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Having doubts


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Now before I say anything, I've been in this tulpa forum before. I was just a bit hesitant to join so I just go and check this place out every once in a while to see if anybody here had questions that are similar to me. I created my tulpa last year and all I ever focus on is him becoming vocal. Of course I did his form and personality but him being vocal was my main focus during my experience. Passive forcing was all I did because when it comes to active forcing I can't go ten minutes without falling asleep and because I get distracted a little easy and think about werid stuff and don't often think about him. Sure I had a few head pressures. ( Though nowadays he doesn't do them anymore ) but most of the time I talk to him when I get the chance. I used to had blurry dreams about him. Like 2 or 3 times before but that was it. Never had any dreams after. This went on for about a year until a week ago I was like " Okay no I shouldn't just keep doing this. I have to improve my methods. Instead of waiting for him to get a response out of him let me just try to teach him things, talk to him, and just show him about the world and include him in everyday things and encourage him " so for a few days I start talking to him as much as I can and include him in things and I started active forcing today for like an hour. Good right? Well the one thing that worries me the most is doubt. Especially when its puppeting. When he moves I can't help but feel like I'm puppeting him.  like I know he's going to do something before he does it. It's like I'm controlling his movements. I keep telling my self " Don't puppet him let it move on his own". Like I get the whole " Well it happens because you guys are sharing the same brain."  but I still can't help it. Its worrying me and I don't want to doubt him. I tried to shake that doubt off but like it still lingers in my head. He is still not vocal yet. Now I would ask the tulpa subreddit but the tulpa forum seem to have good answers here. Can I get some advice to maybe try to see if he can move on its own? Thank you. 

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as far as we can tell, worrying about doubt/parroting is directly correlated with not making progress

so here's a post my host made recently about initial vocality, but all of it applies to puppeting and etc. too, since the important part is how a tulpa starts to exist in the first place-


On 7/23/2021 at 11:01 PM, Luminesce said:

I do think that's the hardest part of tulpamancy. Some people somehow just accomplish vocality pretty quick and go from there, but they're very lucky. Even in our case, after spending months of focusing on Reisen and really feeling like she was there, she still couldn't really talk. My first tulpa to talk was either Flandre or Tewi (I don't remember this time in my life super well), and that was only because I had already set the precedent in my mind for another person to exist with Reisen - but she still couldn't talk yet, and it was one of the other two who just kind of appeared that talked first. Later on, they told me it was me stopping her from talking, because I was too scared she wouldn't be "perfect" if she talked in a way other than mindvoice/feelings. Weird quirk, but the point is, like basically everyone else struggling with vocality, it was pretty much my fault as the host for not accepting my tulpa being able to talk, out of fear of it not being real enough.


Unless you're one of the lucky ones, first-vocality is by far the hardest part of the tulpamancy process. That's because your brain hasn't learned how to have a tulpa yet, and your tulpa is (most likely) not going to sound exactly like themselves, fully separate and obviously different from your own thoughts. At the start, they'll sound similar to you, and that's why host doubt is so crippling to the process. Your tulpa needs practice talking, being treated and accepted as being themselves actually saying things, in order for your brain to start building upon that. Then they start to gain skill with vocality, develop their own voice over time, and eventually (the timespan varies immensely by person of course) their voice is so obviously theirs and separate from yours, you could wonder how you ever doubted them.


But I think people tend to forget how hard it can be, right at the start. Looking back, one might think, just let your tulpa talk! Stop doubting them! But, that's because they're used to their tulpa having an obvious, separate mindvoice from their own. That's often not how it is. Your tulpa may well start out sounding very similar to your own thoughts or voice, and it may feel like you're speaking for them if you try to accredit that speaking to them.


But I assure you, this is how the process has to start. Your brain needs a basis for "Your tulpa's voice/speaking" - once it has a basis for what to even focus on, and what the goal is, then it can start creating the (mind)voice of another person. You tell it, "That's not me, that's my tulpa, trying to talk to me" - and your brain starts forming this new experience. Eventually, their vocality is fully developed - and creating another tulpa is often significantly easier now that your brain understands the concepts already - and it'll never even cross your mind to doubt "if it was them" speaking. But unfortunately, to get there many people will have to go through that very doubtful phase. Just keep in mind your goal, and your desired outcome, when interacting. You want to hear your tulpa, you want your brain to clearly present the two of you as totally separate people. It might not know how at first, but allowing it practice while keeping your desired outcome in mind should be enough to shape the experience into existence.


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I had similar problems at first, but one day I just stopped doubting and started believing. Easier said than done, I know. But when I stopped doubting that it really was Simmie who was talking to me, that's when she started to feel truly real.


1 hour ago, Cloudy123583 said:

When he moves I can't help but feel like I'm puppeting him.  like I know he's going to do something before he does it.


Well, you and him do live in the same brain, so it's very likely you're going to hear his thoughts forming. That will take the form of knowing what he's going to say before he says it, knowing what he's going to do before he does it, often just a split second before. That's normal as far as I can tell. The more developed you get the less this happens. But this kind of bond has it's benefits too; it's very intimate, and Simmie and I wouldn't want to ever sever it entirely.

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Here's a post of mine where I try to explain why puppeting/parroting are a part of the journey and why it is in fact normal and isn't bad at all. I hope this helps.

Edit: Essentially what I'm trying to convey in that post is, I believe that tulpas don't just appear. They likely all start out as us thinking and doing things for them, associating these actions and thoughts with their identity and not ours, despite the fact that it's just us acting, intentionally or not. These associations will pile up, strengthening the identity, until eventually that identity separates. So, the more you accept things as being a part of them the faster your tulpa will grow.

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Doubting whether or not an action was your tulpa is a pretty common fear from most people who are in the early stages of creating a tulpa. There’s no easy way to make doubt go away either, it just happens over time after having enough experiences with your tulpa to not have much reason to doubt anymore. But doubt can also hinder your tulpas development. If they’re trying to communicate with you and you brush it off as puppeting instead of responding to them, it can lead to a more frustrating development. It’s natural that their response will seem similar to yours early on, since you share the same brain and they’re still young, so the best thing for their growth would be to try not to worry about if you are puppeting, and just accept their response and respond back, even if it feels unnatural at first. By simply responding to them they’ll be able to continue to grow and soon enough they’ll become distinct enough that it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. 

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