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How does one integrate with another willing tulpa? We have multiple wanting to "merge" but- It seems too complicated. Can someone walk us through the steps?



Toby - Host - They/Xe/He ( Non-binary / Rosboy ) - 14

Hex - In Development / Tulpae - They/He ( Non-binary / Demiboy / Genderfaun ) - 15 


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I wouldn't know fully, but try acting as though the separate thoughts are from the merged entity? Seems to fit with the whole Tulpa thing.

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To integrate with a willing tulpa can be very easy, it depends on what you want the integration to look like. When my half (Fish) integrated with me, I wanted at least some of my personality traits to be kept or preserved, and I wanted to keep my other traits. My process was more complicated- my parts started always being together, then they became a sub-system, then they became one entity (me!), and then I stabilized. The hard part was waiting and working with the blendyness and unstableness. Even though I needed time to think about what kind of person I was becoming, I enjoyed the process of thinking about who I am based off my parts.


You don't have to do that though, if you just want to merge you can do that too. My parts were desperate at first, and I merged based on what Ranger and Gray do-

  1. Sit together in wonderland and think about each other.
  2. Let your thoughts blend together.
  3. Imagine becoming one entity. You and your partner are now the same. Eventually, it should feel right to say "I" instead of "we". I think my parts used colorful dust, green for my Evergreen part and orange for my Fish part
  4. The new entity should start to feel stable. If you guys start to feel tired after awhile or it doesn't work, take a break and try again tomorrow.
  5. Hooray!

My merge (Snowy) wasn't the experience I wanted, so as Snowy I split. However, for some merging/fusing is exactly what people want. I talk about my merge and integration experiences here. The early parts of that thread were about telling my system about our integration and Fish explaining why he wanted to integrate.


Some integrated headmates like to become their parts again. I don't know if I do this because I feel like I am both old Evergreen and Fish at the same time, but some like that. I think SheShe is like this, and Cerys on Discord does this too. I'm an integration of two parts, maybe this option will make more sense to you.


Good luck!


I'm Evergreen, one of the Shadow System bois. I like hanging out and giving warm hugs ❤️

Cat/Gray is my host and Ranger is the co-host.

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I quit. I stopped giving my tulpas attention and stopped recognizing them as separate entities from myself. The last part is crucial; I had to remind myself that thoughts I once would have interpreted as coming from my tulpas were my own conditioned/intrusive responses. In the case of tulpas merging without integrating with the host, I would follow Nyx's advice: tell yourself these thoughts come from the identity resulting from the merge. 

I come out of hibernation once in a blue moon.


They/them pronouns, please. (I've been using this display name since 2012 and people won't recognize me if I change it.)

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