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Co-Creating a Tulpa?

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Yo, Nora here, resident... something (Tulpa? Soulbond?)... in Nyx's crew. I have been meaning to make a Tulpa of my own because apparently that's possible(?) and there's someone from my ficworld that I really miss. However, I don't think I'm able to go about it by myself, so I am trying to get Nyx (the host) to help. Ze also wants to know how to go about working together to make one.


On a related note, I'm also kinda scared of what'll happen if/when said tulp becomes self-aware. What if she hates me because of how neurotic and explosive I act?


If you guys can give yall's 2 cents on the situation, please do.

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I wanted to do this so I can relate. I got a huge crush on one of Bear's characters and I wanted her to be part of our group, but specifically,  I wanted her to be mine. 


Bear let me recreate her canon home in our wonderland and after a lot of talking he considered letting her visit just to see what happened.


I'm probably not remembering this right, but this is how I remember it.


So she visited and immediately got weirded out by me (no way right?) and so I had to give up on her.


Turns out she later joined us officially and we're great friends now. It was Gwen.


I still think she's super cute but she's straight or something blah blah blah. I am too (mostly), so what's the big deal? Anyway no, they won't likely hate you, you shouldn't worry about that, but just don't expect anything from them, just be yourself and let them be themself. 


If you're crazy sometimes, maybe they will be too and that'll be like a bonding moment?


I also don't think your host needs to be the one to force them, but you have to at least front probably because although even if you're mature, you need to be able to associate them to things and that's a lot easier to do if you're fronting. You could always drag them along for everything you do, that's how we, especially Joy, forced Ren, Bear wasn't involved much.

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Nora says thank you from our Wonderland. Good to know your experiences.

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Laine (a.k.a. Link) created Sarah with no direct help from me. All I really did was pull up a guide and a list of personality traits and watch.


That was back in the old days when tulpamancy guides were a big deal. Follow whatever method you want. Or copy whatever Nyx did to create you and the others. It's really up to you.

I come out of hibernation once in a blue moon.


They/them pronouns, please. (I've been using this display name since 2012 and people won't recognize me if I change it.)

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