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14 hours ago, Adagio said:

Hey there!


We're thinking about making this account a shared account for our system. Plus Adagio loves to talk in this very specific red-pink color. And since no one in our system asked yet, how do you add a page break? Like one of those line things. I don't know how to, which is why I'm asking, duh.


Different headmate here, not Adagio or TGS, unfortunately. TGS was going to write something, but then we suddenly got a huge burst of dissociation and switched. My head hurts now. I'll post this anyways, just in case.

There’s a button for it, the very last one at least on mobile if you mean this:

Welcome to the Stronghold System! (Name temporary)

Within our walls we hold..

Lavenderfur - Host - She/her, They/them

Emma - Headmate/Tulpa - She/her - Not Vocal


Progress Report ]

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On 10/14/2021 at 7:04 AM, Lavenderfur said:


There’s a button for it, the very last one at least on mobile if you mean this:

That's a really cool one! We'll probably end up using it sometimes! We were talking about the line one though, which we found the button for. But thanks! Learned something new.



We recently realized that my host is actually not just one person. My host is actually a bunch of headmates from a sidesystem who were masking as the person who is supposed to be my host. Which means the person who is supposed to be my host isn't technically my host. Which is awkward. But at least we're figuring things out and dealing with the small things bugging us.


TGS and I have been fronting more. I want to find a game or activity to kind of label as "mine", so then I'll have a reason to front more too. We have headmates who are associated with certain games or books, so they usually front when doing those activities. I like reading, so I might find a book series to read! Although right now, another headmate is reading through a series they picked.



Switches are so smooooooth. It's kind of funny and weird at the same time.


I also want to find something to label as mine. Maybe I'll draw something, cause I love drawing, and no one else draws! I really want to draw something later. If it looks okay, I'll probably share it here. Hopefully we're not too busy, cause I really want to front some this weekend, and I'm kind of hoping this other headmate will front with me and Adagio. We've been talking about it for a while now. Um, also Adagio is better at math than I am and I don't know how to feel about that. He says he's smarter than me now. But I'm probably better at drawing than he is. HAH.


We really need more stuff to stick in these progress report things. We don't report much progress. But I get to front to write these so I'm not complaining!


And did you know, I have wings. Random fact of the day! You learned something new. :P


Edited by Adagio

I'm Adagio, a tulpa! I'm part of a very big system.

Blue text is a headmate called TGS (their initials).

[Progress Report]

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