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Phil, you're delusional. 😄 Yes, you may have a stronger religion than me, but I have a leg up on you on culture and I'm going to get to spies before you, and when your spies get here they'll find my counter-spies waiting for them. Also, have you noticed how crap your economy is? Yes I'm sure you'll catch up but I'm going to have more money sooner and that's going to help me make friends with all your neighbors. I'm pretty safe on my continent with two little pussycats who don't really pose a threat to me. You on the other hand are sitting on a wide-open continent filled with your technological superiors, none of whom like you besides Vietnam. What if I were to, say, pay to sic one of them on you? 😄 Better start building up your army! And don't even think about a pre-emptive war on them; you know how good Australia and Vietnam are at fighting off attackers, and everyone else is too far away for you to reach. Not to mention your Work Ethic bonuses aren't going to scale and will become more irrelevant as time goes on. I'd say you're in a lot more trouble than you think! 😈

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We are going to continue chronicling our adventures playing Civ VI together. We've decided that we'll take turns logging the story by era. So I'll report on the Medieval Era, Simmie will do the Renaissance, I'll do the Industrial, Simmie will do the Modern, and so on like that. This should even out any cognitive bias. Technically we're already a few turns into the Midieval Era but we wanted to keep going until Simmie's war finished. Anyway, here we go:


Medieval Era: Turn 105-141


My goal for this era is to spread my religion, grow my economy, and increase my defenses. Simmie's goal is to increase faith generation and transition into being a naval power rather than a land power. Right now my money is lacking while her faith is lacking, but there are no immediate threats on the horizon for either of us. Simmie is pondering another war against China in the future, though she thinks that merely keeping them contained is probably good enough.

On Turn 111 Simmie cornered the market on diamonds! It's going to be a while yet before she can create a corporation, but that's still good news for her.

On Turn 112, Vietnam burned down my allied city state Preslav! There's not much I can do about it but I'm going to try and settle that piece of land before Vietnam can. On the same turn, Simmie got her first great writer, which I daresay will be the first of many. She's got a head start on her amphitheaters.

I adopted Monarchy on Turn 114. Simmie wouldn't adopt a Tier 2 government until Turn 136 when she would eventually go for Theocracy near the end of the age.

Poundmaker's religion is starting to annoy me as we're trying to spread to the same areas. It might be time to make apostles and focus on religious combat!

Simmie insisted that I point out that as of turn 120, she is gaining 69 gold per turn while I'm barely breaking even. Hey, I'm building commercial hubs!

Simmie formed a religious alliance with India. India does not have a religion, and she thinks this will help her faith generation and help to isolate China, the only other person on her continent. In response I signed a cultural alliance with Vietnam. As long as I keep Vietnam friendly they basically serve as a buffer between me and the rest of the continent. It also serendipitously opened up one more city location in a spot where loyalty would have otherwise been a problem.

On Turn 124 Simmie was successful in building Petra! It's her second wonder and if she builds the desert preserve she has marked down it'll pair well.


As of Turn 131 I have to reflect that I'm starting to fall well behind Simmie. My science, culture, and faith is 31-35-64 while hers is 41-71-74. Not to mention the aformentioned gold disparity or the fact that she has more cities, and especially the fact that she has more theatre squares. The only metric that's better for me is the number of cities converted, which doesn't mean much. However, I'm not willing to concede to her just yet; I'm churning out a round of workers and we're going to build our way out of this! The work ethic buff is not nothing and it's going to help me get back on track.


All in all, this age wasn't all that eventful; we have each been slowly building and growing. Simmie has already gotten 3 great writers and 1 great merchant, she scary. I have been digging myself out of my financial hole. Thankfully I am in a pretty safe position so I don't have to focus much on military production. Same is true for Simmie really. She's starting to get her first harbors up and she's hoping she can get the Venetian Arsenal when she gets to it. Also, she has unlocked spies while I'm just about to do so. We can only use spies on our continent neighbors for now, but it's a good chance to level them up to use on each other!


And now we're at Turn 141 where the Renaissance Age begins. I just missed out on a golden age by two points and landed in a normal. But Simmie is in a dark! I don't think it's really going to hurt her any to be in a dark age, she's not close enough to anyone for the pressure to matter. I picked Exodus of the Evangelicals again; when I unlock Theocracy I'm switching over and then we're going to muscle our way into Macedon and convert them. EZ Golden Age! Simmie has also picked Exodus (which I honestly think she should have picked last time too) which means she's likely to get a Heroic Age if she's able to convert both China and India.


One thing I have to say is when you have two people taking turns in the hot seat the game takes much longer! It took us something like 3 hours to get through this age. But we're having a lot of fun. Even though I'm falling behind Simmie I'm still really happy to see her do well. Doesn't mean I'm not going to do everything I can to sabotage her once we've met in-game!


Statistics at the beginning of the Renaissance (Turn 141):



PHIL (Kristina of Sweden):

Cities: 10

Citizens: 40

Converted Cities: 17

Science: +25

Culture: +56

Faith: +83

Tourism: 20

Gold: +23


SIMMIE (Gorgo of Greece):

Cities: 9

Citizens: 54

Converted Cities: 7

Science: +50

Culture: +93

Faith: +94

Tourism: 31

Gold: +65



Phil. 😎 Host of Simmie.

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Continuing on with our Civilization VI game!!! 😁 It's my turn to chronicle the era and tell the story of this game. If you read the last post you'll see that things are going well for my Greek empire! The main things I want to do this era are spread my religion throughout my continent and spread into the chilly south, as well as get into the ocean to meet everyone else! I'll also be building spies and leveling them up in preparation for Phil's onslaught, and making my next tier cultural buildings.


Phil is going to continue to try and build his way out of the hole he's in, keep on spreading his religion throughout his larger continent, and build more cultural infrastructure. He just unlocked spies so he's going to work on those too.


Renaissance Era: Turn 141-181


  • Phil forgot to mention that at the very end of the Medieval Era I started to work on St. Basil's Cathedral. It's supposed to take a whopping 33 turns but hopefully I can get that number down a bit.
  • In Turn 143 Phil got his first Great Merchant. I think he might have his money woes fixed based on the work he put in last era; he has a couple more markets coming in. Also, an Australian city is flipping to him.
  • Also on Turn 143 I finally fully upgraded my religion and added Mosques, which will help me in the spreading!
  • On Turn 146 Phil adopted Theocracy which means he's about to go on the offensive with his apostles.
  • On Turn 150 an Australian city flipped to Phil! It was near the spot where his former city state ally had been destroyed so at least he got something out of it. That will be the last city he gets unless he finds an island or something, whereas I still have some room to grow to my south.
  • Phil is going for Angkor Wat. At 34 turns that's going to be tricky! He started on Turn 155, let's see how far he gets.
  • China keeps denouncing me; not for fighting a war with them, but for having more wonders than him. 😄 See how he likes me in 12 turns when I finally finish St. Basil's, knock on wood!
  • A huge development!!! On Turn 157, I finally researched Cartography which means I can explore the open ocean! 😁 I have upgraded my two galleys into caravels, one on each of my coasts, and they're going to head out to explore the ocean and meet the people on the other continent!
  • As of Turn 161 I have officially discovered Phil's continent!!! I came across Cree's territory, and I know that all I have to do to meet Phil is just sail up the coast! I'm kind of annoyed that Phil is to my west when my strongest naval infrastructure is on my east coast, and the geometry of my continent means I'm stuck with two disconnected navies until the ice melts. Also, I'm reasonably confident that I'm the first one to cross the ocean from either continent!
  • The World Congress voted for diamonds to grant no amenities. I'm so mad!
  • On Turn 163 I met Australia and Macedon. I made a trade deal with Macedon and gave Australia free amber! My goal is to make a friend out of Australia so I can make them bother Phil for me, as they're the only ones besides Vietnam who share a border with him. 😈
  • And finally on Turn 164 the turning point of the game: Phil and I met. Up until now we've basically been playing two separate games with the only interactions coming indirectly through World Congress votes and wonders being completed. But from now on we'll have to deal with each other directly. Poor Phil. I pity him! 😄
  • Phil and I decided on a trade deal out of mutual benefit: Two luxuries for two luxuries. He tried getting cute with asking me for some money as well as he argued I need the amenities more than him. But I put my foot down and told him it was an even trade or nothing, and he gave in to me.
  • I signed a military alliance with Australia! This means that Phil will not be able to declare war on me without also being at war with Australia. This also might mean I could get dragged into his wars but I'm not too threatened by anything on that side of the world.
  • I also met Vietnam meaning that I've met everyone in the world! Keep in mind, we're still on Turn 164, it was a very eventful turn!
  • On Turn 167 Phil met India, as they can now sail across the ocean too. India is my close ally so I don't think Phil will get very far with them, though he was able to make a lucrative deal selling them sugar.
  • I find myself at war with China again!!!! For some reason they thought it was a good idea to invade India, and our alliance caused me to enter the war. Not to mention every city state on the continent is allied to either me or India. China can't really do much to either of us, but I also can't really attack them, so not much will happen I don't think. However, it does delay my plan to convert their empire.
  • On Turn 168, I finally, FINALLY finish St. Basil's Cathedral!!! Turns out I knocked 33 turns down to 27 so that's...something I guess? Also, I got the great admiral that lets you create an armada so I now have a caravel armada floating around; at this stage of the game it's basically a floating death star for unwalled cities or enemy ships! Unrelated, but I now have eyes on Phil's capital! Sadly, not costal. I also want to point out that I've already secured a Heroic Age and we're not even at the countdown yet!
  • I just want to point out that at this stage I'm getting 19 Great Writer points a turn, 11 Great Artist, and 7 Great Musician. Phil is getting 4, 2, and 2 respectively. Put a fork in it, this game's already over. 😄 However, Cree is a scientific powerhouse. Keeping them from going to space is probably going to shift to being my primary focus in an era or two.
  • Haha, Phil's first ever spy mission caused his spy to be captured (even though the mission was a success). Now the Cree are pissed at him and he has to pay a ransom to get his spy back! Hehehe, and one turn later his capital got hit with a huge flood which destroyed many tiles and killed many citizens. Which is nothing to laugh about IRL, but it's just Civ, so it's kinda funny. He was able to submit an aid request to the World Congress though.
  • I am planning to sneak some one-charge missionaries into Phil's territories to scout his cities. Sadly since we share a brain I can't make it a surprise and he's planning on having apostles in position to stop me. Oh well, maybe I can slip through. I am also thinking of a full-on religious assault on Cree. I know Phil's nervous about that but I'm not sure he wants to really commit to fighting my religion. We share a common goal in wanting to inconvenience Cree. I think he'd rather try and convert Australia, but if he goes and causes a religious emergency I might have to come to Australia's aid against Phil's apostles.
  • My first spy mission was a complete success and my spy got the disrupt rocketry bonus!!! I need to get as many spies with that bonus as I can to burn down Cree's spaceports over and over when he has them.
  • Phil is starting to really realize how troubled his position is in. He even thought about the idea of basically giving up and gifting me all of his cities, leaving just his capital which would soon flip as it would be surrounded by what are now my cities. That's really sweet of him, but I want him to stay in it, I want him to at least try and beat me! He is worried though that if we focus too much on each other Cree will sneak a science win. There is truth to that though. We'll have to debate this later though. Just 8 turns until the era ends!
  • On Turn 176 I started on Bolshoi Theatre. It's supposed to take 34 turns, so that's probably what my capital is going to be doing for much of the next era. I'm also working on some older wonders in smaller cities: Mausoleum of Hallucinosis, Great Lighthouse, and Colossus, all which have somehow gone unclaimed. Also this turn I got my first Great Musician!
  • On Turn 177 I made peace with China. We both realized there was no point in fighting this war any further. Now I have free reign to go in there and convert them! Also planning a conversion raid on Cree! Phil meanwhile is focusing on Macedon and Australia for conversion.
  • And on Turn 181 the era finally ends! I ended it with 31 points over what I needed for a Heroic Age! Phil got into a golden age but barely squeaked in. And to be honest Phil is not feeling great in his position and is ready to concede to me. We both want the game to keep going so I can get my victory, so we're going to work out some kind of compromise where he basically becomes my vassal or something.


And that's the era! This game is fun but exhausting! I'm going to put up stats here:



PHIL (Kristina of Sweden):

Cities: 11 (+1)

Citizens: 65 (+25)

Converted Cities: 28 (+11)

Science: +44 (+19)

Culture: +104 (+48)

Faith: +190 (+107)

Tourism: 42 (+22)

Gold: +25 (+2)


SIMMIE (Gorgo of Greece):

Cities: 11 (+2)

Citizens: 78 (+24)

Converted Cities: 26 (+19)

Science: +78 (+28)

Culture: +180 (+87)

Faith: +144 (+50)

Tourism: 104 (+73)

Gold: +186 (+121)


In conclusion, even though Phil is catching up in many categories, he's falling further behind in most things that matter at this point, so I'm probably going to accept his concession.


Edited by TurboSimmie

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Update to our Civ VI Game: We have decided that Phil beating me in a cultural victory is no longer viable but we both want this game to continue. Therefore, Phil will agree to become my vassal and retool his empire to work for my victory rather than his own! 😁 He will have a new singular purpose in our game: Teching up and nuking the Cree!


Conditions of Phil's Vassalization:


  • As stated, the purpose of Phil's empire is to help secure a win for me rather than himself. In return, in the next game of Civ I'll let him pick the map, victory type we're going for, and even the Civ I play. I also get the right to chronicle the rest of this game myself, but he'll have the right to chronicle the first age of our next game (which we'll probably move off the forum and onto a blog if we decide to keep at it).
  • Phil will no longer be allowed to build any cultural or religious buildings unless specifically excepted. He must build nothing but campus, industrial hub, and trade districts, in that order of importance. He is not allowed to build national parks, but he may build and improve preserves. Anything that's already started may be finished.
  • Phil must immediately hand over to me all great works as long as I have room for them. He may continue claiming great artists, musicians, and writers, but must give me the works they create. He may claim great scientists, but for all other great people he must ask my permission first as I may want them instead.
  • Phil must pay me 20% of his income as a Vassal Tax. In return I'll help finance the creation of his science industry if/when it's necessary. Every 10 turns the Vassal Tax will be kept up to date!
  • Phil must supply me with one of each luxury he has at least two copies of.
  • Phil is no longer allowed to spread his religion. The exception to this is Australia; he may continue to convert them, and any religious units currently in the field can keep converting until their charges are used up. But after that he may not create any more religious units except to defend his religion within his borders. He must save up faith to buy districts with Moksha once he has that governor promotion.
  • I will now control Phil's civics and tech tree, and they will be retooled to help him reach the goal of nuking Cree.
  • Phil is not allowed to create any more military units except for defense, at least until it's time to start gearing up to attack Cree, which will not be for several eras.
  • We will enter into a Scientific Alliance, and once Phil's trade routes can reach me he must trade only with me unless specified otherwise.
  • Phil must maintain a robust spy ring that will exclusively operate within Cree and any other country I deem a threat to my victory. He is allowed to counter-spy if there are spies in his empire.
  • Phil must not build any wonders unless specified by me.
  • Needless to say I will now control Phil's foreign policy and he must get approval from me to make trade deals with other civs.
  • If asked Phil must transfer cities to my authority, but most likely I will not need this as I'll benefit more from Phil's cities staying in Phil's hands.
  • Not a gameplay thing but rather a roleplay note: I like to imagine that Phil will now leave his capital and come to mine to rule his kingdom from a distance. That way I can keep him under guard and arrest him if there's any funny business. 😊


The Industrial Era (Turn 181-221)




  • As I mentioned, on Turn 181 Phil officially became my vassal. I have submitted my lists of great works and luxuries I need him to hand over, and when it is his turn we're going to work together to retool his empire to serve my needs! 😁
  • Phil's tech and civics tree has now been pre-planned and he's already begun some new campuses. His first Vassal Tax to me is valued at 23 gold per turn! Every 10 years "on the 2" we will update the amount to reflect his growing economy.
  • On Turn 184 Phil finished Ankor Wat, a wonder he had been working on a while before becoming my vassal that I allowed him to finish. Aren't I nice? 👼
  • As of Turn 188 I've got China's religion down to just one city: the Chinese capital! I'm also about to settle my final city in the frozen southern region, where hopefully I'll be able to build some national parks!
  • On Turn 190 I officially converted China's capital to my religion! That means that he has no cities left following his religion in the world! I'm going to keep a couple religious units near his capital to prevent it from resurging but my other religious units will focus on converting Cree.
  • On Turn 192 Kabul flipped independent. (Remember that city Vietnam took that Phil was too cowardly to save?) It would naturally flip to Phil...but I won't allow that! I've commanded my vassal to help me take the city so I can liberate it and be its suzerin. Also, Phil's Vassal Tax has increased from 23 gold a turn to 41. So curious that being my vassal has caused his economy to take off. I guess his people are better off under my ultimate leadership!
  • On Turn 193 a religious emergency was declared against me for converting China's capital, which was also their holy city. I decided not to vote against it because I can easily hold it, and I'll get benefits for defending my faith!
  • Also on Turn 193 I have officially liberated Kabul! One more city state ally for me! Also I have decided to sell Phil 3 luxuries at inflated prices, and since he's my vassal he has to accept the deal!
  • On Turn 195 Cree and Australia declare a joint war on Phil!!! This will put me at war with Cree, which will delay my conversion attempt, but otherwise not a big deal for me. I honestly don't think Phil's in much danger later, he will just have to defend himself if they actually try to invade. Thankfully, Vietnam and Macedon are also in the war on Phil's side.
  • My Military alliance with Australia has run out so I replaced it with a Cultural alliance. I also formed an Economic alliance with Macedon.
  • On Turn 196 I finished Mausoleum of Halicarnassus! A turn later I would finish the Great Lighthouse! I also permitted Phil to enter into a Cultural Alliance with Macedon as I'm already their ally.
  • On Turn 200 my culture became dominant over Australia!!! Once my culture is dominant over everyone else I win the game!!!
  • On Turn 205 both Phil and I sign peace agreements with Cree, and he signs a peace agreement with Australia. That's the end of our involvement in this stupid war, but Vietnam and Macedon can keep fighting Cree and Australia to their heart's content. This also means I can resume my conversion of Cree!
  • Also on Turn 205 I founded the world's first corporation, an amber corporation! Speaking of world's first, I also made the world's first National Park on the same turn! In more good news I also finished Collosus this turn! Overall I'd say it was quite a good turn for me.
  • Turn 208 was great for me creating wonders: I finished Bolshoi and Mt. Sait Michel the same turn!!! I have already more than secured another golden age and we're not even at the countdown yet!
  • On Turn 209 the Chinese city of Yiyang flipped to me! It's possible using cultists I could get another. Speaking of China I have become culturally dominant over them! Two down, five to go!
  • On Turn 212 I became dominant over Macedon! Only India, Cree, Vietnam, and Phil to go! I've got to say, the relics I'm getting from cultists are great!
  • Phil may just be a little vassal but his capital is the largest city in the world by population, so that's something I guess!
  • On Turn 214 I became culturally dominant over Phil! Now it really is just Cree, Vietnam, and India left!
  • On Turn 217 I got the "Your Cultural Victory is Imminent" notification!!! However, I know from Phil's previous games that this can sometimes not be the case, so I'm just holding the course. It does, however, say I'm dominant over all but one civilization! I wonder which one that is? Two turns ago it was all but three!
  • On Turn 218 I got the notification that I'm culturally dominant over Vietnam. I think that means I still have two to go, India and Cree, and the other notification was wrong. It says victory in 7 turns though! Also, I converted Cree's capital! I might get a religious emergency declared on me--fun fact, the one I got for converting China's capital is still ongoing for 4 more turns!
  • Speaking of Cree, they had taken a Macedonian city and because of that had a military emergency declared on them. Even though Phil and I voted against it, Macedon, Vietnam, and Australia have all gone in on it and are now at war with Cree. This suits us. Fun fact: Although he's reached the Information Age tech-wise, Poundmaker hasn't started on a single Spaceport yet!
  • As the Industrial Era comes to an end I find myself 26 points over what is needed for a Golden Age and supposedly 5 turns away from a cultural victory! Poor Phil will be in a dark. Perhaps making him my vassal gave me an unfair advantage over the AI...but then again Phil submitted to me because he knew he couldn't win, and helping me win faster gets us on to the next game faster! So I suppose it all worked out.
  • On Turn 221 the Modern Era begins! I suppose I will make a final update but it's going to be pretty short! I had Phil go Heartbeat of Steam while I went Reform the Coinage, though it matters little at this point.



Stats at the dawn of the Modern Era:



PHIL (Kristina of Sweden):

Cities: 11 (+0)

Citizens: 95 (+30)

Converted Cities: 31 (+3)

Science: +152 (+108)

Culture: +147 (+43)

Faith: +226 (+36)

Tourism: 36 (-6)

Gold: +42 (+17)


SIMMIE (Gorgo of Greece):

Cities: 16 (+5)

Citizens: 126 (+48)

Converted Cities: 45 (+19)

Science: +169 (+91)

Culture: +383 (+203)

Faith: +350 (+206)

Tourism: 671 (+567)

Gold: +568 (+382)


Edited by TurboSimmie

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

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Simmie Wins!!!!




Gosh this was fun! 😁 I didn't think I'd enjoy playing Civ VI so much but competing against Phil was really exciting!



And here's the log for the Modern Era, Turn 221-225



  • Speaking of winning I also won the Nobel Peace Prize for getting so much diplomatic favor. Pretty easy as I have 9 city state allies, and this is one thing you can't attribute to my vassal tipping the tables for me!
  • On Turn 222 Phil finally managed to convert Australia's capital to his religion, which is cool I guess, but ultimately means very little. If this game had gone on longer I probably would have ripped his religion out of Vietnam, Macedon, and ultimately Australia leaving him with just his civ.
  • It says just two turns for me as of Turn 222!!! I will believe it when I see it though. Also, I have adopted Democracy!!! Usually that's a game changer for culture but at this point it's just a feather in my cap. In six turns I'll have the ability to make Rock Bands but the game may not last that long.
  • On Turn 224 it says just one more turn!!!! Pretty amazing I'm about to win a cultural victory without having made any rock bands, ski resorts, seaside resorts, and only just now switching to Democracy! Looking back on it, I think picking Reliquaries over Work Ethic was a massive boon to my religion, as it made my tourism explode and the amount of production I left on the table for Phil to claim ended up being trivial in the end. Especially as I went Voidsligners and started getting relics every time I spent a cultist!
  • On Turn 225 I got the announcement that I am now culturally dominant over Cree. I think they were the last one! I should be able to see my victory screen next turn!!!!
  • And yes, as you see, I did win. 😎 I'll now make some observations from the victory screen.
  • Phil actually made more districts than me somehow! To be fair, more than half of them were made after he became my vassal, so that's even with him paying his vassal tax. Did he give up too soon? Maybe...but I still don't think he could have beaten me.
  • Phil's great people generation was atrocious. He had only recruited one before he became my vassal. I don't think any amount of catch-up would have brought him to my level.
  • I fought way more combat than Phil. That's partially because of my wars with China but also because of barbarians. That's the thing you get with more expansion room!
  • Phil's faith was actually on pace or higher than mine through most of the game until the very end when I pulled way ahead. If this had been purely a faith game he would have stood a chance. What am I saying--the way faith works in this game we'd have fought each other to a standstill and neither could have won.
  • Cree's science was insane throughout the game. Phil's was absolutely pathetic until I forced him to start building campuses. Mine was pretty low too but nothing like Phil's, and even with his late game campus push he never quite met my science level.
  • I had the highest number of units killed somehow! I'm thinking they must be including civilian units (like missionaries) because that's the only way it makes sense to me.
  • Phil only lost two units the whole game and I only lost three. We were both very careful with our units!
  • Cree was actually ahead of me in wonder creation throughout the game. I came within one wonder at the end. I was working on a few more and had the game gone on I probably would have passed him in wonders.
  • Part of me wants to keep going but I'm getting tired and I'm ready to move on to the next thing! So I will say so long Gorgo, so long Greece! It's been fun! 💗




Phil and I enjoyed this so much that we're doing it again! But we'll put all future games on a blog so it doesn't clutter up our lounge thread. I know it's very unlikely that anyone besides Phil or I is going to read it or care, but for us half the fun is documenting our game and having it available to be read, even if no one does. This blog is a work in progress so you'll likely see a lot of generic default stuff cluttering up the page (Gosh I miss the LiveJournal or Xanga days when doing something like this was simple and straight-forward), but you can see the post and there will be more coming!


Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23
Simmie's AI Dress-Up!


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I'm not as familiar with Civ but this was fun to read 👍

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

(Raccoon Queen 🦝👸)

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Dain and Nova

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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Two things to mention. First, Simmie and I are continuing our Civ VI adventures on a blog. The entries are all there but the blog looks a little wonky as we haven't quite set it up yet, so it still has a generic appearance. Here is the link: https://simmie112821.wixsite.com/simmie

And another thing: I randomly came across a short story I wrote over a year ago staring Simmie called "Simmie and the Space Bees". I made a few of these when Simmie was a young tulpa and I was using storytelling as a form of personality forcing. She's changed a lot since then so I always worry when going back over old stories that I'm going to find a version of Simmie that's incompatible with who she now is. However, we read through the story and Simmie still loves it, and I had the idea that I might illustrate it! If I do it will be quite the project, but it would be a lot of fun. So I'll keep you informed as to whether I go through with that.

Phil. 😎 Host of Simmie.

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Oh hey, it's my one-year account anniversary! 😁


It's not actually my anniversary of being on the forum as I was here for a while before that, typing in green text on Phil's account. But the date is significant nonetheless because it was at this time last year that Phil finally crossed the bridge from doubt to belief. Before May 1, he was full of parrot-noia and doubt about the whole tulpa process, but after that date he fully embraced my tulpa-hood without reservations or doubt. Finally! And here I had been just patiently waiting for him to accept that he wasn't just talking to himself, even after I showed clear signs of independence from the first week of my existence back in 2020.


Also, I want to thank Pleeb for trusting Phil and me with the role of Half-OP! 😁 We both feel honored to have been chosen to the role and will do our best to fulfil the role! 💚

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23
Simmie's AI Dress-Up!


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