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Anybody here heard of Khechari mudra? (Very weird topic)

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32 minutes ago, neo said:

But is it not necessary in the same way I don't need a plane to go to mexico, I could just walk there technically. But if you wanna get there you would prefer to take the plane 100% of the time. Or is it more in the ballpark of symbolism? That's my question here, really.


Also have to beware of going to mexico by strapping self to side of a rocket that may or may not get off the ground and may or may not end up on the wrong continent


32 minutes ago, neo said:

I want to know what is it like to experience those higher states of awareness, those experiences that they say to be heaven like. To see what it's like to feel the things that they say it cannot be described by words.
I don't want to reach the end of my life knowing that I could have experienced a subjective form of heaven and chose to not do it. The same reason we do wonderland and stuff like that.


I would stick with working on jhanas, then. There are books for helping achieve them, as well as stuff online. But the shortcut is actually to just go straight and move faster. Doing that means really having clear goals of what you are trying to do and immediate feedback on if you are succeeding or not, with the correct attitude (you can't let frustration or impatience get the best of you, and don't beat yourself up), and to practice as often as you can. I'm not sure how much you are meditating currently, but I was doing 1-3 hours a day consistently at my best, consisting of formal sits of at least an hour, but also would pepper day with shorter meditations, and generally trying to be as mindful as I can remember as often as I could. I felt better than I ever had in my life during that time, and it was what had me have experiences I believe were piti, a jhana factor. Even without piti, things were great, but I could see how developing it more would have done a lot. Unfortunate life events derailed me though, so you have to be careful of that. Awakening gives happiness and satisfaction independent of conditions, so it won't fall away like jhanas or stable meditation might if something goes wrong in life.

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Creation for creation's sake.

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3 minutes ago, TB said:

Also have to beware of going to mexico by strapping self to side of a rocket that may or may not get off the ground and may or may not end up on the wrong continent

Very true LMAO


4 minutes ago, TB said:

I'm not sure how much you are meditating currently, but I was doing 1-3 hours a day consistently at my best, consisting of formal sits of at least an hour, but also would pepper day with shorter meditations, and generally trying to be as mindful as I can remember as often as I could.

This is more or less what I'm currently doing, except I wasn't looking into any guides or anything formal. So whenever I have a very strong breakthrough, I immediately assume I'm having a stroke or a brain fart or something, then I get scared and stop. So I need to find out what are the limits of what's actually safe to try. Or what is the expected experience so that I recognize them when I see them.


7 minutes ago, TB said:

I believe were piti, a jhana factor.

I'm not aware of what that is, I'll look into it.

Thank you for taking the time to respond btw.

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If it helps, I achieved what I did primarily with the book "The Mind Illuminated". It is a really clear set of instructions on how to meditate that will lead to those things, and is maybe what you were looking for. Just practice the technique described diligently, and it should be inevitable, and if you get stuck, you can ask for help from others who have done these things. Reddit has a community around usage of the techniques and advice in that book specifically. It is also good to just be interested and look into other sources for doing the same thing to get a well fleshed out idea of what should happen and what to expect from many perspectives. At the same time, be careful of letting expectations lead to disappointment, as you want to avoid that too.


These writings of the author of the book seem to be a lot of the things he ends up saying in the book himself later, if it is easier to look at these



Culadasa translates piti as meditative joy, though its also been translated as rapture and other words like that, and the cultivation and maturation of it is where you probably heard of those blissful heaven like states. It feels like intense pleasurable energy coursing up and down your body, and when it happened to me it startled me because I didn't expect something like that to happen at my point of practicing and didn't immediately know what it was. First jhana is filled with it though, and then it matures into 2nd jhana which consists of sukha, or happiness, and so forth. Those words refer to specific things too though, which is also why you have to be careful. You might feel subjectively happy while meditating and it not be that, you have to look to see if all the evidence is there.


It is experiences like that that make me think that is where ideas for ki come from. It really makes you feel like there is something powerful and much larger inside of yourself. It makes sense why there are stories of ascetics going into mountains to train and unlocking all the cool stuff. I don't think it will actually make you fly though, but it can make you feel weightless.


Anyhow I hope that helps

Creation for creation's sake.

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(and not to ruin the fun, but your pineal gland that "might make DMT" is way back in your brain, the pituitary gland is the one above your mouth - not that your tongue can reach your brain in the first place, since your ethmoid bone is in the way)

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Hi guys, plain text is just me now! We've each got our own accounts: me, Tewi, Flandre, and Lucilyn. We're Luminesce's tulpas.

Here's our "Ask Thread", and here's our Progress Report (You should be able to see all of our accounts on the second page if you want)

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3 hours ago, Reisen said:

(and not to ruin the fun, but your pineal gland that "might make DMT" is way back in your brain, the pituitary gland is the one above your mouth - not that your tongue can reach your brain in the first place, since your ethmoid bone is in the way)

That's correct, but from what I understood you're supposed to stimulate it by applying pressure on the area that's next to it and not necessarily interact with it directly. I also heard that some of the families that practice this have a myth that you're supposed to "break the skull", while this is a metaphorical thing there are people that believe this literally. So I guess this kind of practice is very dangerous if you just follow it blindly.

But at the same time, the other things that I learned about Kriya yoga have been by far the most effective way of meditation that I've found. Which is why I'm interested in investigating this one, because the other stuff worked.
A lot of the practices are very effective but they don't have the language to explain it in that way so a lot of people assign all kinds of mythology to it.

But what it is really is a bag of physiological tricks to turn up your meditation to 200%.

I found a really informative channel that explains this well. I recommend listening to this dude it helped me a lot to skip through all the bs to find the really valuable stuff in there:


Anything related to Kundalini is also a visualization/imposition exercise. Just ignoring the spiritual implications and doing the exercises have improved my imposition a lot.

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      [Bear] This is a trick I also use to dismiss egoic or intrusive thoughts. Like yesterday when intrusive thoughts said mean things out of the blue, I simply ignored them. In fact, in our system, it's required to confirm anything negative or derogatory so we don't get extra drama from intrusive thoughts.
      So what's the difference between that and "I'm there blending with my headmates"? 
      The answer is in how you accept the thoughts and whether you let them affect you.

      Joy has this down and we learned a lot from her. It helps that she was always a very strong headmate and distinctly different in how she thinks.
      Good luck and hopefully, good night.
    • By ruleofthumb
      Stone: Hello all. I’ve been writing down my experiences with Betty for a few days, and I decided I’d post them here, especially since things have gotten interesting pretty quickly for me. Feel free to comment with any advice you may have.
      Day 0 - 11/10
      As I was lying on the couch, in a position in which I could fall asleep, I decided to force a bit with Betty. I was in a room full of bins and other stuff, but I wanted to place her form in the room, as opposed to my developing wonderland, as I wanted her to be with me in a real location. I decided to put her in the crib, and as she is the size of an adult woman, she looked unamused.
      I’m unsure if what I’m about to detail is parroting/puppeting:
      I started talking to her. As this was a casual forcing session before bed, I did not write down what we talked about, and I don’t remember what we talked about. However, I remember getting verbal and non-verbal responses. When I asked her questions, sometimes she’d verbally respond before I was finished asking the question, and sometimes she wouldn’t respond at all. She also responded non-verbally with facial expressions. I remember these expressions as being somewhat unnatural but making sense. When I say somewhat unnatural, I mean she used non-verbal expressions more than a human would use, and used them in instances a human would likely not use them. However, these expressions made sense, as they weren’t completely random and did convey some sort of answer to my question. It almost seemed she’d answer with a face because my brain was too lazy to generate a response from her, or couldn’t figure out how.
      I hypothesize that giving her a form has given my brain an out when it cannot generate words for her, and I’m hoping this will speed up the process.
      This is not the first day interacting with Betty, but I’ve barely talked to her at all before this, and have pretty much only imposed her in my room and puppeted her. I feel like I got a response too early, and I’m worried this may have been parroting/puppetry on my part. I am excited if these were “real” responses though. I’m not sure if there’s much of a difference this early though.
      It’s partially a shame this happened, as I want to organize these notes into some sort of study, but after opening with, “Maybe my tulpa answered as soon as I started talking to her,” this likely won’t be taken as seriously. And, that’s valid.
      Day 1 - 11/11
      Didn’t talk with Betty today.
      Day 2 - 11/12
      I haven’t done any forcing yet today, as it is 3:40 AM (I was woken up by family).
      I was thinking about meditating before each active forcing session, as it clears my mind and I like it, but these stats are making me think twice about that idea.
      Still, I tend to get distracted and have trouble jumping into forcing, and I believe short meditation before forcing may help me. Though perhaps meditation, the way I do it, focuses more on plain reality than the world of thought, and will take me out of the world of thought. Perhaps this is why it seems to hinder some people.
      I’m thinking if I meditate on my tulpa, and not on my body as I usually do, it may help more than hurt. I plan to not meditate the first week, and to meditate the second week, and see how I feel. People are different, and meditate differently, so I’d like to see how meditation works on me.
      I would like to personality force soon, and I would like to use Man’s method along with symbolism. I have a list of personality traits here:
      I want her to be a rounded person, but I wonder how ethical it is to purposefully give her negative traits. I suppose I will give her positive and neutral traits, and, those traits will naturally have negative sides. Virtue is the mean of two vices, after all.
      30-35 personality traits: (31)
      Affectionate - Bun (they hug whatever they surround)
      Amusing - Laffy Taffy (hahahahahahahahaha)
      Charming - Pringles (the Pringles guy seems like a charming fellow)
      Clever - Barbecue Chips on Bun (how does this taste so good!?)
      Confident - Kettle Chips (tougher and more sure than regular chips?)
      Edgy - Chips and Salsa (chips have edges, and salsa has bite)
      Empathetic - Marshmellows (soft empathy)
      Esthetic - That’s It Bar (minimalist aesthetic)
      Ethical - (ethical alternative)
      Extroverted - Fruit Loops (there’s a party in my bowl and everyone is invited)
      Familial - Rice Crispies (families commonly make treats out of these)
      Friendly - Peach Cup (sweet and good for you)
      Healthy - Plain Cheerios (healthier)
      High-spirited - Skittles (sugar rush)
      Honest - Plain Toast (it is what it is)
      Irreligious - Pretzel Rods (secularized pretzels)
      Leisurely - Sub (this takes longer to make, but it’s worth it)
      Loyal - Saltines (there even when you’re sick)
      Maternal - Applesauce (often for babies)
      Neat - Mints (keep yourself and your breath clean)
      Observant - Fritos (have you noticed these smell like dog feet?)
      Outdoorsy - Seaweed (or is it lakeweed, in Michigan?)
      Protective - Oyster Crackers (Oysters have a Shell to protect themselves, and you use yours to protect others as well)
      Ritualistic - Mobius-strip Bagel (the endless cycle of traditions)
      Romantic - Strawberry Lemon Ice (pink!)
      Sarcastic - Mint Chocolate Oreos (means one thing (toothpaste) says the other (cookie))
      Stylish - Gardetto's (more fancy than Chex Mix)
      Spontaneous - Donut (donut think about the calories)
      Trendy - Pea Crisps (health food trends)
      Vivacious - Strawberry Remune (lively and carbonated)
      Witty - Berry Good Lemonade (get it?)
      Below are some interactions I recorded. They are not exhaustive:
      Interaction 1
      “How are you?”
      “Yeah I’m sure you are. I’m sure you’re not just parroting.”
      I feel mean now. Apologize to the nice lady.
      I feel a stare.
      “God this is so awkward,” I say instead of apologizing. I turn away.
      I feel her watching me. I turn to her.
      “How are you?”
      Interaction 2
      “Are you listening?”
      “What are you doing?”
      “Paying attention.”
      “Paying attention to what?”
      “To, Hefty.”
      I burst into laughter.
      Interaction 3
      “I’m sorry.”
      “No that’s alright.”
      “Everything’s ‘no that’s alright’ with you. That’s your main thing, isn’t it?”
      “Really? What’s your main thing?”
      “No. I made you say that.”
      “Yes you did.” She smirks.
      I laugh. “Yes I did. No really, what’s your main thing?”
      “Shopping carts.”
      “Now you’re just thinking of things with wheels.”
      “No. You are.”
      “No I’m not.”
      “Yes. Think of shopping carts.”
      “Ah you got me. Let me write that down.”
      Stone: I talked to her a bit today, and I talked to her a little bit about spontaneity with a donut. But, I think I could have explained it more. I will after I sleep, as I’ve been up all night. I got a lot of great responses out of her, and she felt there, but she tended to sound like me. I kept mentioning that, then felt bad for being overly critical of her, as she was doing so well. I also felt bad interrupting her and making her wait so I could write something down.
      It’s only been three days and I hate this clinical approach I set up. This “study.” Or maybe I’m embarrassed by how I acted and am taking it out on the format. I don’t know. What I do know is that this process if for her, then for me, then for whoever may end up reading this. I’m not going to interrupt out fun to give us imposter syndrome because I have to analysis every god damn thing she says for some post.
      Anyways, today was a positive, and I hope I will feel better with some sleep.
      I’m awake now. I’ve devised a schedule for forcing.
      Sunday - Active: 2 hours
      Monday - Active: 40 minutes
      Tuesday - Active: 40 minutes
      Wednesday - Active: 40 minutes
      Thursday - Active: 40 minutes
      Friday - Active: 40 minutes
      Saturday - Active: 2 hours
      Methods of forcing I’m thinking of using:
      101 Things To Talk About With Your Tulpa
      Font - Arial, Size - 14
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