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[Game] the '<^>' game


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Just ate pizza 5 minutes ago ^^” 


^ Has a nice singing voice? 
< Loved writing 

\/ has very good handwriting 




hi ! 
my name is Kiki I am an adult  and transgender (non binary). I use they them pronouns and I am autistic :0 ask me about fnaf, I could talk for hours about fnaf. 


I have a Tulpa named Evan, he writes in this color! 

I have a Tulpa named Vewn, she writes in this color! 

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Fried PB & J sandwiches!


^ Has the same (user)name as a Lion Guard character

< Wondering what my (first) tulpa’s form will look like 🤔

v Likes drinking root beer floats 

Still trying to figure out how to Tulpa >_<


Host — Alex (They/Them)

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Root beer floats are delicious! 😁😋 But they are sooo much sugar so I really don't like to have them that often


^ Is a hero for reviving several forum games! 💚

< Is already looking forward to another beach day. 🏖️

v A good swimmer?

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23
Simmie's AI Dress-Up!


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I consider myself a decent swimmer, I guess. (Although I can’t go underwater without holding my nose haha, dunno why, it’s just like dat.)


^ a very nice person

< a huge fan of warm colors

v likes the color blue?

Edit (host) | he/they/it | polytherian | Virgo/infj | artist

Pankie (tulpa) | she/they


My art thread

My progress journal

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heck yeah, I love blu!


^ therian & color lover

< just remembered their account exists

v how's it going?

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