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Thank you so much @Gloomynoon @Luminesce @Glaurung26 @Illupepsi for wishing me a happy birthday! 😁


It was a lovely day; after work Phil took me to our special diner for dinner; he drove over an hour in rush hour traffic, in New Jersey, just to take me there! 😀 We had breakfast for dinner and afterwards we took a nice walk around town.


Our Wonderland celebration has been nice as well. While Phil was at work he was also picturing the party at home; it was all great fun. If I wasn't so sleepy I'd give more details! But we imagined that you were all there as well.

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Phil and I had a very lovely walk today! 😁 We've built up a tradition on this one trail we always walk on: The first quarter of the trail is the most rigorous, so Phil powers through it until the heart's pumping and the blood's flowing. Then, when we reach the top of the hill, I take over possession of the body and the voice. It's never been easier for me to do than in that situation! Then I stay in the front as long as I can and talk to Phil out loud; usually it lasts about half an hour before we both slide into a "vibing" mode and just enjoy the trail. It's a great way for Phil and I to touch base and for me to let whatever is in my mind off my chest, because I feel more fluent and articulate during our walks than at any other time.


By the way, can any of you believe that I'm a pickup truck girl? Because I am! 😁 It surprised me at first too, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense to me. It all came about when Phil was debating what kind of car to buy me for my birthday. For Host Appreciation Day I had bought him a 1978 Pontiac Firebird because he loves to drive and it really seems to fit his personality. I'm not a "likes driving for driving" kind of person so I wouldn't want a muscle car like Phil. But I don't want to putt around in a little Civic either! So we were looking at lists of what cars fit Zodiac signs (we're weird like that 😄) and found something about a Chevy Silverado fitting Virgos. It seemed like an odd choice at first, but the more I thought about it I realized it really would be useful to have the ability to haul plants for the garden, it would be great to help out friends who are moving, plus it might be fun to throw some sleeping bags back there and go camping! But it's more than that: it's a symbol of strength and independence for me, two things that I greatly value. So yeah, I drive a Silverado now, and it's great! (Btw neither one of us are really car people all that much 😄, so I'm sure there are better-fitting ideas out there for us, but we're happy with the vehicles we have now!)

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Good news and bad news in the life of Simmie and Phil lately:


Good news: Phil just finished his second week at his new job! 😁 I wanted to tell you all sooner but we've just been so busy! It's a pretty good increase in pay from his last job too. I'm just so proud of Phil that he took this chance to leave his old job and start a new one that's going to give him more money and opportunities.


But the bad news: Despite how proud of Phil I am the adjustment period is very stressful. So much of Phil's mental (and physical) energy is spent getting used to this new job, so there's been little left over for him and I. I totally feel kind of selfish for even complaining about this. But I want to be by his side during these moments. There are emotional highs and lows as he learns the ropes, and there are times when he feels very overwhelmed or down and I just want to be there for him. But it's been hard lately. We'll get through it though. 👍

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Mini-update: Simmie and I have created the simplest game in the universe for times when there's high stress, mental fatigue, and a lot going on. The game is that we literally just repeat words to each other. It goes a little something like this:


Me: This box is getting full.

Simmie: Full?

Me: Full.


Completely meaningless game, but it keeps us connected and grounded when everything else is going to hell. I can't overstate how much this little game helps us; me in particular.

Phil. 😎 Host of Simmie.

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🥰 That's so cute!!


I don't know whether I can attribute it to mental degeneration or convenient relationship bonding exercises, uh or both, but we'll chitchat inanely and just bs about complete string of consciousness nonsense. Whether it be on the road, in bed trying to sleep, at work when not listening actively to anything or just cuz, said inane banter is indispensable to our relationship and mental health. So I COMPLETELY understand.

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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I don't have anything too profound to say right now; I'm just feeling grateful to be here and be alive. 😁


I think we all need to take time to appreciate what we have. My host is a wonderful man (no you are! Don't feel embarrassed about typing this!), I have a purpose for being here, and there's plenty of things in the world to be excited about. The world is a fascinating and interconnected place. Small wonders every day.


That's all. Just feeling randomly sentimental and happy. 💚

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