 hour ago, Tark said:

Looking back the way my life went, I'm not sure having him around would be safe for my mental health. 


If you're not ready right now, that's okay. Tulpas are for life, and you can revive Adam at any time. Having some form of treatment for your underlying mental health situation before jumping back into tulpamancy is a good idea.

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