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How does one integrate with another willing tulpa? We have multiple wanting to "merge" but- It seems too complicated. Can someone walk us through the steps?



Toby - Host - They/Xe/He ( Non-binary / Rosboy ) - 14

Hex - In Development / Tulpae - They/He ( Non-binary / Demiboy / Genderfaun ) - 15 


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I wouldn't know fully, but try acting as though the separate thoughts are from the merged entity? Seems to fit with the whole Tulpa thing.

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To integrate with a willing tulpa can be very easy, it depends on what you want the integration to look like. When my half (Fish) integrated with me, I wanted at least some of my personality traits to be kept or preserved, and I wanted to keep my other traits. My process was more complicated- my parts started always being together, then they became a sub-system, then they became one entity (me!), and then I stabilized. The hard part was waiting and working with the blendyness and unstableness. Even though I needed time to think about what kind of person I was becoming, I enjoyed the process of thinking about who I am based off my parts.


You don't have to do that though, if you just want to merge you can do that too. My parts were desperate at first, and I merged based on what Ranger and Gray do-

  1. Sit together in wonderland and think about each other.
  2. Let your thoughts blend together.
  3. Imagine becoming one entity. You and your partner are now the same. Eventually, it should feel right to say "I" instead of "we". I think my parts used colorful dust, green for my Evergreen part and orange for my Fish part
  4. The new entity should start to feel stable. If you guys start to feel tired after awhile or it doesn't work, take a break and try again tomorrow.
  5. Hooray!

My merge (Snowy) wasn't the experience I wanted, so as Snowy I split. However, for some merging/fusing is exactly what people want. I talk about my merge and integration experiences here. The early parts of that thread were about telling my system about our integration and Fish explaining why he wanted to integrate.


Some integrated headmates like to become their parts again. I don't know if I do this because I feel like I am both old Evergreen and Fish at the same time, but some like that. I think SheShe is like this, and Cerys on Discord does this too. I'm an integration of two parts, maybe this option will make more sense to you.


Good luck!


I'm Evergreen, one of the Shadow System bois. I like hanging out and giving warm hugs ❤️

Cat/Gray is my host and Ranger is the co-host.

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I quit. I stopped giving my tulpas attention and stopped recognizing them as separate entities from myself. The last part is crucial; I had to remind myself that thoughts I once would have interpreted as coming from my tulpas were my own conditioned/intrusive responses. In the case of tulpas merging without integrating with the host, I would follow Nyx's advice: tell yourself these thoughts come from the identity resulting from the merge. 

I come out of hibernation once in a blue moon.


They/them pronouns, please. (I've been using this display name since 2012 and people won't recognize me if I change it.)

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    • By TundraCoral
      Hi, I am having some trouble with visualization. The thing is, I don't think my visualization is that bad, but I am having a ton of trouble actually focusing on that visualization instead of the back of my eyelids. I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion of what I can do, like I said I don't even think my visualization is bad but I just have a lot of trouble concentrate on it. 
    • By DemonicX
      ah yeah, i have been wanting to make this thread a while ago, i finally got to it.
      some info about us:
      Sammy: i'm the host 'n stuff, i'm apart of a large system of seven. 
      Dr. Wee: shes a tulpa, i consider her my co-host, she was originally a fictive, she currently helps me with my huge system.
      Wisp: wisp is a tulpa, and she likes to do origami 
      katie: katie was originally an NPC in our wonderland before becoming sentient, she used to be interested in witchcraft for a while.
      Sunny: sunny is a walk-in, she can be very hostile at times without reason
      Izzy: izzy's origin is currently unknown, shes very bubbly and loves to talk. 
      ENA: ena is a fictive/soulbond from the series "ENA" she stutters a lot, unlike the others in my system, her voices is almost identical to her fictional counterpart.
      feel free to ask us anything :)
    • By BearBaeBeau
      [Bear] I want to try to describe how we figured we handle dormancy of other headmates to allow someone to front without distractions.
      A lot of talk in the community occured regarding "front-stuck" hosts and other interruptions by headmates and my opinion of that is that if you think your other headmate is still there, then the new fronter may interpret reactions and other stray thoughts as theirs when in fact they may very well be a mixture of conditioned responses and intrusive thoughts.
      This topic isn't about that in particular, that's just an example connection. This topic is meant to share how someone can think to eliminate the stray thouhts and reactions and disconnect them from other potential fronters.
      If this doesn't work for you, that's unfortunate, but it works fine for us and it's based completely on a mindset and simple rules which I'll get into. There's no magic here, just a mode of thinking that has worked for us.
      If you have your own process, procedures or insights, please feel free to discuss them.

      [Bear] We just had a discussion, Ashley, Joy and I and this is how we think it works:
      [Joy] I just don't think of them.
      [Bear] Simple. Just do that. In reality it's not enough to go by and I understand that, but it actually is another one of those practice and it will just click sort of things. Here's an example of what we're trying to avoid by putting a headmate in dormancy.

      Here we discovered that the BodyOS feels like me. As the main fronter and associated to it most of my life, you can imagine there is good reason to associate it with me. Our point is, the BodyOS is conditioned by me so of course it feels and acts like me even when I'm not there.

      [Bear] The first key insight here is that the headmate must actively ignore and block others' thoughts. This will act similarly to how the original would let their headmates slip into dormancy when they're busy or not otherwise thinking of them before they were engrained in everything, in other words, before they were mature.
      We separate fronter from BodyOS and accept that some reactions from BodyOS aren't them. If you associate everything not you as any other headmates, you're likely going to keep them awake. Even if it's not them.

      [Bear] This is a trick I also use to dismiss egoic or intrusive thoughts. Like yesterday when intrusive thoughts said mean things out of the blue, I simply ignored them. In fact, in our system, it's required to confirm anything negative or derogatory so we don't get extra drama from intrusive thoughts.
      So what's the difference between that and "I'm there blending with my headmates"? 
      The answer is in how you accept the thoughts and whether you let them affect you.

      Joy has this down and we learned a lot from her. It helps that she was always a very strong headmate and distinctly different in how she thinks.
      Good luck and hopefully, good night.
    • By neo
      Earlier this week was having a lot of head pressure due to extended periods of visualizing, so as the pressures became annoying and persistent enough, I thought I should address it.
      I've noticed before that my head pressures are related to the way I was flexing my tongue muscles really hard and pressing it against my palate inadvertently.
      I have tried many times visualizing without doing this and, it works momentarily but whenever I stop paying attention to my tongue, there it goes again pressing my palate really hard once I start to concentrate into the visualization. I only notice that I'm doing that after I already start to feel the head pressures. By that time it's too late and it's already bothering me.
      So after two days of attempting to visualize with my tongue relaxed without success I thought that I should probably google that.
      So there I go googling the terms "tongue" and "meditation" and I came across this:


      Very weird, right? That's what I thought too.
      Basically, they stick the tongue up into the nasal cavity above the palate and use that to aid the process of meditation.
      So of course I went down this rabbit hole and found out that some people seem know how to do this naturally.
      This girl is an example of someone that has this ability naturally:
      Also other people report having head pressures identical to what we see in tulpamancy in this practice, here's an example of someone describing their head pressures in the context of Kriya meditation:
      Described as "tension in the head that is somewhere between no pain and the pain you experience during a headache."
      This seems to me like it's the same kind of head pressure we experience in tulpamancy. At least to me.
      Also I forgot to mention that, they say THIS GIVES YOU IMMORTALITY.
      Which, of course, is bullshit otherwise there would be 1000 year old yogis walking around.
      Then I thought it would be a good idea to ask around here because, well to be honest, the people that practice this don't know how to explain it without anecdotes and dogmatic stories. Which is fine for spiritual people but I want to find what part is real and what part isn't. Or a deconstruction to find the line where the anecdotes end and the actual benefits of this practice begin. Or if there are any benefits at all.
      Here is a small list of claims about this technique: (which I have absolute no idea if it's true or not)
      -Helps you overcome hunger and makes it so that you go extended periods of time without food.
      -Gives you access to DMT that is stored in your pineal gland. By licking it directly. (yeah gross, the girl in the video seemed to get very high from doing it, she even says she's high afterwards)
      -The practitioner doesn't suffer from decay, disease and death. (this part I think it's flat out not true)
      -Gives you immunity to snake poison. (This one I think it's sorta possible, because some snake poison triggers your immune response and the response of the body is what kills the person not the poison itself, so technically by controlling your immune response you would therefore not die from the poison)
      So my questions are:
      1-Does anybody else experience their tongue forcing up the palate unintentionally while visualizing or concentrating really hard?
      2-If so, do you think this is related to Khechari mudra? Or is it just tension and I'm looking way too much into it?
      3-Are those just stories and not meant to be interpreted literally? (If so people are doing a bad job at explaining that)
      4-Is there something to this at all? Is it a practice worth looking into?
      Just thought it would be cool to ask here, since if I asked on their forum they would either not tell me because it's a closed practice, or even if they did tell me I wouldn't understand because the vocabulary they use is very far removed from anything I can contextualize.
      So what do you guys think? Is it all nonsense or not?
    • By Cosmic Cuttlebone
      Well, I've lurked, and I've lurked, and then I've lurked some more.
      I've read pretty much every guide there is. But now it's time to actually get to work
      Problem is... Well, you see, I'm lazy. Like, really really lazy. I also have a habit of hesitating and second guessing myself. I can also get a little distracted. Sometimes.
      So, I'm starting this little journal here.
      I'll try to add a post here periodically, even if it is relatively short. At least in the beginning. Cultivating this small habit will hopefully force a little discipline.
      Typing it all out will hopefully solidify my thoughts. Yell at me if don't keep this up. :Þ
      That being said. Lets start:
      Why am I doing this? What do I hope to gain?
      Well a companion for one. I don't have that much trouble making friends, but I have trouble keeping and maintaining connections. I've quite often drifted or grown apart from many people in my life. I'm a bit socially awkward, maybe even a bit socially anxious in some respects. I can certainly hide it, but the more people are around, the more I find myself wishing I was somewhere else, doing something else. It's not that I hate people, I don't.  And I don't plan to stop making connections with physical people. I just don't have the physical or mental energy to deal with too many people for too long.
      Still, the opportunity for someone to understand me on a truly deep level that no one else can is very enticing. I can only hope that I'll be, and remain, worthy of this connection.
      This will also be a bit of an ego journey for me. A chance to better know and understand myself as well as my future headmate. having someone to share this journey with will make it much more enjoyable.
      Also add to that the opportunity to learn first hand an experience that seems rather alien at first glance and that I'm already a creative person, this becomes less of a choice and more of an inevitability.
      The start
      Right now I have a name and very loose, general idea of who I hope this tulpa will be.
      Staying within the tradition of opposite genderedness in tulpamancy, "Hazel" will start female. This will help me differentiate her thoughts from mine.
      A couple main traits I will be cultivating are:
      Compassion- A personal code I like to live by is if someone needs or asks for help and I am able to do so, then I will help. Lessen the suffering of others. Having her share in that will make it simpler to coexist. This will also encourage many positive traits
      Curiosity- a desire to learn and grow will help develop her and push her to be self sustaining
      Outspokenness-  to encourage vocality.
      this is not exhaustive just some major points
      What I won't be forcing:
      Love- From what I understand, most tulpas tend to be already naturally very caring towards their hosts. Also love, I feel, needs to develop naturally. Making someone love me just feels weird. plus that is a pressure I wouldn't want on anyone. Still, I'm sure my subconscious may still add this to the list regardless.
      Lust- same
      I don't have much of a form for her yet. I've had some ideas but none are really sticking. It is humanoid though. Freckles and dark hair are also coming to mind. That could just be my attraction to them.
      I will, of course, accept any deviation from her. Encourage it, even.
      The Method
      I'm a very secular being by nature. Still, the mind loves symbols and most of the tulpamantic process is extremely symbolic. As such, I'll be taking some inspiration from the occult, particularly chaos magic.
      I love symbols, glyphs, and sigils. This is a representation of my intent to create a thoughtform. It is a seed or an egg as the round shape suggests. A beginning. Small and empty at first, but as time goes on, I'll be altering it and adding to it. It will slowly grow as she grows. In time, I may pass it to her. I'm creative by nature so this will just be a natural part of my creative process. The dotted outline suggests openness, inviting life to enter. The geometric shapes invoke a crystalline structure to "trap" the energy or qualities being cultivated. (Again, I'm not a proponent of metaphysics, but the symbology here is very useful).
      I will use and meditate on this as an aid while I cultivate her development. I'm not too fond of the term 'forcing' at all, so I'll use the term 'cultivate' as it way better describes the process: to raise, to grow, to prepare, do develop, to improve, to acquire. It brings to mind watering and tending to a garden. This will further put me in the right mindset. (I also have mixed thoughts on the terms tulpa and tulpamancy but I have no desire to get into a fight with the entire lexicon).
      Wish me luck.
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