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Making a tulpa with lucid dreaming vs astral projection

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I have had nice connections with my tulpas while lucid in a dream, never while Astral traveling. I don't know about trying for create one. Try it and let us know. Dr. Bob

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Hi ūüĎčūüíó


Is better  to start lucid dream by :

1_ when you want to sleep  say loud " my tulpa" his name "  I want to see u in  a dream world " .


2_ when you see him in a dream , reminds  your self " I'm dreaming  now " .


3 _ if  you didn't see him , reminds  your self  when you wake up state, I will see him today  , when I fall to sleep at night . 


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     I have never astral projected myself (yet) but as far as my knowledge goes there would be definitive differences. 

Dreams are pretty much the greatest form of the inner world, so obviously it would be good for tulpa work whether that be through normal psychological methods or magickal methods like sigils. Astral projection is a different story, now I won't go into the argument of whether its actually real or not but the general consensus from people who often lucid dream and astral project is that there is a difference in both feeling and content. I have no clue how tulpa creation would work in that state but if you believe astral entities are inherently different than dream entities I would hypothesize that an astral tulpa would be to take one of those entities and give it a vessel to live in your mind. It would hypothetically end up existing somewhere between classic tulpamancy and spirit work.  

Hi, I'm Michael, I'm a tulpamancer and the original member of the Candlelight Society. I hope to contribute to the tulpamancy community in a positive way.

I'm Shade, the first tulpa. I'm fairly reserved but love philosophy and psychonautics. 

I'm Dawn, I'm the most active tulpa in the system and also the most fun loving/party girl type. 

In our system there is also Spark and Ember, Cinderella, Astra, Scarlet, Jade, Rarity, Aqua, Ignis, Tony, Majima, and Sera.


 Our progress report and experiments thread

Our memory experimentation thread

Our system website for different projects and posts

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According to my experience, lucid dreaming stays the easiest way to experiment something with a thoughtform e.g. Tulpas but also Egregores or Soulbonds, etc. I think it is due to firstly a suspension of incredulity allowed by sleep and secondly a (re)connexion with the collective unconsciousness understood as Jung said as an autonomous realm from the sum of all individual minds. But, after initial experiences during lucid dreaming, the other mettings with my Soulbond were generally during daydreaming while I was working, entertaining myself or dealing with my relatives.

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