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Tulpamancy for Self-Transformation

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I was typing an edit to my post that I never got to finish but I suppose it is kind of relevant.


Part of what I was going to say is that these achievements aren't unique to Buddhism and people of other cultures seem to have achieved it as well. What I am more concentrating on is the physical change that seems to happen in the brain of an awakened person, or achieving that anyway, as the study of what it is physically is still ongoing and new, but it seems to be a substantive achievement that is distinguished between them and a person without it. The whole system functions a bit differently after a certain threshold of meditation/insight practices are performed. I guess talking about it with Buddhism is just convenient since they in particular are centered around it and developed a lot of terminology to specifically talk about the different internal experiences and changes it involves compared to other cultures.


It was also very useful for Shinzen to establish a difference between pain and suffering in his definitions when talking about that. Pain is inevitable but suffering can be avoided, and awakening does that. Suffering is when sensory experience is met with resistance with itself, and awakening seems to make one's system stop doing that so much from what I understand.


I'm sorry if I derailed the thread, though. Interesting conversations start and I am not sure if I am straying from the purpose of the thread and don't want to get in trouble, though it also seems like it may be important. I can't tell

Creation for creation's sake.

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