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Does your tulpa's religion differ from yours?

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 I'm curious because my tulpa claims she can see my conscious forming in my brain and can alter it (she does this all the time) so therefore she has definitive proof that there is no afterlife. Just curious if you have a religion that differs from your tulpa's and if so can you give me details?

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People can interpret things however they want. She is interpreting her experience and she could be right, but she could also be wrong.


We're mostly Agnostic now, but SheShe and Bear are Syncretist. I only care about what affects me, so if there was an all knowing all loving god, then let me talk to him. I have a few bones to pick with him.

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I believe in God and I pray to him. My host is Agnostic. I wouldn't call myself a very religious person and I don't have very sophisticated ideas; but I believe there just has to be something out there. I don't really mind that Phil doesn't believe in God; knowing him he's overanalyzed the concept to hell and back and come up with some "Well yes but actually no" explanation for whether or not God exists. 🙄😛 But I appreciate that he has an open mind when it comes to my beliefs, and I pray over him often. 🙏

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