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Thinking of making my subconscious mind my first tulpa

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I agree with Lumi.


My Sub. Rep. explained to me that you can't make the unconscious conscious, that pretty much defeats the point. Instead, he wants to be completely influenced by the unconscious mind or I don't really know. There's some irony here.


Regardless, if you try to get your unconscious mind to speak in full sentences, you will end up with a tulpa who thinks they are the unconscious mind, like I did. I don't think I can truly understand my Sub. Rep.'s goal, but he is ultimately a person with motivation to do this seemingly impossible thing. That creating a person in the middle part is pretty much unavoidable.


I don't need my Sub. Rep. or Ranger to observe my unconscious thoughts. For instance, I can sit down, write down a list of random words, and ask myself to make sense of them. I can take a tarot deck, give myself a fortune, and ask myself what assumptions I made and why. I can also daydream and craft a story while wondering why I'm taking it in this direction. I'm not talking to my unconscious mind directly, mostly because that doesn't make sense. Instead, I'm becoming more aware of my thoughts and I'm able to learn more about how I feel and my thought process.


Ranger and my Sub. Rep. can also draw attention to my unconscious thoughts (unintentionally or otherwise). Ranger usually complains about my unconscious trains of thought he sometimes has to put up with or think about. Our Sub. Rep likes to spew randomness, and like the tarot cards, I connecting the dots tells more information about me than anything else.

Not my main form or name really but this nick is my brand now. You may see my headmates call me Gray.

I used to speak in pink and Ranger used to speak in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). She loves to chat.


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I want to expand on this point I barely made in the past, because I meant way more by it than it reads-

On 3/21/2021 at 10:18 PM, Luminesce said:

What's more common, and what I'd recommend, is creating a tulpa who you believe "can access" your subconscious, or who can more easily interact with it than you. This is some weird fuzzy area where by all means I consider it "placebo", but in some sense it's technically also true simply because you believe it is.


To be more specific, what I was saying here is that if say you believe that what your tulpa is relaying to you is coming from your subconscious, it almost feels paradoxical for a moment - of course you can't just take stuff directly out of your subconscious mind or anything like that. But actually, in this really unique subject, placebo and belief are actually factual in specifically the pursuit of "subconscious"-originating thoughts or ideas. You have a tulpa who thinks they're giving you thoughts or ideas from your subconscious? Well, they... are. Like, 100% of the time they are.


It's tricky, because people like to think of the subconscious mind as some secret brain that's existing and thinking on its own without your awareness, and that if say a tulpa (or any other method) relayed thoughts/ideas from it, those are very meaningful and specific things from your subconscious. In reality, everything contained in your entire brain is subconscious. All information it contains is subconscious. All possible thoughts you may have stem from your subconscious mind. Every possible idea or thought you can imagine, anything a tulpa could tell you, it all stems from the non-conscious part of your brain.


That does mean that whatever a subconscious-relaying tulpa says is likely not particularly meaningful (other than meaning you may choose to give it/create) since it's basically just imagination, but it also means that of course, there's an endlessly vast storage of knowledge, thoughts, opinions and feelings and so on that you can.. I'd phrase it "call upon". If I ask you what your favorite restaurant experience was, you're not "channeling your subconscious" or anything fancy, just kind of "calling upon" it, right?


And with direction and intent, you should be able to "probe your subconscious" mind in the same way. I still don't know exactly what one would hope to accomplish focusing so much on "The Subconscious™" so specifically, but as I also briefly said in my last post,

On 9/13/2021 at 2:55 AM, Luminesce said:

Unless you truly just have a pure interest in the very concept of subconscious minds/thoughts and are exploring them wholly out of curiosity, but I feel like people tend to have more concrete motives than that when pursuing things so fervently.


As someone with vast interest in all things related to lucid dreaming (and only slightly less so dreams in general), I can see the potential interest in exploring this subject out of pure curiosity, just because it's there to be explored. I have no idea what sorts of things you can "explore" in relation to your subconscious mind. Though I will say, I've never once seen someone (in the tulpamancy community or related ones, at least) embark in "exploring their subconscious mind" with any reasoning like this. Usually they just use some symbolism and imagine random stuff and really just act like their subconscious is some kind of secret other-person/entity. But if you're willing to be more mature about it and realize your subconscious is everything "You" that you're not aware of in this exact waking moment, I think there's plenty of potential to explore.



I still don't know what your goal is, though. Exploring the subject out of curiosity's sake is awesome, but more often than not, people have some grandiose idea in mind, like "hacking their brain" for some kind of performance increase or changing who they are or something. Pseudoscience shortcuts won't get you to either of those places nearly as well as conscious effort and techniques will. That's why I usually recommend "conscious introspection/self-observation of your self's thoughts and actions" for most goals people have with "subconscious" stuff. Also good considering observing your thoughts and actions that weren't entirely conscious is literally observing your subconscious (or at least unconscious) mind at work. Subconscious being things you're thoroughly unable to be consciously aware of, and unconscious being IMO thoughts that lie just below the surface of consciousness in your brain, but that you can be aware of retrospectively (how you felt during X, what feeling(s) led you to Y, or maybe even actual background thoughts you just don't realize you're having that are guiding your actions)

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