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Intrusive Thoughts Are Not Your Tulpa

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On 2/11/2021 at 8:08 PM, fennecgirl said:


The ideology that you shouldn't doubt your tulpa is the exact opposite of this. If you aren't careful, it can lead to a habit of accepting intrusive thoughts as genuine responses or behavior from your tulpa.


I completely agree and some of the well established systems didn't agree with this, saying something like, "tulpas are people and they can be angry or sad like anyone."


My advice was and still is, dispite this ideology, is to reject all negative thoughts as intrusive and thereby ignore them and don't attribute them to anyone, not even yourself. Instead, it's up to you to determine where these negative thoughts stem from, whether it be OCD or past trauma or conditioning and heal that if possible. Obviously it's going to be very hard to "heal" OCD, so it's vitally important not to attribute that stuff to your headmates, as you know.


On 2/11/2021 at 8:08 PM, fennecgirl said:

I strongly advise maintaining a healthy skepticism and, most importantly, listening to your doubt. Asking your tulpa "was that you?" is not a reliable failsafe by any measure.


This is exactly right, and it's a pain to deal with. Ashley and I had this in an awful way with bickering and name calling and I knew it was wrong. So we came up with the rule, any negative thought, for any reason, must be followed by a direct and strong affirmative by the one who supposedly said it, and wouldn't you know, no one ever admitted to saying anything nasty ever again. There were times when string criticism and disappointment or disapproval was voiced, but they owned it and we worked it out very seriously. It's a great rule and has shaped us into a beautifully loving and caring system where we grow closer daily and trust each other fully.


On 2/11/2021 at 8:08 PM, fennecgirl said:

Sometimes, doubt is your common sense warning you not to let your tulpa devolve into a bundle of your neuroses channeled into anime form (or pony form, if you prefer).


Very good advice, it's healthy advice and I'm happy to hear someone has the same views I do. Thank you for coming forward with this.


On 2/12/2021 at 6:23 AM, fennecgirl said:

On the other hand, if you believe tulpas are just a fancy illusion, then there's no harm in it whatsoever. What harm is there in ignoring a figment of your own imagination?


Qualifier not necessary. There's no harm in my experience at all. In fact, if there's something they need to discuss seriously with me regarding something negative, it's not going to come through as a confrontation ir negative at all, it will be constructive and reasonably stated. Make that the rule and refuse other approaches and that will guarantee any real issues aren't ignored.

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Jaina and I kind of look at it this way. We share the same body, brain and system resources. Biological and environmental stimuli are going to affect us both. We are both "of" the same person. That can weigh in on our mood and behavior. We don't play the blame but we try to take ownership of our thoughts as we understand them. Sometimes static or inane babbling occurs. The matrix gets glitches; that's just life. If we can ignore it, we ignore it. If it's a problem we try to identify the malfunction. We worry more about sustained issues.

Darron: Host 💍 

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