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Tulpamancy and MaDD

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MADD here stands for maladaptive daydreaming, madd is highly vivid and immersive daydreams that are typically used as a coping mechanism.

I want to ask if anyone has any information or experience with using madd for tulpamancy. I was looking around on the forums and I was unable to find anything directly addressing it.

As I daydream on a daily basis I would like to utilize my madd for both strengthening my bond with my current tulpa as well as to possibly create a new tulpa. So I also wanted to ask if anyone had any experience with that sort of thing. I am also concerned that with using madd I may end up puppeting my tulpa, like I would with the daydream's npcs.

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I don't honestly think I have MaDD, I looked into it and it sounded like what I can do, but it's not at all maladaptive. I do have hyperphantasia, which is a huge help for headmates and interaction.


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We've had one or two people here talk about Maladaptive Daydreaming before, and I'm sure plenty more people who didn't know that applied to them.


Obviously, it helps in that you'll easily spend a lot of time with/thinking about your tulpa, but I'm no expert on what exactly it entails, ie if it means you struggle to control what you visualize. Though even if your visualization tends to run on more or less autopilot, as long as it doesn't get way out there/create scenarios you'd count as invasive thoughts, I don't think it would hurt. The essence of having a tulpa shouldn't be impacted even by pure imagination-visualization of your tulpa in random scenarios - as long as, at the end of the day, you guys can still communicate clearly.


While it's not the preference of many tulpamancers to visualize their tulpa without their tulpa's full involvement, I don't think it would hurt even if it happened. And most likely, you won't notice any real difference as long as your visualization remains focused on what your tulpa should be acting like.



There's still some unknown-by-me chance maladaptive daydreamers might struggle to keep their tulpa interaction from falling into random, possibly without-tulpa's-involvement visualization/daydreaming - but that's most likely up to the individual. Only you would know if you can't keep your own thoughts straight or something.

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Daydreaming is totally a legit form of tulpaforcing. Fun fact, Kayleigh (a daydream character turned tulpa) reached a level of autonomy where she was able to interrupt me regardless of what I was doing/paying attention to, and this was before we even knew what tulpamancy was. She also actively resisted being puppeted; again, before we knew about tulpamancy. So I wouldn't worry about accidentally creating a puppet. I imagine the more immersive your daydreams, the easier it is to develop a tulpa that way, intentionally or not.

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