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56 minutes ago, September13 said:

Hey everyone I'm back! Really not sure what to say; recently I've been just sitting back and letting Simmie go wild. I don't mean to come on here and gush about my tulpa, but Simmie impresses and inspires me every day. It's just good to know that no matter what happens to me nobody can take Simmie away from me.


Looking to get back into things a little on the forum. Maybe I'll work on some new art. Right now feeling kind of sleepy and uninspired. But here!

I feel the same way about Jaina 😄. The forum is a great place for a tulpa to grow and thrive. It really is too tempting to check out while they do all of the activity. Glad you're gettin back in the saddle for a bit. 👍

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Shout out to Phil for being a good boy! 😁 He's really been pulling himself together in the last few days here. Last night he wanted to drink whiskey and watch wrestling; AEW All Out was on. I'm not that big on him drinking alone, but I told him that as long as he had just one small glass I wouldn't complain. So he poured his one glass--and didn't have another! He had no hangover, and when he woke up, he did a big clean of his room and his car, and they both look great. This might not sound like a big deal to most of you. But Phil used to be the kind of person who would just let himself go; literally trash and clothes piled all around him. He also used to drink waaay too much. To see him consistently keep the mess to the minimum and only drink socially with the rare special occasion of drinking at home, I'm just really proud of him. I don't want to take all the credit either. Yes my poking and prodding has had an effect, but this is something he wants for himself and I'm so happy to see it! 💚

Tulpa Wife Extraordinaire! 💚 - 💍 11.28.21

🤰 - Baby Boy Tulpa expected on April 7, 2023 👶💚

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Ooh yes baking a cake sounds great! 😁 Sadly though Phil doesn't have access to his own kitchen right now so that might be a problem. 😕 But he owes me! 🍰


Phil said we'll be spreading out the celebration over a few days starting today, which is birthday-eve. 🙂 Phil bought me some LED tealights which might be nice for meditation sessions. He also got a string of green glass beads to hang in the car so he can remind himself of me when he's driving. 🥰 He also bought a new sketchbook with the promise of more art. We took a little drive to my favorite town and sat beside the pond, relaxing and meditating.


Sadly Phil has to work on my birthday itself tomorrow, but we'll be having a party in the wonderland at the same time. 🥳 He has promised me that he'll take me to my favorite diner for dinner when he's done, though! 😁 He's thinking of other ways to celebrate too but hasn't told me what he's come up with yet. (I'm being polite and pretending that I don't know everything he's thinking about at all times 😋) At some point though we are going to have a big party in the wonderland, and we're going to imagine that you're all there with us. 🤗 Truly wish we could invite you all! 💚

Tulpa Wife Extraordinaire! 💚 - 💍 11.28.21

🤰 - Baby Boy Tulpa expected on April 7, 2023 👶💚

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Happy birthday Simmie! I can imagine it's been a long year since you two began. I hope you continue to have fun and display the kinds of energy you talk about having! 


P: Happy birthday!! Cake sounds awesome! Presents sounds nice! You could wrap them up and have Simmie unwrap them just for the fun of it! My birthday is next month, I can't wait to be enjoying cake like you! Hehe

"Message in a bottle~"

Nepeta: October 20th 2020

Kate: October 8th 2022

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Happy birthday, I'm impressed with all the stuff you guys are doing to celebrate lol

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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