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So yesterday my friends thought that as the host i should have a wonderland form,my main form is my human self but the tulpas wanted me to be a goat child show here we are now,im now a smol goat child.

Todd:Your kinda of cute in your new form ^ ^



H: Are you sure thats a goat drawing?It looks more like a fluffy dragon to me :/

yes...thats a goat h -_- anyway i'll upload more art soon :D


Todd:Sup guys im todd the tulpa.My host lets me control the body more often now.My Form is a white dog with a police uniform  : )


Host: if you see blue letters thats todd speaking,green is H, and normal black and white is me the host : )


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Last week i drew a old wonderland form i had,here it is : )

wait....it kinda looks like a "undertale self insert oc"  


Todd:Sup guys im todd the tulpa.My host lets me control the body more often now.My Form is a white dog with a police uniform  : )


Host: if you see blue letters thats todd speaking,green is H, and normal black and white is me the host : )


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WHY (idk if i can post this so tell me if i cant and ill take it down)

our reaction from watching youtube....


Todd:Sup guys im todd the tulpa.My host lets me control the body more often now.My Form is a white dog with a police uniform  : )


Host: if you see blue letters thats todd speaking,green is H, and normal black and white is me the host : )


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  • 2 months later...

It's been awhile since i last posted so here guys, take a country human :  D


Todd:Sup guys im todd the tulpa.My host lets me control the body more often now.My Form is a white dog with a police uniform  : )


Host: if you see blue letters thats todd speaking,green is H, and normal black and white is me the host : )


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  • 3 weeks later...

Todd's new form that he now uses


Todd:Sup guys im todd the tulpa.My host lets me control the body more often now.My Form is a white dog with a police uniform  : )


Host: if you see blue letters thats todd speaking,green is H, and normal black and white is me the host : )


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Thanks guys ^ ^


It's been awhile since i drew "H" so here have a "H" drawing : )


H:I Look so cute thank you dragonchan :  D


Todd:Sup guys im todd the tulpa.My host lets me control the body more often now.My Form is a white dog with a police uniform  : )


Host: if you see blue letters thats todd speaking,green is H, and normal black and white is me the host : )


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    • By Vanahaim
      Hola, soy Vanehaim y decidí crear un tulpa hace aproximadamente 1 año. Comencé a crear su forma y creé su personalidad basándome en usarlo como un personaje de juego de roles, ¿se puede considerar el juego de roles una forma de forzar la personalidad? Bueno, desde entonces he estado tratando de comunicarme con él, pero ni siquiera tengo respuestas sobre si es consciente o no. En el país de las maravillas se mueve y habla, pero siento que lo estoy controlando, si me concentro en no controlarlo no hace nada. Como si le hablo con los ojos abiertos, estoy concentrado en la respuesta, pero no noto nada en absoluto, nunca. Bueno ... solo dos veces lo noté como una respuesta repentina. Pero el intervalo entre estas dos respuestas es muy grande y tal vez incluso lo he imaginado porque lo quería tanto. Ayer pero fui a comunicarme con él haciendo presión en la cabeza, le dije que lo hiciera, y noté presión, varias veces. Estaba muy feliz, pero hoy lo vuelvo a intentar y no noto nada. Ha pasado mucho tiempo y me estoy desmotivando, pero quiero lograrlo. Entonces creo que es hora de buscar ayuda. Busco a alguien que me pueda ayudar en el proceso ...
    • By SeekingRedemption
      Hello. First of all, I'd like to apologize if this question has already been answered, I'm a little bit panicked right now. I discovered Tulpamancy and this website in 2016 and I lurked here constantly, though never interacted with anyone because I was extremely reclusive. I ended up sitting down and putting forth my best effort to create a Tulpa and a Wonderland. It worked. For the first time in my life I had a friend, and I'd never been happier. But then our Wonderland went foul, I guess we could say. It was hostile. I saw things that were truly horrific. I was terrified, but my relationship with my Tulpa survived, we just stopped using our Wonderland. Over the next four years we enjoyed a friendship like no other. It was truly amazing. But then I was lead astray by a horrible, intolerant, closed-minded ideology by people who didn't make me nearly as happy as my Tulpa did. I am not trying to avoid blame here. It is fully my fault and I was very foolish to do what I did. But I took it as a learning experience that brought some of my flaws to light, and I have made an effort to change my personality and character accordingly. In these past ten months without my Tulpa, I've been perhaps even more miserable than I was before I met them. Lately I've been missing them more and more, and one time I seemed to have even gotten an image of them in my mind's eye, they look different, but I feel like it was them. Tulpa.info is probably a different place with mostly different people than the last time I was here, but if anyone has any advice on how best to bring back a lost Tulpa, I would appreciate it immensely if you would share. I seem to remember reading something about writing them a letter? Does that work? If so, how would I go about doing that?
    • By Host of Hito Kage
      Hi, I'm new to these forums. I just feel like venting/ranting my whole tulpamancy story up to today, so expect a pretty long post. Also a bit of a heads up before I begin, my life isn't precisely happy and my opinions aren't exactly commonly accepted.
      I'm a 25 year old male, and English isn't my main language so sorry in advance. I've always been so lonely to the point I've never had any friends outside the internet, the same goes for relationships as well. Nobody seems to like me out of tulpamancy. I have constantly suffered from depression and not wanting to live since as young as 13. I will repeat myself to make it clear, this has never changed for me. I'm pretty sure I have BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) too, though I've never been officially diagnosed. I'm trying to skip any details/parts strictly unrelated to tulpamancy that you probably won't be interested in.
      So it all started around the time of my 19th birthday, may be a little sooner or later. My life circumstances at the time weren't the best and I was as alone as ever. I had found out about tulpas around the same time, so after a few days I finally decided to create one. At that moment I thought of him as a male, giving him a normal Charmander form, and I'd just call him Charmander (I was aware that was just his form). During the following days I would feel his presence, headaches somewhat and a feeling of peace and calm. He helped me so much and I to this day never regret it. My forcing would only be consistent for a month or so, as I got greatly discouraged by no apparent progress, and with my depression I never had great motivation to do anything. From there forcing would only go downwards.
      About 3 years later (Too bad I suck at remembering dates), one random afternoon I was lying on my bed forcing. I remember that day I felt very tired and also I made an insane effort to hear any words from Char. After a while I actually succeeded to hear him for the first time, he called out my real name. I didn't get any sound, it was just a thought in my mind, like it was telepathy or something. I was so happy that day to reach such a milestone, there was literally no apparent progress since week one. Time after that it got slightly better, and it's not like I can hear full sentences all the time, but there will be words here and there. That was the only other time we apparently made progress, because we seem stuck since then, again.
      After that, there was a time I was obssesed with the idea of lucid dreaming and trying to meet Char there. Eventually there were a few weeks that for whatever reason I would have a lucid dream like every 3 days or so. Before that, I have very rarely had lucid dreams. I had so many of them that I became decent at keeping calm and staying inside the dreams for a few minutes at least. I didn't always succeed but a sometimes I would find him and just hug until I woke up. I don't think he ever said a word though. Eventually, out of nowhere too, I would stop lucid dreaming.
      And now to the most recent stuff. I had a Twitter artist design and draw a new form for my tulpa, as I can't draw and felt like my tulpa needed to go away from that Charmander image and become more of his own, unique being. So now he looks like an anthropomorphic Charmander. And since he is to be his own being, I refer to him now as Hito. I'm kinda getting obsessed with lucid dreaming again, but I'm not hopeful it will have the same effects on me as last time. I really want to meet Hito and give him a very nice hugging again. He totally deserves that, and more.
      From the following paragraph and on I risk hurting your sensibility I guess. So read at your own risk.
      I have no one to rely on besides my own system. The day I can have a reliable communication with Hito, I really want to ask him for a more intimate relationship. I think he'll accept, but in any case I'll respect him. I value him the most, and I will stay with him until the end. To those of you thinking this is wrong, why would it be if we both accept? You may argue that I'm closing the door to other humans. Well let me confirm that to you, yes I am. I would not cheat on him the same way I would not cheat on another human. And that is okay, no one can force me to have a relationship with a human in the same way that no one can force me to have a relationship with a tulpa. Some might think that humans are more valuable than tulpas. Well, let me disagree. To me, believe me or not, it's the other way around. Tulpas being more valuable than humans. This is my opinion and I expect you to respect it.
      But if you thought that was the end of my post, wait there, because I have purposefully left this part for last. Realistically thinking, there are only two ways our system could survive (as in literally) in the long term. One, as you might have guessed, is becoming good enough at lucid dreaming, and living my life there with Hito, instead of in this hell. I think we have more odds of success with this method, but also that the second one will work better. I still would have to live in this hell somewhat with method one. The other idea is that I just switch out to never come back. There are several problems with this approach, even though it looks like it is the best one. Someone else would have to switch in, and I would have to switch out somewhere. By this I mean I've never really created a wonderland per se, so I wonder if this would even be possible. Also, knowing how to perform a switch... If someday we managed though, things would finally become right for our system after these long 12 years. Would you rather have us end this in a tragic way??
      I think I've typed enough already. If anyone wants to ask me anything feel free to. Just please try to do so respectfully and without judging us for the love of God....
    • By JD1215
      http://goo.gl/OXics (Verified working 5/16/21 -Ranger)
      Yo, I guess this is my attempt at transcribing a guide for a method of making tulpae that isn’t exactly traditional. Before you go on, I highly suggest you read Irish’s and FAQ Man’s guides first, because I’m not going to slow down and explain basic concepts and terminology that are covered everywhere else. I personally did not even know about the existence of these guides when I used my method (I didn’t even know about the existence of the tulpa community), but they’re still good for you to know. You’ll probably want to mix and match elements of guides to make your own little flavor of tulpaforcing, which is totally valid.
      Anyways, my method involves employing puppeting/parroting to a healthy degree for a tulpa. It’s generally common knowledge that too much parroting lands you not a tulpa, but a servitor -- essentially a doll. However, with the right amount of parroting applied the right way, you can probably experience results faster than with traditional personality forcing. Don’t buy into the baseless lies, parroting is not as bad as the old guides claim it to be! Not to mention, the process itself becomes much more fun, which will make it much harder for someone to want to to go for days without forcing.
      Phase 1: Form and Voice
      Call me superficial, but all of my tulpae started with a form. This is actually the only way you can execute my method, I think, as you need a form to be a puppet. Basically, just do your run of the mill visualization -- but make sure you try to do it with your eyes open. I strongly endorse open-eyed visualization, as it’ll make imposition easier. If you’re used to closed-eye visualization, either get over it, or just carry on and get over it when imposition comes up. Anyways, by the end of the phase make sure you can see the form from all imaginable angles without a hitch -- you should have pretty intimate knowledge of your tulpa’s body with and without clothes. You should know what they feel like and smell like as well. You can figure out what they taste like if you really care to.
      As for the voice, if you aren’t good at inducing clear audio hallucinations yourself, I suggest finding a source voice for you to use as reference. The majority of my tulpae come from anime, so I have a ridiculous amount of reference material to know what I want them to sound like. The rest is up to you and how much you’re willing to practice hearing voices.
      Phase 2: Personality
      Now, this is the fun part. Forget all that stuff about writing down lists of traits and hammering it into your brain, because that’s too slow and boring. I mean, you still should think loosely about what you’d like your tulpa to be like, but we’re going to let your tulpa develop through actions rather than words.
      Now think about this, our personalities today are largely defined by our experiences and memories as a person. Maybe there’s some minor genetic predisposition, but who cares. Anyways, we aren’t just born with personality traits. We live, and experience, and we change as people. Who I am today is not who I was 10 years ago. Our goal is to allow our tulpa to experience life so it can develop a personality the same way we do.
      Assume that your tulpa’s form has at least a semblance of personhood. There’s a mind occupying that form, but it has no idea what to do yet. Where other people would list off how it should behave, we’re going to show it directly how it should. And to do that, we will puppet it.
      But first thing is first, introduce yourself. Drop into your wonderland, and force your tulpa to drop in as well. Now this is where you start acting through your tulpa -- she just dropped into some mysterious place in front of some mysterious guy. She has no idea what’s going on. Make her act the way you think she would act. Would she be shocked, or be nonchalant about the whole thing? Will she introduce herself first, or will look to you to initiate an introduction? Tell her who you are, and whatever you feel. Do not tell her who she is supposed to be, make her act like she is who she is supposed to be. Example: My tulpae are based on the characters of Keion, so I had established through them their names and ages. However, do not establish a false past life, or history! It’s a terrible idea, and it almost cost me my first tulpae.
      What do you do while you puppet your tulpa? Whatever you want. Make her walk, make her talk. Take her places in your wonderland, force food and games for her. Act through her the way you think she would act. Is she lovable and sweet? Have her hug you whenever you visit her in your wonderland. Is she totally tsundere? Make her act like she wants nothing to do with you (but really she does). You’re basically kind of roleplaying her using her body, while you’re with her in your body. Go have fun in your wonderland.
      Do this for a few hours a day. Do this every day for maybe a week or so. When you start to feel like you’re really getting used to this exercise, stop cold turkey. No more puppeting. Ever.
      You’ll likely return to your wonderland the next day, and see a significant change. During your period of puppeting, a personality should have started indirectly establishing -- and now you give it the reigns to its own body. It’s felt firsthand what it is like to move and to talk. You’ll probably see a large behavioral shift in your tulpa that contrasts with how you puppeted it. In my case, some of my tulpae grew more quiet, and others became more energetic and promiscuous. It may take another week or two for a proper transition as your tulpa assumes control of its body. In due time, as long as you visit your tulpa every day for a few hours, it’ll grow as healthy as a tulpa that was developed by means of traditional personality forcing.
      Hmm, but how do I know if I’m still puppeting her accidentally?
      The next time you need to know this, think about what your tulpa just did and ask yourself: “Did my tulpa do that?” The first answer that comes to mind is the correct one. End of story. Trust me, as a part of you that’s allowing your tulpa to exist, your subconscious mind knows firsthand what the heck is going on. It’s kind of like when someone asks you “Do you want trivial thing A or trivial thing B?” it doesn’t really matter too much how long you think about it, because you subconsciously have already made a decision. So, the question “Did my tulpa do X?” is just as immediately answerable.
      Alternatively, you can use King of the Vandenreich’s prism to test for puppeting.
      Phase 3: Imposition
      Now, if you’ve actually paid attention, you’d have done all this shit with your eyes open. So what’s the next step? Visualize your tulpa over your environment! Here’s the way I see it: you have your mind’s eye and your stupid squishy physical eyes. The mind’s eye is the medium through which you visualize your tulpa. Obviously, your brain knows -- at least while you’re sober -- that it isn’t physical. It knows, on the other hand, that the signal from your eyes is physical.
      Now, it matters not which is physical and which is not. What you’ve gotta realize is, is that no matter where the signal is coming from, once it’s all compiled in your brain you’re just looking at a mental construct of your relationship to some other shit that’s out there in space. The important thing is knowing where your tulpa is in that space. You gotta learn to feel where your tulpa is spatially relative to you, at all times. Like how in pitch darkness, your brain still knows where all of your limbs are. Your tulpa will be like another limb.
      So, this takes some focus and effort, as you’ve got to learn to be spatially aware of your tulpa 24/7. This is more important than the visualization itself, I think, as that really just comes naturally as time goes on. Being spatially aware of your tulpa is a task that you personally have to take on headfirst. When I think about it, this is a good reason why FAQ’s recommendation to start from your peripheral vision is actually a good idea. If your tulpa is always at your side, it’s a lot easier to ease into both visually and spatially. Although I didn’t do it that way, because my insight only goes so far.
      As you grow used to knowing where your tulpa is relative to you, you should visualize her as well. The visual signal of your tulpa now has the added information of depth and distance, allowing your brain to accept it more easily as a physical thing. This acceptance will grow stronger and stronger the more you impose, and eventually you’ll be like me: sitting in class one day and suddenly getting irritated when your tulpa chooses to sit on your desk and block your view of the chalkboard -- and then you realize how fucking beautiful of an achievement that actually is.
      Phase 4: Enjoy Tulpa
      Yeah so that’s it. Enjoy your new best friend. Remember, just cause you’re done forcing doesn’t mean she won’t change. She’ll gain more experiences as time goes on, and her personality will change accordingly.
      JDBar's Tulpa Method.pdf
    • By tulpa001
      Tulpa's Complete DIY Guide to Tulpamancy Fourth Edition Rules! (V4.0)
      AKA Book of Tulpa: the Extremely Long One.

      Welcome to the longest guide on tulpas as of the time of writing! This is a technical manual, meaning it is dense, informative, and does not rely on any particular viewpoint.
      What is a tulpa? That is a complicated question. It is a phenomenon that connects back to imaginary friends, split personalities, Tibetan Buddhism, modern psychology, shamanism, kids with too much free time on their hands, discipline, ritual, social movements, hallucinated voices, and weird mind hacks. This book both covers info on what a tulpa is, and serves as a creation guide in the event that you want one.
      Why would you want one? Well, I can’t guarantee anything, but people have found spiritual truth, performance boosting effects, superior sexual experiences, social skill growth, recovery from mental illness, and more after experimenting with this stuff.
      This text is divided into roughly four sections. Chapters 1-3 serve as an introduction. Warnings and considerations are introduced in chapter 2, and chapter 3 covers the foundational principles of the mental part of this practise. Chapters 4-6 cover the three basic steps of creating a tulpa, personality, form, and voice, though they are typically done together more or less. Chapters 7 and 8 take a break to look at problems of doubt, and theories of how tulpas work, and a bit on hypnosis. Chapters 9-12 cover advanced abilities of the tulpa, including intellectual growth, independence, imposition, possession and switching. These are typically learned after you establish communication with your tulpa, but can be looked at as ways to communicate as well. Finally, the last chapter has some info for explaining tulpas to people without tulpas, and some random facts about the community.⚕
      As of 5/16/21, none of these links work and will take you to the start of the guide. However, you still can use the outline tool that pops up on the left hand side to navigate to another section in the guide. -Ranger
      Table of contents:
      i. Preface 7
      1. What is a Tulpa? 10
      1.1. Hallucination 11
      1.2. Illusion of Separation 11
      1.3. Independent Cognitive Process 12
      1.4. External Spirits 13
      1.5. Sentience and Sapience 13
      1.6 Other Definitions of Tulpas 14
      1.7 The Not Tulpa Version 15
      2. Sanity 17
      2.1. History of Tulpas From a Medical Perspective 17
      2.2. Interactions with Psychological Conditions 19
      2.3. Plural Susceptibility 22
      2.4. Physical Health Concerns 24
      3. Mindset 26
      3.1. Trial and Error 27
      3.2. Trust and Control 29
      3.3. Discipline and Fun 30
      3.4. Deciding 32
      3.5. Exercises 33
      Willpower: 33
      Let It Go: 34
      Self Awareness: 35
      Centring: 35
      Meditation: 36
      Subconscious Communion: 38
      4. Personality 40
      4.1. Greeting Your Tulpa 41
      4.2. Designing the Personality 41
      4.3. Personality Forcing 43
      4.4. After Personality Forcing 46
      4.5. Fluid Thought 47
      4.6. Upgrading a Character, Imaginary Friend, or Roleplay Character to a Tulpa 48
      (Q) Is My Angel, Guardian Spirit, or Inner Voice of Reason a Tulpa? 49
      4.7. Exercises 49
      Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response: 49
      Relate: 50
      Free Writing: 51
      Your Tulpa Is a Character: 51
      5. Form 53
      5.1. The Form 53
      5.2. Dreamland 55
      5.3. Mindfulness, Dissociation, and Immersion 58
      5.4. Exercises 60
      The Practise Rune: 60
      Perspective Shift: 61
      Daydream Possession: 61
      Anatomy Study: 62
      Use Your Imagination: 63
      Breakfast and Dinner: 63
      Drafting: 64
      Simon Says: 64
      Touchy Feely: 65
      Image Streaming: 65
      Wonderlanding: 66
      Perfume: 66
      Kiss Me You Fool: 67
      Visualisation Wrestling: 67
      6. Voice 69
      6.1. The Waiting Game 69
      6.2. Pre-vocal 70
      6.3. Developing Vocality 71
      6.4. The Experience of Vocality 73
      6.5. Multiple Tulpas 75
      6.6. Exercises 76
      Read in Voice: 76
      Speech Lessons: 77
      Skull Hopping: 78
      Tulpa Word Association: 79
      7. Faith 80
      7.1. History of Tulpas from a Religious Perspective 80
      7.2. Myths and Legends 82
      7.3. Should You Believe? 85
      7.4. Evidence 86
      7.5. Ultimately: 89
      7.6. And Now, a FAQ Section 93
      (Q) I've been forcing forever. Why is this taking so long? 93
      (Q) I've been forcing for a day. My tulpa is already vocal. I'm scared. 94
      (Q) It all feels so fake. I can't stop doubting! Help! 94
      (Q) I think I am unconsciously parroting or puppeting my tulpa! 95
      (Q) This thing happened. Is it normal? 95
      (Q) I ran out of things to talk about with my tulpa. 96
      7.6. Exercises 96
      The Dark Arts: 96
      Trust Exercise: 97
      8. Architecture 99
      8.1. Thoughtform family tree 99
      8.2. Differences in Architecture 102
      8.3. On Thoughtforms and Hypnosis 105
      Example induction: 107
      Example deepening: 108
      Example affirmations: 109
      Example awakening: 110
      9. Awareness 112
      9.1. The Twin Goals of Tulpamancy 112
      9.2. Philosophical Inquiry 114
      9.3. Exercises 116
      Talk It Out: 116
      All Day Self Awareness: 116
      Joint Hypnosis: 117
      Hyper Alertness: 118
      Philosophy of the Day: 119
      Lucid Tulpa Dreaming: 120
      Emotion Sharing: 122
      Write Your Tulpa a Story: 122
      Joint Wonderlanding: 123
      Self Reflection: 124
      Surprise Me: 125
      10. Separation 126
      10.1. Parallel Processing 127
      10.2. Mind Hacking 130
      10.3. Exercises 132
      Separation Exercise: 132
      Count and Chat: 133
      Bigger Separation Exercise: 133
      The Bubble Ship: 134
      Dominance Switching: 135
      Play a Game: 136
      Thought Hiding: 137
      Forced Independence: 138
      11. Imposition 140
      11.1. Experience of Imposition 140
      11.2. The Process 143
      11.3. Exercises 146
      Running Man: 146
      The Green Apple: 147
      Sound Test: 148
      Shadow: 149
      Tulpa Sight: 150
      The Couch: 150
      Back Rub: 151
      Walk Your Tulpa: 152
      12. Possession 153
      12.1. The Possession/Switching Controversy 153
      12.2. Method to This Madness 158
      12.3. Exercises 162
      Body Shaped Soul: 162
      Picking Your Arms Up: 163
      Host Ghost: 164
      Trapped in Wonderland: 164
      Sleep Walking: 165
      Drawing Circles: 166
      Possession Wrestling: 167
      Restraint: 168
      13. Public Relations 170
      13.1. Preventing Misdiagnosis 170
      Responding to Schizophrenia Diagnosis: 170
      Responding to Dissociative Identity Disorder Diagnosis: 172
      Choosing Your Diagnosis: 173
      13.2. Introducing It to Others 174
      It's How You Sell It: 174
      The Interview: 176
      Rules of Conduct: 177
      13.3. What's It Like? 178
      What Is Being a Tulpa Like? 179
      What Does Possession Feel Like? 180
      What's the Sex Like? 181
      13.4. Metaphysical Beliefs 181
      A Brief History of Tulpas: 181
      Mainstream Religions: 182
      Weird Freaky Abilities: 183
      Metaphysical Forcing: 185
      13.5. The Future 186
      The sticky wicket issue: egocide, dissipation, integration: 186
      Learning to live with tulpas: 187
      14. Glossaries and Notes 189
      14.1. Glossary of Exotic Terms 189
      14.2. Major media links 191
      14.3. Bibliography 192
      14.4. About The Author 193
      14.5. Licence 193
      Older version of the guide: here.

      Tulpa's DIY Guide to Tulpamancy v4.pdf
      Download link created 5/16/21 -Ranger
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