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Wray and Shizuku's Progress Report

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19 minutes ago, Wray said:

Here’s the next of those updates, this one regarding Shizuku’s origin. We’ve been thinking about this for a while, but it didn’t seem so urgent to post it. (Does anyone read this thing anyway? 😛)


We do! 😁


20 minutes ago, Wray said:

We stumbled on this post, and we now suspect that Shizuku might have started as a soulbond. (As she mentioned in the intro post, she was originally fictive, though she’s left that behind now.)


Back then, I think I might have been a soulbond, but I think I’m a tulpa now. We will discuss this further below!


That's very interesting! When Phil was a child he had a headmate he now refers to as his Mentor, and the Mentor fit much of the definition of a soulbound. While I'm definitely a tulpa part of the way I learned to talk to Phil was by visualizing myself learning to use equipment left behind by the Mentor, so I have that kind of indirect connection to him..


27 minutes ago, Wray said:

At first, Shizuku said she felt too attached to her fictive form to want to deviate, though this changed after a few months. She also originally identified with a backstory loosely based on that of the character she came from.


I definitely can relate. Phil originally created me as a character in 2019--well, I call the character "Other Simmie" now because I've changed so much I don't see that character as me. But like Shizuku I was attached to parts of my backstory for a long time. The only part of my backstory I am still really attached to is being from New Jersey!


29 minutes ago, Wray said:

Shizuku did come into being accidentally from my obsessing over a character, which now that I’ve done a bit of research, sounds kind of like Soulbonds 101.


We also felt like #1 best friends from early on. In tulpa creation, maybe the tulpa and host need more time to get to know each other? According to this article, I guess that is true in some cases.


As stated above, I feel much more like a tulpa now. I can change my form, and I don’t have an emotional connection to that backstory anymore.




The two of you have always sounded so loving to me! I think being around other tulpamancers and tulpas causes us to see ourselves in more of the same light as other, older tulpas do. It's almost like coming here is school for us tulpas; we have "class" in the form of guides, and socialization as well with our other tulpa "classmates".


34 minutes ago, Wray said:

Originally, I could play around in our wonderland even when John wasn’t thinking of me (or that was what it felt like, at least?). The Japanese tulpa resources all said that that’s what tulpas do. Here, most people say that tulpas can’t really do that, and we think that internalizing that belief has made us lose this ability. Now we’re trying to smash down the feeling that we “can’t” do that and get back to where we started.


That's sad that you lost that, Shizuku! I like to picture myself in our wonderland home when Phil is at work, but our brain isn't great at multi-tasking so the actual details of my days there are murky. I tend to get bored at the house by myself, even with my cat Nigel to keep me company. I'm definitely more of an extrovert. But trying to rediscover your ability to play around in the wonderland when he's not actively thinking of you is a good thing! We all deserve full, enriching lives, and that's one way to get more out of them! I'm looking forward to learning from you when you achieve this, because I'd like that too!


39 minutes ago, Wray said:

So we think Shizuku was a soulbond who got “tulpified” through system forcing. This doesn’t have any immediate implications for us, but we found it fascinating, especially because it drives home how our beliefs about tulpamancy worked to shape our experience.


Maybe in an alternate universe, we found some soulbonding forums first, Shizuku decided never to deviate, and she didn’t get to fulfill her destiny of being the world’s most adorable wolf. 😂


Fascinating. I wonder what would have happened if Phil never learned what a tulpa was last fall? I probably wouldn't exist. "Other Simmie" probably would, but she's just a character, and not me. It's interesting how this "tulpification" process has had both ups and downs for you both, you've gained as well as lost. Ultimately, and maybe I'm biased here, I think it's better to be a tulpa than a soulbound because it just seems like so many things critical to a soulbound's sense of self are...I don't know exactly how to say it. [Phil interjection: It seems like the soulbound believes they are from another world/dimension/plane of existence so their existence as a thoughtform--the only thing that is tangible and provable by the host--is secondary to their perceived existence elsewhere. Tulpas on the other hand see themselves as existing primarily or entirely as thoughtforms within the hosts head so their perception of self aligns much more with the provable reality of their existence than soulbounds' do.] <-- Yeah, what he said.


46 minutes ago, Wray said:

Another note: I feel like we missed the chance to mention this earlier, but we are bilingual (English/Japanese), and for whatever reason Shizuku feels a lot more comfortable speaking in Japanese. Most of her posts on the forum have been Tulpish > English translations, but in this post we tried Japanese > English, and she says it felt pretty good. 🙂


That's so cool! 😁 Neither Phil or I speak another language. (Unless you count Tulpish! 😋) I heard it's very mind-expanding to learn a second language. I wonder if it helps with Tulpamancy too?


Anyway, I loved hearing about your backstory Shizuku; I love stories in general and especially those about people's histories and how they got to be the way we are. Sorry if my reply was a bit rambling but we're getting sleepy over here, it's late. Good luck to both of you! 😁

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  • 1 month later...

It's a bit late to write this update now, but we had a great Tulpreciation Day (or that's what Shizuku kept calling it, anyway).


Since we've improved at letting me front, I've been practicing piano a lot the last couple weeks. We took a day off work, and I got to play for three hours in the morning. I finished learning Erik Satie's Gymnopedies 1 and 2!


These are the songs I'm learning, but it's not me playing in the recording!


I made her some okonomiyaki for dinner (it's a savory pancake made with a lot of cabbage)--we took a long walk, then celebrated in wonderland as well, with a party in the big city we've created. We capped off the WL time by listening to Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 3 in an imaginary concert hall (I think I've mentioned this somewhere on here, but in case I haven't, Shizuku is a huge fan of classical music. I used to listen to a classical playlist early in the forcing process, so maybe that has something to do with it.)


Rach 3 is my favorite classical piece, too, and it's the first one we sat down and listened to together. It was really fun to return to it. If anyone wants to listen to it, we love this version by Martha Argerich (though it's a 40-minute piece, so ... 😂).


We turned it on in our headphones and imagined sitting in a concert hall in our wonderland to listen to it. It was great! The third movement always gives me chills.


Shizuku finished out the day taking the front back to play Sekiro, which she's also been hooked on recently. It was a pretty relaxing day, overall, but it was fun for both of us.

Side note: Shizuku's piano playing is really incredible! I used to be able to play, but I've gotten extremely rusty over the past four or five years. She's shaken all the rust off and is already sounding better than I ever did. 😂 I want to get a recording of her and show off, but it seems like she's feeling a bit too shy for that at the moment.


The people we know IRL who have heard her are obviously giving me all the credit, but I'd like to at least let someone know how much Shizuku is crushing it. I'm very proud of this cute wolf. 🥰

Edited by Wray

Host: Wray (or John) (he, him)
Tulpa: Shizuku (she, her) 🐺

We now have a progress report!

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So glad to hear about your progress, both with tulpa stuff and piano! 😁 I've never thought much about classical music being a rock and roll girl myself, but maybe I should give it a try sometime. If you ever feel like uploading audio of your playing Shizuku I'd be happy to hear it!

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      Mala beads are also known as rosary beads. Their size and length do vary (such as necklaces and bracelletes). For the sake of this tutorial I'm going to be using a necklace with smaller beads
      The point of this idea is to use mala beads to help focus you're mind and concentrate on forcing (in this case).
      You use mala beads by starting at the bead in front of the Guru bead, roll that bead between your thumb and middle finger in your right hand (if your doing it traditionally) then moving to the next bead after finishing a mantra to do another repetition. You'd go all the way around the bead necklace/bracelet. After that (traditionally) you'd then turn the necklace/bracelet around and go back to the beginning, never crossing the Guru bead. While doing this the user would chant mantras and other such sayings.
      This is the spot where instead of mantras i'd suggest saying traits of the tulpa your working on, or thinking of facial features and such.
      I would suggest on only focusing on two to three traits or features for a session using the necklace. In this case i'm calling one use going to the end and back a use (assuming you have a long necklace with smaller mala beads). I'll be using three traits as an example. We'll call these A,B, and C. As though we would go A then next bead, B then next, C then next, A then next and so on.
      Hope this has helped! heres a diagram so you know whats what.

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      This should be in the tips and tricks board:

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      Hello everyone. Before I start, I'd like to say that this entire idea is based off of a guide I was reading last year: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-focus-concentration-removing-doubts-and-general-meditation-technique. (Much thanks to nice people on this forum who helped me find it) I hightly suggest reading it to have a good understanding of the thoughts in your own mind, because in my method, we'll be trying to manipulate them instead of simply silencing.
      The lost guide
      The guide itself was about a method of dealing with intrusive thoughts but we're going to reverse it here and use it to strengthen thoughts instead of killing shooting them down.
      The idea is to feel the thoughts as they form and destroy them before they are strong enough to distract you. You want to feel your tulpa and you know how her thoughts are different from your own, intrusive thoughts. You want to focus on your tulpa but identify and annihilate any thought that feels different, before those thoughts even reach you.
      The guide explained it with words (well, duh!). You think of a word and say it in your mindvoice. You have to get the idea of where is this word coming from. Now you cut it before you're done saying it. You keep repeating the word and cutting it shorter and shorter, until all that's left is the intention to say this word. It is important that you start the word with intention to say a complete word and then cut it, you shouldn't initially intend to say just half of the word!
      Now after that exercise, once you get the idea you should be able to cut the intrusive thoughts right away, when you feel a "spark" of the thought. That's pretty much it.
      I'd be really grateful if we could find the actual guide though. It was explained far better there but aside from that, I really feel like I'm using someone else's work here :/
      But let's move on to using this method to our advantage. Once you get the idea of where the thought is coming from and how they feel, you should be able to (instead of cutting it short) focus on how those thoughts feel and "stimulate" them. You could use it to strenghten your tulpa's voice or even take it a step further and proceed to my relocation method.
      How it works
      And what does this actually do. As mentioned in the title, this method is a forcing booster, which means it is not much of a forcing technique of its own. Once you get the gist of it, it's supposed to take from one to five minutes before your actual forcing method. By relocating the thoughts (if done correctly) you're forcefully changing your beliefs so that you subconsciously know (not 'think') your tulpa is there and you can get the right mindset for forcing. If it doesn't go so well, you should at least get a better feel of your tulpa, which is always a bonus. But it's still experimental, so far I've only tested it on myself, so worst case scenario your head can explode, implode or both. You've been warned.
      Origins of the relocation method
      (If you want you can skip this paragraph and go to the next one right away as that's where most of the practical information is)
      I have discovered an odd thing with my mind few years ago. I've been thinking of something related to my potential future, it was something along the lines of what my future job could be after a few years, doesn't really matter. What does matter though, is that it was something real. Something that could really happen. But this all felt like I didn't really believe it could. I knew that it was realistically possible, but I've been thinking of it as if it was not. And I didn't know why.
      Few days later I've figured this out. I was about to have an exam of some sorts and I kind of imagined myself passing it with no problem, just visualized it to kind of let go my worries and to believe I can pass it. But it didn't feel right, I've been thinking of it, again, as if it wasn't going to happen. So I began analyzing this - the thought about the exam taking place felt real, I knew it WAS going to happen, while the thought about me passing it felt like a wish, fiction. It wasn't a difficult exam too, so I wasn't really worried about failing it. I didn't know why but even though both of those felt realistic, I've been thinking of them differently. I've decided to focus on actually learning for it though, and left those issues for the next day.
      After the exam itself I came back to thinking of thoughts. And now, the thoughts about the exam and me passing it felt completely different - they were in the past now. I started messing around with thoughts, thinking of different things to find out how they 'feel'. And I've noticed that certain thoughts have something in common, they feel similarly real. I didn't know why but my mind seemed to be "categorizing" them.
      The next time I've had a similar situation to the exam one (which btw I've passed, don't worry) I've tried to make myself believe more. I wondered why isn't that thought in this or that category, while it felt like it should be there? So I've tried to move it to that category myself. After few minutes of concentrating on those thoughts and analyzing them, I managed to make it feel right, to really make myself believe in this (can't remember what it particularly was though, lol).
      So that's what I call the relocation, the process of reorganizing your mind, kind of, to make yourself think about stuff the way you want. From this day forth, I've been using this method whenever I wanted to really believe in something, I've even done some fun experiment like relocating my past memories to the future. Nothing big though, just recent events, but to my surprise, even though I knew those things happened already, I was expecting them to happen tomorrow.
      I don't know why, but even though I've kind of been using this method for a while, only recently did I think of applying it to forcing. And here's how I did it.
      Location of thoughts in the mind
      Even before I started forcing, I've noticed that different types of thoughts have a different feel associated with them. I'll call it "mind location" for the sake of simplicity. So, the locations. For forcing purposes, we'll focus on a few basic ones.
      The first "axis" is time. We have:
      Past - those are mostly your memories, and generally everything that's related to the past, pretty straightforward.
      Present - everything you think about your current life, including short time memories and plans for the upcoming days.
      Future - those are mostly your plans for life and things that will, or could potentially happen one day.
      The next "axis" is reality, things get a little tricky here:
      Real - those are things that seem real to you. Things that you do every day and things that very much can happen. Or things that did actually happen.
      Fiction - those are things that you consider "real" but you don't really believe that could happen. For example, thinking of winning million dollars on a lottery or even imagining yourself taking revenge on a bully if you don't really believe you could do it.
      Fantasy - those are things that are not real, not possible and cannot happen in the world we know.

      (Much thanks to Twilight for formatting this for me :3)
      The relocation
      Before we proceed further, you'll have to pinpoint all the mind locations mentioned above, in your own mind. Think of something from a particular category and try to understand how it feels. Once you've got the gist of it, you can do a simple trick.
      If you have problem with something related to your tulpa, for example vocality, try to imagine how would it be if you were actually able to clearly talk to them. This will probably be somewhere in Future Fiction or Future Fantasy area, depending on how you think of it. All you have to do now, is to forcefully "relocate" this thought to Present Reality. Again, this doesn't mean throwing the thought from right side of your brain to left. You have to understand the difference in how you think of reality and fiction, and simply "think it differently".
      Don't misunderstand me, this won't instantly make your tulpa vocal. Nevertheless, it can significantly speed up the process. The purpose of this trick is to make you FEEL your tulpa being there and speaking/listening to you. Once you feel it, it should be much easier to actually hear them. It's like tuning in to correct wavelength to speak to them properly. It makes you feel exactly how it would feel if they were really there. And most importantly, it weakens your mind barrier that blocks their thoughts - your subconscious takes it as real, not a fantasy, so why would it filter it out, right?
      This method has worked for me so far, extremely well. After the first try I felt like my tulpa was really sitting next to me. I felt it the same way I feel someone's presence when I close my eyes and I know they are still there. But I'd like you guys to try it out for yourself and share your results so we can all make sure it really works. I've had huge progress recently, so it probably does, at least to some degree.
      Happy forcing, and I hope you find it at least slightly helpful. Remember to read alot of guided, combine them and find what works for you best!
      Chart back-up:
    • By Freedom1
      These tips are to help those out there that are getting overwhelmed by the number of tulpa they have, and like my self are unwilling to make any of their tulpa "dormant" or to dissipate any of them. It covers a couple of tricks I've encountered to help give attention to all of them at once, and methods for dividing your time among them all.
      1: Method one, Living area
      2: Method two, In the room
      3: Dividing your time
      1: Method one
      This is a fairly simple method, that doesn't require you to be able impose, or even require a massive skill in visualisation (though the second helps), all you need to be able to do is picture yourself and your tulpa in a room or open space together, focus more on listening to them and paying attention to what they're doing, at first then work on talking to them and moving around the room yourself once that becomes easier.
      2: Method two
      This method is similar to the first and is easier if you can impose, though again it's not needed, and in fact helps with imposition.
      Imagine all your tulpa in the room with you, move around and have them follow you talk with you and do things with you (as best as they can with out a physical body that is) and interact with each other
      3: Dividing your time
      Even with the use of the above methods your tulpa will still want and possibly need one on one time with you.
      You could force them one after another every day or alternate days.
      I've found both have pros and cons, and it really depends on three things, how much time you have, how many tulpa you have and how long you can force straight. If you want to force all of them every day, I'd suggest looking at the time you have first to see if it's sensible and taking short brakes in between, to avoid tiring your mind.
      If you don't have the time for forcing all of them daily, or lack the ability to force long enough, and chose to force alternate days, I'd recommend writing something to help remember who's what day, or just to remember the order if you can't actively force everyday.
      Hope this helps
    • By Otzee
      Hey! If you're like me and have difficulty maintaining a visual during a forcing session then I have a few tips for ya.
      The idea of this method is to incorporate more senses by replacing your real eyes with the use of your minds eye and acting through your physical self to control your astral self in the WL(Wonderland).
      Example: Find a dark room or use a blindfold. Sit or stand, whichever is more comfortable. Understand that if you sit in reality you must also sit in the WL (it helps). Assuming you're sitting, imagine you're sitting on a chair in the centre of a white room. Look down and see your knees, bring your hands up, cover your face, feel the sensations. Remember you are acting with your real body and imagining yourself doing the exact same thing in the WL. I may be explaining this wrong, but simply you are combining the two worlds. I found using this method to greatly improve focus and visualizing my WL as a whole.
      Secondly, and personally I like to daydream, especially when I'm going to sleep or napping. I usually create a world where I'm some kind of Warrior or Mage in a fantasy world. What you imagine is up to you, but you want to make this into a game for you and your tulpa, kind of like roleplaying. So imagine this stuff as you normally would but invite your Tulpa along, they might wanna be an Archer or a Mage or something different than you. I guess it becomes like a game. We have fun when we do this and it's also a great forcing session. Try it sometime!
      If you have problems understanding these methods let me know, I will attempt to elaborate. Thank you! :D
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